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  • ross1948 8:06 am on September 15, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Edinburgh, Jim Sillars, Orange Walk, Referendum, Salmond, Scotland, SNP   

    Scots’ Decision – Vengeful Separatism Or British Freedom! 

    A fine sunny morning here in Jakarta!

    But the future for freedom if the separatists win on Thursday looks pretty bleak, if prominent SNP spokesman Jim Sillars is to be believed.

    A former Labour MP who jumped ship, his vow of vengeance against those opposed to breaking up Britain showed Scots the Stalinoid face that WILL rule in Edinburgh if the vote this week goes the wrong way. SNP’s Jim Sillars threatens BP with nationalisation 




    Salmond has distanced himself from his more candid comrade. Yet Salmond himself, of course, was once, in healthier days, expelled from the SNP for far-left republican agitation.

    But expropriation of businesses as an act of political retribution is hardly the only darkness visible behind the leer.


    alex+salmond Salmond


    With Salmond’s own unequivocal ambition to Obamanise immigration, we know for sure that a ‘yes’ result will usher in an era of border guards  patrolling the vicinity of Hadrian’s Wall for the first time for centuries, as undesirable aliens will otherwise have unimpeded access to the British tax-trough. 


    But let’s not be pessimistic. Many Scottish hearts beat loyal and true still.

    Some fifteen thousand Orangemen and women and children marched through Edinburgh on Saturday, in a rare display of unionist fervour, an impressive contrast to the dry-as-dust economic arguments that have comprised much of the ‘Better Together’ campaign, and to Cameron’s belated crocodile tears.



    Scotland, like Ulster and Wales, are proudly British, and rightly proud – together our ancestors built the greatest force for good the world has ever seen, the British Empire.  




    There would be no Canada, no Australia, no NZ, had that great enterprise never happened - and that common heritage of achievement is not forgotten.

    The wee Scots lassies, below, on their big day out in Edinburgh yesterday, show a future promise SO much brighter than Sillar’s and Salmond’s sinister schemes.


    • Vojo 8:36 am on September 15, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      It’s big news in Canada, Ross, for if Scotland achieves independence, many Quebec separatists see the same for Quebec. I believe, like you I think, that in both cases the prospective independent states are better off remaining with the successful whole country. The UK is what it is with its great achievements that you mention because Scotland was part of it. Canada is similarly the great country it is because Quebec is part of it. My sincere hope is that voters in Scotland wisely vote “NO” to independence and remain part of the UK and loyal to the Crown.

  • ross1948 12:06 am on September 15, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Big Interest in WEEI Carnival? Jakarta 21st September 

  • ross1948 6:53 pm on September 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    DON’T ‘Capture’ “Jihad John” – Kill the Swine! 

    More horror from the satanic swine whose flag our brave local media in Jakarta apologised for mocking!

    Kontroversi Kartun Jakarta Post – ONE Voice of Reason – Besides Mine! 



    …hundreds of Western agents and intelligence-gathering personnel are currently working in Syria in an effort to capture the killer ….

    A brave endeavour, but what happens if and when this vile pig is corralled?

    What SHOULD happen is a well-deserved death, but there’s NO POSSIBLE WAY the EUSSR stooge Cameron would allow that.




    Emergency legislation, long overdue, could restore capital punishment in the UK, true, but then the EUSSR and those degenerates on the European Court would forbid it.

    And how could Cameron dare defy HMV?


    UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence! 


    Arrogant EUSSR Flunkeys Lecture Indonesia – ‘Hands Off Scumbags!’ 



    Cameron’s pathetic Foreign Office flunkeys have been scuttling round Jakarta, flouting all the diplomatic norms, interfering grossly in Indonesia’s internal affairs, telling them that ON NO ACCOUNT should terrorist scum be put down like the rabid dogs they are.

    Their sicko ‘European values’ would mean long years of free board and lodging for JJ, an immense burden on the tax-payer and no serious suffering for the bestial jihadist.

    So no way should this piece of sectarian filth be brought back for trial.

    The order should go out – if you catch him…KILL HIM!

  • ross1948 5:16 pm on September 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Britain, , Erdogan, EUSSR, , , ISIS, Obama, terrorism, Turkey   

    The Turkish Connection – Four Arrests in Indonesia! 

