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    Rabble Riot Wrecks Parks – Now Pay Up, says Governor! 

    Western readers will remember how so many public places, from little city parks to St. Paul’s Cathedral, were trashed by the low-life trash known as the Occupy Movement.


     Occupy pollution in London


    Those filthy parasite gangs not only arrogated to themselves the right to use (abuse) places meant for everyone’s enjoyment and appreciation but also turned them into toilets, or worse.


     Occupy pollution in Los Angeles

    Did anyone ever get taken to court and made to pay for restoration, or even a simple cleaning bill?

    Maybe. but I ain’t heard much of it so far.
    However, here in Jakarta, we have a good Governor, Ahok, who is not into taking cr#p from any crapulous communists if Occupy should rear its ugly head in Indonesia’s capital – or from the mob of louts who rioted this past week outside the Constitutional Court.


    Prabowo fans ready to riot


    • Hundreds of paramilitary and bussed-in protesters gathered in front of the Constitutional Court on Thursday as the judges prepared to give their verdict on Prabowo’s appeal against the presidential election result. Trucks attempted to push through police lines and police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the mob.


    If these were simply manifestations of an amok mob, one might feel sorry for Prabowo Team bosses unable to control their fanatics’ thuggery.

    But of course we have posted more than once on the shameless incitement to lawlessness by rabble-rousers, from that ‘Team,’ undisowned by Prabowo…orators who blatantly urged criminal activity.

    “It’s OK For US to Mobilise a Mob of 50,000 – But Our Opponents…Provocation!” 

     As Prabowo’s Case Proceeds, Things Crawl Out From Under Stones! 

    Media Bias Cure? Arson! Prabowo Lackey Urges Rabble – ‘Burn Metro!’ 



    Threats of kidnapping, calls to arson…no level of irresponsiblity below which they would not sink.

    So no wonder that Ahok  is furious and that he plans to send a bill to the coordinator of Thursday’s protests in support of Prabowo Subianto’s Constitutional Court appeal — after those involved ran riot over parks around Jalan Medan Merdeka.


    • ahok Ahok
    • ==================================
    • “We will fix the parks first, then we’ll send them a letter to charge them the repair fee.”

    His Parks manager, Nandar Sunandar, has estimated the bill.  “The damaged parks are located at the Bank Indonesia roundabout, the Patung Kuda traffic circle, and the park in front of the Constitutional Court,” he said. “We have done the calculations for the repair — we will need up to Rp 200 million [$17,100].”   http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/jakarta/basuki-bill-prabowo-supporters-trashing-city-parks/


    Now WHEN will civic leaders in London, LA and Oakland and all the other cities and towns in Western countries take similar action.

    And if the scumbags can’t or won’t pay, they should be arrested and sentenced to hard labour – cleaning up the pig-sties they created.

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    Kim Kardashian Aurat Alert – ‘ILL-FITTING?’ 

    Yes, I know she’s a strange woman, but even so…

    What a strange headline!

    Kim Kardashian steps out in an ill-fitting outfit





    I think it fits her quite admirably!

    PS for overseas readers, just check out aurat in our search box!

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    Play! Piano Recital, Jakarta 27th -31st September! 

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    Prisons as Jihadist Pulpits? Yes, and in UK, Not Indonesia! 

    As so often, I lash out at the folly, or ineptitude, detected in Indonesian prisons, where evil men like Abu Bakr Ba’sasyir, the rabid old cur who idolises ISIS, seem to get pretty much free rein.

    And as so often, having railed satisfyingly about Indonesia, suddenly I’m faced with news from the West, where we hear that British prisons are also a breeding ground for supranational ideology.

    The issue has been raised before here…

    Intimidated Into Apostasy – Forced ‘Conversions’ in UK Jails 

     But the Daily mail report spotlights not prisoners per se but those brought in to provide spiritual guidance. It even gives the names of three such ‘imams,’ appalling creatures all, I’d say.

