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    Prabowo Taking Fight To Constitutional Court? A Safe Pair of Hands? 

    Just heard Prabowo in ferocious form, rejecting today’s outcome of the national vote, despite the KPU (Election Commission)’s clear stance that the result is in order.

    • gerindra1 Prabowo
    • ——–
    • So off we go to the Constitutional Court?

    An opinion poll in the Jakarta Post shows that a minority of respondents don’t feel confident of an impartial decision from that august body. What we need to ask is why?

    And that requires us to look at who serves on it.


    • Mahkamah-KonstitusiConstitutional Court, Jakarta
    • ========
    • One of the most recent appointments  is Patrialis Akbar.

    He used to enliven our pages with his absurd and offensive outburts, the absurd exemplified by a rant against ‘half-naked tourists’ roaming Jakarta’s markets…

    Patrialis’ Problems! Half-Naked Tourists, Runaway Prisoners! And He Wants to Bomb Israel? 

    …the most offensive when he urged that the threat to Indonesia from jihadist terror gangs could be tackled by sending all those scumbags off to the Middle East, where they could occupy themselves by bombing Jews.


    • He was not fired, after he weaseled around those shameful words for a while, but how come he was ever elevated to ministerial rank?
    • Don’t forget his conduct prior to becoming a Cabinet Minister, back when he was a rank-and-file legislator for the PAN party (which of course is the party of Prabowo’s running-mate.

    Back in 2005, Patrialis was one of a mob of fanatic law-makers who ran amok, storming Police HQ.


    Because he wanted a detained man named Abu Jibril turned loose.

    And who’s Jibril? The US State Department said in 2003 that Abu Jibril was Jamaah Islamiyah’s (JI) primary recruiter and second-in-command after firebrand cleric Abubakar Ba’asyir…

    … he was arrested by the Malaysian government, which held him from 2001 and 2004 under the country’s Internal Security Act for promoting radicalism…a small explosion in front of Jibril’s house in another part of Pamulang in mid-2005 that recalled much of Jibril’s past. The police claimed the device was similar to those used in sectarian conflicts in Poso between 1998 and 2000. They raided his house but laid no charges.


    •  Jibril
    • —————–
    • It was later revealed the police were hesitant to file the charges after pressure from politicians from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) and the National Mandate Party (PAN). PAN lawmaker Patrialis Akbar, now the justice and human rights minister, was among the lawmakers who stormed National Police headquarters demanding they drop all charges against Jibril.


    Indonesia’s President Rushes to the Rescue of ‘Bomb the Jews’ Patrialis 

    And now Akbar is a Constitutional Court Justice, whose appointment received eager support from President SBY.

    We must all look forward to his intelligent input into this new challenge. At least he’s only one of the judges who will decide this issue if it goes to court. 

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    Oh-Oh, Kamu Kemaluan, Omong Kosong Dhani! 


    I thought I heard thunder last night, but perhaps it was thunderous indifference echoing around the archipelago, when the inimitable Ahmad Dhani denied that he’d vowed to cut off his genitals if Prabowo lost the election.

    Dhani, whose interventions in the campaign have made him something of a laughing stock anyway…

    Marah Besar! Ahmad Dhani Targets Jokowi, Disses My Cat. 


    Indonesian Elections – Hitler Bad, But Bin Laden Okay? 

     claims that some no-goods had falsified Twitter to spread this awful tale.

    “My private parts are very dear to me, he told the media indignantly. 



    Oya, the headline at the top? For overseas readers, it’s a play on words, relating to the name of a popular song.



    Just to brighten up your day, I add a link to a dangdut video with the yummy Mella Berby singing her little heart out.


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    Morning In Indonesia? Ray of Hope for Liberty, As Jokowi Waits to Win! 

    Whilst waiting for the Election Commission to make the Jokowi win official, I was scanning the local news and found a week-old ray of sunshine, emanating from, of all places, the Ministry of Religious Affairs.


    I say ‘of all places’ because until recently that government department languished in the hot little hands of a white-hot bigot, Suryadharma Ali, a man I can most kindly describe as unspeakable.

