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  • ross1948 9:33 am on May 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: baseball, Calico Joe, , , , Pole dancing, public holidays   

    Happy May Day! But No Day Off in Jakarta! 

    Happy May Day!

    It is, after all, an ancient holiday…



    …enjoyed by the comm0n folk of England long before it was hi-jacked by mangy marxists.

    As you can see, Maypole dancing, back then, was entirely different from pole dancing as practised today. 

    I hope that photo brightens up your breakfast!


    This year the poor workers don’t get a holiday, at least not here in Jakarta. There are four public holidays on the Indonesian May calendar, and three of them fall on a Sunday, today’s, plus one Christian, one Muslim and one Buddhist. 

    You’d think there’d be three Mondays off in recompense, and I seem to recall there used to be, but at some point the stinginess of the bureaucratic establishment decided NOT, so apart from Thursday’s Ascension Day, nobody gets an extra break this month.

    It’s long past day-break here, so there’s likely no dew on the grass in the little park across the street, but in Europe, most people will be tucked up in their comfy beds, so I add this old saying for anyone there who wakes up and thinks it a good idea.  


    NB, it’s only for girls, but even were it a statutory non-discriminatory pledge under the Equality Act and guys could try, I doubt it would do me much good…




    …so I’ll skip that option.

    There will be the usual workers’ demo downtown today, so traffic will be horrendous in consequence. And in consequence, I won’t be going far.

    But it’s a beautiful sunny morning, and with a book to read, some sunning out front seems like a good plan.

    BTW, speaking of my energetic front yard activities, this past week I read an excellent paperback, Calico Joe, by John Grisham.


    • ———————–
    • It’s a short story, about a baseball player, but you have no real need to understand that sport to enjoy the tale.
    • I strongly recommend it.   
  • ross1948 12:01 am on May 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , Halifax Nova Scotia, , Lethbridge Alberta, , , , The Rebel   

    Another Pool Predator? But Not in Europe – Joys of Life in Turdistan! 

    Hard to believe  – not – but many media are still bent on hiding the extent of alien rape in Europe. The Local managed to cover the trial and sentencing of three scumbags in Sweden this month without any mention of their names, migration status or nationality.

    Three men jailed over gang rape on ferry


    This  case reminds us of another more recent shocker, just weeks ago, when again The Local skipped basic facts. Luckily, more responsible media covered that crime when it happened, and thanks to Breitbart, we let you know what kind of curs they were.

    Cruise For 1700 School Kids Ends In Tragedy As Migrant Passengers Gang-Rape Girl  Breitbart News1 Apr 2016



      Shame on The Local, but now let’s look at CANADA!

    And, sad to say, at the CBC, which appears desperate to avoid telling Canadians what multicult migration has done to blight the Dominion. 

    Of course there are other similarities between Sweden and Canada- in neither of these countries did the government seek referendum approval before importing thousands of primitives.


    • SomethingWickedbcweb

    And now it begins….

    Two young girls, and a grown woman, were attacked in the Holiday Inn.




    • .Ezra Levant is one of the few honest journalists in Canada. He has his own independent site these days –
    • Here he is, reporting on a vicious case of sexual assault at a Lethbridge, Alberta, swimming pool. 

    I don’t get $1.2 billion a year from the Liberal government like the CBC does, but I know how to use Google. It took me less than thirty seconds to find the Lethbridge Police department’s press release. It actually seems to have been the basis for the CBC story, almost line for line.

    Except for this line:

    “Wijdan Yasir, 28, of Calgary, is charged with three counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual interference.”

    Ezra Levant then draws a conclusion.

    You readers can draw your own.

    But reading Ezra’s writings almost always reveals other news that the CBC would prefer decent Canadians not to know about.. 

    It’s the same reason why the CBC helped in the cover-up of the Syrian migrant kids in a Halifax elementary school beating up the Canadian girls. If the roles were reversed, it would be huge news.

    There’s a petition to sign, and the background info is horrific. 

    It’s a big deal when Syrian migrants bring a culture of violence, especially anti-girl violence, to Canada.

    But even more concerning is when Canadian authorities — whether it’s teachers, the school board or even the police are too afraid to talk about it.

    And a media culture that would rather snuff out stories than report them.


    evil children

    No need for any comments from me – just that appropriate illustration again.

    Oh, and there’s a petition to sign too.

  • ross1948 11:42 pm on April 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Pesta Rakyat Mojokerto 4th-11th May   

    Pesta Rakyat Mojokerto 4th-11th May 

    Acara Pesta Rakyat Mojokerto 2016

  • ross1948 5:52 pm on April 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: AP media bias, , , , , , , Mexican immigrants, Orange County, , rally, , ,   

    America’s (and Mexico’s) Red Nazis Amok in California 

    A very odd piece of journalism in the Jakarta Post today, not, to be fair, down to the poor quality of the JP’s English language skills, as often happens, but rather to the skewed perspective of the Associated Press hacks who produced it in the USA. 


