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    Bazaar Buku, Jakarta, 29 March – 9 April 

    Hasil gambar untuk jakarta pameran April 2018

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    Ide Craft, Semarang, 23-25th March 

    Semarang IDE Craft 2018

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    Tags: appeal for funds, , May/Davis Brexit sell-out   

    Don’t Play Nice With Nasty Traitors! Take May DOWN! 

    I never seek donations to keep my blog going because it costs me little and I enjoy the effort it requires of me.

    But in view of the downright treachery encompassed in the May/Davis Document – which has confirmed me in my view…

    ….well expressed in this illustration, that from now on, only tough, rough and ready tactics can save Britain, I am making a special appeal.

    I know that there are numerous websites and campaigns that serve the Brexit cause, but some of them are altogether too gentle.

    We are not dealing with gentlefolk, but with RATS, which need to be, in political terms, not persuaded but extirpated. It seems to me that only one of the array of British resistance movements has hit the right note in response to the sell-out.

    Hence I am appending the entire latest email from Leave EU and urging every patriotic Brit to help them out….



    When 17,410,742 people voted to leave the European Union on June 23 2016, we knew exactly what we were voting for.

    We wanted to take back control of our own destiny – and that meant controlling our borders, our money, our natural resources, and our laws.

    We wanted to do that as soon as possible, and David Cameron’s empty promise to trigger Article 50 on June 24 told us that we would be out of the rotten club by June 23 2018 at the latest.

    But yesterday the British government revealed that it has no intention to deliver Brexit until January 1 2021 at the earliest. During that entire period – which will end nearly half a decade after our vote for departure – we will be bound by all of the shackles that we voted to remove.

    They have surrendered shamelessly to the demands of the Brussels establishment in the draft of a Withdrawal Agreement. The 130 pages of legal text are smeared with green to highlight the areas where Britain’s spineless government has caved in.


    At the end of the transition period, we will likely be forced into yet another general election – which will be used by pro-EU forces as a de facto second referendum on EU membership. We have to be ready to fight. Our campaign relies on public donations, and you can help us by clicking the link below.

    In January of this year, Theresa May said that “there is a difference between those who came prior to us leaving and those who will come when they know the UK is leaving”, but yesterday we discovered that there is no difference at all. Anybody who arrives and resides in the UK before the end of the transition period will have the right to acquire permanent residency.

    That means the status quo – open borders anarchy – will have persisted for nearly five years after we voted to leave the EU, and all of the stress that it puts on our schools, hospitals, and housing stock continuing unabated.May’s track record as Home Secretary speaks volumes and, after she failed even to control non-EU immigration, she should never have been trusted to bring back meaningful control of Britain’s borders.


    Our nation’s fishermen were one of the most vocal groups supporting a Leave vote in the run-up to the referendum. They knew first-hand what a burden the EU had placed on their industry, and what pain it had inflicted on fishing communities up and down the country. 

    Reclaiming our fishing stock, among the most precious natural resources of any island nation, was one of the biggest opportunities of Brexit – and a huge chance to revive a once proud industry.


    Davis and May stabbed our fishermen in the back yesterday with their willingness to submit to the fishing quotas of the Common Fisheries Policy for the foreseeable future. Their approach to these negotiations was always utterly craven. They should never have been trusted to fight for Britain’s fishermen.

    The agreement is a betrayal not only of Brexit, but of Britain herself. By agreeing to be bound by the rules of the European Union during the transition period without even the small say we once had in the rotten European institutions, the government has essentially handed our country over to the arbitrary will of a totally foreign power. 

    Brexit should mean Brexit, not further vassalage.


    So, we now have confirmation that in addition to the huge sums of cash Theresa May promised the EU months ago, she has now also surrendered our borders, our fishing waters, and even more of our sovereignty.Appointing an incompetent Remainer leader of the Conservative Party in 2016, without a vote from the membership, will prove to be one of the biggest errors committed by a modern political party. She is not fit to be prime minister.

    The Conservatives desperately need fresh leadership – leadership that backs Brexit, believes in Britain, and refuses to roll over for the corrupt European Union. Even before her brazen backsliding on Brexit, Theresa May was barely able to defeat Jeremy Corbyn in a general election.