    Given the job of running religious affairs in a pluralist country, the nasty fanatic distinguished himself by turning up to gloat at rituals where members of the harmless Ahmadi minority ‘converted’ to his brand of Sunni Islam -no coercion, of course!


    ali heretical



    • He also insulted the Shia minority, smearing them as ‘heretics.’

    The measure of his drivel can however perhaps be best gauged by his cretinous assertion that skirts that allow knees to be visible are in violation of a ‘universal criterion.’




    What a dork! 

    Check him out on our search engine. . 


    Much to the delight of many, he resigned not long ago, obliged to do so amid corruption allegations. Now, to my surprise, I can actually use the words ‘Minister of Religious Affairs’  and ‘admirable’ in a context other than contradiction!


    On July 15 the new Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin broke the fast with representatives of minority religious communities, which to date remain legally unrecognized by the state…




    Well glory be!!

    A Minister of Religious Affairs who knows the decent thing to do – and DOES IT! And not just sitting down to break bread with these persecuted people, but better still… 




    In his dialog with the religious minority communities, the minister promised to look into irregularities in government rules and regulations that contravene the spirit of religious freedom.

    After the long years of shameful oppression, including arson, ethnic cleansing and brutal murder, which minorities here have suffered, this supper, and those words, are almost revolutionary!

    And yet the only reference in a news search was a brief item in detik.com, http://news.detik.com/read/2014/07/17/054826/2639565/10/kisah-menag-lukman-hakim-bertemu-kelompok-minoritas?9922032  which didn’t even identify the minorities involved!!

    That only came to light in the Jakarta Globe yesterday, here.   http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/opinion/old-rules-people-stifle-freedom-religion/

    Amazingly, Lukman hails from the same party, the PPP, which spawned ‘Apostasy Ali.’

    I note that in detik.com he said that he and his guests might ‘little by little’ handle the problems together.

    Maybe with a President prepared to act rather than just talk, that ‘little’ can become large, the first big obstacle to tolerance being the iniquitous Tri-Ministerial Decree, which deliberately discriminates against Ahmadi religious freedoms. 

    Morning in Indonesia?





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    Re-Education Camps? Not Vietnam, But in COLORADO! 

    I have mentioned before how very few of the ‘American’ subversives, like Hanoi Jane Fonda, who facilitated the enslavement of Vietnam, ever repented of their treason.


    • hanoi jane
    • ==============
    • I think Joan Baez, alone among the ‘anti-war’ agitators,  had the personal decency to protest at the totalitarian nightmare which inevitablydescended on that poor country once Ho-Chi-Minh’s heirs took power.

    One of the most chilling aspects of the marxist despotism was the consignment of Vietnamese patriots to ‘re-education’ camps, to be indoctrinated into the new regime’s ideology.

    • indoctrination
    • Horrifically, the same process is now under way in the USA, as a report in WND reveals, a Colorado bakery owner ordered by the so-called ‘Civil Rights Commission’ to force his employees through a mandatory re-education process because of his religious objections to promoting same-sex marriage, which the state constitution does not recognize.
    • ==========
    •  Jack Phillips
    • ………………
    • Masterpiece Cakeshop artist Jack Phillips is appealing to the courts to stop this vile gaystapo coercion. He refused to create a cake for two queers who wanted to ‘marry.’  
    • An evangelical Christian, he similarly refuses to make  Hallowe’en confections, because he considers that to be a pagan festival.
    • ————-
    • Grinning Halloween lantern vector illustration.
    • ==========
    • As it happens, I don’t agree with his stance on Hallowe’en, which to me is just a bit of fun.

    But God forbid I’d drag him to some coercive commissars and ask them to make him betray his beleifs.

    WND tells us that the sick saga began two years ago, when Charlie Craig and David Mullins asked Phillips to make a wedding cake to celebrate their same-sex ceremony.

    “In an exchange lasting about 30 seconds, Phillips politely declined, explaining that he would gladly make them any other type of baked item they wanted but that he could not make a cake promoting a same-sex ceremony because of his faith,” according to the Alliance Defence Fund, which is helping him fight the inquisition.