     Trump himself noted AP’s anti-American stance, in 2013


    • Again, to be fair, the hacks might lose their jobs if they get too close to the truth about crimmigrants. The Associated Press some time ago decreed that their staff are forbidden to identify illegals as the lawless intruders they are.  PC Watch: Associated Press Drops “Illegal Immigrant”



    British readers will know that much the same sort of hoodlum tactics are deployed against UKIP in the UK, so may not be surprised that the left is responsible for the thuggery…Snake Cameron – Red Nazi UAF’s Founding Fan?

     …but in case anyone didn’t see the scenes on tv last night, with louts leaping on a cop car and screaming hate at the Trump people, let’s continue through the AP ‘report.’

    First, please note the Trump rally was held in Orange County.

    Back when California was sane and had a largely American population, electing excellent representatives like Governor Ronald Reagan, I was in touch with some sound people there. Orange County was the epicentre of the counter-revolutionary movement, a wholesome area full of true conservatives.

    The AP story suggests little has altered, describing it as ‘conservative Orange County.’

    So it seems like the mob was imported from outside the area where the rally was being held.

    There are now hordes of illegals all over the state, notably in LA, encouraged by the left-liberal state authorities.

    Again, readers will recall that various big cities there have designated themselves as treason centres…


    1800 Illegal Immigrant Criminals Re-offended After Sanctuary Cities Let Them Go


    …though they formally describe themselves as ‘sanctuary cities. The local law enforcement agencies are under strict orders to aid and abet illegal immigrants, by refusing to cooperate with  federal authorities.

    The reason decent American people despise Barack Husein’s pet project –Obama’s Pricey Plague-Dogs and Philadelphia’s Shame! – aka illegals…




    ….is much more than just their criminality but their brazen disloyalty, and that was on display yesterday…. several hundred demonstrators blocked the road, waved Mexican flags and posed for selfies.’


    It would have been entirely reasonable if the Americans at the rally had responded with all kinds of force to this deliberate display of hatred and ingratitude…



    …but the only reaction reported by the AP was a group of patriots chanting ‘Build That Wall’ at one of the alien slugs brandishing that foreign flag.

    Hardly violent! I’d say it was a very restrained retort to deplorable behaviour.


    And apart from that… One Trump supporter had his face bloodied in a scuffle as he tried to drive out of the arena. One man jumped on a police car, leaving its front and rear windows smashed and the top dented in and other protests sprayed graffiti on a police car and the Pacific Amphitheatre’s marquee.

    So a man on his way home is assaulted for no reason at all, by a rabble, aliens attack police cars, and morons vandalise private and public property.

    Were ANY of these crimes committed by Trump supporters, who were exercising their democratic right to attend a peaceful rally to hear the candidate they prefer?

    I doubt it.



    • Jerry Jerman 9:28 pm on April 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Now if you can watch your news you will see the antifa red nazis in Germany attacking the AfD who only want to have their congress in peace. German police have arrested hundreds of antifa for violent attacks.

  • ross1948 3:05 pm on April 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , right to vote,   

    One More Camoron Double-Cross – No Right to Vote for UK Expats! 

    So a court has ruled that Brits who have lived overseas for more than 15 years have NO right to take part in what must be the most important decision likely to be made in their lifetime.


    • 21NeverMindDemocracy.png
    • ============
    • Yet citizens of a foreign country who have resided in the UK for maybe a couple of years, who owe NO allegiance to HM The Queen, and whose government is actively encouraging the Europhiliac side in the June 23rd referendum – Fear in the air as Irish firms worry about Brexit have the right to cast a ballot? 

    What manner of British justice is this?  

    These exiled Brits against whom Camoron discriminates include maybe a million or more who have retired, after long years of hard work, home and away, and others still working abroad but who, in many, probably most cases, remain fiercely loyal to their country.

    The lying swine made another of his infamous ‘cast-iron’ pledges not long ago to restore their enfranchisement, which Labour stripped from them – but now he tells them –



    • ‘Aaah, yes, but not just yet, wait till we have the UK safely subjugated to Brussels, then we’ll see…’


    Would the expat vote have helped or hindered the fight for freedom?

    Who knows?

    A lot of those featured in the media have been the selfish sort, more concerned about the risk of extra Euro-bureaucratic form-filling than about their country’s sovereignty. UK Expats Are NOT All Europhiliac – And ‘Abroad’ Reaches Further Than Brussels. 

    And there are plenty on the Brussels pay-roll, over-paid flunkeys with snouts deeply embedded in the Eurocrats’ NGO gravy-train.

    But that does not justify what’s happened.

    There’s to be an appeal to more judges, who, I fear, will be no more sympathetic to democratic principles.

    To those patriots now disenfranchised, I can only urge participation to whatever extent is available. A donation to the Leave EU campaigners would be a small but proper step to take,

    Dear Supporter,

    Here at Leave.EU, we’re certainly excited. After a turbulent week and a bit, during which No. 10 threw the kitchen sink at us in the form of a dodgy Treasury document, an undisguised threat from President Obama, and yet another dubious economic forecast, this time from the OECD, we emerged victorious: a lead in the polls.

    On Wednesday, Leave.EU Founders, Arron Banks and Richard Tice made a brilliant case for Brexit, defending the interest of their, and YOUR nation in front of the Treasury Select Committee in Parliament.

