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  • ross1948 10:19 am on July 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Vive La France! Safe Haven for Christian Victims of Evil ISIS? 

    France_Flag_Map_svg La Belle France!


    Great news, that France is ready to afford sanctuary to the thousands of Christian Iraqis driven from their homes in Mosul by the satanic ISIS swine.  These poor people have nowhere else to go but to what remains of Christendom.

    And for once that much-abused word, ‘asylum,’ is entirely appropriate!

    France offers Iraq Christians asylum after Mosul threat

    BBC News  Many fled Mosul after the Islamic State (IS) group which seized much of northern Iraq told them to convert to Islam, pay a tax or face death

    In other words, unlike the boat-bludgers swarming towards Australia, these Iraqi Christians are REAL refugees, in flight from a murder-gang not averse to rape, pillage and desecration of all that’s holy. They’re NOT economic migrants grubbing for freebies.

    Take a look at the map.

    Iraq’s neighbouring states are Syria -who’d want to go there – and Saudi, a pit of mediaeval evil where no church may even be built, because the regime is the most intolerant in the world…

    … except perhaps the other country which abuts iraq, the sectarian cess-pool styling itself the Islamic Republic of Iran.


    Cameron and Erdogan (1) Clown Cameron and Islamist Erdogan

    • “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” from WT, March 3rd. 2010


    That leaves Kuwait, which is tiny and has little capacity to take in significant numbers, even if it had the inclination to do so. Same goes for Jordan.  

    So let’s congratulate France on its decency. 

    Similarly, if Cameron had the cojones to kick out  the thousands of undesirable illegals currently in the UK…

    Cameron’s Crimmigrant Cave-In – No More ‘Go Home Illegals!’ 

     …there’d be room there too for a community which has lasted a thousand years or more in Mesopotamia, until the vile jihadists made it impossible for them to stay in the country they have long regarded as their home and native land.
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    Heck, one day of peace and quiet at home is enough. Off into town to visit a friend tomorrow morning, then home arvo to welcome a friend visiting me. o o But tonight I’m watching ‘O Channel,’ again, and congratulations to them, a series of good films in sharp contrast to other channels here, who have served up unmitigated cr#p through the holiday season so far, Fast and Furious re-runs, plus endless mindless Jackie Chan junk. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo       ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo O Channel had Mad City a few nights ago with John Travolta and Dustin Hoffman, then Kevin Costner’s The Postman, then tonight a jolly Harrison Ford adventure, Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Last night it was another Harrison Ford, one of my faves, Clear and Present Danger, in which Wlliam Dafoe played brilliantly. ooooooooooooooooooooo When will those other channels get their act together? undefined
  • ross1948 10:37 pm on July 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Bahasa Barbi – Useful Lessons from Magnificent Mela! 

    In answer to Alger, romini and other commenters, I have to admit that I can’t find much info on when and where Mella Berbi performs, much though I’d like to. In fact if she has a fan club, I’d sign up, pronto!

    I did locate various photos, and just to remind readers that MB is a doll, there’s one appended below. And you will find a link to a video of her artistic merits (well worth watching) on our previous post here  -

    Oh-Oh, Kamu Kemaluan, Omong Kosong Dhani! 

    But she’s apparently not really named Mella Berbi at all.

    As to what name her doting parents bestowed on her, I’ve no idea, but in fact the stage name is Mela, with one L and Barbi, as in Barbie Doll.




    So that gives me an opportunity to discuss a question that often vexes me, the seeming inability of many Indonesians to pronounce certain vowels and consonants correctly, BUT ONLY when they speak English.

    I refer to the constant mispronunciation of HAPPY as ‘HEPPY’  –  and now Barbi as Berbi! 

    It’s weird, because they don’t call their capital city Jekerte!

    • Another example is how F is rendered as P  

    France is called Perancis. 

    A long time ago I had a very decent cabbie used to take me home from work – in the days before I became bold enough to use buses – and we often discussed linguistic matters.

    He swore blind he could not pronounce the letter F.

    ‘Okay, Pak,” I retorted, “what’s the big day at the end of Ramadhan?”