    Clearly, he is not refusing service to these two on any grounds whatsoever, just refusing to perform a particular service which affronts his religious convictions.

    So it’s not even ‘discrimination,’ as if that should be any reason to persecute anyone!

    • aclu2si
    • But needless to say, the intolerant homos, backed up by the ACLU, went into immediate witch-hunt mode. A staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, which advocates for the homosexuals, said the treatment the homosexuals received had to be given priority over the nation’s First Amendment religious-freedom protections.


    gayhitler Couldn’t find a picture of Spencer – this’ll have to do!


    The Un-American Undesirable who issued the indoctrination order is Administrative Law Judge Robert Spencer. He’s a man not averse to double standards : -

    …the ACLU, which is representing the duo, said the same standard should not be used in other circumstances, such as asking a Muslim baker to make a cake criticizing his faith or asking a black cake maker to make a cake for the KKK. Those bakers, because of their beliefs, would be allowed to refuse service, Spencer said.


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    Besok! Hari Penting! Hidup Indonesia! 


    Despite this damnable flu, I hauled myself out into the sunshine early on today – hardly an ordeal, no rain all day for a change – to talk to people I know about tomorrow’s election announcement. 

    The mood was of subdued excitement, mingled with apprehension, although my only traumatic experience occurred when I heard from the proprietrix of my local warteg that it will close on the 24th for TEN days -


    - where else am I to dine so agreeably?

    In mid-evening I received an email from a young lady I know who tells me that soldiers have been stationed around her housing complex, and she’s staying at home till Wednesday.

    Here, in my humble complex, there are no soldiers, but it was notably quieter than usual when I got home at nightfall.

    • Of course many people are setting out on their journeys to celebrate idul Fitri with their kin, far away, but others are leaving town tonight as a precaution against unrest.
    • As often happens in potentially dodgy situations, parents keep their kids home from school, some even taking their families to Singapore (or Bali, which is  also deemed safer than the capital, and is a lot cheaper to reach!)

     However, I have a personal bodyguard

    . 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    • ibi2366564_599276564_4206819_8324925_n[1]  Kucing garong!!
    • 000000000000
    • But most people, like me, are hanging in with bated breath, to hear the news everyone wants to hear, that Indonesia has a new Head of State – or at least President-Elect, since SBY doesn’t hand over for a few months yet. And trusting in the good sense of Indonesians to see to it that this big day is not marred by disorder. 


    ——– whatever__i_love_indonesia_by_NOF_artherapy -


    As one of my commenters said earlier this afternoon, all of us are hoping all goes well and that Indonesia prospers and progesses, whomsoever the KPU declares the winner. 

    So I’ll get back to you later once the sun is up and the news is clearer.

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    Obama’s Pricey Plague-Dogs and Philadelphia’s Shame! 

    A very good article in the WT, breaking down the likely cost of Obama’s plan to accommodate crimmigrants. These undesirable aliens are bringing diseases galore into the USA.


    • a22ee-snoutsintrough


    But instead of turfing the toe-rags out, Obama wants to house and feed them for months, if not years, knowing full-well that lots of them will disappear out of supervision and add to the teeming hordes of illegal intruders, a horde that includes the creature currently held in Philadelphia,charged with raping and robbing a doctor in her own home.


    • illegals-45735984408
    • —————————–

     Milton Mateo Garcia, captured and deported last year, came sneaking back in, a brazen crimmigrant, illegally flouting the law by returning from Honduras.

    The obvious thing to do with his sort is to tie them to a truck and drag them back to the Border. Expelled thus, they might not be so keen to come back again.


    What’s even worse is that theres’ no action being taken on those who knowingly harboured this creep, relatives in Philadelphia. 

    But it’s not just those relatives who share collective guilt for the crimmigrant’s presence in America.


    Nutter – a genuine enemy within.


    Mayor Michael Nutter had signed an executive order in April declaring it a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants…it’s the city’s official policy to defy federal authorities seeking to deport illegal immigrants unless the person sought by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has been convicted of a violent felony. 

    In June this year, police say, the crimmigrant dragged a young doctor off the street into her apartment, where she was brutally raped, again and again.



