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    Gotta Grin At Guardian ‘Objective’ Headline! BTW, Mrs. May – Ban Hizbut Tahrir! 


    Notice the Guardian’s idea of fair and balanced reporting in its coverage of Theresa May’s new plans to fight the enemy within?

    Theresa May vows Tory government would introduce ‘snooper’s charter’


    Mrs. May’s proposals might be useful, if it gets sectarian totalitarians like Hizbut Tahrir outlawed.

    • hizbut_flag In the UK, as in Indonesia, HT hates democracy
    • Or it might not, especially with the pinko media lining up to take potshots already.

    But I’d have thought any responsible newspaper would manage to write a headline that at least had a pretence of objective journalism about it.

    Evidently not. My blog may be more tilted in its presentation of world affairs, but not much! 


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    Indecent Assault? ‘If You Don’t Like To Be Touched, Stay Home!’ – Islamist Fanatic 

    A shocking report from Kompas.com tells of an indecent assault by one of the louts who attended the sectarian rally last week at Jakarta City hall.  Hundreds of haters, horrified that the Christian, Ahok, is due to take over as Governor of Indonesia’s capital city, descended on the city centre, as of course did many journalists.

    Jakarta Ethnic Cleansing? Murder Threat No Big Deal? 

    One of the reporters, a young lady identified as P, age 22, was sexually assaulted while covering the protests of the Islamic Defenders Front. The alleged perpetrator was a man about 40 years old, of short stature.



     P told Kompas that while she was looking for a safe place on the sidewalk (away from the crowds of protesters )  suddenly, somebody grabbed her from behind with both hands.

    She said she later saw the man alleged to have committed the sexual harassment,shaking hands with the Chairman of the Islamic People’s Forum (FUI) Muhammad al-Khaththath.


    al Khaththath Al- Khaththath


    RRA readers will know this fanatic, a leading light in the state-funded MUI (Indonesian Scholars’ Council) a bloodthirsty bigot with a Hizbut Tahrir backgroundhttp://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/another-nail-in-freedoms-coffin-indonesian-atheist-jailed-for-blasphemy/

    P bravely confronted her molestor, who of course denied all.  “He did not want to admit it. Instead he accused me of being a provocateur. I said to him, ‘Sir, I am a journalist.” Then he actually said:’ Yes, a journalist would deliberately try to heat up the atmosphere! ‘

    Shortly thereafter, police  finally came to intervene. According to P, the police officer asked her to back off, because the incident could potentially provoke the mob.




    That’s odd! 

    I passed a police station last week and I’m sure I saw a sign outside, something about ‘Protect and Serve.’ Maybe this cop hadn’t read it? Mind you, some cops here regard these rabid brutes as dashed fine chaps -remember how some defenceless children were consigned by police to Hizbut Tahrir and the FPI for spiritual guidance?


    But listen to P again!

    “What made me even more sick at heart, the FUI chairman even said, ‘It’s the way it is. If you don’t want to get touched, you should stay home indoors.”  .http://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2014/09/24/19104201/Wartawati.Mengaku.Jadi.Korban.Pelecehan.Seksual.dalam.Unjuk.Rasa.FPI

    Disgusting, yes.

    But entirely in accordance with the pathetic primitive mind-set.

    We see it in the way they like their women drably shrouded in shapeless sacks and head-shrouds, not permitted to go outdoors unescorted, and in their mediaeval codes that deny women a fair share in inheritance laws.

    Women, to such as this, are sub-human. Any legal codes that legitimise such moronism should be outlawed.

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    Blaming Patriots – Sweden’s Cameron Pays Price for Death-Wish Acquiescence! 

    Conservative Home, the British website, often has interesting articles, some of which make sense.

    But earlier this month, its boss, Mark Wallace, produced a gem of faulty reasoning, about the recent Swedish parliamentary election.




    the Sweden Democrats, standing on a eurosceptic, anti-immigration platform, railing against liberal, metropolitan elites, saw their vote rise by 7.2 percentage points to become the third largest party – a gain almost identical to the losses suffered by Reinfeldt’s Moderates.

    And those ‘Moderates’ lost power, the Left taking their place as the governing coalition. So Mark reckons it’s the bad SD party to blame? Yes, he does!

    • As a result, Sweden will become no more eurosceptic or anti-immigration…
    • Quite true, but Mark misses the point, Sweden will indeed become no more eurosceptic or anti-immigration..

    But equally it will become NO LESS eurosceptic or anti-immigration.