    On current trends, if there are not immediate changes in the Tory Party, Corbyn will be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom. He is not fit to be prime minister either. Once a serious Eurosceptic, he has since turned his back on the tradition of Tony Benn, Michael Foot and Dennis Skinner by promising to keep us chained to the European Customs Union – a move that would deny us our own trade policy.

    Europhiles now control both of the main political parties. We need to fight for the future of this country by ensuring that we have a voice when the moment of truth comes. There will inevitably be an election at the end of this transition period, with the future of British independence hanging in the balance.

    A clash between Labour and the Tories, on current form, would offer the public no meaningful choice. It is now essential that Theresa May is removed from office and replaced with a true, patriotic Brexiteer like Jacob Rees-Mogg. The public deserves an alternative, and we have to fight for it!

    The leadership of both main parties has chosen to ignore the will of the British people. It is essential that we apply the most pressure possible on the Conservative Party to force a change of direction. You can support our campaign by following the link below.

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    Laundry Expo! 27/29 March, Jakarta 

    Gambar terkait

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    Tags: 'unprotected vaginal intercourse!', CNN homos, , Stormy Daniels porn star   

    Nobody Asked CNN Queer About ‘Unprotected Sex!’ 

    Morning TV today is not exactly inspirational!

    After switching from the BBC twenty minutes ago…

    Behind BBC’s Cover-Up Curtain – The Obama/Zuckwit Deal! 

    …I took the risk of tuning into CNN, and who’s there leering out at us but the notorious queer Don Lemon.

    We have had cause to deplore this foul creature before, more than once…


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    Tags: , data scandal, , , , Virgin trains,   

    Behind BBC’s Cover-Up Curtain – The Obama/Zuckwit Deal! 

    Just up and on the third black coffee, and already engaged in masochistic practices.



    Yes, watching the BBC!

    Big story, this Facebook ‘scandal,’ and whilst a certain schadenfreude is tempting ( due to my personal grudge against the ‘social media’ suppression of truths – Bare-Naked Girl? More Fun With Zuckwit’s Geekstapo! ) no real fun to dwell on it…


    Gambar terkait


    … because slimy little Zuckerberg, Obama’s ideological catamite, will still, like Obama, be rolling in cash, living a wealthier life-style than you or I can ever imagine.

    The REAL story is being more or less buried, not only by the BBC, but by most of the big media in Britain (apart from the Daily Mail)

    The hacks are giving it little or no prominence, instead turning their guns – surprise, surprise – on Donald Trump.



    So if you want to catch a glimpse of the truth behind the carefully-crafted controversy, try this.

    So where was the outcry when Obama mined Facebook?



    …or you prefer, pick up a copy of the Daily Mail.

    ‘They were on our side’: Obama campaign director reveals …

    Unless of course, you can’t!

    Which will be the case if you’re travelling by train, on any of the rail services operated by the infamously bigoted plutocrat…


    Hasil gambar untuk richard branson brexit

    Hypocrisy! Boycott Vacuous Branson’s Virgin Products 

    Richard Branson, censor supreme and fanatic foe of Brexit, who, you may recall, has BANNED the Mail from his Virgin railways.

    Why Virgin Trains really wanted to stop selling the Daily Mail 

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    Tags: , , , , ,   

    Has Tsipras Told Greek Cops To Kid-Glove Bogus ‘Refugees?’ 

    I say by way of prelude that this is not meant to single out Greek police for criticism, but merely the latest verbal assault on my part on the kid-glove carry-on…



    ….the way police are failing to use necessary force to deter illegal aliens, phoney ‘refugees,’ from advancing northwards through Europe.



    Fair comment, except the parasitic primitives are not content to reach a ‘safe country’ – it’s the yummiest welfare troughs they’re after!


    The report this week speaks of ‘a growing number’ of the lawless migrants involved in criminal endeavours to gate-crash Italy, not from North Africa but from WITHIN the EUSSR, namely from Greece, a safe democratic country, so any alien using its territory as a mere pathway to elsewhere is obviously NOT a ‘refugee.’

    According to Reuters, most are young Afghan or Pakistani men, and they ARE criminals…



    …and NOT just in terms of frontier violation. The Reuters team witnessed groups breaking into locks to get into trucks…

    Incredibly, this brazen criminality does not result in extra policing when it’s after dark and at its worst.