    Obama must be proud of the scum he’s importing!

    And Philadelphia’s Mayor Nutter must be even prouder of his treasonous decree – without the ‘sanctuary’ thus provided, Garcia could have long since been kicked out and thus in no position to DO ANYTHING AT ALL in the USA, never mind prey on decent people.


    Milton Mateo Garcia, a South Philly man, was charged with Rittenhouse Square rape.

    Milton Mateo Garcia


    Now ICE wants him -  But Philadelphia police won’t honor that request unless Mr.Garcia is convicted of a violent felony and a judicial warrant is issued.

    As noted before, there is a network of so-called sanctuary cities and counties which collaborate to prevent crimmigrants being removed by the legitimate authorities, and it’s now spread to Canada.

    Toronto Proclaims, Vancouver Aspires…Parasite Sanctuary Status! 




    These civic leaders should be arraigned for subversion, or treason. Certainly, in the short term, they should be deprived of all federal subsidies. Reduce them to beggary, defund their law enforcement, and tell decent people therein to arm themselves and form militias to hunt down predators.


    Jessica Vaughan, director of policy at the Center for Immigration Studies. “The city of Philadelphia has made itself a sanctuary and, in doing so, has been shielding lots of criminal aliens from deportation and creating an environment where people have no fear of immigration enforcement….no question that the Obama administration has encouraged cities like Philadelphia to adopt sanctuary and noncooperation policies that obstruct ICE from taking custody of offenders like this.”


    • =====================
    • “Earlier this year, senior ICE managers in [Washington] told local authorities explicitly that they are free to ignore local ICE officers when they issue detainers seeking custody of criminal aliens…”

    Ms. Vaughan said this “creates conditions where criminal aliens are more likely to be released into the community and more likely to be able to victimize people when they could be sent home.”    http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jul/6/illegal-immigrant-charged-with-rape-while-in-sanct/#ixzz375DWetG6

    Back to the other WT article referred to above, on the tax-dollars being splurged on scum. If sexual assault means little to pro-crimmigrant left-libs, perhaps money might make a difference to their calculations – though I doubt it. Pinkos are quintessentially indifferent to the cost of their treason.




    The $250 a day figure compares with the $667 one-way cost of an airline ticket from McAllen, Texas, to Guatemala City, Guatemala, according to both Orbitz and Priceline. The combined airfare for 29,358 passengers would be $19.6 million. That is one-half of 1 percent of President Obama’s overall $3.8 billion request. Volume discounts and government rates would yield even lower fares. But even without discounts, sending everyone home right away saves taxpayers 99.5 percent!


    Yes, and that’s by air.

    Why not just load them onto old container vessels, give them a taste of discomfort, which planes do not!


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    Canada – Decent Muslims Condemn ISIS Savages! 


    Violence in Iraq prompted hundreds of Sunni and Shia Muslims in Calgary to stand together in protest of ISIS on Saturday.

    • congratulationssuperjob
    • About 200 people gathered outside Calgary City Hall Saturday, many carrying signs opposing the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Over the past few weeks ISIS militants have taken control of multiple northern Iraqi cities and also launched an attack on the country’ largest oil refinery.           


    These people are a credit to Canada. Good on them!

    Whatever they think about the Gaza situation, they recognise that what’s going down in Iraq and Syria is much worse,  the work of quintessentially evil forces.  

    I read in merdeka.com today that the Christian Iraqis have been give a straight choice by ISIS, ‘convert’ or be murdered. 


    devil destroyed ISIS


    There are of course many good Muslim people in other Western countries, too.

    But in Canada they appear actually to be brave enough and smart enough to organise and show that they are on the side of civilisation against savagery.

    I’ve posted before on the Muslim Canadian Congress…  

    Decent Muslims Laud Canada’s Kenney – “Extend Burka Ban!” 


    Tarek Tarek Fateh


     …and on outstanding individual Muslims like Tarek Fateh 

    A Muslim Voice of Reason – Khadr May Return, IF………!!!! 


    Does Australia have patriotic Muslim outfits like MCC? In Britain, why have vermin like Anjem Choudhary not provoked the emergence of a UK euivalent of  Mr. Fateh, or the American Zuhdi Jasser?

