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  • ross1948 10:10 pm on November 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Remove the Mufti, Not The Badge! 

    The excuse of ‘being offended’ is wearing thin – continued ‘hurt-feelings’ whining stokes ‘Islamophobia’ much more than jihadist terrorism.

    Terror-attacks are committed by a few, whereas the tantrum-cr%p is ostensibly community based. 


    sorry Enough appeasement?

    So it is offensive to a minority – how small a minority?

    I’m damned sure there are plenty of decent Muslims who don’t appreciate the way fanatics antagonise their fellow-citizens. From whom, exactly, did the Defence Ministry take the advice that led them to disown that beautiful badge, which seems not to ‘offend’ patriotic Australians. 

    It turns out Turnbull’s kick in the teeth for patriots follows the appointment of an imam to the Religious Advisory Committee to the Services in June, an appointment endorsed by…

    Wait for it! The Grand Mufti of Australia! And he’s not Australian at all, but Egyptian. He should have no say in approving or disapproving anything to do with Australia. 

    The latest nonsense crawlery from Oz is a perfect example of grovelling obeisance to people who knew, or should have known, for sure, when they chose to live in Australia, that the Commonwealth had and still has a fine martial tradition.


    Anyone can join up and serve, regardless of creed or colour. Oz is majority Christian, so the threatened badge recognises that, but Jewish chaplains don’t have to wear it. They, so far as I know, have their own. 

    Why not give Muslim chaplains their own cap badge too, so each faith has their own insignia?


    Bernard Gaynor


    I doubt Tony Abbott would have put up with this PC cr%p.

    It’s hard to disagree with former army major Bernard Gaynor,  Australian Liberty Alliance candidate, when he asserts that the grovel move is a prime example of ‘political correctness destroying our military heritage!”

    And speaking of that very-much-less-than-grand ‘Mufti,’ 


    • ——————
    • The Mangy Mufti should be taken to the nearest airport with his passport and tooth-brush and his pretentious sectarian title and booted out of Australia. 

    Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, while dismissing anti-terror strategies as ineffective, said the focus should be on racism, Islamophobia, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention.

    Well, he certainly has some personal insights into terrorism. He was standing side-by-side with a Hamas fanatic in Gaza when he declared –

    “I am pleased to stand on the land of jihad to learn from its sons.” 


    Hasil gambar untuk hamas blood jews


    • The old swine also objected when Tony Abbott wanted “advocating terrorism” to be banned by law – on that occasion the MM obligingly gave us a brief glimpse into what goes on among the enemy within.
    • He said that such a reform risked snaring any ‘clerics’ who “advocated the duty of a Muslim to defend his land.”



    caliphate Is this where the Mangy Mufti’s loyalties linger?


    What duty, and what land?


    Decent people have surely heard enough traitorous cr#p from his sort, ratbags whose duty to Queen and Country goes up in smoke if there’s a quarrel with foreign powers populated by those that share their creed. 

    Treason-talk like that fertilises Islamophobia around the world. The cur’s comments on foreign policy and military intervention would not be out of place at a conclave of the hate-gang Hizbut Tahrir. 

    Oh, yeah, Mufti Mangy reckons those caliphofascists are ‘actually in favour of free speech.’


    • hizbutisrael Hizbut, here in Indonesia -‘erase Israel from the world map’
    • —–
    • ———————-
    • Yeah, right.
    • HT worldwide have made it crystal-clear they DETEST democracy.

    Abbot should have deported the lot, including MM..


    Not a chance. I haven’t heard Mealy-Mouth Malcolm (MMM, not to be confused with the above MM!) even use the correct term  – death-cult – for ISIS.

    If he has, please tell me. I’m more than ready to amend my statement.   

    But more and more Australians are learning the nature of the beast. Mangy Mufti-style disloyalty should be an automatic one-way ticket out of Australia  – and every civilised nation.



    And not one single aspect of the national heritage should be discarded to placate people who put sectarian solidarity before their proper allegiance to Australia.  

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    Noah, Bogor, 28th November 

  • ross1948 8:50 pm on November 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Glenn Fredly, 28 November, Bandar Lampung 

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    Tags: Festival Buah dan Bunga Nusantara, 27-29 November   

    Festival Buah dan Bunga Nusantara, 27-29 November 

  • ross1948 11:52 pm on November 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Erdogan’s Act of War – Russian Anti-Terror Flight Shot Down! 

    Putin calls Turkey ‘accomplices of terrorists’ after Russian jet shot down – live updates


    It’s time Erdogan was declared an international pariah.

    • Cameron and Erdogan (1)

    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”  


    Instead of grovelling to the Islamist regime in Ankara, European nations should proclaim solidarity with Russia, impose sanctions, give military support to Kurdish freedom-fighters, mine Turkey’s coastal waters, deport Turkish nationals and start moves to have Turkey expelled from NATO.

    Shooting down a Russian plane to interdict its anti-terrorist mission is an act of war. The Turks should not be forgiven.

    Nor should the Obama-backed army that blew up a Russian helicopter be forgotten.

