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  • ross1948 12:00 am on August 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Jazz in Jakarta? September 9th to 12th! 

  • ross1948 7:54 pm on August 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Grow Up, Jogjakarta! Free Florence Sihombing! 

    I suppose in countries that make no pretence of tolerating free speech, one might expect a young lady who criticises some aspect of society, or of its citizens, to be jailed in response to the wounded bleating of uptight jerks.


    In Red China, for instance, I note today that journos are being coerced into studying how best to report the lies that communism thrives on, a compulsory test on marxist ideology! In ghastly tyrannies like the Islamic Republic of Iran, questioning the theocratic state will land you in the slammer tout suite too.

    But here in Indonesia?

    And of all places Jogjakarta, a city I have always really liked, a university town par excellence, with a benevolent sultan the likes of whom most other parts of the archipelago would envy?


    But believe it or not, a girl named Florence Sihombing has been consigned to a cell for ‘insulting the community!’ And she’s been neither tried nor convicted for this deranged ‘offence.’



    Florence is a student who posted angrily on a part of the social media called Path, with which I’m not familiar. She had had an annoying experience with a gas-station queueand responded by lambasting the community in which it occurred.

    Gimana Indonesia bisa maju? Mau aja lo semua diperbudak keadaan. TOLOL sampai 7 generasi. Dan mau-maunya Jogja diperbudak monopoli Pertamina. Pantesan MISKIN“.

    You can use Google Translate or any similar device to get her message. 

    Probably over the top, but compared to many sites I’ve seen, fairly mild.  Many Western commenters seem reluctant to debate politely, whereas Indonesians usually are.

    voltaire Voltaire, Enemy of Jogjakarta?

    Anyway, it hardly matters.

    Whatever short-comings in Jogjakarta society Florence may have pointed out, they could, if they were unjustified, have been refuted by Jogja people on the same or other social media.,


    Instead a so-called NGO had a tantrum, which they took to the cop-shop!!



    Adults, like little kids, the infamous ‘hurt feelings’ syndrome yet again, unwilling or unable to argue effectively, go bleating to Jogja Police.

    Of course the constabulary told them to stop wasting police time, dry their eyes and act like grown-ups.


    Florence has been DETAINED! Seems she may face charges under the internet laws.

    How utterly shaming for any country that would allow such a thing to happen.

    At least the Jakarta Post has reported the disgraceful case, but doesn’t give any details of what Florence actually said, so I had a look at which has shown more journalistic professionalism.  

    On Thursday (28/08/2014) afternoon, the non-governmental organization (NGO) Do Not Betray the Voice of the People (Sura Jati) came to Yogyakarta police headquarters to report the actions of the Path account owner who has tainted the good name of Yogyakarta.

    Fajar Rianto, Chairman of Sura Jati, explained his outfit’s determination to teach critics of Jogja a lesson.

    Florence has been insulting and harassing the people of Yogyakarta. As per the Law of Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE), when there is someone writing elements of  humiliation, harassment, or morality, then she can be criminally liable.

    This outraged little chap actually uses the words ‘teach a lesson.’  

    Has he also stamped his little foot?

    As if he represents anyone. He’s not the sultan, he’s not described as an elected member of Jogja’s provincial assembly or a city councillor. He’s merely ‘chairman’ of an un-elected NGO, which means he speaks only for his Sura Jati think-alikes.

    There has been no news videos of Jogja folk taking to the streets to assuage their grief at the harassment or humiliation by Florence, likely because, like normal people everywhere, they are far too busy getting on with their lives to bother about what a student says on Path!

    I feel sorry for Fajar.

    But sorrier still for an harmless girl held in a police cell.


    PS   She’s just been on the evening news, saying how sorry she is. Guess she wants to go home. I can understand why, but if I were her, I’d be tempted to tell her tormentors to go Fajar themselves.

    As I said above, I have always liked Jogjakarta, but tonight I like it a little less.


    • rahma 9:27 pm on August 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      the cronologist in this post isn’t complete yet. I’m pretty sure, if you know the history completelly you will change your mind, since you said that you like jogjakarta.

      • ross1948 9:59 pm on August 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Oke, Rahma, I will await more info. If she has injured or robbed somebody, jailing her is appropriate. But upsetting somebody’s mood by a social media post should never be an imprisonable offence.

  • ross1948 12:14 pm on August 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Holder’s Pinkos Plumb New Nadir – Domestic Violence Gets ‘Asylum?’ 

