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  • ross1948 2:58 pm on August 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , EU flag on British 'projects',   

    Can A Jellyfish Get Off its Knees? 

    If Jellyfish Johnson won’t stop having buildings in the UK defaced with the foul flag of the EUSSR…



    …good citizens should.

    I quote from ‘Get Britain Out’ (and BTW, urge UK readers to donate to help their excellent work)

    …according to Government guidance, until 2023 at the very least, the UK will be forced to display EU flags and plaques in this country on every “infrastructure project, piece of signage, pavement sticker, or temporary public realm adaption” which has been given EU funding as part of either the European Regional Development Fund or the European Structural Fund…..

    Far be it from me to encourage patriotic Brits to carry a small tube of spray-paint around and use it to cover up that filthy Brussels Empire emblem wherever it may be…

    …because that might divert the attention of the wonderful British bobbies from their preferred activity of stomping criticism of the sexually maladjusted….


    Merseyside’s Foulest! Charge Bully-Cops With ‘Wasting Police Time!

    .. but if Jellyfish Johnson lacks the guts to end promotion of the Big Lie, that Britain’s annual rip-off contribution to a bloated and corrupt EU…



    ..was ever even remotely balanced by the meagre sums sent back for what the overlords deemed useful ‘projects…’


     SF Seeks EUSSR Funds for IRA Monument – Have They No Shame? 

    …then ordinary citizens should not be blamed for doing what Bojo and his spineless cronies lack the cojones to do.


    Jellyfish Cartoon, Ocean Jellyfish s, face, text, jellyfish png


    Here’s what GBO says in conclusion.

    Which other independent nation in the world is forced to publicly promote the work of another international organisation, of which they are no longer a member….

    What is our Government thinking of?

    Good question!

  • ross1948 11:36 am on August 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , ben nevis, john muir trust, Patriotic Alternative, white lives matter banner   

    So WICKED To Say White Lives Matter 

    Scotland’s highest mountain is often snow-capped, but that may need to change….

    …snow being that colour which merits distaste, or at best indifference, among the new ruling class.

    Or so one might think, reading the pinko blather from the John Muir Trust, after a rather neat stunt by a group called ‘Patriotic Alternative.’ .. 

    The Patriotic Action stunt on Ben Nevis has been strongly condemned by the John Muir Trust

    Why on earth is that ‘far-right? ‘..

    Since we hear the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ repeatedly, not least on the UK’s tax-funded propaganda channel…

    Zeinab Welcomes Red Cop-Killer’s Fan

    ….it’s difficult to understand why anyone, except racists and marxists, can object to other lives besides black lives being considered important.

    Actually, I’ve been thinking of getting some ‘All Lives Matter’ masks made.…

    BLM Hate-Mob Enraged By Aussie ‘All Lives Matter’ Protest! 

    ….so my Indonesian friends and I can wear them, as we must, if we need to go out to shop!

    It’s also hard to imagine what John Muir would think…

    John Muir
    John Muir c1902.jpg

    John Muir  1838-1914

    …of the woke weaselling from those who run the mountain trust that bears his name, denouncing the innocuous statement as-

    …abhorrent racist propaganda. The John Muir Trust promotes diversity and inclusion in the outdoors…

    I’m not familiar with the Patriotic Alternative, and if they are far-right, no matter.

    They are as entitled as anyone else to have their say, especially when they say something with which no sane person would disagree.

  • ross1948 4:15 pm on August 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply  

    Who Can Blame These Local Councils? 

    So will Priti Useless buckle to ‘pressure from officials’ – nameless, unelected bureaucrats – and ‘force’ local government councillors…


    Home Secretary under pressure from officials to make National Transfer Scheme mandatory after only a handful of authorities volunteer


    …to take their ‘share’ of so-called ‘child migrants’ – who are in VERY many cases NOT children by any biological reality-check but post-pubescent potential rapists?


    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 


    It’s a truth not unique to the UK…

    80% were grown-ups’:   Swedish dentist fired for exposing migrant ‘kids’ as adults…

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get  Green Light

    …accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl in Germany, could be set free as his lawyer maintains the refugee was younger than 14 at the time of the incident and cannot be tried… Oh, Dear! Another Poor Little ‘Child Migrant?’ 

    We’re not talking about tiny tots, or the little cute kids whose pix the pro-crimmigrant media invariably feature.

    But even if it’s made an age-specific thing, it is absolute, undeniable fact that no serious dental/physical checks are carried out on those getting onto British soil.

    Remember this!

    The bizarre episode leaves the school, the Home Office, and other safeguarding authorities with serious questions to answer.

    from the start of July 2016 to the end of June 2017, the Home Office had raised 705 age disputes.