    Good news that Densus88, the special anti-terror squad, have caught four Turks suspected of being linked to the Islamic State jihadist group…





    • Three indonesians were also taken into custody, in Poso, Central Sulawesi  on Saturday.

    This is indeed welcome, but what about the Turkish Government, notorious fanatic President Erdogan and his sectarian party?

    We have posted often on the menace represented by David Cameron’s scheming to bring Turkey into the EUSSR.


    • Trojan_horse_Çanakkale—\
    • ——
    • Given that ancient Troy was located within the boundaries of modern Turkey, it would be entirely appropriate to describe such a move as a Trojan Horse project.

    Had Turkey stayed the course set by its hero Kemal Ataturk, there’s be less to worry about.

    But this rise and rise of Islamist extremism there makes it a very different story.  


    Cameron and Erdogan (1)  Erdogan with admirer, Cameron


    • “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” Erdoganfrom WT, March 3rd. 2010
    • 0000
    • Erdogan’s regime has been facing serious allegations of aiding and abetting ISIS and other jihadist scumbags who have used Turkey as a transit to Syria, and yet Obama’s Kerry has been courting the man to explore cooperation in the plan to ‘degrade’ (why not ‘destroy?’) the evil enemy.
    • =====
    • I doubt he’ll win many hearts in Erdogan’s corridors of power.
    • Check out Frontpage Magazine!
    • 0
    • devil destroyed ISIS


    • ….neither Erdoğan nor Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu seems too concerned about this growing threat, which presents an immediate and clear danger for Turkey’s national security.
    • Not a single word about ISIL or al-Qaeda was mentioned in the official program of the 62nd government, which was recently formed under Davutoğlu’s caretaker leadership despite the fact that ISIL kidnapped 46 Turkish citizens, including two babies and diplomats, from its Mosul consulate in Iraq almost three months ago…
    • oooo


    Turkey, which borders Iraq and Syria, said late last week that it would not support strikes against Islamic State militants and it would not allow a US-led coalition to launch strikes from its bases, a government official told Agence France-Presse. 

    And it’s this lot that Cameron so desperately wants to bring into the EUSSR, after admitting he cannot enforce UK border controls under Brussels rules.  So much for keeping terrorists out of Britain.

    Erdogan, no friend in need but the enemy within NATO, and worse if he were within ‘Europe!’

    Some Germans at least know the score! Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan


  • ross1948 2:03 pm on September 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Jakarta International School, JIS, magic stone, secret rooms   

    JIS, Police and ‘Magic Stones?’ C’mon, Pak Rikwanto, Talk Us Through This! 

    In interviews with the Journal at the jail in August, they said they found it hard to believe that investigators were taking allegations about magic stones and secret rooms seriously.


    • —————————-
    • The Wall Street Journal report on the alleged child abuse at Jakarta International School probably reflects widespread overseas consternation at how this case is being handled.
    • ======================
    • ==========================
    • Magic stones do not exist in the real world, and if secret rooms do exist, then they can easily be found if a professional police force goes through the JIS complex thoroughly.
    • Certainly the cops have been on this for months now and have had ample time to check every inch of the school and its grounds. 

    Police spokesman Rikwanto, who like many Indonesians uses one name, has declined to say what the child meant by a “magic stone” or how it allegedly worked. He also has declined to discuss the location of allegedly secret rooms.

    Rikwanto has often appeared on our blog, not always without criticism, but he is clearly an intelligent and experienced police officer.  

    JIS Justice? Evidence, Please! 

    Police deny that any children were questioned improperly and say the allegations expanded as counselors worked with the boys to help them remember what occurred.

    Help them remember? How does one get helped to remember a magic stone that was conjured from thin air?

    Perhaps it’s time Rikwanto stopped declining to discuss these matters?

    JIS Scandal – Windows May Shed Some Light On This Case! 

    And related issues?

  • ross1948 12:33 am on September 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Dimana Bokong2nya? – Where Are Our Buttocks? 

    tight jeans 21


    Now that everyone has been back at work for weeks, Ramadhan long since over for another year, the sectarian censorship imposed by Indonesia’s Broadcasting Censors should, logically, be over too.

    My thoughts turned to this after watching a rather good movie on TV, a few weeks ago, a local production called Street Society.

    Reminiscent of those Fast and Furious films, it had crims and car races through Jakarta, and, of course, loadza yummy car-race groupies.