    1      Shaykh Yusuf Az Zahaby…senior member of the Islamist organisation Al Hikma Media, which has among its ranks         a preacher called Shady Suleiman, known for condoning the killing of women who have sex before marriage.


    • Savages-poster
    • ———————
    • 2    Abdur Raheem Green… believes that beating women will ‘bring them to goodness’.

    3    Azadul Hussain…shared material on Facebook from MPAC, an extremist group that advocates killing adulterers.

    4   Sahib Bleher…denies that he has ever held extreme views, he nevertheless was general secretary of the Islamic                  Party of Britain… http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2691277/Imams-working-British-prisons-links-extremist-Muslim-groups.html

    This is outrageous.

    These backward bigots have no place in UK prisons, except perhaps as inmates (because if they do hold and propagate views like those ascribed to them, they are inciting people to violence)

    What is needed is not, as the article suggests, having these or any other imams preaching on government property, jails or anywhere, desist from ‘political’ content.

    Not enough!



    What they must be enjoined to do, as part of their duties,is to include in their sermons a clear injunction to their audiences that all British subjects MUST have allegiance to Queen and Country as their TOP priority.

    And just to make that crystal clear, they should be required to inform listeners in NO uncertain terms that any sectarian solidarity they feel for anyone, never mind violent jihadist gangs, overseas, can NEVER trump that proper loyalty heretofore specified.

    If a wannabe prison imam can’t give any such assurance to preach patriotism, then he’s unfit to hold a job in any of HM Prisons.



    out with them


    Or indeed to hold a British passport.

    Kick the SOBs out!

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    ISIS Crisis – As You Rage At Obama, Watch This! 

    Just had the guy round to upgrade my internet etc., so now there’s a vast array of cable stuff to watch!

    Including a dangdut channel!

    But on the CNN news, we’ve just been told that American military strategists have finally grasped the reality that Obama’s policy of arming jihadist vermin was not really such a splendid wheeze after all.


    • syria-rebels
    • Now they’re saying that ISIS cannot be tackled effectively in Iraq without hitting their forces in Syria.

    Will McCain go there and request the return of all those nice weapons which he said not to get flustered about?


    Jakarta – Did McCain Explain His Support For Arming Jihadist Terror? 


    Modern weaponry handed to the same kind of sectarian scum now marauding through a huge territory stretching out from Mosul in all directions? 

    Surely the easier way would be to transfer deliveries from now on to anyone in Syria prepared to use them against ISIS?

    Who? President Assad? What? That would be embarrassing?

    Not to us!

    Not to sane patriotic people in every Western country, who railed against Obama’s madness!


    • Smart Egyptians
    • ………………………………………..
    • Or was it, is it, madness, or part of his grand design, his jihadist promotion agenda, which has destroyed American influence and removed its friends from positions of power across the Middle East?
    • Cameron-and-Obama-006
    • Don’t gloat, Brits – Cameron was with him all the way, till the Commons blocked his collaboration. 


    Meanwhile,  I keep getting these documentaries, on all sorts of subjects, sent to me by email, and usually I skip them, just no time.
    But this one is an exception.
    The evils of a supranational ideology, marxist or sectarian, are exemplified by ISIS.
    Watch it!


    • harristimes 8:30 pm on August 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Did we not see John McCain in Libya and then we had Benghazi. We saw him in Egypt and we had Arab Spring. We saw him in Syria and now we have ISIS. When will the people of Arizona wake up to the fact that McCain is actually a traitor and because of his actions many many innocent people have died. How does this man sleep at night?

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    ANOTHER Wedding Festival – Jakarta, August 22nd – 24th 

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    Tags: , , Jalan Jaksa   

    Just a Reminder – Jaksa Fair Is On Today! 

    Jalan Jaksa’s the place to be this weekend, but I doubt if I’ll make it today – too much party last night!



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    Good Riddance, Pillay! UN’s Old Scold Displays her Ignorance! 

    The UN Commissioner Navanethen Pillay seems determined to flaunt her ignorance in her last few days before her welocme retirement.