    “Idul Fitri!”

    “Not Idul Pitri, then?”

    He had no answer.



    Mind you, English pronunciation is not always straightforward either!


    PS – And another thing!

    Why do so many people ask if I speak BAHASA? It just means ‘language.’ I speak several, not always well, but I am best at INDONESIAN!

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    Snouts Straight To the Trough – Brand-New Bludgers’ Exemplary Ingratitude! 

    Well, now we know exactly what the cargo of that latest bludger-boat wants most of all!

    Not ‘asylum’ – that was hardly the case, any more than with any other crimmigrants who sail from a multi-party democracy past plenty of other countries to reach the Australian public purse.


    In news that highlights the hubris of the queue-jump crew better than words of mine ever could, they no sooner hit town than they aimed their dirty snouts straight towards that trough of gold, the tax-dollars of honest Australians.

    • snouts_in_the_trough
    • Never mind that tonight they’re sleeping in free accommodation provided by hard-working Aussies, never mind that tomorrow morning they’ll be tucking shamelssly into free breakfasts supplied from the same largesse.

    And for the next weeks or months, however long their leftist lawyers manage to drag out court proceedings, they’ll continue guzzling on someone else’s tab, three squares and free lodgings all the way, every day.



    These ingrate scum are clearly without conscience.

    And as for their lawyers!

    Who pays for them, BTW?


    And is it by cheque or by thirty pieces of silver?

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    Desi Anwar’s Diatribe on Prabowo – How About Metro? 

    Desi Anwar is a very opinionated woman, and if you doubted that, her piece in the Jakarta Globe recently leaves little room for doubt at all.

    Some people say that I too am opinionated, but that’s a matter of opinion!

    But like so many journos here and abroad, her readiness to take up the cause of what’s right and wrong seems highly selective.
    She is, after all, described in the JG as a senior anchor at Metro TV.

    • metro_tv_id
    • Metro TV was just as biased as TV(Prabow)One during the election campaign, but not a word on that from dynamic Desi.

    She’s an educated woman, and must also be aware of Metro’s sectarian bias.


    I refer to their repeated use of the word tobat (‘repent’) to describe acts of apostasy by members of the persecuted Ahmadiyah religous minority.

    Indonesian Media – Islamist Bias Still Shining Through! 

     You can read my previous post, or just look at these, some fine examples of Metro’s concept of fair reporting

    1. Jemaat Ahmadiyah Garut dan Cimahi TobatMETRO TV NEWS

      30 Mar 2011 Di Cimahi, prosesi tobat JAI berlangsung di Masjid Agung Cimahi, Rabu (30/3) siang. Sementara lima lainnya membaca syahadat di Garut.…/Jemaat-Ahmadiyah-Garut-dan-Cimahi-Tobat -
    2. 29 Ahmadi di Bogor TobatMETRO TV NEWS

      15 Mar 2011 Ya Jelas milih taubat ,karena jika tidak Tobat maka Rumah2…/29-Ahmadi-di-Bogor-TobatTembolok
    3. Enam Jemaat Ahmadiyah Tasikmalaya TaubatMETRO TVNEWS

      10 Mar 2011, Tasikmalaya: Enam jemaat Ahmadiyah di…/Enam-Jemaat-Ahmadiyah-Tasikmalaya-Taubat
    4. ==================================================

    Desi went to the University of Sussex in the UK, and speaks excellent English.

    So  she surely knows that one ‘repents’ of wrong-doing, not of worshipping God in a different but totally inoffensive way.

    Metro’s reports thus represent a gross distortion of those ‘conversions,’ which may occasionally be a matter of religious contemplation, but are just as likely to be not unconnected to the relentless oppressive harassment the Ahmadis have suffered, and continue to suffer.

    • ahmadiyah2 Islamist pig with innocent Ahmadi martyr, Cikeusik, 2011
    • This covers not just the Government’s discriminatory Tri-Ministerial Decree but also marauding Islamist mobs who have burned some of their homes and mosques, sealed other houses of worship and not even shrunk from brutal murder.