    Witch-Hunt In America – Against A Muslim Patriot! 

    Just asking.

    Such groups and individuals do more to exorcise the spectre of ‘Islamophobia’ than any amount of double-talk like that which we get in America from the Muslim Brotherhood’s CAIR (not to mention CAIR- Canada!) 

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    RIP Maverick! James Garner Dies, Aged 86… 

    As a kid I enjoyed all the TV Western series, but Maverick was probably my favourite.

    Here’s a clip, with the good-guy gambler taking on somebody else who back then was only famous as Rowdy Yates, one of the stars in another TV Western series, Rawhide!




    So a salute, though not too sad, because going out peacefully at the age of 86 is no bad innings, to James Garner, who played my boyhood hero on the silver screen.

    • JazPen 9:33 am on July 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I’m not quite old enough to remember Maverick, but that fight between him and Clint was a good hcoice for you to show us.
      He was good in The Rockford Files too.

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    And On the Subject of Victims in the Middle East… 

    Having just posted on the crass indifference of those ranting mobs around the world to the Iraqi victims of jihadist murder-gangs, I have received this, which I gladly pass on.
    How You Can Help


    First Name

    Last Name

    Email *



    Pictures cropped


    headline 2 resized 600

    In Iraq, the church is in danger of disappearing. Over the past decade it has shrunk from nearly 1.5 million to less than 200,000. Now the crisis in Syria has spilled over into Iraq and ISIS, one of the most brutal jihadist terrorist groups in the world, has taken control of much of Iraq.

    ISIS has committed mass executions, set churches on fire, and is by force applying their radical interpretation of Islamic law. Thousands of Christians are among the nearly half million people who have fled from these brutal terrorists, many fleeing with little more than what they could carry.

    The small churches in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq are doing their best to care for those in need. ICC is helping them to provide food and other assistance for their brothers and sisters and others in need. This includes:

    • Food packages
    • Mattresses and blankets
    • Cooking supplies and lanterns
    • Water

    Will you join with us as we assist the Iraqi church in this crisis and show God’s love to thousands in need?

    Project Update



  • ross1948 7:40 pm on July 20, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Sydney Sunday – Stunning Silence on ISIS Atrocities ! 

    ….targeted assassinations [of] community, political, and religious leaders, government employees, education professionals, health workers… sexual assault, rape and other forms of sexual violence against women and girls, forced recruitment of children, kidnappings, executions, robberies.”

    •  ISIS- with just a handful of their many victims


    The report, the UN’s most comprehensive review of the impact of months of unrest, also accused the Islamic State of wanton destruction and plundering of places of worship and of cultural or historical significance. http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/international/un-accuses-islamic-state-executions-rape-forced-child-recruitment-iraq/




    Thousands protesters have converged on the Sydney CBD to call for an end to the violence in Gaza.
    Sydney Silence on ISIS Atrocities


    Stunned shoppers watched on as a crowd of more than 2000 marched down George Street, waving flags and chanting, “In our thousands, in our millions, we are all Palestinian.


    Meanwhile, the shameful silence of these people on the much worse horror story emerging from Iraq goes on and on.

    I read today that every single Christian has fled Mosul, terrified by the satanic ISIS fiends who have taken over their city.


    devil destroyed ISIS


    And of course it’s not just Christians, but innocent Muslims too, who have died at the hands of this sectarian murder-gang.

    But as in Jakarta last week, so in Sydney this week. No demos, no protests, which says, to me at least, that these people are more concerned with casuistry than conscience.

    Jakarta Sectarians’ Selective Indignation! Israel Bad, ISIS Okay? 

    If hundreds die due to Israeli military action, thousands of voices are raised in rage.

    If thousands die due to jihadist terrorist action…what do we hear on the streets of cities everywhere?


    • Santi 5:22 pm on July 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      In Jakarta the demo is not silent on ISIS. Many people have seen ISIS flags in the crowd.
      I want to ask if this demo too in Australia they carry ISIS flags.
      You are right that ISIS is a devil army. Better to ban terrorist organisations like ISIS.

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