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  • ross1948 12:02 am on April 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Indonesian Masters – Starts 24th April! 

    Indonesian Masters 2014


    Dates    Thursday 24th – Sunday 27th April

    Ticket Details

    Daily – Thursday, 24 April 2014

    Rp. 50.000,-

    Daily – Friday, 25 April 2014

    Rp. 50.000,-

    Daily – Saturday, 26 April 2014

    Rp. 100.000,-

    Sunday, 27 April 2014

    Rp. 100.000,-

    Season, 24-27 April 2014

    Rp. 200.000,-

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    Canada – Law Societies Mincing to Gaystapo Drum? 

    You may remember the saga of Trinity Western University, a new college in BC which ran into pinko flack for its insistence on Christian standards of behaviour among its student body.

    Having read about those requirements, I have to admit that TWU might exclude my good self, given that beer, wine and spirits are banned!




    But that’s their business, not the damn courts, and certainly not a pack of leftist lawyers, some of whom make a small, no, a large fortune from taking up cases of undesirables, like illegal immigrants etc.

    Again, that may be deplorable to conservatives like me, but that’s those lawyers’ right and I wouldn’t expect them to be disbarred from practicing law as a consequence, though the idea has a certain appeal. 

    Once TWU beat off the flack from the intolerant left-lib elements and got going, the creepos opened up a second front against educational freedom via various Provincial Law Societies, which I had naively assumed were professional bodies not animated by political prejudices.

    Although several of them have indeed acted responsibly and approved TWU Law School graduates to be articled to the relevant provincial bars, three hold-outs remain, Ontario almost predictably these days, but also Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.


    According to LSN, Ontario’s Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) are due to vote on April 24th.

    The reasoning -if you can dignify partisan propaganda with such a word – is fascinating. Here’s an example from BC, and you can see quickly why the BC Law Society voted such drivel down by 20 votes to 6 this month. 


    The West Coast Women’s Legal Education Action Fund argued that a university that practises discrimination against gay or transgendered students and faculty should not be permitted to grant law degrees on an equal footing with other law schools that don’t practise such discrimination.


    If a sound understanding of all legal matters is imparted, it should not matter whether the institution likes or doesn’t like any existing laws. Laws can change, in a democracy. And if a Christian law school ‘discriminates’ for or against people on relevant grounds, that’s as it should be.

    “TWU’s discriminatory policy effectively excludes LGBTQ students from access to the benefits of a legal education at the university,” said Kasari Govender, LEAF’s executive director, in a written statement.

    But in fact TWU does NOT ‘discriminate’ against anyone prepared to abide by their rules – even homos can study there. All that’s asked of said homos is that they don’t start playing grab-ass – and the same proscription applies to normal students.

    No sexual shenanigans, please.

    This would have led to massive expulsions from my alma mater, but then that was a secular university with no morality codes, which is the whole point – TWU is religious and requires students to comply with their ethos. 

    And the same piffle is being served up in poor old Ontario.

    Mark Berlin, a member of the Ontario Bar Association’s board of directors and a professor at McGill University, called the covenant “blatantly discriminatory.”

    Ontario and Nova Scotia Law Socieities invited submissions from the public but the deadline has now passed for those.

    However,  there is still an opportunity for people to make known their views to NB’s Law Society.

    Since Ontario accepted many from out-of-province, I hope NB do the same, and thus urge Canadian readers from sea to sea – and overseas – to communicate, politely, on this key issue of religious liberty.

    Here’s the emai contact. 


    Like I say, these lawyers won’t want to hear about why you find the ‘gay’ agenda repugnant.

    Keep to the point, that in a (relatively) free country, any college should be free to provide courses which cover the subject properly, and students who take and pass these courses fairly and squarely should not be subjected to discrimination on political or ideological grounds by bodies whose duty it is to examine professional qualifications. 


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    Jakarta Wine and Cheese Run, May 25th! Sign Up Soon! 


    The Wine and Cheese 10 k and 5 k Run Sunday 25 May 2014 – a fun event – La Piazza, Bulevard Kelapa Gading Blok M,Sentra.

    Open for registration

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    Prattling Pro-Crimmigrant Clerics in Oz – A Barely Hidden Agenda? 

    I see that some prattling prelate named Jeffrey Driver has been using Easter to play politics.



    He’s an Australian Anglican Archbishop and, deftly forgetting that famous advice when He held up that Roman coin, Driver’s got the cheek to quote Jesus on the queue-jump issue. ‘Let the little children come to me’.”

    But it turns out he’s up to his neck in agitprop anyway, the convener of the Anglican Refugee Network,  no less, and has been a busy old bishop recently, adding his archiepiscopal signature to a condemnation of mandatory detention of children.

    But where’s the logic there? Parents to Manus, kids elsewhere?

    There’s a barely hidden agenda in this. It makes little sense to break up families, and if these children are allowed to skip the detention rule, the obvious next demand by pinko priests (and pastors) will be that the parents get to beat the system too!




    The wise thing to do is send them ALL back to whence they came.