    C’mon, Desi, show you care!

    Demand that Metro apologise for their sectarian terminology and give undertakings to cover such issues objectively.

    Desi is not just opinionated but influential.

    If no such undertakings were given, she could usefully denounce Metro and take her recognised talents to some other part of the news media which has a clearer commitment to pluralism.

  • ross1948 11:23 am on July 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Free At Last – Meriam Leaves Sudan! Now How About Tajul? 

    Just another bit of good news from last week, when one of the most famous victims of sectarian oppression – Meriam  Yahia Ibrahim – has reached the civilised world.


    - -

    Despite iniquitous intimidation by the primitives who run the cess-pool known as Sudan, Meriam refused to turn apostate.

    Good news indeed!

    But let’s also ask…

    …what’s happening with this guy!


    tajul Tajul, one of Indonesia’s prisoners of conscience

  • ross1948 10:33 am on July 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Ayo, KPK. Drag the Airport Scum Out of the Shadows – String ‘Em Up! 

    Let’s start the holiday week with some good news!

    • The KPK (Anti-Corruption Commission) has ‘swooped’ on those dirty rotten rats who exploit TKIs (migrant worers) coming home from years of overseas.
    • —————


    • =======.

    Anyone here NOT aware of the hardships these girls (they’re usually female, though plenty of Indonesian men work in foreign parts too) suffer at the hands of harsh employers must be blnd or deaf.
    We’ve covered this issue before -


    • and it’s appalling.
    • Not least the inertia shown by some Indonesian authorities. 

    ‘Jeddah’s Hot, Let’s Start Late Today,’ As TKIs Faint Outside! 

    But if it’s possible to be more wicked than the cruel people who pay a pittance and often abuse the girls in far-away places, it’s the scum who rip them off as they arrive home, bringing hard-earned cash to help their families here.

    • TKI2 – Masih Banyak Masalah – Help These Girls! 

    • The JG report describes some of it, but the fact is, unless they have somebody waiting at the airport to get them, they very easily fall prey to a mafia of swine, which, according to the report, includes soldiers, police and criminal gangs.

    No way can this be happening without willing collaboration from insiders at the airport.
    Good luck to the KPK.
    The evil must be eradicated, no matter how long it takes,

  • ross1948 12:01 am on July 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri! 



    I hope all my good Muslim friends, and all good Muslims, everywhere, have a happy holiday. 

  • ross1948 7:37 pm on July 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Jakarta – Bigot ‘Scholars’ Rant Against Religious Liberty! 

     Tis the Eve of Idul Fitri, so it is with with both pleasure and a measure of surprise that I read in that the Indonesian government is now adding  a new religion to the list of those officially recognized. After Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, the government stated that the Baha’i religion is now constitutionaly recognised.

    That this announceemt came from the new Minister of Religious Affairs is an added joy, given how his revolting predecessor went out of his way to show intolerance for minority creeds.



    • ali heretical
    • ————————
    • We’ve previously posted on this new man, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, and how he broke the fast with representatives of minority religious communities, which to date remain legally unrecognized by the state…


    •  Lukman
    • =======================

    Morning In Indonesia? Ray of Hope for Liberty, As Jokowi Waits to Win! 

    But while we applaud this step forward by Minister Lukman, we have a long way to go before true religious liberty here can be said to have arrived. And of course, this announcement has yet to be ratified. 


    BTW, some Catholic readers abroad may be vexed at how Christianity and Catholicism are listed as two separate creeds, but that’s just terminology, not dissing. Indonesians see the two as distinct varieties of those people who worship Jesus. Which is something we’ll come back to later on this page.


    • MUI-Indonesia
    • But there’s no show without Punch!
    • —————————-

    And likewise there’s no cheering news on the pluralism front here without some cavilling, querulous, cranky carping from the narrow nasties of the MUI, the so-called ‘scholars,’ whose  spokesman has instantly popped up to mar the glad tidings.


    For my part, I don’t know very much at all about the Baha’i (I’m told they direct their once-a-day praying towards Mount Carmel, in Israel) but that hardly matters. They don’t bother anyone else and so should be given freedom to worship as they will.