    A Syrian insurgent group, which receives US Tow missiles, said its fighters hit the helicopter with an anti-tank missile…


     putin35portrait C’mon, Putin! Smash Our Common Enemy!

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    ‘F–K The Police!’ Clinton’s Pussy Riot Pets Shrill for Crimmigrants! 

    Remember all the fuss about those extremely unpleasant women who call themselves ‘Pussy Riot?’

    All the usual rat-bag pinkos lined up to demand Putin turn them loose, both before and after their conviction for particularly obnoxious mayhem in that Moscow  Cathedral.


    • ——————
    • It was not an exercise in legitimate civil protest –the women staged a flashmob-style performance of their song close to the altar in the cathedral..with an obscenity-laced performance…

     They were convicted of ‘hooliganism based on religious hatred.’ An apt description. Refesh your memory here.  Pussy Riot members jailed for two years for hooliganism – BBC

    But it wan’t just run-of-the-mill ratbags, not Amnesty agitators who’d likely attend any concerts the harpies might stage in their vicinity, who were up in arms on the loutesses’ behalf.


    • EUSSR

    And now, in a supremely offensive gesture of ingratitude  to the fools in the West who championed their repulsive antics, Pussy Riot are ululating more hate…




    .. a “F— the police” message, in response to even the current feeble efforts undertaken in Europe to contain the crimmigrant menace. 

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    Tags: 27-29th November, Festive Wonderland ENTRE EXPO,   

    Festive Wonderland ENTRE EXPO, Jakarta, 27-29th November 

    MP Entre Expo 2015 President University fakultas Bisnis Administrasi (500 x 706)

    A Festive Wonderland ENTRE EXPO 2015
    Tanggal :
    27 – 29 November 2015
    Tempat : Mall Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta


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    An Alpine Gitmo for Sectarian Savages? Sounds Good! 

    devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm up from the Aegean

    ‘Majority’ fear effects of refugee crisis

    Hardly a surprising headline, but I guess much of the media is so detached from their fellow-citizens’ concerns – and values – that the natural response, in this case among Austrians, must come as a shock…60 percent of people saying that the arrival of thousands of refugees and migrants is a cause for fear and worry, according to a new survey.

    What slightly alarms me is that only 35 percent reckon there should be a total stop put to intrusion into Austrian territory by ‘refugees or migrants,‘ as the report delicately describes the legion of louts we’ve watched barging north from the Aegean.

    The constant media propaganda will have played a part -though I have to admit, I don’t know if the Austrian media are as deeply into hiding crimmigrant crimes as their Goebbels-style German counterparts.


       UKIP – Make Malignant ‘Migrants’ THE Oldham Issue! 

    Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ 

    EuroNews’ ‘Fear of The Unknown’ – Self-Deception or Subversion? 

    However, the Freedom Party’s Heinz-Christian Strache is doing all he can to alert the country to the menace, and I like his turn of phrase, that Austria had become “almost a Banana republic,” with the government providing a “catering service” for passing illegal migrants.

    00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Right-wing pol wants European 'Guantanamo'

    Heinz-Christian Strache
    And he’s a positive thinker, as another report confirms. He has called for European Islamic extremists to be incarcerated in Guantanamo-style island prisons, in the wake of the Paris attacks.
    Has he read some of our older blogs, in which we proposed putting Britain’s Rockall Island to such sensible use?
    My fanciful ‘ Alpine’ headline notwithstanding, his preference is to stick them on a Greek island or the Italian island of Lampedusa.


      Heck, given the antics of alien detainees on Lampedusa in recent years…
    Immigrants being held at a detention centre on the Italian island of Lampedusa have set fire to the facility after trying to escape, police say… The revolt was reportedly sparked by news that 107 Tunisians were to be deported by the Italian authorities. Last month, hundreds broke out of the centre in protest at a new policy that required them to be held until their asylum applications were processed. EUSSR – PC Agenda Trumps Border Control 
    … it may well be there are terrorists there already.
    And the idiotic European navies – their political controllers, not the sailors – are graciously ferrying in more and more all the time.
    Strache’s a good guy, but I think it wold be unfair to dump more scum on Lampedusa -it used to be a nice little island, so I’m told, and there are decent Italians living there.
    Maybe I’ll send him  photo of Rockall – an uninhabited isle would be ideal, though I might pity the poor sea-gulls who’d soon be eaten up by the primitives!
  • ross1948 3:03 pm on November 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , equal rights act, ladies nights, ombudsman, sticky-beaks,   

    Ladies’ Nights ‘Unfair to Men!’ Seriously! 

    So much lunacy to contend with, and how to outdo the tale of the nutty redskin yesterday?
    There’s a Swede millionaire who has banned bacon from all the many hotels he owns…
    Inline images 1
    …boycott, please!
    I tend to think bacon ought to be compulsory for breakfast, at least.

    Then I  stumbled on WHO’s latest bizarre BS – salami and ham were placed on the “bad food” list in a study by the World Health Organisation (WHO), published on Monday, as being causes of cancer..   Salami causes cancer’: WHO’s telling porkies?


    UN food-fascism now?
    Telling the world to lay off super-yummy delights?
    For pity’s sakes. Is nothing sacred?

