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    ‘From the River, To the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free!’ First Chanted AD 1009? 

    Feeling a bit like that legendary ‘knight-at-arms, alone and palely loitering’ – well, not exactly pale, as I spend around two hours daily sunning myself out front – I was gripped by stir-craziness again and jumped an angkot to Citraland mall, where not only eggs but apples were available at 50% discount.


    angkot angkots

    No visitors till tomorrow  – but one of my favourites due then!  I find this post-Ramadhan shut-down tiresome, though I acknowledge the workers need a break.

    Whilst day-dreaming on the little red mini-bus, my thoughts strayed to a video watched last night, the commentary nearly as predisposed towards Israel as the local ‘serious’ media here in Jakarta is biased against ‘the Zionist aggressor!’


    • oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    • But the footage – from a demo in Miami, of all places – was startling, an obnoxious Arab lout telling a Jewish reporter he’d “f**king kill” him, “and all Israelis.”

    A typical genocidal chant, its meaning clear, no peace terms possible, the eradication of Israel the only acceptable solution – a Final Solution, as old Adolf might have put it.


    • c7f1d-day11-evildead2 ISIS
    • oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    And I cast my mind back to the real Palestine, the Byzantine Province, ruled by the Christian Emperor of the East, which was populated by Christians and Jews and maybe a few remnants of paganism.

    That province was over-run by invaders in AD 640.



    The Islamic victors were apparently not bloodthirsty – they merely extorted the Christians and Jews, forcing them to pay jizya, a ‘tax’ on which their peculiar interpretation of ‘tolerance’ depended.

    Later, though, things got worse, until a blasphemous Caliph, in AD 1009, destroyed the Holy Sepulchre itself, one of the key causes of the ill-starred wars of liberation known as the Crusades. Thereafter, Christians and Jews became minorities in their own land.

    I’d need a time-machine to know exactly how this came about. Colonisation by Arabs? Forced ‘conversion’ no doubt played a part, with the most principled victims either dying or fleeing. Plus ca change…


    Sounds a bit like Mosul this past month!Christians flee Mosul amid threats to convert or die

    But I just wonder, as they took flight for the right to practise their religion freely in other lands, if perhaps the refugees chanted something similar to that we hear from Jew-haters on the streets of the world’s cities at present.

    ‘From the River, To the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free.’

    The heirs to those true Palestinians, those Christians driven out by a long-ago brutal caliphate, will never, I suppose, get their ancient homeland back – they are lost, scattered to the four winds.

    But one day, one hopes, that land will be free of the terrorist Hamas scourge –


    - there’s how they treat their own people!. 



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    No Man Left Behind? Sweden’s Cops Cower From Alien Rabble! 


    • sweden-flag


    We have reported in the past how it’s now open season for alien scum to rape Swedes – remember that sicko court which gave a pack of savages not even ONE DAY behind bars for gang-raping a Swedish teen.


    Now another report from that colonised Scandinavian country tells us that even the police are afraid of upsetting the undesirables who have taken over an area in Landskrona.

    A police patrol saw a reckless biker and went in pursuit. Another car got into the act, trying to obstruct pursuit by ramming the police vehicle. The cops recognised the bad guys and pursued them into Koppargården,a neighbourhood infested with non-Swedish scumbags.

    One cop went after the crims on foot, but was suddenly surrounded by fifty or more savages, in threatening mode. One dirty slug spat in his face!

    He drew his weapon. But reinforcements chose not to go in for fear of starting a riot. The incident has led to a conflict between local police officers and police management…  http://hd.se/landskrona/2014/07/28/kriminella-far-fritt-spelrum-i/

    Reading the local newspaper account of the cowardice of senior police, their bare-faced appeasement of people who should long since have been rounded up for deportation, reminded me of what I wrote about Calgary in Canada, just a few days go.


    Calgary’s Cops – Cowards or Collaborators? 

    We may get frustrated by the failure of police to go in hard against our common enemies, but it’s not your average ‘bobby on the beat’ who’s to blame.

    It’s the snivelling PC curs in charge, currying favour with multicult traitors in high places.

    The reader who sent me this item above noted that Sweden is not burdened with gestapo-style gun laws, and thus there is a high proportion of citizens in possession of effective weaponry.


    • rifles
    • =======================
    • If the cops can’t or won’t do their job of maintaining law and order, one hopes that decent Swedes will.

    PS    that poor cop did get out, after ‘negotiation’ with the vermin, but the mob went unarrested and therefore will feel free to treat their lair as a no-go zone henceforth – dozens of his colleagues were under orders to stay outside the banlieue while the ‘talks’ proceeded.




