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    Australian Education Exhibition – Next Month, Across Indonesia! 

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    JIS Principal Carr Slams ‘Appalling’ Indonesian Journos! 

    And we almost get through a day with no significant new info about JIS.



    Until we read, in the Sydney Morning Herald, of all places, that Principal Michael Carr has slammed Indonesian journalists for their coverage of the case. He accused them (some of them, not all) of an “appalling lack of journalistic integrity.”

    He  cited as proof of his allegation the way reporters had approached young students outside the school gates and “badgered” them into giving interviews!


      Tim Carr


    If it were so, it were a grievous fault on those journos’ part. I’m not slow to criticise some local media myself from time to time!

    But it turns out that Erlinda, of the Child Protection Commission, intervened at this point and pointed out that his own reluctance to speak up promptly might have something to do with it. Reporters “reacted this way because … the school didn’t allow them inside,” to “investigate” the story.

    And I myself saw on the news last week that an OFFICIAL inspection team was turned away because the JIS bigwigs were ‘at a meeting!”

    Carr, incensed because Erlinda raised the issue of the latest child-rape allegation, launched into a tirade.  

    “All of this should be treated with the utmost confidentiality … We should not be learning about this sort of thing in the media straight away. Why did that happen? Who told the media about this? Why did I learn about it that way? This is ridiculous,” he said. http://www.smh.com.au/world/second-case-of-potential-child-sex-abuse-emerges-at-prestigious-international-school-20140424-zqz3d.html

    Again, I myself asked yesterday why there was no comment from JIS on the latest case reported in the Jakarta Globe.

    ANOTHER Child Raped at JIS? Foreigner Involved? What the Hell’s Going On? 

    I asked if the JG had tried to contact Carr and got no response. I also asked if they hadn’t tried to contact him. And I doubted that! 




    But he appears to be saying just that – that no enquiries reached him, although he or a deputy are surely on 24 hour call in view of the the constantly escalating furore.

    Will the JG tell us their side of this aspect of the story?

    So what’s Carr saying?

    That the family should have kept it quiet, gone to him first?

    But those parents would have been beside themselves, and fully aware of how slow JIS was on the uptake last week. Given the fact that he has only recently apologised for the  fact that the school had initially been too slow to provide information to the media  - I think he’s got some nerve to start getting angry. 


    And a strange footnotea very strange report, which says that some 28 of the ancillary staff  (cleaners) are foreigners!

    Orang Tua Korban Baru di JIS Belum Siap Mental Lapor Polisi
    Harian Terbit-

    This may have nothing to do with the child-rape case (although five of the 28 have been sent for medical checks by the police) but it is decidedly odd! 

    Of course teachers in an international school would often be recruited from overseas, but cleaners?

    Indonesia has MILLIONS of people who want jobs, even the humblest of jobs. One might think – indeed, one might hope and expect – that any large institution in Jakarta would give preference in hiring to local people. 

    However, Mr. Carr also said that journalists got facts wrong.

    Indeed they do, from time to time.

    The SMH doesn’t tell us if he listed and refuted all these wrong facts, but I hope he will. It would ease the anxieties of many parents and concerned citizens if he would do so 

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    Arrogant Elites, Cameron, God And You Know Who! 

    I often wonder why, when fifty self-important show-offs sound off in an ‘open letter’ together, they get in the news, whereas if fifty of your friends or mine did the same, nobody would pay any attention whatsoever.


    elite arrogance-s


     More than 50 public figures from the arts and sciences signed an open letter rejecting Cameron’s characterisation of multi-cultural, multi-faith Britain and warning that such a claim “fosters alienation and division in our society…https://uk.news.yahoo.com/pm-cameron-criticised-saying-uk-christian-country-113558520.html

    Okay, if some scientists compose a joint letter about some aspect of their scientific field, it might well be worth reading.

    Less probably, if fifty stiffs from ‘the arts’ did the same, maybe so – though since ‘the arts’ covers almost everything from rock musicians to actresses to the sort of berk who gets acclaimed for holding an exhibition of animals’ corpse’ in the Tate Gallery…

    …I rather doubt it.






    Prime Minister David Cameron was accused Monday of sowing sectarianism and division after his repeated assertions that Britain is still a “Christian country”, proving how problematic it remains to mix faith and British politics.

    From some politicians, I’d welcome Cameron’s assertion, not because I’m especially religious, but because the British heritage is rooted in the values of traditional Christendom, and the assault on those values is a key element of the cultural marxist war on the West.

    • god-creates-adam
    • But Cameron?

    A man who waited till he got hold of the reins of leadership and THEN turned his coat on the Tory Party’s excellent Clause 28 record, who pushed through the absurdity of ‘same-sex marriage’ and the obscenity of ‘gay’ adoption?

    Gimme a break!

    However, the long and mildly boring article in the Guardian does have some interesting bits and pieces.

    Notably this –  

    Former Labour prime minister Tony Blair was a devout Christian but his spokesman Alistair Campbell stopped him answering questions about his faith, once declaring: “We don’t do God.”

    Oh, really?

    ‘What is our policy? I will say; “It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us…’


    churchill Yes, obviously a nutter- funny-looking hat, too!



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    Blair’s Insensitive Warning on Murderous Fanatics 

    So Tony Blair is warning Obama to beware the folly of pandering to fanatics?