    • navanethem-pillay-2009-12-8-8-41-40

    What else can we make of this -

    Noting that African-Americans are often among the poorest and most vulnerable US citizens, and accounted for many of the inmates in the country’s teeming prisons, she added: “Apartheid is also where law turns a blind eye to racism.”


    The whole point of all those protests against apartheid was that the law did NOT turn a blind eye to racism, but in fact was entirely based, statutes, rules, regulations, the entirety of the state apparatus, on race.–



    So a lot of blacks are in prison?





    Tough. If you do the crime, you do the time, so if black crime rates fell, there’d be fewer behind bars. What’s disturbing is the number of criminal thugs on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, who go unarrested. 

    She comes from South Africa, and would be better to have a loook in her own back yard, where something akin to genocide is going on against Afrikaner (and Anglo-Saxon) farmers.

    More Good Reasons for the Death Penalty – Never Mind the Disembowelled Dog! 


    Racism as bad as it gets.



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    Tags: election, , , Jokowi, Prabowo, riot   

    Jokowi in Jakarta – The Best Man Won! 

    Returning by taxi late last night from posh Kemang (yes, I’ll go anywhere for a party!) I naturally engaged the driver in conversation, asking him about Jokowi’s knock-out victory in the Constitutional Court -



    - I’d got fed up waiting for the seemingly endless speechifying by the judges so only had the barest outlines when I hit town in the arvo.


    I had spotted a 52 bus (route Tanah Abang – Bekasi) travelling along by Slipi, miles off-route,  so had deduced conditions were not ‘conducive’ (as the media here like to put it) up by the court-house.

    It was he ( the cabbie, not the President-Elect) who told me about the shooting  ( one guy taken to hospital, condition unknown, he said) and today’s news suggests there may have been more than one injury – not surprising, when a mob of thousands attempts to storm a major institution.

    Let’s put the blame where it belongs.

    “It’s OK For US to Mobilise a Mob of 50,000 – But Our Opponents…Provocation!” 

    Whilst I’d been buying some shirts in the Ramayana sale, and later joining friends for an evening of cheery chat, wine and excellent food (impressed that a fancy hotel included my fave warteg food, perkadel – which they exotically labelled ‘potato cakes’) the riotous scenes played out, but the police did their duty and the verdict, welcomed by most people, I think, was announced.



    • jokowi-twitter
    • Now let’s wish Jokowi well.

    He does not project a tough image, which Prabowo did.

    But arguing late into the night with anther party-animal who was in no rush homewards, I said that his record as Jakarta Governor belied his mild demeanour.

    Let’s not forget how his ‘raids’ on local outposts of government scared the bureaucrats to tears, near enough, caught out napping, idling or not even present while honest citizens waited for attention.

    Idle Slugs Caught Out Again? Go, Jokowi, Go! 

    And he stood firm against the bigot morons who were gunning for Susan, the local unit head, on seist and sectarian grounds.

    No, he won’t work miracles. And he will say and do things some of us won’t like.

    But he is no arrogant elite snob, nor a clapped-out soldier with an alarming past and he has not aligned himself with undesirables.


    I wish him well.

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    Arrogant Lingo-Gestapo ‘Investigates’ Canada Minister – Who Won On Plains of Abraham? 



    In a story that sounds almost too ridiculous to be true, both La Presse and the Toronto Star are reporting that John Baird’s Twitter account is being investigated by Graham Fraser, Canada’s language watchdog – after someone complained that the foreign affairs minister’s tweets were mostly in English.

    Fraser should be told to find a real job.

    The destiny of Canada was decided in 1759, on the Plains of Abraham, where General Wolfe was mortally wounded but succeeded in subjugating the French enemy.

    It’s about time that lesson was learned!

    • come on Canada
    • REAL Canadians recall the cowardice and treason rampant in Quebec in both World Wars, dishonourable swine like Turdeau doing all in their power to undermine the war effort against Hitler.

    Best to kick the cur province out of Canada, if they not only lack the decency to apologise for their disloyalty, but also think normal folk should be obliged to gabble in the patois the ignoramuses think is French.


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