    Street-Society-Movie-2 yummies from Street Society


    As you can see, thighs galore, and even a mid-riff, with navel!



    (Aurat is the sectarian definition of forbidden female flesh, which for the most backward here, includes not only genuinely private parts but thighs, knees, mid-riffs and YES, shoulders!)


    And after all, that interesting individual who operates the controls on what we may see on TV – an operation conducted quite brazenly in collaboration with the MUI, a distinguished body of Islamic ‘scholars’…‘Moderate’ Din’s New Job- Chairman of Fanatic ‘Scholars’    – - DID say quite clearly that–

    “During Ramadhan, the KPI and MUI will not hesitate to force shows off the air if we find they have the potential to affect people devoted to carrying out religious activities in the holy month!”



    • ====
    • =======================
    • Judhariksawan, Censor-in-Chief, plainly stated that :- During Ramadhan, networks are prohibited from broadcasting programs that contain erotic dances, show evocative female body parts such as breasts, thighs or buttocks or that have scenes portraying intimacy between men and women such as kissing and sexual intercourse.
    • Kissing? Where, outside backward middens like Saudi or Iran, is kissing seen as undue intimacy?


    Well, nowadays, it seems, in Indonesia.  

    But again…

    He made it clear -   DURING RAMADHAN!


    • censored-boobs-300x199
    • ——————

    But I got news for Judha…

    Ramadhan is OVER!


    So since the ban on fun body parts was SPECIFICALLY for the duration of Ramadhan, why are they not now flooding our screens?


    As I said back then -

    ‘Never seen a bare bum yet, and as for breasts, nary a nipple, nor even, thanks to the idiotic opaque blotch super-imposed by the censor board (yeah, the same sectarian grovellers who banned Noah!) do we get a half-decent glimpse of cleavage.’


    And don’t forget!

    NB  – the sectarians, as ever, were exposing not naughty parts but naked (ooops!) rancid sexism – only FEMALE body parts. or as he so unambiguously put it – evocative female body parts!


    • batik-_string-bikini-_bottom
    • =====================
    • This jabbering Judhariksawan and his cabal of self-styled ‘scholars’ in the MUI overtly embrace sex discrimination.


    But the MUI always does…


    the Aceh model is a good example…most importantly, wearing the hijab must meet three conditions. That it’s Shariah compliant, conceals the genitals and SHOWS NO CURVES  (RRA emphasis)

    Ooops…being unfair – MUI shows much concern for women. Their doyen,  Ma’aruf Amin, thinks female circumcision is a human right!

     But back to Judhariksawan.


    Additionally, before 10 p.m. local time, stations are prohibited from airing shows that contain “provocative conflicts”, horror or any mystical or superstitious acts that may trigger “fear among the public”, said Judhariksawan.  .

    That guy is a hoot. So after 10pm TV has carte blanche to trigger ‘fear among the public?’



    Provocative conflicts?

    Well, we’re getting plenty of that on our TV screens now!  


    devil destroyed ISIS


    ISIS, in Iraq and Syria is being reported here, on tv.

    Sectarian atrocities. provocative conflict par excellence.

    So if the provocative conflict ban is over, so too should the buttocks and breasts ban?

    Consistency, sir!


    bum beauty

  • ross1948 12:14 am on September 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Popcon – Jakarta – Juawe X Hello Muaw, September 19-21 

    Popcon Asia, sebuah festival industri kreatif Indonesia akan kembali hadir di Jakarta pada tanggal 19 – 21 September 2014. Acara yang rencananya diadakan di SMESCO Convention Hall, Jakarta Selatan ini akan menampilkan berbagai produk komik, film, mainan, dan animasi dari berbagai artis dan pekerja seni ternama dari dalam dan luar negeri.

  • ross1948 3:05 pm on September 13, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Minnesota’s 5th Amendment 5th Column – History Repeats Itself? 

    The abuse of the Fifth Amendment by Fifth Columnists is nothing new in the USA.

    If you’re not old enough to remember the 1950s, you can read about the red ratbags who invoked that part of the US Constitution when asked about their involvement in the CPUSA,  the Communists who served America’s international enemies.


    • ========================
    • ‘Are you or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?’ Not a difficult question, if you have a clear conscience, but those treasonous swine would ‘plead the Fifth’ to avoid an honest answer! 



    And now we see a further flurry of Fifths!