    “[The] Muslim Brotherhood government was not simply a bad government. It was systematically taking over the traditions and institutions of the country. … [There must be] some sensitivity to the fact that over 400 police officers have suffered violent deaths and several hundred soldiers have been killed.”  


    tony_blair_gerry_adams1 The Liar and The Beast


    A rare Blair ray of sense, and I’d like to commend it.

    But then I think  - how many BRITISH soldiers and police officers died at the hands of scum like Gerry Adams and the other Sinn Fein/ IRA murder gangsters whom Blair elevated to power in Ulster.

    How sensitive was that?

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    In Holiday Mood? Tour n Travel Fair, Puri Indah Mall, till 4th May 


    Up early this morning, had to go see some people, then a spot of shopping in Puri Mall, where the above vacation expo is already underway.

    Frankly, on a day like this, we Western sun-starved folk need hardly go further than our Jakarta front doors!

    It’s been an absolutely gorgeous hot day here and though I’ve just gotten home, I may sit out for a while and savour the remains of the afternoon.


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    Lab Indonesia – Exhibition, 7th – 9th May, in Jakarta! 

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    ANOTHER Child Raped at JIS? Foreigner Involved? What the Hell’s Going On? 

    I had thought for today at least we had given sufficient attention to the Jakarta International School, but I am duty-bound to add more horrific news – another child has come forward as an alleged victim of sex-predators there.

    Bad enough, in itself, but what is stunning is the assertion by the spokeswoman of the KPAI, the Indonesian Commission for Child Protection. 




    Erlinda, the secretary of the commission known as the KPAI, claimed on Wednesday that teachers and management of the international school, commonly referred to as JIS, had known about the incident but made attempts to prevent details from coming to light.


    That is a damning accusation. And if true, there’s been a damnable cover-up conspiracy.


    Principal Tim Carr gave a clear statement just a day or so ago that JIS was not aware of any other such molestation having occurred.



    Yet the Jakarta Globe now reports that JIS has offered psychological support for this latest alleged victim.

    Strangely, the JG does NOT report what JIS has to say in response to this shocking revelation. It does NOT tell us if they tried to contact Mr. Carr and failed, or that they did NOT try to call him, which to me is inconceivable.  http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/jakarta/second-victim-comes-forward-jis-sex-abuse-scandal/

    To add fuel to the flames, Kompas.com reports the Commission is also saying a fair-haired foreigner is involved in this new case.  http://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2014/04/23/2052030/KPAI.Duga.Ada.WNA.Terlibat.Kejahatan.Seksual.di.JIS

    It is essential that the Principal come forward now and set the record straight.

    If he does not…


    • Frankie 7:19 am on April 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      You ask me, something is very wrong. What is going on you say, and I do too.

      Nobody in JIS knew of this second child until the KPAI told them?
      Somebody somewhere in JIS or some other place in Jakarta must have answers and must give answers to the community.

    • Nora 8:44 am on April 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      This is frightening.
      How many more are ashamed or afraid to tell what happened to them. And I mean parents, not only children. That mother on the news all the time is very brave, as you say, we should admire her.
      Parents should all say thankyou to her.

  • ross1948 10:22 pm on April 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    So Indonesia’s Police Are Cracking Down On Inciters of Religious Hate? 

    Police hunt for instigators of ‘religious strife’ in Papua

    You can read that Jakarta Post  story for yourselves, but on the face of it, one would expect cops to investigate who’s instigated incidents that resulted in violent death.

    But then consider another story, this time from the Jakarta Globe.

     Calls for Jihad, Purges Emerge at Hate-Filled Anti-Shiite Gathering in Indonesia


    devil destroyed


    So my question is, how many cops are interrogating the evil fanatics involved in THAT!!?!

    For those involved are certainly not hard to find! 

    Hate’ Conclave Goes Ahead in Bandung Amid Minority Protests


  • ross1948 5:59 pm on April 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Free Britain – Meeting, London, Saturday 26th April! 

    Very happy to oblige with a plug for this meeting.


    Free Britain from the European Union

    • referndmlet peole vote

    • The Campaign for an Independent Britain

    Public meeting with these distinguished speakers-

    Leo McKinstry of the Daily Express,

    Monia Benini MP from Italy,

    John Mills of the Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign,

    Rev Dr. Peter Mullen.



    Saturday, 26th April

    2pm to 5pm in the Upper Hall, Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street,

    Westminster, London SW1P 3DW.   For further information please visithttp://www.eurosceptic.org.uk

    • Edward Spalton 6:03 pm on April 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you so much for mentioning us. It seems churlish to mention that the date is actually 26 April – although you get it right further down.

      Edward Spalton

      Hon Secretary, Campaign for an Independent Britain

      • ross1948 6:06 pm on April 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        So much local news, didn’t notice the typo. I have edited it in retrospect.
        Thanks very much for pointing it out.

  • ross1948 2:32 pm on April 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    JIS Victim Family – ‘Emergency Status’ Under Witness Protection Programme! 

    Every day some new and potentially alarming development seems to occur in the JIS sex-predator scandal, and it’s hard to keep up. Just about to go out when this pops up!

    Thus some of you will already be aware that Indonesia’s Witness and Victim Protection Agency ( LPSK) has granted emergency status to the family of the victim!


    •  Lili, of LPSK
    • ——————

    Her investigation will include an internal probe into JIS , although she remains unsure when any visit to the school will take place.

    Similarly, she’s not certain when her Agency will hold its plenary meeting to discuss protection but it will be within thirty days. Meanswhile emergency status applies. 

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