    The report tells us that security is laxer then. Reading that, it made me begin to think that the police are under orders, from on high…

    Lawless Idomeni Ingrates Bleed Greece Dry – Tsipras Hand-Cuffs Cops! 

    ….from Red Tsipras, likely, to adopt hands-off tactics.  We know his attitude from before.

    But some cops still try to o their job to the best of their hand-cuffed ability! A lot of the swine still get nabbed.

    Authorities arrested 760 people hiding in trucks or carrying FORGED travel documents at Patras in January and February, close to a third of the total of 2,627 arrests in 2017…

    (our capitals, for emphasis, as below also)

    So it’s not just breaking and entering, but forgery too.

    Yet incredibly, the undesirables, caught red-handed, are held AT MOST OVERNIGHT before they are released, and many try their luck again the following day.




    Of course they’ll persevere as repeat offenders if their nocturnal misdeeds go thus unpunished.

    They’d soon weary of their criminal prowling if the cops gave them a sound thrashing – breaking and entering is not so easy if you have a few broken bones!.

    The report confirms the sense of outrage among truckers at the refusal of authorities to deal with the scum..

    “It’s awful. It doesn’t get more awful than this and no one takes responsibility,” says one, although to be fair to Italian authorities, they do the right thing when the crimmigrants are caught on arrival.  ..

    Italian authorities returned 147 people to Greece last year, up from 112 in 2016… a pity the leftists in Rome don’t do the same with the hordes invading their country from North Africa.

    No wonder Italy’s Interior Ministry did not respond to a request for comment.

    Greek port on edge as more migrants try to stow away to Italy

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    Tags: Brussels propaganda unit 'EU vs Disinfo, Dutch MPs, , , The Netherlands   

    Dutch Democracy V Brussels Propaganda Machine! 

    Minister under pressure over EU fake news debunkers…

    Good to hear that not just the patriot party but a majority of Dutch MPs are pushing Home Affairs Minister Kasja Ollongren to put pressure on Brussels.

    This comes after the EuroCommissars’ propaganda website, ‘EU vs Disinfo,’ smeared three popular Dutch media; there will be a parliamentary vote on Tuesday.


    Gambar terkait

    Disinfo? Like smearing Dutch magazines!


    The victims of the EUSSR smear – that they were spreading fake news – are demanding that the Brussels anti-disinformation task force fess up and tell the truth – or face a fine of €20,000 a day.

    No doubt the Brussels parasites who run the disreputable site deserve to be fined.



    ….there’s no way the dirty rats would ever have to put their hands in their own pockets to pay the fines!

    They’d simply get Brussels to bail them out and Brussels has no money of its own.



    The EU is just a giant warthog that survives by letting its snout soak up funds from every tax-payer in every nation subject to their supranational control.

    In other words, if the victimised Dutch media win justice, then Dutch tax-payers would pay the fines…

    …along with Brits (because May has dragged her feet for a year or more without implementing the will of the British people) and Germans, and French, etc.

    The EUObs article usefully tells us that the culprits are hirelings of the EU’s external action service East Stratcom Task Force…



    …and THAT is directed by none other than Red Fed Mogherini, unrepentant communist and sometime Facebook friend of a notorious terrorist.

    The slimers under her command have already bottled out by taking two of their Dutch targets’ names off their list of ‘villains’  – although the demand for formal rectification remains outstanding.

    I gather the Dutch MPs are giving their Europhiliac PM an ultimatum, to get the Brussels gang disabled, and if he doesn’t, then they’ll step up action to bring this nasty little gang to heel.

    Minister Ollongren admits that ‘They [the EU officials] should not be taking the place of independent journalism.’

    But inexplicably, she maintains that the organisation has a useful role in the fight against fake news…

    If she wants to take down dirty media…


    Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize


    ‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 


    …she could do worse than look at the gross abuse of state-funded media bias by Holland’s allies Germany, France and the UK.

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    Tags: , , , exploitation of attempted murder, Joint Declaration, , , , , UK Sovereignty, , Vince Cable   

    Hypocrisy! Mama And Muppet Defending UK Sovereignty? 

    I gather there’s a fresh eruption of Europhiliac hogwash back in The Old Country, about how Britannia would be standing alone, or near enough, were it not for her doughty EU partners.

    Had Brexit already come to pass, Remainers suggest, The Blessed Theresa would be naked and defenceless against the Russian Bear.