    This time in Minnesota, where the FBI is trying to nail numerous Somali immigrants suspected of recruitment into jihadist terror movements. Like marxism, their sectarian ideology demands that its followers elevate their creed above their right and proper duty to their country.


    •  Canada please note – right next door!
    • ———————————
    • The investigation is moving slowly because many of those subpoenaed are refusing to talk and have been instructed to invoke their Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, multiple sources said.


    cair-dont-talk-to-the-fbi-poster CAIR poster


    Well, they’re acting on advice. The notorious CAIR is rather fond of clamming up instead of helping out.

    The group under investigation is mostly composed of young Somalis who have been frequenting the Al Farooq Youth and Family Center and mosque in Bloomington. There, they may have fallen under the influence of Amir Meshal, a 31-year-old American of Egyptian descent who allegedly spoke often to them about joining in a jihad, those sources said.


    • amir-meshal-false-imprisonmentjpg-21f37145361bc25f_large











    Huh? American of Egyptian descent?  So what was he doing in Somalia? 

    Meshal admits he attended a terrorist training camp in Somalia, but insists he isn’t a terrorist, claiming he went to that war-torn nation to enrich his study of Islam.

    There are lots of places all over the world where people can study Islam. So again, what was he doing in Somalia, a dangerous country where terrorists abound?

    You should note that it was the local imam in Minnesota who won an order excluding this creature from his mosque, after parental complaints about young minds being poisoned.  Hyder Aziz, the director of the Bloomington mosque, said he was so concerned about Meshal’s interactions with the youth there that he went to police in early June and obtained a no-trespass order against him.


    How did he get to be American?

    He was born in New Jersey.


    And that’ll trigger the predictable pinko protests – ‘he was born here, we can’t kick him out.’


    That reminds me too closely for comfort of Killer Khadr in Canada, and that swine Chowdary in the UK, men who demand all the privileges of citizenship yet show no slightest trace of loyalty to their countries.

    Meshal was held without charges and questioned by agents for four months in Kenya and Ethiopia. After being released, he later sued the FBI for civil rights violations.

    Oh yeah? Poor wee fella!

    The case was dismissed.  

    A sensible solution would be to give these individuals a simple choice (assuming they can be located- seems the FBI don’t actually know where Meshal is)  – 

    A – speak up, proclaiming to all that no decent citizen should even for a moment consider that any supranational cause or community trumps allegiance to America, or Canada or Britain.


    • ===
    • out with them
    • ================
    • Or…
    • B – take a one-way ticket to whatever cess-pool will take them- just like those Fifth Amendment Communists should have been packed off to the USSR!
    • And a similar invitation could usefully be considered for some of those CAIR creeps.


  • ross1948 9:28 am on September 13, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    International Motor Show, Jakarta 18 – 28th September 

  • ross1948 8:45 am on September 13, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Oktoberfest Jakarta   

    Ein Prosit, fur Gemutlichkeit! Oktoberfest in Jakarta! 

    I went to the real Oktoberfest in Munich, forty plus years ago, and I’d like to say the passage of time has meant that I can no longer remember every detail of the revelries.

    But truth to tell, the very next day when I blearily arose around noontime, my recollections were already hazy!

    However, last year I had a great time at the Sari Pan Pacific,  in Jakarta, free flow, much music and merriment, and delicious Germanic foodstuffs!

    Excellent Oktoberfest – Well Done, Sari Pan Pacific! 


     Sari Pan Pacific


    It was Rp.450K, and this year it’s up to Rp.500K – 10th and 11th October.


    To be fair to alternative venues, there’s also an Oktoberfest at Die Stube, in Kemang, Rp.600K, and they seem to be offering a ‘special price’ if you book by mid-September!

    My apologies to German readers, I have no umlaut!



    And at Paulaner Brauhaus, a four-day-event! It starts on 24th September.



    I have enjoyed the beer and victuals there too, but the price is a tad high, Rp.688K!

    And I fear that’s NOT for the four days!

    Or if you can’t wait till then, have yourself an early start, 18th/19th September, at Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta, but it’s the dearest, at Rp.759K! 




    Haven’t been there for years, since a nutty girl rang me up and said she had a nice surprise for me.

    I showed up and there she sat, with a stuffed cendrawasih!



    I prefer my birds to be livelier, so didn’t stay long.

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