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  • ross1948 7:07 am on November 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Jakarta Bus Runs – Commuters Face Toilet Horrors! 

    The UK’s first bus powered entirely by human and food waste has gone into service between Bristol and Bath.

    Well, whooppee poopee do!

    Of more immediate interest to my numerous Jakarta readers is the question of what happens if you get an attack of the  runs whilst travelling on the Trans-Jakarta Busway. Most citizens of the Big Durian, like me, enjoy spicy hot foods, like the delicious Padang dish known as rendang.

    But such culinary delights can betray you.




    I’ve only spotted one toilet, at Pondok Indah2, and without having inspected it up close, it seemed to be a horrid squattie. 


    squat%20Toilet%202 horrid squattie – I’m sure the Busway version at Pondok Indah is much more enticing!


    Still, any port in a storm, and this is Indonesia, after all.

    But how many other Halte Busways have a toilet of any sort? 

    I have actually been using it a lot (the Busway, not the toilet!) recently, and haven’t seen any, besides the one already mentioned. Can readers advise me if others exist?

  • ross1948 10:04 pm on November 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Cynical, Corrosive, Pernicious?’ A Tory Nobody Wails At UKIP! 

    Just how many of you Brit readers have ever heard of Charles Walker?

    I ask, because the Daily Mail has given this nonentity a huge nunber of column inches to spew forth venom against UKIP, in the most mindless terms, viz.

     It’s time to stop dancing to cynical Ukip’s corrosive, pernicious tune!


    Wailing Walker


    Turns out this fool Walker is the vice chairman of the Tory backbench 1922 Committee! WOW! Most UK voters probably haven’t even heard of that distinguished body, and for good reason, if Walker’s vacuous tripe is anything to go by. 

    His rant does make you think that all those left-lib jibes at the Tories for being ‘The Stupid Party’  have some substance – Walker blames his poor candidate for his party’s failure in Rochester

    ...we chose to bang on about immigration and its impact on public services.


    Who chose, Walker?

    That little gal your party put up against Mark Reckless didn’t publish anything without approval from Tory Central Office, and they’d not give her a green light without Cast-Iron’s say-so.





    Yes, the Tory by-election campaign did include immigration.

    But unfortunately it must have escaped somebody’s notice that DC has been in Number Ten for some time and immigration has not (as promised) been brought under control – thanks to DC’s slavish obeisance to Brussels, Britain is now subject to Roma infestation and people HAVE noticed that.  

    And there’s all those illegals, so-called ‘asylum’-seekers, who have just wandered off across the realm, because  the authorities don’t sling ‘em in a cell under lock and key till their flimsy cases are examined and determined.




    Also the folly of past Conservative ( and Labour) Governments in admitting people whose allegiance is to an alien supranational ideology has been highlighted by the vermin legion, Jihad John and the other scum.

    UKIP’s tune is hardly pernicious, nor corrosive. It sounds, to most Brits, more like Land of Hope and Glory. The glory may take a while to restore, but at least UKIP offers hope. 




    And that song, please note, was once part and parcel of every Conservative Party Conference – till Walker’s turncoat predecessors had it discontinued.

    As ye sow, so shall ye reap.




    NOBODY trusts the Tories on immigration, nor on much else, anymore.

  • ross1948 6:38 pm on November 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Obama IS Sending Some Home – Not Crimmigrants, But Terrorists! 

    Despite his declaration of amnesty, that Enemy Within,  Obama, is, after all, showing he’s willing to send some undesirable aliens out of America!

    But NOT the lying illegals he’s been televisually embracing over the weekend ( and what a sickening spectacle that was!)  




    No, The Manchurian is gleefully turning loose four al Qaeda fighters from Yemen, including a senior figure who facilitated travel to Afghanistan for Arab extremists..




    According to the latest report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, 107 of 620 detainees released from Guantanamo, or 17.3 percent, had been confirmed as returning to terrorism as of July 15, and another 77, or 12.4 percent, were suspected of having done so.


    devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm satanic sectarians, back on the attack


    Impeachment is surely more appropriate for putting one’s country’s servicemen and women in harm’s way than it was for tainting the Oval Office by sexploitation of young women workers.

    What’s stopping Boehner?


  • ross1948 12:07 pm on November 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Wrong, Yenny Wahid - Ahok’s Right About IslamoNazis! 



     Yenny Wahid has disagreed with  Jakarta Governor Ahok’s recommendation  that the government ban the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).

