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  • ross1948 7:59 pm on October 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Love it or leave, Neil El Kadoumi, Parramatta Mosque, , singlet ban, , xenophobia   

    Parramatta Mosque Chair A Xenophobic Racist? Ask Woolworth! 

    Does anybody remember this story?

    A spokesman for Woolworths told SBS the singlets, previously available in two stores, were “totally unacceptable. “The singlet was not one we ordered,” he said. “It was delivered to us in error and should never been allowed on our shelves. We will review our processes to ensure this sort of error cannot happen again.


    The singlet in question bore an admirable exhortation, urging those who don’t love  Australia to leave!

    Only mangy pinko ratbags could object to that, but Woolworth’s management clearly chose to put themselves into that very category. Apparently the splendid garments are banned from all their stores, for being patriotic, or as the Left puts it, xenophobic/racist.

    So will Woolworth’s now refuse to serve Mr. Neil El Kadoumi, or even report him to the cops for ‘xenophobic racism?


    Hasil gambar untuk neil el kadoumi parramatta

    Or is racism something only some Aussies can be accused of?

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    Tags: , Tugu Kunstring Paleis, Witkacy Photo Expo   

    Witkacy's Photography Exhibition, Jakarta, till 16th October 

    I’ve reported before on this splendid building in Menteng.


    Kunstkring Paleis – Afternoon Delight in Menteng! 

    … so that’s a good enough reason for you to drop by.

    But this foto-expo makes it even more attractive. 




    Forty photographic works of Stanistaw Ignacy Witkiewicz vel Witkacy (1885-1939), a Polish writer, painter, philosopher and novelist have been selected for this exhibition.

    These are the best and most appreciated images that went down in history of photography, and involve photographic self-portraits, portraits and staged photography.

    Twenty of them were taken before the year 1914 and twenty others date back to the interwar period. The early photographs involve self-portraits of family and friends. Among them are tightly framed images of faces, i.e close-ups.

    This type of framing, still used in filmmaking, is very characteristic of Witkacy.

    The interwar photographs were created with a different perception of a role of an artist and photographer in mind. They document para-theatrical activities, performances, imaginary scenes initiated by the artist and accompanied by his friends.

    Polish Embassy in Jakarta proudly presents the remain of Witkacy’s artwork now in Tugu Kunstkring Paleis.

    Until October 16 @ 10:00 pm
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    Tags: Darryl, flesh-eating, Michonne, migrant menace, Rosita, ,   

    A Question of Road Safety – Walking Dead Or Migrant Menace!?! 

    I watched the new season of The Walking Dead last night, as promised, and it was excellent, HORDES of horrid zombies on the march, with the good guys (and gals – that sexy black chick with the samurai sword, Michonne, is a wow!) fully engaged in derring-do against them.


    But in searching for a suitable review, I learned that the show has turned into a political issue of sorts, with us conservatives being fans and muesli-guzzling pinko gits from the left-lib elite expressing fear and loathing of its content.

    How weird!

    Who could dislike brave Michonne, or Darryl, with his Harley Davidson and cross-bow? 


    • darrl michon
    • =======================
    • Quite a few, it seems.

    For my part, I just enjoy the action, and like to use scenes from it to illustrate blog-posts.

    Mind you, it does evoke the menace facing Europe, all those unpleasant creatures marching north, threatening civilisation.

    Rick’s survivors in Virginia have been building a wall to keep the undesirables out – maybe they could deploy their skills in the Balkans, or Calais?

    Enough already!

    The meat I hauled home from Oz will soon be past its sell-by date, so best resume my own flesh-eating activities!


    • PS – why miss an opportunity to include a photo of Rosita, the yummy Hispanic character, though in the WD she does NOT dress like this!
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    Tags: , , Elizabeth SMART, , , , , Utah law HB101,   

    PC Burka-Grovel Condemned a Girl to Rape Nightmare! 

    Hard to credit that any law-enforcement officer in any civilised country would behave in such a supine manner.

    This story, about Elizabeth Smart, the young girl beaten and raped for months by a psycho in the USA, comes from Taki’s Magazine.


    • Silhouette weeping
    • =======================
    • I reprint some of it, because with Canada due to vote next week, it is most timely to remind everyone there that the burka/niqab/vile veil, call it what you will, is intolerable.

    Not just because those women who skulk behind it are either engaging in deliberate self-abasement or coerced thereto, tainting that fundamental acceptance of women as full citizens which should be part of Canada…


    • burka family
    • ============

    A Detective Richey was suspicious when he saw a bearded man with a face-shrouded female in a public place. But when he wanted to check it out, the man refused to let him.