    I see Obama’s pinko lackeys on a ‘federal immigration board’ have handed down what their fans call ‘a historic victory for Central American refugees’ this month, effectively expanding the definiition of ‘asylum’ to anyone anywhere whose spouse gives ‘em a slap on the ear.



    Ooops. sorry, Jiggs, the ruling applies ONLY to women.


    Now every married woman fleeing domestic violence in Guatemala will be entitled to take up residence in the USA, joining all the other parasitic illegals digging their snouts into the American tax-dollar-trough.




    Hard to find words for this imbecilic edict, but the screwed-up crimmigrant-coddlers on that board must have spent some helluva time scraping around looking for ways to destroy border security..




    • Political asylum used to be  sought by decent dissenters fleeing totalitarian tyranny.

    Now, because Guatemala “has a culture of machismo and family violence,” the board said a married woman there who flees an abusive relationship can be considered a member of a “particular social group” – a crucial qualification for asylum eligibility.

    Obama and his racist hitman Holder, who oversees these ‘boards,’  must know full well that it ain’t only Guatemala that has a ‘machismo’ culture.


    • ======
    • Barack Obama, Eric Holder
    • =====================

    Much of Latin America, Africa and Asia are similarly ‘machismo’ cultures. Logically, any woman who lives in a shariah state should also qualify for ‘asylum,’ since rights Western women take for granted are denied those  poor bints, condemned to burkas, denied equal inheritance rights, denied polyandry despite men’s polygamous privileges, etc.,etc. 


    burka family


    I feel sorry for them, but no way can Western lands just open their doors to all – at least not if Western governments and courts are motivated by their own countries’ welfare.

     Potentially millions of Third World women fall into this new ‘particular social group’ and thus may soon fall upon the American public purse.

    That is the grand design, after all, adding those women – and any brats they bring along – to the hordes already swamping American cities.  

    Needless to say,  since that board is so sedulously serving the cultural marxist agenda, the White House did not oppose those findings.   .

    I honestly fear that Obama WILL destroy America, with all these quisling creep ‘boards’ doing his dirty work.


    • treason


    • One hopes that patriotic Americans are at least keeping track of the names of those who serve on them, identifying all these enemies within for the Day of Reckoning that must surely come.
  • ross1948 11:17 am on August 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Kenapa Foto2 Dewanti Tirta? 

    dewanti Dewanti



    Cantik, ya?

    Mungkin kalian bisa liat dia segera di dalam gedung terkenal di Jakarta?

  • ross1948 12:52 am on August 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Rif n Sheila on 7 – 19th September in Jakarta! 

  • ross1948 12:08 am on August 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Happy Birthday, Malaysia – Now Regain Your Youthful Promise! 


    It’s Malaysia’s Independence Day, and we wish Malaysians well. I’ll raise a glass today at some point, remembering the pleasant holiday I had there a few years ago.

    Let’s hope they enjoy their holiday!

    Birthdays should also be days of reflection, on what one has made of one’s life, and after more than half a century, all the more so.

    So perhaps good people, and there are many, in that country across the Straits, should contemplate the peculiarities that are building up and which we have reported from time to time, signs of disintegration of the democractic values established when Britain handed over all those years ago.

    Disturbing phenomena crop up again and again in Malaysian media, just recently again last month, when a peninsular newspaper reported that the clearly omniscient and enlightened Terengganu Fatwa Committee has unanimously ruled that the statements made by social activist Kassim Ahmad at a seminar in February are not only ‘kufur’ but also apostate!

    Big deal, you may say, and so would I.


    A former political and social activist was charged in a Syariah High Court here with two counts of insulting Islamic religion and disobeying Federal Territories Fatwa in relation to Anti-Hadith Group.


    We covered this elderly man’s persecution back in April, so this judgement appears to be the outcome of the uproar back then.

    Malaysia – Aged Scholar Hauled to Bigot Court 


    But listen to this nonsense, not from a clique of clerics but from an important Malaysian Governent official, State Islamic Affairs Commissioner Datuk Mohd Rozali Salleh, who described Mr. Ahmed’s thoughts as deviant, a threat to public order and damaging to Islam.




    So Kassim has called for violent action or insurrection?


    Not at all.

    His only ‘crime’ appears to be disputing the ‘syahadah,’ hadis, Islamic rules, women’s hair as aurat, the selawat, and condoning apostasy.