    Of the 618 resolved, 402 (65%) claimants were found to be over 18 and 216 (35%) were found to be children.

    Even when one of these crimmigrants was obviously, frighteningly, adult, authorities dug in and denied the truth, maligning decent parents as ‘racist!’



    If some British councillors are prepared to put the British people within their boundaries at risk, by accommodating fake-‘children,’ so be it….

    …though the issue should be put to a local referendum.

    If no direct democraric consultation is carried out, then, eventually, electorates can kick out the Enemy Within, if caring candidates come forward to challenge such irresponsibility.

    But it would be outrageous were the Home Secretary to misuse her central government powers to bully cities or counties into line….

    …to compel them to accept any ‘share’ of the swar

  • ross1948 3:00 pm on August 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply  

    BBC Exalts Drug Crim As Dreamer! . 

    The BBC may not like to be described as a ‘fake-news’ ragbag…



    …but when it does all it can to use its headlines to make a villainous migrant into some sort of local hero….

    …what else should we call it?

    Zimbabwean with football dreams to be kicked out of UK

    …so we read, but reading further down their website page…

    …we have to ask why the tax-funded propaganda channel’s diligent sub-editors did not choose this more informative alternative …

    Zimbabwean drop-out drug-crime ex-con to be kicked out of UK

    After all, in the BBC’s own words, the undesirable alien –

    ‘…dropped out of the football academy that had accepted him after leaving school and ended up getting into trouble and going to prison for drug offences.. ‘

    It’s clear the BBC’s dream-boat is a worthless waste of space long overdue for deportation.

  • ross1948 2:52 pm on August 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-patriotic, celeb ratbags, , Simon Rattle   

    ‘No-Proms’ Rattler Slithers Off! 

    Simon Rattle has said he avoided conducting at the Last Night of the Proms throughout his career because of his discomfort at its “jingoistic elements…”.

    Never heard of this reptile…


    …but it seems he was way ahead of his time, hostile to the sight and sound of patriotic Brits for at least thirty years, long before it became fashionable for ‘celebs’ to diss their country’s heritage..

    A contrary sort of conductor, he seems to be.

    As woke-weasels all over the UK seek to tear down or deface symbols of national pride, he’s now sloping off to Germany  – ‘nationalistic aspects’ of the Last Night of the Proms leave him ‘uneasy.’


    Crowd with Union flags
    The Last Night of the Proms

    “I never conducted the Last Night, always avoided it a bit. I’ve been uneasy about some of the jingoistic elements, ever since the Falklands in 1982,” he said

    ‘Ever since the Falklands?’

    The greatest British victory in most living memories, and he quivers at the thought?

    Maybe the aicko should return his knighthood!


    He’ll feel much less queasy in the EUSSR, where Kaiserin Ursula and her Commissars are doing all in their power to do down the very idea of the nation state.

    If you want to offer a send-off message…



    ….he’s on Facebook.

    He also has his own website.
  • ross1948 9:15 pm on August 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , censorship, , Olympic petition transfreaks cancelled   

    Enemy Within -Change.Org Exposed? 

    Well, there you go!



    People who say that democratic, peaceful protest is the only path to follow, that the violence we have seen from BLM mobs and Antifa red nazi gangs is always to be deplored…



    …have now been told that dissent, even in the form of a civilised, rational petition, will be suppressed if it displeases degenerates.

    Petition – Stop Oddifying Olympics!

    That petition we mentioned, to bring the Olympics back to normal?

    It has now been cancelled.



    Even as it ‘continued to gain traction, it was quietly removed from the webpage.

    The woman behind the petition was notified via email of the decision.

    ‘It was flagged as hate speech,’ a spokeswoman for ‘Defend Women’s Sport’ said.

    If is responsible for this hateful censorship, shame on them.

    Whoever chooses to serve as lackeys of decadent wokery…



    …will lose all credibility with decent people and will be regarded as part and parcel of the Enemy Within

  • ross1948 8:42 pm on August 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Apriyani Rahayu ( Greysia Polii   

    Indonesia’s Golden Rays Of Sunshine 

    Indonesia is going througg tough times at present, the pandemic mortality statistics racing towards 100,000.



    So although I have been put off the Olympics, due to the way they have been hi-jacked to serve various political agendas, I join happily with everyone else in Jakarta to congratulate Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu.

    These two triumphed in the Olympic women’s badminton doubles, gold medal winners today!

    Let’s share their obvious joy.

  • ross1948 7:16 pm on August 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , transfreaks athletes   

    No Medals For The Kiwi Creature! 