    The same news report reminds us just how divorced these clerics are from mainstream Aussie views, with the Association of Baptist Churches faithfully echoing the grisly Green Party, ranting at the “morally bankrupt” policy the electorate approved, and the Jesuit Refugee Service surely requiring jesuitical logic to justify turning truth on its head by saying that Tony Abbott’s description of illegal immigrants as “illegal” is wrong!

    Given the disorderly conduct of some self-styled ‘Christians,’ disregarding Christ’s exhortation to render unto Caesar, staging ‘sit-ins’ in government offices, instead of behaving like honest citizens and holding lawful demonstrations, one has to agree with Scott Morrison.

     “People are entitled to voice their opinions in an open society and need to do so in accordance with the law.”

     Or shed their clerical vestments and stand for parliament on a pro-crimmigrant platform!



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    ‘Hate’ Conclave Goes Ahead in Bandung Amid Minority Protests 

    Despite protests from the tiny Shia minority here that the participants are promoting ‘hatred’; the Anti-Shia Alliance are today holding their get-together in Bandung (yes, West Java. of course) but a lot of people in the majority Sunni community are trying to distance themselves from the fanatic conclave.

    Shia spokesman, Hesti Rahardja, said that the planned event would not so much create hatred against the Shia community as a whole, but more against individual Shia followers…“This spirit [of hatred] will surely spread. This is what we are concerned about.” 


    • ahmad-heryawan Heryawan, of the Muslim Brotherhood-style party, PKS
    • 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    • Previously, it was understood West Java’s Governor Heryawan was attening, but it seems he has found better things to do.

    His political courage shone through, though, as he declined to tell the media if he supported the event or not!

    Even the local MUI ‘scholars’ provincial chairman, our old friend Rafani Achyar, has said hs organisation was not invited, so won’t attend.

    But according to the JP report, two leading lights do plan to go.


    • Rafani Rafani

    I’d have thought that one could disagree with doctrine but refrain from describing yourself as anti-Shia.

    I disagree with Catholic doctrine, and many other doctrines, but I don’t think of myself as in any way anti-Catholic. Were I, how could i have allowed today’s house-guest continually to switch my tv from the news to the Pope’s Easter mass!

    But here…?

    Respect for religious differences breaks down rapidly if triumphalists feel challenged. A mob of Sunni savages murdered two Shia and burned out an entire village in Sampang.

    And it’s not just ignorant rabble at fault.

    The ghastly Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali, contributed his mite towards tolerance for these harmless people too.


    ali heretical


     Sad, really. 

    Happy Easter, everyone!

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    UKIP’s Flop Founder – The Sourest Grapes of Wrath! 

    One has to ask what motivates a man like Alan Sked, who founded UKIP years ago and led it precisely nowhere.

    Now that Nigel Farage has tken it to the brink of break-through (and that’s underestinating its electoral prospects) Sked turns on hiis successor savagely....he described Mr Farage as ‘alcoholic, dim and racist’

    Sked at some point in his negligible political career felt that Britain’s deliverance from the EUSSR was the top priority. Thanks to Farage, that priority is high on the nation’s agenda.


    • ————————————
    • Yet Sked chooses this moment to disgorge the sourest grapes imaginable?

    We all have regrets, no doubt, about how our performance, in politics or in any field, might have been better.

    But when somebody else is doing a grand job, how sorry a sight to see such petty back-biting. . 

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    The Impartial Indonesia Expat – Not Me – It’s A Good Glossy Mag! 

    Finally got my act together this Sunday morning – ooops, arvo – the whiff of toasting bacon sandwiches works wonders on that lingering Jim Beam effect!

    So I offer something like a magazine review.

    I don’t always get the expat mags out here in the northwest part of Jakarta, but since I wander off into town quite often, usually somebody’s got copies lying around. Hence I came across the March issue of Indonesia Expat and it was a fascinating read, focused on smoking.



    What caught my eye, apart from the incredibly beautiful Ineke Selly holding a ‘vape,’ on the front page, was the sheer snobbery of many ex-smokers.

    I say ‘ex’ rather than ‘non’ because it frequently transpires that those who have given up the enjoyable habit are the most venomous in their subsequent intolerance.

    • smoker.eagle
    • Okay, that’s said to be true of people who get or change religion too, but I find the supercilious tone very grating.

    We have some Austrian bloke saying that pople who don’t smoke are ‘hipper, trendier, more successful and active,’ which makes me all the more of gladsome mind that I still puff away. ‘Hip’ and ‘trendy’ signify pretentious and boring to me.

    But then he goes on to be downright offensive, saying that we smokers are likely to be ‘lower class and less successful.’

    He’s done all right for himself, risen to high rank in the NEO Hotel chain, and although he doesn’t specify how recently he quit, most of his rise and rise in the hotel trade must have occurred while he was still a non ‘hip,’ and non’ trendy,’ unsuccessful, low-class smoker like me. 


    Smoking did not detract from HIS successful status at all.


    braveheart FREEDOM!


    • Compare his disdain for those who don’t share his personal tastes to the laid-back Laiman, the Indonesian guy who runs a Padang eatery downtown. Even the bule reporter who interviews him cannot help but be impressed with Laiman’s take on life….”a good way to spend the day, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, chatting with friends..”