    Or so Mohd Rozali told the media.

    So civilised debate, a challenge to the cleric clique’s theological interpretations, is a threat to public order?

    That makes no sense at all, if he’s not uttering menaces against persons and/or property.

    UNLESS those whose tenets he’s challenged are so inept at defending their beliefs that they might themselves engage in disorderly conduct to compensate for their dialectic impotence.

    Quite possible, as we in Indonesia know, with Ahmadi and Shia dissenters from Sunni orthodoxy attacked for no reason at all, save for their form of worship in their mosques.

    Kassim was alleged to have uttered statements at “The Thoughts of Kassim Ahmad: A Review” Seminar organised by the Perdana Leadership Foundation on Feb 6.


    • ==================================
    • He reportedly accused religious scholars of controlling Islam through a “priesthood caste” system, questioned the use of the hadis (Prophet’s sayings and actions) to explain Quranic teachings, and said it was wrong for Muslims to beatify the Prophet as “he was just a messenger of Allah”.

    He also questioned the wearing of headscarf by Muslim women, saying “the hair is not part of the aurat” (parts of the body which need to be covered) in his lecture.

    Mohd Rozali said the committee banned publication, broadcasting and dissemination of any books, pamphlets, films, videos and anything relating to the anti-hadis belief while Muslims were forbidden from possessing, printing, selling or distributing the material.

    • The meeting also agreed that the decision against anti-hadis movement to be gazetted as a fatwa and action could be taken against those who defy the ruling.

     Was this what Malaysia gained freedom for, on 31st August 1957?

  • ross1948 9:13 pm on August 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Chivonne! How Nice To See Your Sunny Smile! 

    A kind reader has sent me a link which reveals Chivonne Bett’s smirking countenance!


    Please have a look at the comments column and make some copies of her cheery visage.

    Dish them out and if she is located, please let us know.

    Also maybe a good idea to circulate some fliers, if you know where she lives or ‘works’ these days, warning others what lurks behind  the smiling face!


  • ross1948 7:49 pm on August 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    UKIP’s ‘Pakistani’ MEP Talks Sense – But UK Needs More Than Talk! 

    Silhouette weeping



    An independent inquiry commissioned by Rotherham council found that the council and police failed to prevent the sexual abuse of an estimated 1,400 children in the South Yorkshire town between 1997 and 2013, mainly by Pakistani gangs.

    Most UKIP MEPs talk sense as a rule.

    And few would find much to disagree with in the Telegraph article by Amjad Bashir, who was elected to speak for the people of Yorkshire at the European ‘Parliament’ earlier this year, when he says -

     I am ashamed and my whole community of proud Pakistani descent is ashamed of these young men who have behaved so appallingly against some of the most vulnerable people in our society. must

    After the shocking report which stated very clearly that the said community in Rotherham and other areas blocked police enquiries, a disgusting play of the race card which obviously worked for far too many years,  it’s good to hear somebody there speak up.

    •  Bashir MEP
    • And it’s also true that the scum element among the non-Pakistani population of that area (and elsewhere) are even guiltier, in my view, because they had not even the spurious  excuse of ‘ethnic” solidarity.




    Denis MacShane: I was too much of a ‘liberal leftie.. Agt 2014

    But if you read on, some questions arise, as Mr. Bashir talks about the problem.

    It is not an easy time to be a young Muslim man in Britain these days, with this appalling situation in Rotherham and the horrors of Syria and Iraq. It is entirely understandable that people look at us with concern. Young British Muslims today are not seen as representing the hard working, entrepreneurial people we are, but as potential terrorists and child abusers.

    Of course not all young Muslim men deserve this perception. One of the nicest guys I worked with in London was a young Muslim man, and I know for sure that both he and his young Muslim wife would be as horrified as the rest of us by the ‘grooming gang’ filth.

    But until many more Muslims make it clear that their attitude to overseas issues is driven by British interests, not some antiquated nonsense of supranational solidarity with the ummat, the outrageous notion that a sectarian bond with aliens in Syria or Iraq or Gaza or any foreign lands should have any influence at all on their political motivations at home, then Brits are entitled to ask where their ‘homeland’ is.

    I don’t mean glaring Dark Age garbage like ‘honour killings’  or the first-cousin marriages, which cost decent people so much in tax-money spent on the unhealthy offspring of such un-natural unions.

    There’s a lot more wrong in that ‘Pakistani community.’