    Maybe it should ‘transition’ back to normal…



    …and try competing against other men, instead of women, next time.

  • ross1948 7:15 pm on August 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , ,   

    Thanks, Libyan Coastguard! But… 

    Most of us know and loathe the crimmigrant cargo outfit SOS Mediterranee…


    NGO Imports Murderous Savages – Impound Aquarius

    ….which runs the notorious Ocean Viking.

    Our loathing level will surely rise with the news that said ship is now once more roaming the Med, looking for a cosy harbour…


    ( in Italy, perhaps, where the larger than life let-down Matteo Salvini continues to serve in a coalition which eagerly imports parasites galore)

    …and the Ocean Viking is currently carrying no less than 555 crimmigrants!

    And that’s not all!

    EU Observer tells us that another such boat-load of undesirable aliens…

    …is somewhere in Malta’s ‘search-and-rescue zone,’ and given Maltese authorities refusal to recognise how unpleasant the consequences…

    Infested Malta – Two Syrians Held After Stabbing Maltese Citizens! 

     Migrants Amok – Malta Reaps Another Little Whirlwind! 

    ..of letting such creatures ashore, decent folk in that small island republic may soon face the horrid prospect of even more leeches landing.

    So why’s our headline about the Libyan coastguard?

    Because they are doing an excellent job.

    …the Libyans intercepted over 1,000 people in two days… . Read on 

    Without their endeavours, European countries would be a LOT worse off.

  • ross1948 4:00 pm on August 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Nordic Foreign Ministerss,   

    Nordic Natterjacks, Ignorant Of History! 

    Just looking back at things we should have covered last month, questions we should have asked…like…

    What do these klutzes have in common?

    Jeppe Kofod is Danish minister of foreign affairs. Pekka Haavisto is Finnish minister of foreign affairs


    The Nordics unite to support the Council of Europe and ECHR


    Gudlaugur Thór Thórdarson is Icelandic minister for foreign affairs and international development cooperation. Ine Eriksen Søreide is Norwegian minister for foreign affairs. Ann Linde is Swedish minister for foreign affairs.

    Apart from their parallel positions, foreign ministers of their respective countries, they are all stunningly ignorant of modern history.

    I say this because they know that the Council of Europe, which we have written about before…

    Bojo Gangs Up Against ‘Our Oldest Ally? ‘ 

    …when we showed you it’s hugely expensive HQ in Strasbourg….

    • .

      Building of the Council of Europe Headquarters located in Strasbourg, France. Stock Photo - 103414864
      Council of Europe Headquarters


      …a deplorable body which spawned the ECHR, now a Sorosoid tool used to bludgeon national sovereignty – was established in the aftermath of the World War Two…



      ….in Strasbourg on the basis of international law – including human rights and the principles of democracy and the rule of law.

      So it was.

      And many, if not all, of the signatory countries had capital punishment on their statute books.

      Many had corporal punishment too as a legal sanction.

      Sexual (‘gay’) perversion in many European nations was against the law – certainly in the UK, which only legalised it in the early 1960s.

      Yet the Council of Europe and its Sorosoid Court has declared capital and corporal punishment unacceptable….



      …and engaging in all manner of sexual perversion, while not yet mandatory….



      ….is deemed as acceptable as living decently within normal relationships.

      Were those original signatories hypocrites?

      Hardly likely they would sign up, if they thought any laws in their own lands were transgressions against  human rights and the principles of democracy and the rule of law

    • So the original convention, which these Nordic Natterjacks invoke so readily, has itself been perverted by malevolent jurists.


      Wise nations should withdraw.

    • Jim Ex Jakarta 6:17 pm on August 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      All very true, what you say, Ross, these foreign ministers are just air-brushing the truth about that post-war rights pact.
      What I want to know is why you are still energetically publishing all these readables after you said you were going to ease off.

      Dont get me wrong, I am always happy to read what you offer, but if this is you easing off, I am wondering what we would get ( 10 pages a day?) if you decided you had relaxed too much.


      • ross1948 7:33 pm on August 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Okay, Jim, I confess. I can’t sit idly by.
        It’s not that I don’t have things both onerous and enjoyable to do, but there are gaps between them and so much in the news that I feel obliged to deride or dispute.


    • Tam Birnie 6:41 pm on August 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      You are absolutely right about the governments that signed up to the convention but I think you’re wrong to say the ministers who made this new statement are ignorant.
      They are just dishonest.
      It goes without saying they know the convention was never meant to stop the use of the death penalty or to etop badly behaved children getting a quick wallop with a cane or a strap in school.
      The Council of Europe and the ECHR make fools of theirselves when they contradict the intentions of the convention.


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