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    Aha! Banyak Cewek Cantik! Museum Beauties – Jakarta 7th September 


    Well, we covered them all, or uncovered, depending how you look at things.

    I was just experimenting with the previous photo-posts, to attract people to the Museum Gajah, which since its renovation and expansion is even more worth visiting.




    However, with these girls on display, I hope I have the time to drop by.

    I did find some further info on this event, which I append below.


    ONE DAY ORGANIZER kali ini hadir kembali dalam event yang lebih menarik dan sexy di tahun 2014, yaitu :


    Halo Brothers and Sisters in Photography, salam kenal kami dari OD Organizer aka ONEDAY ORGANIZER ingin mengajak semua untuk mengikuti hunting foto model yang pastinya seru dan fun.


    Acara ini terbuka untuk semua Brothers And Sisters In Photography (BASIP), baik yang pemula, profesional, junior dan senior, sebagai ajang belajar, latihan, perkenalan dan sharing sesama BASIP sekalian menambah tambah fotofolio dan juga untuk refreshing atau sekedar mau berkenalan dengan model yang manis dan ramah pastinya.


    ONEDAY, event ini akan dilaksanakan pada :
    Hari     : Minggu, 7 September 2014
    Lokasi  : Museum nasional – Jakarta Pusat
    Waktu  : 08.00 – 16.00 WIB

    RUNDOWN ACARA :        
    08.00 – 09.00 : Registrasi ulang Sesi Pagi
    09.00 – 09.30 : Pembagian group + Briefing
    09.30 – 12.00 : Foto Sesi I + Foto Keluarga Sesi Pagi
    12.00 – 13.00 : Istirahat (makan siang peserta full sesi, ganti wardrobe dan registrasi ulang Sesi Siang)
    13.00 – 15.30 : Foto Sesi Siang + Foto Keluarga Sesi Siang
    15.30               : Selesai
    MODELS :    
    1. BABY MARGARETHA  (Top Model, Bintang Film)

    2. SHERLY HIMAWAN  (Model FHM, Popular, ME Asia n Male)

    3. DEWANTI TIRTA  (Model Catwalk Indonesia Fashion Week)

    4. OETAMI NANDINI  (Model Fashion)


    (FIRST PAID, FIRST SERVED). NO CANCEL & NO REFUND bagi yang sudah membayar ya.

    • REGULER (waktu pembayaran sampai 5 September 2014)

    • Rp. 150.000,-/Sesi
    • Rp. 300.000,-/Full Sesi (Dapat Lunch Box)


    • ON THE SPOT (waktu pembayaran 7 September 2014, JIKA MASIH ADA SLOT, KONFIRMASI SEBELUMNYA)

    • Rp. 200.000,-/Sesi
    • Rp. 350.000,-/Full Sesi (Tidak dapat Lunch Box)


    Biaya peserta sudah termasuk :         

    • Model
    • Perijinan Lokasi
    • Wardrobes
    • Pin OD untuk setiap Peserta

    Kirim SMS ke 081381900494, atau PIN BB: 74309310

    Ketik :

    untuk mendapatkan No Unik Transfer (NUT). Setelah mendapatkan No Unik Transfer, segera lakukan pembayaran/transfer sesuai NUT untuk mengamankan Slot PESERTA.



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    Big Fat Lesbies? Tax-Payers Need to Know! (Uh, No, Actually) 

    Western economies are weathering numerous storms, but American tax-payers, like the rest, are content that their hard-earned cash is subjected to government grabs if it’s put to good use.

    Few would object to the costly air-strikes against satanic evil in Iraq, for instance.


    But let’s not forget other priority missions being undertaken by Obama’s minions – notably the burning issue of why so many lesbians are grotesquely fat.
    So far, this vital quest has eaten up (sorry, fatso!) nearly THREE MILLION DOLLARS!
    Read the story and seethe!


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    Jokowi’s First Challenge? Scrap That Sectarian Diktat! 