    No, says Amirsyah Tambunan, MUI Deputy Secretary General, who has ‘revealed the negative potential of such a move.’ It seems MUI has already done a review of the Baha’i.

    No doubt.

    Such is the fear and loathing embedded in the MUI mind-set that they often call in the cops to enforce regimentation of their hold on their flock. They doubtless devote endless hours to research on rivals real or imagined.

    And sure enough, it’s the terrifyiing thought that some Muslims may be thinking for themselves, rather than bowing to MUI’s myriad fatwas, that has got Amirsyah into uptight mode.

    Amir added that there’s much that is Muslim within Baha’ism. His take on this was to invite them to return to the right path. “Because within Islam, teachings are clear, so why create a new school,” he said. 00000000000000000000000

    elite arrogance-s


    Well, naturally he would like everybody to follow MUI’s “clear” teachings. And anyone may, if anyone WANTS to.

    The problem is that if anyone DOESN’T want to, MUI’s Pablovian reflex is to use the law, and indeed law-enforcement agencies, to bully them into obedience.

    They are scared to debate, so don the jackboot! Read this – ‘Adam Created By Angel?” Islamist ‘Scholars’ Call the Cops! 


    Amirsyah’s rank arrogance is repulsive, most overtly expressed in the Jakarta Globe.


    amirsyah tambunan-mui-

    MUI’s Amirsyah



    Amirsyah Tambunan called Bahi’a a sect and said it should not be recognized. “Clearly, I say Baha’i cannot be categorized as religion,” Amir said, adding that religions should be sourced from a revelation, such as the Abrahamic faiths.”

    He’s welcome to tell us all what he thinks religion is. 

    But his insistence that we all knuckle under to his opinion? He should shove that where the sun doesn’t shine.

    God gave us brains for a reason – to think for ourselves.

    Over to another familiar figure, Bonar Tigor Naipospos, deputy chairman of Setara Institute, an outfit that fights for freedom for all creeds. 


    o bonar%20tigor%20naipospos Bonar


    “The Constitution never mentioned official religions — it only said that people are free to hold a religion or belief and worship according to their religion and belief,” he said. “The problem is with the Religious Affairs Ministry, which in this case is being exclusive and discriminative.”

    Bonar said that without the recognition from the go.vernment, the believers of those outside the six religions, such as Baha’i and Sunda Wiwitan, have been and will continue to be prone to discrimination. New Religious Affairs Minister Supports State Recognition Jakarta Globe




    Yes, well said!

    And while it’s good that the Baha’i may be getting their basic constitutional rights, despite bigots like Amirsyah, that other little creed Bona mentions deserves it even more – Sunda Wiwitan predates all the so-called ‘official religions, which are imported brands, not native to Indonesia at all. 

    In any case, we’re not in the Middle Ages – it makes no sense for any country to demand that believers get a stamp of approval before being free to worship publicly.

    Similarly, this total cr#p about ‘sects’ is merely a pathetic ploy by MUI and their clones.

    If those who follow Jesus can have two official religons recognsed, Catholic nd Protestant, then why not every variety, of every religion?

    Ahmadis and Shia don’t do any harm to anyone, any more than the Baha’i. The only trouble connected with these minorities is ignoramus hoodlum gangs like the FPI, who attack them. 


    brave nazis fpi Ignorant FPI hoodlums – note the brave guys’ masks


    Calls to curb minority freedoms from ‘notables’ like Amirsyah have consequences among the less educated elements of society, who inexplicably think the MUI is worth listening to. 

    Let one thousand fowers bloom.

  • ross1948 12:14 am on July 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Pantai Selatan – Wow! Depe and Nikita! 

    Too weary to post controversially tonight, so we just watched a dvd, Pantai Selatan, one of last year’s horror hits that we misssed when it was on at the cinema.

    Not only does Dewi Perssik get to play a snake, but we have Nikita Mirzani too.

    She’s got guts…

    Bravo, Yummy Nikita – Naked Defiance of IslamoNazis! 

    …and other assets!

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