    Instead of doing his duty, the cop backed off, because he was concerned about violating Mitchell’s “civil rights” and offending his “religious beliefs…”

    He retreated from the library, giving in to Mitchell’s claim that the niqab was sacred and that lifting it would be a gross civil rights violation… Smart testified that as Detective Richey abandoned her, “I felt like hope was walking out the door…. I felt terrible that the detective could just walk away.”


    • devil destroyed
    • ===============
    • She had to endure seven more months of bestial abuse because of Richey’s spineless conduct, yet at the trial, Richey had the nerve to say  “There’s nothing I would have done differently.” 

    Taki’s article explains why Richey may have felt he had to put Burka-Grovel before responsibility.

    • political-correctness_submission
    • A ridiculous PC state law had somehow got through Utah’s legislature just a month before the encounter occurred. Under HB 101 officers would risk disciplinary action if their discretionary stops demonstrated “bias” or “racial profiling.”

    Knowing that any complaint against him would be put into the HB 101 database, Detective Richey chose to walk away. (side note: Utah Republicans made sure HB 101 was not renewed when it expired in 2007)

    It turns out the media suppressed this part of the scandal, with one exception, The Salt Lake Tribune

    In her closing argument to the jury, Assistant U.S. Attorney Diana Hagen blasted Mitchell: “In the Salt Lake City Library, he played the Muslim card for all that it was worth.”  Niqab Nightmare – Taki’s Magazine

    The monster was not Muslim, BTW, and decent Muslims will no doubt be as appalled as I am by the sordid sell-out story, but as Taki says,

    It’s a damning quote, and the media ignored it completely.

    This head-shroud should be outlawed everywhere. In my home city, Jakarta, 90% Muslim, almost nobody wears it. 

    I read somewhere that even Chad, in the Sahara Desert, has done so. 

    Why not Canada?

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    Tags: Article 7, European, , , , , , Sippel, Socialists, Wikstroem,   

    Strasbourg Pinko Pack Snarl for Magyar ‘Meat!’ 

    “We don’t want to give up so easily,” Cecilia Wikstroem, Swedish liberal MEP.

    Like a pack of wild beasts, made rabid by the scent of prey, theAlde Group,’ as the liberal bloc in the Strabourg ‘parliament’ calls itself, is out to get Hungary, largely, though not only, due to Viktor Orban’s heroic resistance to the parasitic alien invasion.

    They want the civil liberties committee to trigger the so-called Article 7 procedure against Hungary.
    EUObserver helpfully explains what that means.

    The EU treaty’s Article 7 allows the European Parliament, the European Commission, or one third or more of member states to launch a commission enquiry on whether a member state is in “serious and persistent breach” of EU values.

    There’s a cause for merriment. EU values?

    Hatred for democracy, as shown by their loathing of referenda, and their inexcusable vendetta against Austria Haider derides EU over sanctions – Telegraph 

    Selective intolerance – democratic Israel scolded, despotic Cuba embraced.

    Multicult no matter what.

    Those are the values the EUSSR upholds, though the Alde A-holes – and the increasingly biased EUObs – blame Orban’s crackdown on free speech, judicial independence, and refugee rights.




    “What is happening in Hungary is completely unheard of in Europe,” bleats the Swede, displaying her historical vacuity, because just about everything imaginable has occurred in Europe, both before and during Christendom, as well as in this incipient dark age.

    So what IS happening, according to this dumb pinko?



    Nails being torn off fingers? Boiling oil poured down throats?  

    Er, not quite!

    She cited a new law that allows police to enter people’s homes without a warrant to hunt for irregular migrants.


    How many guilty criminals have gotten away with heinous misdeeds due to all this ‘no search without a warrant’ nonsense? Who’s unwilling to let cops in, if there’s nothing to hide? If vicious crimmigrants are on the run, who would stand in the way of those pursuing them? 


    • Croatia
    • ——————————————————
    • Wikstroem obviously knows all about the savages swarming into Europe, but not only is she ready calmly to contemplate the invasion, she takes exception when somebody starts fighting back!

    “We haven’t seen such things since the second world war,” she said.

    Oh no? What a blind bint she is!


    • wilders1
    • ——————————
    • We’ve seen Geert Wilders ( and many less well-known citizens) dragged through courts for the crime of free speech.