    Heck, must be a common ancestor somewhere back!

    Anyway, both sides get a hearing.

    The Indonesia Expat promised not to preach and it kept its word.

    AND they helpfully published a whole page listing non-smoking Jakarta restos – makes it all the easier to avoid them!

    All in all, an unusually (and surprisingly) fair effort! 


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    Kpop House Gathering? May 4th, Jakarta! 

  • ross1948 10:25 pm on April 19, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Britannia Dolorosa – Sectarian Sex Segregation in Britain’s Class-Rooms! 

    Britannia sadSilhouette weeping

    Britannia weeps for her daughters


    Department of Education inspectors said that girls in a school at the centre of the so-called “Trojan Horse” plot were forced to sit at the back of the class, some Christian pupils were left to “teach themselves” and an extremist preacher was invited to speak to children.

    You can read the whole sickening story of how a pack of primitives have imported backward bigotry into British schools, right there on the link.

    But what I want to write about is WHY this report, clearly of vital concern to every decent Briton, and especially every British parent, ONLY became public knowledge due to a ‘leak!?!’

    Whoever arranged the leak deserves a medal, but those whose job it is to cleanse the class-rooms of jihadist jerks are OUTRAGED!




    A spokesman for Park View Educational Trust said: “This is a confidential draft report which the trust is entitled to respond to within a given timescale and it should not have been made public. We are extremely disappointed that our entitlement to confidentiality has been breached and we will not comment any further.

    Of course they’re entitled to respond, Not just entitled - they’d damn well better respond, and have a good explanation for why this disgraceful situation has come to pass.

    Or else just resign en masse and let somebody take over who understands that the schools are in the UK, not the UAE or somewhere worse!

    But meantime the horrid revelations should be the talk of every public place and private home across the realm.

    AND in Parliament, where any Government worth its salt should be announcing plans to round up the sectarians bent on subverting British schools and British values and deporting them.


    out with them



    Multicult in action – as rotten as it gets!

    If people will not leave their backward baggage behind when they migrate to a civilised country, they should stay home – be sent there, no ifs, no buts, no nonsense.




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    Jakarta Rape Case – Child Sex Abuse ‘Gone On For Years!’ – Senior Ministry Official 

    In a brief statement reported in today, a senior official with Indonesia’s Ministry of Eduction and Culture dropped a bombshell –  sexual abuse at Jakarta International School ( JIS ) is suspected to have gone on for years!


    • ————

    Lydia Freyani Hawadi, Director General of Early Learning (Non – Formal and Informal Education)  is quoted as saying there’s another parent claiming children had experienced similar incidents. Lydia told those present that in this case, the parental preference was to keep quiet and just communicate with the school by email! 


    My immediate reaction to this revelation is what the hell kind of parents would hear their kids had been sexually assaulted and then restrict their response to sending an email.

    I’d have gone out and bought a shotgun!

    But Lydia perhaps anticipated such reactions – she explained the difference in addressing this was due to differences in the communication styles of Western and Eastern cultures

    I’m not sure about this at all.  Who’s she talking about?

    Indonesian parents love their children just as much as Western parents. The couple whose kindergarten son is in the news right now are a mixed marriage, Dutch guy, local wife. They are raising Cain, as most everybody I know would too.

    And we know that lots of local people don’t hesitate to see rough justice done – every so often, we read of street-crims being beaten to death by angry crowds. 


     Lydia- who does she think she is, saying it’s how kids dress that’s at issue??


    I reckon this outburst will result in a storm.

    So I’m not going to speculate. Nevertheless, I have to pick up one bizarre comment from Lydia which shows she herself suffers from some sort of ‘cultural’ hang-ups, a silly remark about how JIS students dress in a ‘free and minimal’ way. 

    Having been there some time ago, I can say they don’t.

    The teen girls dress like normal teens at any non-uniform school, but I never saw anything untoward.

    Lydia, however, takes an incredibly narrow-minded view that schools should guide students to dress neatly and politely so as not to trigger a negative event!




    With all due respect, Ma’am, that’s hogwash.

    You begin to sound like the pathetic Suryadharma Ali, the embarrassment who holds the post of Minister of Religious Affairs. He came out wth the clownish conclusion that skirts that expose female knees are bad and that his view was a ‘universal criterion!

    At the time, we all had a good laugh at such a benighted mentality!

    But we are now dealing with a very serious issue. Don’t fall back on that aurat stuff! Don’t point fingers at youngsters’ fashions! Catch and hammer  child-molestors till they beg for mercy! 

    Negative events are not triggered by how kids dress but are the fault of sick perverts who cannot restrain their primitive passions!

    But Tempo’s report again notes that the JIS Principal refused point-blank to answer any questions at his press conference this week – instead, as Tempo pointedly puts it, he fled towards the elevator.

    Tempo also says nobody’s picking up the phone at JIS. That might just be because the school will be closed for the Easter weekend!

    However, I believe it’s time for a longer statement and that some questions must be answered!

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