    Some of them think it is somehow acceptable in a civilised country to apply archaic codes that deny girls the same inheritance rights as boys.

    Many of them daily disrespect women by insisting they cover their heads (with what a rational imam described as a ‘tribal rag’) when they leave the family home, yet they make no such demands on the menfolk.

    • burka-1
    • Such conduct is inadmissible in a modern civilised country.

    Such conduct should and must be repudiated by whoever aspires to leadership of that ‘community’ and it should be incumbent on those who compose and utter sermons when that community worships that all such mediaeval stuff should be condemned.

    When those lessons are learned adequately by the ‘Pakistani community,’ all will be well.

    • out with them
    • Any who can’t or won’t shape up  should be obliged to remove themselves to Pakistan.
  • ross1948 6:16 pm on August 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Incognito Workshop, Jakarta, September 6/7th 


    If you have Rp.5 million to spare, this is just for you!

    Alas, I don’t!

  • ross1948 4:52 pm on August 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Syahrini IS Hot! Like Karaoke Fire-Water? reports that a karaoke ‘cafe’ owned by celebrity singer Syahrini, in City Mall, Tangerang, has been shut down by Satpol PP (civic militia) for the heinous offence of selling ‘miras.’

    • scotch
    • Miras is the local acronym for miniman keras – strong drink -which one would expect to find in a karaoke joint here, or anywhere, I suppose. All those Japanese bars in South Jakarta’s Blok M seem to stock it!

    I don’t frequent them, because, to me, it’s infra dig to have to read thhe words of songs off a screen.

    If you can’t sing spontaneously, chuck it, sez me. A bit of miras and I can belt out Wild Side of Life ( Honky Tonk Angels) Good Hearted Woman, or American Pie with the best of them.

    But the Satpol chief says no way. 

    ‘The local regulations violated concern selling of miras,’ says militia boss Mumung Nurwana


    Quite apart from my view that a dash of hard liquor goes well with a sing-song, I am in any case disposed to champion a lassie in distress, not least when she looks like Syahrini.



    Besides, Tangerang is a God-Awful place IslamoNazi FPI Harass Entrepreneurs – Shut Down or Else!  run by fanatics like that unspeakable mayor we’ve mentioned before.

    Mayor imposes Islamic dress code on state workers

    Jakarta (AsiaNews/SCMP) – The mayor of Tangerang, a suburb of Jakarta, ordered all public employees to cover their heads and respect Islamic dress code on Fridays. 

    Friday is the holy day for Muslims. Women will be asked to wear Islamic headscarves and long-sleeved shirts to cover their arms; men will have to wear Islamic loose-fitting shirts. The mayor’s spokesman, Achmad Chairuddin, told the Jakarta Post that “the new arrangement is a direct order from the mayor…Muslim dress reflects the municipality’s devout image.”  

    Indonesian Pogrom Province’s Election Choice – Bigotry, Bigotry or Bigotry! 


    Syahrini’s joint was sealed a week ago, apparently after some rowdiness by youths previously promised jobs. I reckon there’s more to this than meets the eye. -



    But as ever here, there’s No Show Without Punch, and sure enough, Merdeka felt obliged to get a quote from – guess who – the sticky-beak ‘scholars’ of the MUI.





    Some geezer who is not only one of that venerable band of learned men but also a city councillor, ‘condemned this karaoke which sold alcohol.’

    Big deal!

    But this kind of obscurantist hostility to miras is of course widespread, as is the same sort of sectarians’ animosity towards beautiful women who don’t shroud themselves like the hags in MacBeth.

    Syahrini came up against such nonsense, not that long ago.

    Islamonazi FPI V Sexy Syahrini…Bego2 V Barbie2 


    On the other hand, some Islamists are more flexible than others.

    Perhaps Syahrini could call upon her friends in the fanatic PKS party? After all, despite her sexy and scarfless appearance, she was mooted by that Muslim Brotherhood-style party as a mayoral candidate a year or so ago.

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 

    Indeed, I am indebted to Syahrini for eliciting a very unequivocal statement from no less than Zulkieflimansyah, then their deputy general secretary. 


     Zul of the PKS


    Speaking about election issues, and the incidence of primitive thinking amng some rank-and-file, Zulkieflimansyah laid it on the line.

    “…we cannot fully control the hearts of our grass roots constituents. Therefore, we will do everything we can to help them understand the jilbab is not a big issue,” he added.

     A glimmer of sanity is always welcome!



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