    We’ve seen innocent Christians hounded, fired, their lives ruined for offending uptight homos. B&B Fined for Hurting Gay Couple’s Feelings – Charisma News

    We’ve seen a Catholic candidate for a top job on the EUSSR Commission blocked because he believes in Catholic teaching.  Italian EU Commissioner Rejected for Conservative Views | Europe | DW


    That’s a lot worse than anything Orban has done. Yet there’s every chance that sooner rather than later this pinko pack will have their way.


    MEP Birgit Sippel im Plenum zu Ausweisungen im Schnellverfahren in ... Sippel


    The Socialist bloc only opposed it tactically, temporarily, as their spokesbint, Birgit Sippel, admitted. 

    “It is a very sensitive issue and you need a majority in the parliament for a strong political action. You have to prepare it very well, and that hasn’t happened”, she said, adding: “If you don’t have a majority, Orban will laugh at this.”

    That nasty witch-huntress summed it up, in explicitly predatory language.

    • Rabid-Dog-for-OS EUSSR’s rabid reds
    • “Then we have meat in our hands,” she said, referring to political ammunition for the launch of Article 7.



  • ross1948 10:54 pm on October 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Adam and Eve, Ahmad Fauzi, , , , ,   

    That’s Islamists For You – Can’t Win The Argument, Call The Cops! 

    Thanks to Tempo for bringing us up to date on the latest war on freedom of expression waged by the IslamoNazi FPI (Islam Defenders Front) in Semarang, Central Java, which we covered a week or so back.


    • Ahmad Fauzi
    • ==================-

    They were getting their little white underpants in a twist because an academic wrote some stuff about incest, Adam and Eve, and schizophrenic religion, and along with their sectarian comrades in the FUI ( Muslim Forum) have been caterwauling for the author, Ahmad Fauzi, to be hauled off by the cops.

    Incest? Schizo? Prophet? IslamoNazi Wannabe Censor Calls Cops! 

    Now they are further incensed after various comments on the guy’s Facebook page, said by their legal expert, Zainal Abidin, to amount to cursing Islam!

    This, claims Zainal, is defamation of religion.

    Well, big deal. I can’t get worked up about things like this, but I imagine many Christians and Jews would also be miffed about accusations of incest against Adam and Eve.




    Yet few if any of them are likely to suggest prison for the accusers. That’s because they are  –

    A grown-ups, and  –

    B long since emerged from the Dark Ages. They are also intellectually capable of taking on critics of their creed and arguing it out.

    Sadly, like the state-sponsored MUI, these FPI fanatics aren’t up to it. They can’t debate dissent, and fear their co-religionists will listen to other points of view.


    • FPI_13 FPI thugs defending Islam


    As for tainting, defaming, etc. religion, that is something the FPI have been doing for years, bringing Islam into disrepute by brazen thuggery – violence and vandalism are how they ‘defend’ their ideology, much like the old PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party.

    It’s banned.




    Why isn’t the FPI?

    Incidentally, this charge they want brought is based on the draconian Law No. 11 of 2008 on Information and Electronic Transaction (ITE). Is that not the same nonsense statute that saw poor young Florence jailed for bad-mouthing Jogjakarta and its citizens?

    Anti-Social Media – Harmless Student ‘Guilty,’ But Islamist Bigot Sites Re-Open! 

    Does nobody in power here ever wonder about the backward image Indonesia gets because of this peculiar legislation, which only encourages uptights to ululate?


  • ross1948 2:54 pm on October 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), , , ,   

    Gaystapo Claims Another Victim – Cover-Up On Witch-Hunt Report – Sign the Petition! 


    Dr. Church was targeted by a “sham peer review…”a general term describing the misuse of hospital by-laws to intimidate and control physicians.” The hospital uses a process meant for dealing with legitimate medical malpractice or abuse of a patient as a club against a doctor that they want to punish for other reasons, often ideological or political.

    The upper management of doctors and administrators collude to conduct a phony “peer review” against the physician in question. They use their collective influence to persuade staff members and even Board members to go along with it.

    In this case, the internal process used against Dr. Church was meant for punishing actual medical malpractice or patient abuse – neither of which has ever been alleged against Dr. Church – not for settling ideological disagreements.



    Since we’ve covered this scandalous gaystapo witch-hunt before, here’s the outcome, another jackboot stomp on America’s freedoms.

    But you can still protest -there’s a petition!

    You can sign the new petition HERE.

    • gaystapo



    • No need for re-writing the admirable summary received from MassResistance, so I’m just giving the intro and the link so you too can recoil in disgust at the intolerant apparatchiks running a prominent American hospital.