    Her reason being, the government must not use its power to dissolve an organization. “If today FPI is disbanded, tomorrow what other  organization? ” she said.

    Yenny Wahid Tak Setuju Pemerintah Bubarkan FPI Nov 2014


    FPI_13 Sectarian FPI hoodlums in action


     Aaah,Yenny, we’re not talking about DECENT PEOPLE’S organizations – not organizations that engage in CIVILISED activities!

    The  IslamoNazi FPI,  self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam,’  bring their creed into disrepute just about every time they open their grisly gobs.

    But their words matter little – it’s deeds Ahok’s concerned with!

    Yenny’s Director of the Wahid Institute, a pro-tolerance organization which often makes sense, but not this time! 

    She suggests that the Governor ignore  the FPI. 

    Ignore vicious, brutal, cowardly bullies?

    Easy, perhaps, if you are a governor – harder if you  are a little street vendor, attacked by the FPI’s sectarian gangsters, as in the photo above…


    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).


    ….or the innocent woman killed during their raid on  Sukorejo, Central Java, their craven cowardice captured exquisitely in the illustration below, the skunks skulking in a mosque after her death.

    The swine needed a police escort to get out of Sukorejo in one piece!



    Yenny’s not got the measure of the thug outfit, but Ratna has! Read this extract from our post a year or two back, which tells it like it is!!

    Right On, Ratna! Activist‘s All-Out Attack on IslamoNazis …

    FPI not only targets those with different religions, including three pagodas in Makassar, Buddhist communities in Lampung and Bali, as well as a series of terror moves against the Ahmadiyya community. FPI also has ambitions to…impose its own moral standards…and those who resist will be declared kafirs, destroyers of morality… 




    The creative community, art and artists, ranging from the traditional to modern pop art, are also very often victims, the butt of FPI.

    Filming ‘Lastri’ in Solo (2008) for example, involved expenditure of hundreds of millions in preparation, but was stopped completely because FPI forbade it.


    Heck, this lady knows her stuff. And she knows who’s on whose side too!


    Read on, friends!

    The film’s production license, issued by Police Headquarters, was trampled in front of police officers, and police just stood there silent!

    ———————–Well said, Ratna————-


    Ahok’s letter, to the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of the Interior, makes its points effectively – but I do wonder about the police, who were said to have finally got onside after the hooligan scum injured twenty or more cops last month.

    Today, there’s another news story about the police providing an ESCORT to these white-shirt louts, as they staged ANOTHER raid, on drink-vendors this time, in Ciamis, West Java!,-FPI-Sita-Ratusan-Botol-Miras-

    Police should either arrest the vendors, if they are breaking the law, or arrest the IslamoNazi ratbags, if they are usurping police authority.

    Escorting their sticky-beak goon-squad merely legitimises vigilante bullies. 

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    Holodomor – “one of the great crimes of history!” 



    Between 1932 and 1933, Ukraine suffered  what Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said was “one of the great crimes of history…”

    Tthe Holodomor.

    Anniversary of Ukrainian Holodomor recognised in remembrance
    Rochdale Online-21 Nov 2014




    This weekend, don’t forget the Ukrainian Famine and Genocide.

  • ross1948 12:00 am on November 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Urban Market, Jakarta, 28-30 November 

  • ross1948 8:30 am on November 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Sponging Argies Splurge on Fighter-Bombers – Bring Them To Heel! 

    Good article about one of the better British MPs, Andrew Rosindell, at Tax-Payers’ Alliance

    I offer you a brief extract. 

    The World Bank board endorsed a new country strategy for Argentina on the 9th of September, envisioning over $3 billion in new loans to the country. Amazingly, a country this deep in debt has seen fit to spend approximately $1.6 billion on 24 advanced Saab Gripen fighter-bomber aircrafts, as Mr Rosindell pointed out in Parliament.

    The politicians in Buenos Aires won’t honour their financial obligations, and expect BRITS to join the bail-out?

    After what the Argies did, and despite the absence of any apologies for their aggression?

    • falklands



    One and a half billion! On fighter-bombers? Who are they planning to attack?

    We understand that a World Bank vote in December is to decide on new loans to Argentina. It is crucial that the UK government takes a strong position at that vote, so that the result of the vote is a no….


    And Britain needs to go further, in the face of THIS new Argie arrogance!.



    Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner holds a plaque before delivering a speech during a ceremony to mark the 30th Anniversary of the 1982 South Atlantic war between Argentina and the Britain over the Falkland Islands

    Argie  President


    Argentina’s decision to display signs expressing the country’s claim over the Falklands is “regrettable”, a diplomatic source has said. 