    Reinfeldt’s Moderates are just as blatant multicult Eurogrovellers as the Swedish Left. Reinfeldt even declared in advance of the people’s verdict that he would refuse to contemplate any coalition with the SD patriot party.

    In fact, he urged Swedes to turn their backs on its efforts to cut immigration. During the election campaign, the premier called on voters to “open their hearts” to refugees and immigrants.  http://www.businessweek.com/news/2014-09-14/social-democratic-bloc-emerges-as-largest-in-swedish-election




    So Reinfeldt’s reign in Stockholm, his party’s platform, made clear his indifference to the truth that Sweden has suffered something akin to national self-degradation as a result of its wide-open-door policy on undesirable aliens. Although the small Scandinavian country has a population of only nine million, its cultural marxist establishment has embraced some TWENTY percent of Europe’s ‘asylumer’ parasites.

    And since Reinfeldt took office, immigration has DOUBLED!

    Multi -Cult Hell – Alien Ingrates Run Amok in Sweden 

    If Reinfeldt had spoken up, if his ‘Moderates’ had adopted anything like sanity, like opposition to the death-wish ‘asylum’ policy, like preservation of Sweden as Sweden and not a mad-house burdened by marauding crimmigrant ingrates…

    Death-Threat Imam Undeported, As Sweden Sinks In a Shariah Swamp 

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden! 

    …then he could have avoided the loss of most of those SD votes. Had any established party shown concern for Swedes rather than savages, the SD would never have emerged from obscurity.

    Yet listen to Mark!

    An anti-immigration party on the right, helping to put the Left into government despite their failure to make electoral headway, at the expense of a centre-right coalition…what lessons might there be for Britain, and UKIP, from Sweden?


     Cameron and Reinfeldt – treason’s no laughing mstter!


    What lessons indeed!

    The plain lesson is that, like Sweden’s ‘Moderates,’  the UK’s ‘Conservatives’ have been exposed as arrogantly indifferent to their own people’s wishes.

    Cameron’s lies about reducing the migration menace, about that ‘cast-iron’ referendum pledge, his surrender of British border controls to Brussels….

    The lesson for UKIP is to press on, push forward on a principled platform of putting British people first.

    If there are Tories who agree with that principle, their course of action is clear – follow Carswell’s example  – as Reckless this week did – and join UKIP, the only honourable option for patriots. 

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    Luxury Bazaar, Jakarta, 7-10th October 

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    More Phoneys! ‘Refugee’ Ingrates Exposed For All To See! 

    Here we go again!

    The drivel we keep hearing about those ‘poor refugees’ pouring out of the Middle East into Europe, is proven to be drivel once more. They are NOT seeking refuge. They want an easy ride to the welfare troughs of Western Europe, which are infinitely deeper than those elsewhere.

    • cyprus_map
    • Some 345 of the blighters were rescued from a vessel in distress off Cyprus on Thursday. The honest citiens who had been enjoying a cruise duly disembarked when they reached shore, but only 65 of those rescued at sea left the ship.

    The others refused to budge, the shipping company said…Kikis Vassiliou, managing director of Salamis Cruise Lines, told reporters. “They want us to send them to Italy.”

    Bloody arrogant ingrates – ship them back, because by that refusal to land lawfully in a safe country, they have dropped the ‘refugee’ mask.




    They stand exposed as ‘country-shoppers,’ grubbing for the best benefits other people’s taxes can provide. It’s a LOT easier to ooze up to the richer countries from Italy than it is from an island like Cyprus.

    “We did our utmost to save their lives, to give them food, support and now they want to destroy this company,” he added, speaking of several hundred thousands of euros (dollars) in losses.

    Mr. Vassiliou is spot on. These people tell us they’re fleeing horrors but they won’t accept accommodation in peaceful Cyprus?

    Ratbags! The Cypriot cops should go aboard with tear-gas and roust them out.  

    PS -I see they have now disembarked. Let’s hope they are put on bread and water rations in whatever detention centre they get lodged in – they deserve no more. In fact, a lot less.  

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    Another Tory Defection Threat – To Lib Dems or Labour? 

    Way down, halfway through the Guardian’s report on  the latest UKIP success, we find a new threat of defection, but not from any of the usual suspects on the dwindling common-sense wing of the Tory Party.


    • ————————————-

    In other words, Cameron had better toe the Brussels line on unwanted immigration – because Wollaston thinks ‘European’ law should over-ride the British people’s  demand for action to block the influx of aliens. I see no other possible interpretation of Wollaston’s statement. If Cast-Iron tries ‘shifting right.’ she ‘would move elsewhere.

    But where would she go?