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    Turkey’s Sexist Buffoon – Women Mustn’t Laugh in Public! 



    One ponders whether this story about Mr. Bulent Arinc may explain why Cameron wants Turkey to join the EUSSR – it might curtail the number of citizens laughing out loud at the Clown’s antics!. 


    Deputy PM advises women to avoid laughter in public<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
   ” /> </del></p>
<p><a href=idiot

    Women should not laugh in public in Turkey, the Deputy Prime Minister has said in a speech on “moral corruption” in the country.  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/women-should-not-laugh-in-public-says-turkeys-deputy-prime-minister-in-morality-speech-9635526.html


    Was this muppet born or did his mum knit him?

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    Italian Champions! Soccer in Jakarta – 6th August 

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    “Glesca Empty? Nae Boather, We’ll Re-Fill It Wi’ Wasters!” SNP War-Cry?’ 

    Got home later than expected, just before sunset – my intended arvo visitor cancelled, due to an unexpected influx of kin from the kampung, so I idled happily in Blok M after stopping by at a friend’s house in Cipete – imagine ZOOMING along Fatmawati in a metro-mini, no traffic at all!

    So now I’m scanning local and national news for items of interest, and what pops up but The Scotsman, reporting that up to 700,000 Scots might emigrate if the SNP gets its wish to break up the United Kingdom in the up-coming referendum.


    So are we to assume that this potential mass exodus is a source of concern for the separatists?

    Unlikely – they have already made their attitude towards undesirable aliens as clear as crystal – sending an Obamanoid message to all and sundry that once bludgers get a toe in the door, there will be no serious effort to root them out for deportation.


    salmond SNP’s Salmond


    SNP To Shackle Crimmigrant Snatch-Squads! 

    Already some parts of Glasgow are infested with alien wasters. I gather even the immigrants of Asian origin are affronted by the grossly anti-social Roma who have colonised part of the South Side.

    Once native Scots start exiting, we can be pretty sure what sort of garbage Salmond will be utilising to fill up the gaps!

    SNP “Not ‘Aggressive’ on Asylum!” Only 6-Star Hotels? 


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    Prabowo -wo-wo-wo – It’s Magic, You Know!. 

    I see that Prabowo’s Presidential challenge has taken a new turn, now evoking that old Dennis Wheatley paper-back which I greatly enjoyed at high school.


    They Used Dark Forces | [Dennis Wheatley]



    People believed to be shamans performed rituals while the Prabowo Subianto-Hatta Rajasa presidential candidate ticket filed a report to contest the result of the presidential election at the Constitutional Court (MK) on Friday night.



    One of the shamans, Suryobuwono, acknowledged that the rituals were his way of seeking the blessings of the spirits of past rulers and historical figures, to pave the way for Prabowo’s victory http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/07/27/shamans-perform-rituals-while-prabowo-files-report-mk.html

    I’m not sure why the JP chose to call them ‘shamans’  – that’s a Red Indian word, surely?

    Here, such sorcerers are known as dukuns. I met one in Tebet Station, here in Jakarta,  years ago, and he gave me the ring I still wear, saying it would protect me from demons, etc.

    It must work, because not a single demon has so far confronted me in my daily meanderings.

    Dukuns are a fixture in those local horrors we delight in watching. Here’s one, in that movie, Main Dukun, which I reviewed a few months ago –  Main Dukun! Horor Baaanguet, Tapi Jupe Caaantik!  - you can see why I didn’t spurn his conversational approach – they tend to move in agreeable company!



    It also made me wonder if the Prabowo/Hatta team might be planning a re-release of that old Pilot hit from 1975. My headline amends the first line of the song, but perhaps readers can add lyrics of their own to enhance its appeal.

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    Vive La France! Safe Haven for Christian Victims of Evil ISIS? 

    France_Flag_Map_svg La Belle France!


    Great news, that France is ready to afford sanctuary to the thousands of Christian Iraqis driven from their homes in Mosul by the satanic ISIS swine.  These poor people have nowhere else to go but to what remains of Christendom.

    And for once that much-abused word, ‘asylum,’ is entirely appropriate!

    France offers Iraq Christians asylum after Mosul threat

    BBC News  Many fled Mosul after the Islamic State (IS) group which seized much of northern Iraq told them to convert to Islam, pay a tax or face death

    In other words, unlike the boat-bludgers swarming towards Australia, these Iraqi Christians are REAL refugees, in flight from a murder-gang not averse to rape, pillage and desecration of all that’s holy. They’re NOT economic migrants grubbing for freebies.