    But all that hogwash PALED into insignificance in comparison to the imbecility of Austria’s ombudsman.



    Well, OF COURSE THEY BLOODY DO! That’s why they’re called LADIES’ NIGHTS.

    What’s particularly horrid is that it looks like this Alpine sticky-beak was prompted to cause trouble by MEN complaining about the fine phenomenon…. men saying they were never the ones to benefit from such offers financially.

    Musta been poofters.

    Normal men fully grasp that Ladies’ Nights are held for men’s benefit – the idea being that you attract hordes of chicks by offering cheap or gratis grog, thus providing guys with a vast reservoir of nubile prey.



    Alas, Herr Schtiki-Beek can enforce his moronic conclusion because, regrettably, Austria has a damfool law called the Equal Treatment Act – which paves the way for men to sue a nightclub for damages if they believe they have been discriminated against.

     How pathetic!

    Mind you, the feeble and fatuous efforts by the clubs and bars to fight back almost deserve the Orrible Ombudsman’s killjoy cr#p ruling.

    Even ‘equal rights lawyer’ Ines Grabner-Drews saw through the appeasement drivel – ‘it is unlikely that companies in the entertainment and leisure sector are really concerned about equal pay” and that the real motivation behind Ladies’ Nights is to attract more women to nightclubs, which helps draw in more men.

    YES, and WHY NOT?

    It’s fun, and now it’s been stopped by grimnasties who hate fun. No more free drinks for gals, and guys no longer able to aspire to their paradisical nocturnal ideal..


    …shooting fish in a barrel.


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    Tags: , cowboys and indians, John Michelin, Newfoundland, , Tim Hortons   

    Timid Tim Hortons Grovels To Uptight Indian! 

    Never been to Newfoundland and never heard of Corner Brook, which is apparently a city in that fair province. It also has a branch of Tim Horton’s, evidently managed by a timid little toad.

    NB- I omitted the apostrophe in my headline,but include it here as a (probably pointless) reminder of proper grammar, which Mr. Horton has sadly unlearned.



    I say this because the manager allegedly crawled obseqiously when harassed by an uptight Indian named John Michelin, a man with an outsize chip on his shoulder who got into an inexplicable temper tantrum over a new Western themed promotion for a steak sandwich. .

    Michelin just about peed his pants with rage because the promo featured a series of cowboys pointing their guns at a group of Indians. 

    He obviously doesn’t enjoy Westerns. Most grown-ups are very familiar with such scenes, from movies, tv and classic novels of the Old West, like Zane Gray’s. But Michelin must have had a sheltered upbringing.

    From childhood, normal folks are familiar with this aspect of North American popular culture.  




    This character is an ADULT so why was he was upset and furious about the display…

    Go figure!

    I see he is into trendy-speak – Michelin said it is important to change the conversation and language around First Nations people.


    The conversation?

    Conversation is something you have with friends in a bar, or try to have with damissus the next morning, or with whoever sits next to you on a train or plane journey. I think this hypersensitive brave actually means discussion or debate.


    Tim hortons corner brook cowboys indians

    What kind of infantile mind-set could go nuts about this harmless tableaux?


    The language? 

    What kind of incendiary racist language was used in the Tim Hortons tableaux? There is no language visible at all, except a glimpse of the word ‘Thirsty!’

    Michelin’s arrogance is immense.  

    “Right off the bat when I saw this, I said ‘I can’t stand for that,’ ” he said. 


    • ——————-
    • Who cares?

    Everybody else can!

    But the immensity of his arrogance is matched by the spinelessness of the Tim Horton manager –  he claims that the manager “profusely” apologised to him.


    • sorry  If so, that manager should be fired.
    • —————————————-

    There is NO indication whatsoever that any other customer complained, or even commented on the display.

    Why would they?

    As noted, Cowboys and Indians are part and parcel of modern history. And of entertainment.


    sexy red indian Yummy Indian, tastier by far than a Horton sandwich!


    Our local hockey team used to be called the Stratford Indians, named, presumably, for their perceived bravery and determination.

    We used to have Indians from the Brantford reservation join us on our annual Orange walks – they wore their traditional Indian garb and we, especially we kids, delighted in their presence.



    Unlike Michelin, they came across as very pleasant, well-balanced fellows. Michelin, confronted with historical realities, appears totally to have lost it.

     “I want people to know that this is unacceptable…We’re not cowboys and Indians running around anymore.


    magua Bad Indian Magua

    Will Michelin demand Last of The Mohicans be banned?


    History showed that that was a hard time for us, and we don’t want any reminders of that.”





    Why should the likes of this sad whiner distort the story of how a great continent was transformed from a wilderness?

    Meanwhile, still agitated by his wounded feelings (and knee?) Michelin Man wants the store’s manager to issue a public apology on social media.

    Time to slap down this frothing fool.

    Tim Hortons should replace the manager, restore the display and hand out questionnaires asking ALL customers if they like it.

    That, surely, is the Canadian way.


    • Arnold 2:15 pm on November 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Most enjoyable and very heartening to read some sense. Thanks.
      Canada doesn’t need hang-ups like Michelin’s.
      We have enough trouble with Trudo running the country.

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