    Her own record as an MP indicates that she’s not amenable to party line dictates, and she has said some sensible things on the EUSSR, but her gut instincts on the BIG ISSUE, the immigration tsunami, were made very clear – again in the Guardian, less than a year ago, where she wrote that Cameron faced intense pressure from a small minority in his own party who want Britain to close its doors and refuse to accept its treaty obligations….


    A small minority? Does she truly believe that a large majority of rank-and-file Conservative supporters want Britain to put supranational ‘obligations’ above the defence of the realm against the migration menace?

    Well, yes, she does, and she makes that very clear too – NO ‘discrimination’ between her own fellow-citizens and aliens when it comes to taking from the public purse.  




    Cameron must behave, she wailed, on access to state benefits – he will have to find a way that can be done without discriminating between British citizens and other Europeans in eligibility for benefits.  http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/nov/25/cameron-hysteria-grasp-nettle-immigration

    So that’s as plain as it gets, the mind-set that has driven thousands of Brits from their traditional political home in the Tory Party.

    In some ways she’s correct, because any significant shift in Cameron’s position ( on anything!) would be seen by voters as no more genuine than his pledge to hold a referendum. He lied the first time, that promise broken, so who on earth believes he won’t lie again. 

    Anyway, where would she go? Lib Dems or Labour? The West Country, where she represents Totnes, has a Lib Dem tradition, but they’re pretty much a busted flush these days.

    So maybe Labour? Who knows?




    Probably an academic question, since even Cameron must have enough sense of self-preservation not to do any more shape-shifting. 

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    Canada – More Sectarian Traitors Than Oz or the USA? 

    Interesting article from Canada, in which a financial crimes expert ponders the problem of stopping money sent by sectarian scum to help ISIS and other Mid-East murder gangs.

    That may or may not be so, but clearly even one of these swine is one too many.



    The obvious way to stop funds being transferred to enemies of civilisation is to execute those whose money is being transferred. If somebody in 1944 in Canada, or Britain, or Oz, or America, were caught sending financial support to Hitler’s Germany or to Japan, they would assuredly have been arrested and promptly strung up for treason.


    Until Canada, and the West in general, start getting serious about treason, the war cannot be won.

    If it’s acceptable for British and other air-strikes to kill terrorists in Iraq and Syria, there can be no logical, much less moral, objection to killing their comrades who are using our countries as an operational base.
    Sending them to prison is ridiculous.

    Intimidated Into Apostasy – Forced ‘Conversions’ in UK Jails 

    …that prisons are simply seen as a recruiting ground.

    And the cost of keeping vermin alive for years is a needless burden on the tax-payer.

    Hang them.

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    Tags: , Child-Rapist, , deportation, Immigrant, jerk judge, Oldham, Samantha, Shakil Chowdhury, Theresa May   

    Tough Theresa May? If She Fails This Test, Fire Her! 

    CHILD rapist . . . Shakil Chowdhury is now out of prison and has British citizenship.


    This filthy brute raped a 12-year-old child, got a derisory sentence from a jerk judge, and has not been deprived of the British citizenship he had been inexplicably awarded.  

    The Home Office has the authority to deprive him of this in the interests of the public.

    It happened in Oldham, Lancashire. 

    Samantha Roberts, now 20, was horrified when her rapist, Shakil Chowdhury, was sentenced to only six years in October 2007. Chowdhury, 39 at the time, served only three years before his release on licence.


    Yesterday Cameron was wringing his hands about ISIS beasts who rape children, but today Samantha and her lawyer are still waiting to hear if Cameron’s Home Secretary, Theresa May, is going to do her duty.


    TheresaMay_1685363c Theresa May likes to make out she’s tough – we’ll soon find out!


    The lawyer says  – “They have the authority to remove a convicted child rapist from our country and this to me is a no-brainer. This man is dangerous and should not be allowed to stay.”

    Actually, he should be put down, but…

    Ms. May fancies her chances as a ‘rightwing’ successor to Cameron. I’ve always doubted her posturing. Here’s an opportunity to show us what she’s really made of. 


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    Aquascape, Jakarta, 22- 26 Oktober, 

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    No Reckless Move! UKIP Gains Another Tory Patriot MP! 

    Brilliant news, that Mark Reckless MP has quit the Cameron ‘Conservatives’ and joined UKIP!

    We have praised this guy previously, 

    Cameron’s Scheming Skewered by Tory Patriots 

       Congratulations to British Conservative MP Mark Reckless, and to the fifty other Tories who put country before party and gave ‘Snake’ Cameron a Commons drubbing.

    More on this tomorrow!

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