    Take a look at the map.

    Iraq’s neighbouring states are Syria -who’d want to go there – and Saudi, a pit of mediaeval evil where no church may even be built, because the regime is the most intolerant in the world…

    … except perhaps the other country which abuts iraq, the sectarian cess-pool styling itself the Islamic Republic of Iran.


    Cameron and Erdogan (1) Clown Cameron and Islamist Erdogan

    • “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” from WT, March 3rd. 2010


    That leaves Kuwait, which is tiny and has little capacity to take in significant numbers, even if it had the inclination to do so. Same goes for Jordan.  

    So let’s congratulate France on its decency. 

    Similarly, if Cameron had the cojones to kick out  the thousands of undesirable illegals currently in the UK…

    Cameron’s Crimmigrant Cave-In – No More ‘Go Home Illegals!’ 

     …there’d be room there too for a community which has lasted a thousand years or more in Mesopotamia, until the vile jihadists made it impossible for them to stay in the country they have long regarded as their home and native land.
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    Heck, one day of peace and quiet at home is enough. Off into town to visit a friend tomorrow morning, then home arvo to welcome a friend visiting me. o o But tonight I’m watching ‘O Channel,’ again, and congratulations to them, a series of good films in sharp contrast to other channels here, who have served up unmitigated cr#p through the holiday season so far, Fast and Furious re-runs, plus endless mindless Jackie Chan junk. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo       ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo O Channel had Mad City a few nights ago with John Travolta and Dustin Hoffman, then Kevin Costner’s The Postman, then tonight a jolly Harrison Ford adventure, Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Last night it was another Harrison Ford, one of my faves, Clear and Present Danger, in which Wlliam Dafoe played brilliantly. ooooooooooooooooooooo When will those other channels get their act together? undefined
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    Bahasa Barbi – Useful Lessons from Magnificent Mela! 

    In answer to Alger, romini and other commenters, I have to admit that I can’t find much info on when and where Mella Berbi performs, much though I’d like to. In fact if she has a fan club, I’d sign up, pronto!

    I did locate various photos, and just to remind readers that MB is a doll, there’s one appended below. And you will find a link to a video of her artistic merits (well worth watching) on our previous post here  -

    Oh-Oh, Kamu Kemaluan, Omong Kosong Dhani! 

    But she’s apparently not really named Mella Berbi at all.

    As to what name her doting parents bestowed on her, I’ve no idea, but in fact the stage name is Mela, with one L and Barbi, as in Barbie Doll.




    So that gives me an opportunity to discuss a question that often vexes me, the seeming inability of many Indonesians to pronounce certain vowels and consonants correctly, BUT ONLY when they speak English.

    I refer to the constant mispronunciation of HAPPY as ‘HEPPY’  –  and now Barbi as Berbi! 

    It’s weird, because they don’t call their capital city Jekerte!

    • Another example is how F is rendered as P  

    France is called Perancis. 

    A long time ago I had a very decent cabbie used to take me home from work – in the days before I became bold enough to use buses – and we often discussed linguistic matters.

    He swore blind he could not pronounce the letter F.

    ‘Okay, Pak,” I retorted, “what’s the big day at the end of Ramadhan?”

    “Idul Fitri!”

    “Not Idul Pitri, then?”

    He had no answer.



    Mind you, English pronunciation is not always straightforward either!


    PS – And another thing!

    Why do so many people ask if I speak BAHASA? It just means ‘language.’ I speak several, not always well, but I am best at INDONESIAN!

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    Snouts Straight To the Trough – Brand-New Bludgers’ Exemplary Ingratitude! 

    Well, now we know exactly what the cargo of that latest bludger-boat wants most of all!

    Not ‘asylum’ – that was hardly the case, any more than with any other crimmigrants who sail from a multi-party democracy past plenty of other countries to reach the Australian public purse.


    In news that highlights the hubris of the queue-jump crew better than words of mine ever could, they no sooner hit town than they aimed their dirty snouts straight towards that trough of gold, the tax-dollars of honest Australians.

    • snouts_in_the_trough
    • Never mind that tonight they’re sleeping in free accommodation provided by hard-working Aussies, never mind that tomorrow morning they’ll be tucking shamelssly into free breakfasts supplied from the same largesse.

    And for the next weeks or months, however long their leftist lawyers manage to drag out court proceedings, they’ll continue guzzling on someone else’s tab, three squares and free lodgings all the way, every day.



    These ingrate scum are clearly without conscience.

    And as for their lawyers!

    Who pays for them, BTW?


    And is it by cheque or by thirty pieces of silver?

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