    A special appeal panel at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston has upheld the hospital administration’s earlier claim that a physician’s statements to colleagues and staff about the dangers of homosexuality constitute “discrimination,” “harassment,” and “unprofessional conduct,” and that Bible verses regarding homosexuality are similarly “offensive” and discriminatory.


    Supporting Dr. Church — and telling the truth — outside of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

    Dr. Paul Church has been a urologist on the BIDMC staff for nearly 30 years and is a member of the Harvard Medical School faculty. He has done research on diagnosing prostate and bladder cancer. He has also spoken on the subject of high-risk sexual behaviors.

    In recent years he voiced concerns to colleagues about the hospital’s aggressive promotion of LGBT events and activities. That angered the hospital administration.

    Expelled from staff for bringing up uncomfortable medical facts


    Recently, Dr. Church was expelled from the staff of BIDMC after he posted  medical concerns about the dangerous practices of homosexual behavior, also two Bible verses, on the hospital’s internal Internet portal.

    The hospital did not dispute the truth of Dr. Church’s statements, nor claim that he ever discussed these matters with patients.

    But they stated that his concerns constitute “discrimination,” “harassment,” and “unprofessional conduct” and may not be discussed.




    Appeal denied

    Dr. Church requested an internal appeal of his expulsion, as the hospital bylaws allow. On July 29th and 30th, an appeal hearing was held before a special medical panel. On Sept. 9, Dr. Church was notified that the panel voted to uphold the hospital’s earlier decision. The panel also prepared a report explaining its decision, but the report is considered “confidential” according to hospital by-laws and has not been made available.


    So sign that petition, please!

    You can sign the new petition HERE.

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    Tags: ,   

    The Return of The Walking Dead – TONIGHT! 


      • ======================
      • Back home again after a morning saunter, but won’t be indoors for long, not with all that sunshine out there.
      • =
    • walkingdrick
    • =
    •  Not inclined to serious blogging right now, maybe later tonight, but then it’s the new series of The Walking Dead to relax with!
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    Tags: 14-18th October, Surabaya Tools/Machinery Expo   

    Surabaya Tools/Machinery Expo, 14-18th October 

  • ross1948 11:07 pm on October 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , Mazieire, Seehofer,   

    Fighting Talk On Alien Horde Riles Mama Stasi’s Rat-Pack! 

    Given that much of my ancestry is Scots, either direct or via Ulster, I suppose Bavaria has some claim on my affections – the Royal Family there represent the Jacobite succession to the Scottish throne; also to the British throne, of course, but Jacobites were usually more popular in Scotland than England.

    However, that’s just midnight musing.

    My esteem for the Bavarians tonight stems from that German Land’s Premier Horst Seehofer and his defiant resistance to Mama Stasi’s madness.



    Seehofer has announced what he has called “self-defense measures” against refugees arriving in Bavaria.

    Funny how the report  puts ‘self-defence measures’ in inverted commas, to show it’s Seehofer’s opinion, but doesn’t do the same for ‘refugees,’ which is hardly an opinion so much as a brazen lie – real refugees stop when they’re in safe territory, which the primitive parasites descending on German Lander have never yet done.

    Anyway – Bavaria’s resistance strategy includes ‘integration, education and training.’

    That might be hard work. Most of these sectarian throw-backs are impervious to education if it challenges the basics of their backward ideology, such as the status of women.

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    And integration is fundamentally impossible if it’s about getting Dark Age creatures to adapt themselves to civilisation! 

    “On top of that there will be specific self-defense measures to limit migration, such as sending back people to the border with Austria and the immediate transfer of newly-arrived asylum seekers within Germany…”

    Now you’re talking, Herr Seehofer!

    But while this dose of sense is causing ripples across the border in Austria, it’s having no impact in Berlin, where dwells the Enemy Within!

    Or rather no positive impact – on the contrary, Seehofer’s comments have caused outrage in the government and the opposition. Merkel has rebuffed his comments…

    Of course.

    She has no interest in preserving Germany. She salivates at the prospect of changing her country irrevocably. And she can rely on the worst elements in German political life to support her treasonous mission. 

    Anton Hofreiter, leader of the Greens in parliament, said his proposals were “brazen populism.”


    green party red


    Which merely means that Seehofer has popular support, or is enunciating policies he thinks will appeal to the people.

    Yeah, brazen, right. Naughty Seehofer, to seek to accord with the democratic principle.

    And Merkel’s flunkey Thomas de Maizière, who ludicrously holds the job of Interior Minister, bleats that  he does not believe “fences at Germany’s borders” were the answer to the influx of refugees in Europe.

    Not the entire answer, no, but if the fences covered all European borders currently under attack by crimmigrants…? 

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