    Unashamedly exploiting the two people poisoned in Salisbury, Euro-Crawlers like Vince Cable…


    Gambar kisah untuk vince cable brexit russia dari The Sun

    …and more like him, are citing  as proof of their scandalous distortion of reality the ‘Joint Statement‘ published by the USA, Germany and France which deplores an ‘assault on UK sovereignty’

    UK, US, Germany and France unite to condemn spy attack | UK news ..


    The USA, under its current President, is credible when it talks about sovereignty, but Mama Stasi’s Germany, or Muppet Macron’s France?


    Gambar terkait

    – Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday (21 January) they wanted to deepen Franco-German cooperation and give the European Union a fresh push towards closer integration.


    What interest have those leaders ever shown in sovereignty, British or that of their own nations – they are totally committed to march cheek by jowl alongside Liar Juncker towards ‘closer integration…’


    …the European supranationalist goal of a full-scale EUSSR.

    Juncker has admitted he’ll resort to bare-faced lying but his ego is such that he can’t help boasting about it.

    “Britain is different. Of course there will be transfers of sovereignty. But WOULD  I BE INTELLIGENT TO DRAW THE ATTENTION OF PUBLIC OPINION TO THIS FACT?”

    (my caps)  “There is a single legal personality for the EU, the primacy of European law, a new architecture for foreign and security policy, there is an enormous extension in the fields of the EU’s powers, there is Charter of Fundamental Rights.

    And THAT was over ten years ago!

    The mangy Luxemburger has been hard at work ever since, with nary a twitch if a restraining finger from either of the dirty duo now hypocritically adding their names to the USA’s much more believable declaration of solidarity.

    You’ve all been following the Brexit nego-farce, the latest stage on today’s news featuring May’s sickening u-turn over Ulster –

    Hasil gambar untuk theresa sell-out

    – and how about the betrayal of British fishermen?)…

    2 July 2017 – UK will ban foreign fishing after leaving EU, says Gove..UK to ‘take back control’ of waters after exiting fishing convention …



    The deal announced in Brussels provoked anger from the UK fishing industry, which will be subject to EU quotas throughout the 21-month transition period…

    Fishing industry’s anger as UK and EU strike Brexit transition deal

    …and you KNOW that Macron and Merkel are cheer-leading for Barnier.

    Give them NO credit for their simpering, insincere ‘solidarity on sovereignty.’

    • Penny L 8:46 pm on March 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Who would ever trust Merkel to stand up for our sovereignty when she wouldnt even defend her own country’s borders?

    • Fiona Fenton 10:08 pm on March 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Hitler and Mussolini were more interested in defending UK sovereignty. than Merkel and Macron..

  • ross1948 6:13 pm on March 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Antwerp police, , Dutch women,   

    Dutch Girls Raped, Attackers Hunted, BUT…No Descriptions? 

    The authorities in Antwerp are investigating a gang-rape involving five men raping two young Dutch women. Three suspects were arrested so far, AD reports.

    The report gives plenty of information about the circumstances of this sex crime, including the fact that some of the alleged rapists have been detained.


    As so often, we have to guess what they look like!


    But is it not odd that, with others not yet arrested, NO description of the assailants has been issued, or at least not included in the report?

    STOP PRESS!  I was about to publish this just as it is set out above, but…

    In the nick of time, THIS was sent to me…read on!

    The NOS describes them as “men”, while Nieuwsblad is more specific: they are twenty-something, “of African descent, from Antwerp and Temse.

    Belgium: Two Dutch women raped by five men … – The Old Continent

    • Petra Malley 8:33 pm on March 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Well spotted. Or at least suspected.
      We all need to be suspicious of the media.
      It’s not a question of fake news but censored news.

      This isn’t the first time the media have deliberately left out highly relevant information about suspects. Criminal aliens are running amok in many countries and in many countries the media are covering up for them.

    • Nick Miller 9:23 pm on March 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It is a disgraceful cover-up but nowhere near as bad as what’s been going on in Germany, where the police are under orders to hide the truth about crimes committed by Merkel’s guests.

      It’s a long article but a must-read for anybody anywhere in Europe who cares about their country.

    • Diana 11:57 pm on March 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Dreadful dishonest media -or was it the police?.

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