    A law passed by the Argentine Congress says public transport must have signs saying “Las Malvinas son Argentinas” (the Falkland Islands are Argentine).

    The Argentine MP behind the initiative said it would reflect “our undeniable sovereignty” over the islands.  

    Falkland Islands are Argentine signs ‘regrettable’ BBC News 22/11/14


    Unless the Argentine regime formally renounces its imperialist ambitions and recognises that, under the principle of self-determination, the Falkland Islands are British and will always be so, not a red cent of UK tax-payers’ money should fall into their grubby little paws.

  • ross1948 7:49 pm on November 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    A Bad Start – If Indonesia Unwisely Admits Them, It Ain’t Oz’s Fault! 

    I had hoped for better, after the ex-Foreign Minister Marty Muhammad Natalegawa was replaced

    I figured President Jokowi’s Cabinet wanted a fresh start.

    But it ain’t the new Foreign Minister that’s  stirred it up – it’s Jokowi’s ‘Human Rights’ Minister, Yasona Laoly!


    He seems unable to grasp the root of the problem – that Indonesia has not even ratified the relevant UN Convention but is still letting hordes of crimmigrant bludgers into this Third World country, which clearly can’t afford to keep them in the style to which they wish to become accustomed. 




     Now he’s whining about Australia’s common-sense decision to let no more illegals from Indonesia into Oz.

    Why blame Canberra – Jakarta could overnight authorise its security forces to round up these unwelcome intruders and deposit them on one of the many small islands dotted around the archipelago, pending repatriation to either their countries of origin or the last country they passed through, prior to descending on Indonesia.  That Convention ain’t been ratified –  Jakarta can deport them ! 

    Certainly, there are plenty of very unpleasant people oozing into this large land, with so many of  its myriad islands easy to sneak ashore on.

    The Rohingya we posted on last year, for example, should not be made welcome in any civilised country.



    abc treachery


    You’ll recall that the clear electoral mandate of Tony Abbott to stem the tide was put into effect by the Royal Australian Navy, which was subsequently smeared by the ABC, their local pinko flunkey eagerly serving as a megaphone for bleating bludgers.

    Laoly said his country could only accommodate 2,000 asylum seekers and refugees…the decision placed a burden on Indonesia. “It’s Australia’s right, but it becomes a burden for us.”   

    Indonesian says Australia has created a burden after decision to cut resettlement intake of asylum seekers

    He also declared there are 10,500 such crimmigrants here. 

    I’d say there are more than that. 

    Indonesia’s Illegals – Fine Photos, Far-Fetched Narratives! 

    Not just those we’ve covered previously, but hiding out!

    This could be a useful example of regional cooperation.



    out with them


    Let Australia take up the plan I outlined many months ago!





    Help Indonesia hunt these illegals down, round them up, and put them aboard vessels – not aiming towards the Oz tax-trough, as so many of their brethren did, but in the opposite direction.


  • ross1948 11:50 am on November 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Crafina Lifestyle Expo Jakarta 26-30 November 

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    Hey, Cameron’s Multicult Apparatchiks! Leave Those Kids Alone!. 

    ENGLAND, 2014!
    …the report said the school, situated in a picturesque small town, was graded as ‘good’ instead of ‘outstanding’ because pupils lacked ‘first-hand experience of the diverse make up of modern British society.’
    That’s from the Daily Mail, and illustrates perfectly the war being waged by Cameron on the very existence of the British people as a people. 
    And how many of these schoolchildren’s parents AGREED to the transformation of ‘modern Britain’ from a realm comprising English, Scots, Welsh and Ulsterfolk, into the multicult midden these apparatchiks want to force down the kids’ throats?
    Nobody ever got to vote on the multiculturalisation of the UK.
    It is an illegitimate project, with no democratic authority and should be put to the vote, in a referendum – should British people children, or indeed adults, be required to interact with alien immigrants, or should the latter be told leave their un-British ‘cultures’ back where they came from, to shape up or ship out?
     referndmlet peole vote
    The inspector suggested the school works to have ‘first-hand interaction with their counterparts from different backgrounds beyond the immediate locality’ – but did not specify how this could happen…
    Well, we must wait and see.
    Meanwhile, parents should enrol their youngsters in self-defence courses and the school, given its duty is to ensure the safety of these children, should order a supply of kevlar body armour.
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