    • —-
    • President-Elect Joko Widodo is a good man. He showed that last year when he stood his ground against moronic bigots in Lenteng Agung, who wanted District leader Susan removed for the crimes of being A a Christian and B a woman.
    • freedom-of-religion
    • ooooooooooooooo
    • “As soon as he is officially a president, Pak Jokowi must take concrete action and issue policies to allow members of the Ahmadiyah and the Shia communities, who have been exiled for years over accusations of blasphemy, to return home. He must also order the unsealing of the Ahmadiyah’s Al-Mishbah Mosque in Bekasi and of the GKI Yasmin’s church building in Bogor,” Hendardi added.


    Hendardi is chairman of the Setara Institute, a sensible citizens’ group comprising Indonesians of all creeds – it’s important to remember that, because plenty of Muslims here share the outrage when rabid IslamoNazis run amok.

    Good News! Lenteng Agung Heroine Gets Award from Decent Muslims! 

    But it ain’t gonna be easy.

    “It’s the Mayor’s Business, Not God’s!”- Former Indonesian VP to Persecuted Church 

    I’d say there are two ways forward, piece-meal or right-on.

    He could start with ordering the West Java Police to enforce GKI Yasmin’s right to enter their sealed church. Same with that Ahmadi mosque in Bekasi, where the fanatic Regent No-Shame Neneng has been waging war on freedom since she donned her headscarf to grub for bigot votes.




    There would be skirmishes, but the police, if they do their duty, are quite capable of putting down scumbag rioters. Quite an agreeable spectacle for most normal people to see, surely.


    On the other hand, Jokowi could slice the Gordian Knot by putting those arrogant self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI in their place. Just a few days ago, he made the right noises, telling ‘scholars’ to make pluralism a constant in their sermonising.

    Astonishingly, SBY made a speech in Bali last week in which he appeared to suffer from amnesia, telling his guest, the UN Secretary General, that  ”…in the 21st century, Indonesia has also demonstrated that Islam, democracy and modernity can co-exist in harmony.”


    • attack-ahmadiyah Cikeusik scum in action, murdering an Ahmadi martyr – police just watched!
    • ===============================
    • Admittedly, most Indonesians probably do want those three concepts to be what animates their country.
    • ========
    • But those who don’t, the sectarian savages, have largely gone unpunished, despite the foulest transgressions against other Indonesians’ basic rights.
    • In Bogor, Bekasi, Sampang, at the Cikeusik Pogrom and at Ketapang in Lombok, another place where police stood by as primitives vented their satanic spleen on innocents, SBY’s term of office has seen injustice and persecution rampant.
    • Often only the victims are punished, while in the rare cases where villains are arrested, derisory sentences are meted out.

    Jokowi could make a dramatic clean break from this shameful record, on his first days in the Presidential Palace. 

    He could scrap that iniquitous  edict.

    • mui hq MUI’s sumptuous offices in jakarta – tax-subisidised?
    • He could also cut off the state-funding the MUI enjoys.

    They don’t deserve it. 

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    Summer Harvest, 2nd – 7th September, Puri Indah, Jakarta 

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    Jogjakarta- Indie Clothing Expo – September 19-21 

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    Jogja Food Expo, September 12-14th 

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    Hello Kitty! So Donald’s No Duck, Mickey No Mouse? 

    To be quite candid, I had never heard of this creature until a colleague of mine pointed out which cute Jakarta chick he fancied amongst a crowd of those enjoyable beings in a public place.

    ‘She’s the one wearing a ‘Hello Kitty t-shirt,’ he purred.


    • 000000000-

    ‘WTF’s a Hello Kitty t-shirt?’ I replied in bafflement.

    In the early years of this new millenium, it was fashionable for grown-up young ladies here to wear Minnie Mouse (whom I could recognise) dresses and similar juvenile garb.

    So my pal explained it was a cartoon cat which was popular with tots (and evidently shapely girls in their twenties!)

    For those of you still ignorant, here’s the Kitty.




    An unambiguously feline figure, right?

    So WTF are these Japanese twits on about?

    “Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat. She’s never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two-legged creature.”

    That’s an American academic, relating what the makers of the character insist is the case. Those readers who have daughters will no doubt find this as alarming as I did. Little girls do not have pointed ears, nor whiskers, nor do they normally adopt postures similar to that in our picture.

    AFP were so alarmed that they pressed the Japanese companyconcerned, Sanrio, on the issue.  

    The response?.

    “It is a 100-percent personified character. The design takes the motif of a cat, but there is no element of a cat in Hello Kitty’s setting.”


    My original intention was to use this ‘story’ as an example of how ostensibly serious media use trivial rubbish to fill their pages.

    But this travesty of the truth is surely news, in that it illustrates how the Orwellian principle…



    …has become master of the marketing world as much as it has in politics.

    Truth = Lies.

    But trivialisation of the West’s intellectual heritage did emerge forcefully when I tried to use Google Search to illustrate Big Brother!



    Almost all the pictures offered were related to what appears to be an imbecilic reality show!



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    Beautiful Bali’s Criminal Cabbies – Warning! 

    bali dulu breasts Bali in the good old days – before taxis!


    Our fave Bali news site carries a useful tale today, and anybody off on holiday to the Isle of the Gods should watch out for these devilish tricksters.

    It’s all about a review compiled by Bisnis Bali -

    The report alleges that many drivers refuse to use tax meters, preferring negotiated fares imposed on unsuspecting visitors. When passengers adamantly insist on the meter being used, many drivers will take retaliate by taking circuitous routes to ensure the highest possible fare...

    I have posted on those airport taxis before, and it is no secret that there’s some kind of mafia/monopoly operating within the airport precinct. Travellers not too encumbered with baggage and or kids should always brush off their approaches, because they quote a fare of Rp.100,000 or more just to take you into Kuta/Legian.

    A short walk to the airport perimeter gets you back into the real world, where less greedy drivers will accept Rp.50K 




    Consumer Protection Agency spokesman  I Putu Armaya, says this refusal by cabbies to use meters etc ‘requires firm action,‘ but it’s tough to do much when you’re laden down and weary from a long flight.





    It appears the Bali Transportation Office can jail drivers and take away their licenses, and that’s what the ratbags deserve.

    If you reckon they aint’t playing fair, make sure you take note of their ID and number before you take your leave of them. Bali understands the value of tourism, and you can probably make contact with Armaya’s agency quite easily. Get hotel reception to find the telephone number and report them!

    This may not endear you to Wayan Pande Sudirtha, the chairman of Koptax (Taxi Cooperative) at the airport.


    • Ngurah Rai International Airport 3

    Bali Cab Monopoly Under Attack – About Time! 

    • The sooner his ‘cooperative’ is broken up and every driver prepared to ply a competitive trade can operate there, the better. He has the brass neck to blame taxi customers citing them as the party requesting that requesting negotiated instead of metered taxi rides.

    Of course smart tourists try to cut a deal, rather than risk  the hoary old argo tembak story – meter off!

    It’s no fun for anyone who finds him or herself in a position where there’s no choice but taxi to a destination. It’s not just in Bali, either. I rarely use cabs, but tourists shy away from public transport here in Indonesia, probably wisely – it’s a skill that needs to be learned.

    Some cabbies are good guys, but there are plenty NOT!

    Sudirtha turns out to be really into whinge modethe 907 taxis registered in his cooperative enjoy very limited incomes, he says – hopefully because anyone who knows what they’re like, like me, always warns travellers to avoid using them!


    PS There is a bus service, but I won’t know how reliable it is till I go down there again, maybe in December.

    Bali Buses Soon, Instead of Rip-Off Airport Cabs? 

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    Kenapa Foto2 Oetami Nandini? 

    oetami Oetami Nandini\


    • Karena dia, sama Baby Margaretha, Sherly Himawan dan Dewanti Tirta mungkin bisa diliat segera di dalam gedung terkenal di Jakarta!
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    Salamander Big Band Concert 9th September in Jakarta 

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