    Richard Tice made the often neglected point that you don’t need a free trade deal to trade, just look at America, Britain’s biggest export partner. Arron Banks, meanwhile was laboured with having to point out the difference between ‘the deficit’ and ‘the national debt’ to the Committee’s members, his lessons in economics didn’t end there. Click here to see them in action.

    Time for a shake-up to the establishment? We think so. A monumental win for the ‘Leave’ side would be a great start, paving the way for a better future for Britain in the process. Let’s get everyone we can behind the referendum on the 23rd June, and make those votes count.

    We have new leaflets for distribution offering the necessary facts and the arguments. With only 55 days left to make a difference, every day of campaigning counts.

    We need leafleters for busy town centres, volunteers to knock on doors and put on street stalls, as well as organising our local events and supporting our national activities. With more than 400 task forces set up around the country it couldn’t be easier to get involved. Contact to find out where your nearest group is so you can get involved.

    Leave.EU have a big calendar of events coming up. Show your support by coming along and promoting our events to all your friends, family and colleagues.

    We know you like to hit the streets daily, and we encourage that, in addition we have organised national events such as our;

    Leave.EU Fight for Independence Day: Saturday 14th May
    We need all our supporters to grab their Leave.EU t-shirts, round up friends, family members and colleagues and hit the streets with our “Know the Facts” leaflet. We need your help to distribute a million leaflets in one day!Freedom Run: Sunday 12th June
    Join a host of famous faces on Sunday 12th June at Wolverhampton Race Course for our Freedom Run. Run 5km, walk 1km or come along and support people participating. You can also organise your own freedom run or walk in your area – post your photos on Twitter, tag us @LeaveEUofficial and join in the fun. Our aim is to have supporters up and down the country running for freedom. Let’s tell the EU to jog on!The Great British Street Party: Weekend of the 18th, 19th June.
    To attract the young families and young people in general we want to make politics fun, and how better, than through a Leave.EU Great British Street Party: an occasion to inform people of the facts on why we are better off our of the EU, and have a lot of fun at the same time. Street party packs will be available to order very soon.
    For more information on how you can lend your support, promote and take part in any of these events, please write to:


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    ANOTHER ‘Poor Little Child’ ( Alien Ingrate Brat) Hits Vienna Headlines!

    • evil children
    • —————-

    This dirty little slug was released early ( a ridiculous ‘suspended sentence’ ) after spending only EIGHT MONTHS in jail for planning to bomb a Vienna train station in the name of the Islamic State group…

    Now the swine has been given two years after he promptly  began sending  pro-terrorist SMSes. 

    We read that prosecutors may yet appeal.  Yet all they might achieve by doing so would MAYBE be to get something nearer the equally soft-soppy sentence dished out to an older malignant last month.  Radical ISIS preacher jailed for six years in Austria (

    It would obviously be far wiser to shoot the pig – both pigs!

    Unfortunately capital punishment has not yet been restored in Austria.

    So instead of spouting nonsense like –

    “This is the last chance for you to gain a foothold in our society,” as the presiding judge fatuously advised the younger ingrate this week…

    …why not just kick the demonic adolescent brute back to Turkey, from whence he emigrated as a young boy in 2007, and despatch the older one to Chechenya, the place that pig came from before being allowed, incredibly, to set up shop in Austria?

    devil destroyed

    This policy of permitting the enemies of civilisation to dwell in civilised countries is by no means unique to Austria, but at least there, with Herr Hofer riding high in presidential polling…

    More Good Reasons For Austrians to VOTE HOFER! 

    …there’s some hope that sanity will prevail.

  • ross1948 12:38 am on April 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 4-8 May, Craft and Batik Nusantara,   

    Craft and Batik Nusantara, Surabaya, 4-8 May 

    Pameran Tenun Craft dan Batik Nusantara 2016

  • ross1948 3:37 pm on April 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: bridge, Hotel Sultan, , , Polda Halte Busway, Semanggi Junction,   

    Dua Misteri Jakarta – FoodMarket Semanggi, Jembatan Polda… 

    I had to meet up with various people in two different, but not distant, locations yesterday.

    First stop, Plaza Semanggi.

    After a chat and a coffee in JCO, we went our separate ways, but before leaving that mall, I wanted to see if the new supermarket, advertised as being open ‘soon’ when Giant closed…

    Misteri Gunung Semanggi – Kemana Raksasanya? A Giant Vanishes! 



    …had indeed opened, because that sign was erected last September, and ‘soon,’ to me, and to most people, surely, means a matter of weeks or maybe a month or so. 

    But not in PS, as I learned back in January, for, after almost five months, back I went, and lo… 

    Plaza Semanggi Gives New Meaning to The Word ‘Soon!’ 

    …no sign of any new place to shop for discounts! So I haven’t hung out much at Semanggi since then.

    It’s now almost the end of April, so THIS TIME I fully expected to find brisk business being done.


    STILL no store. But another sign was up…it would be open in APRIL, which, if I’m not wrong  (“thirty days hath September, April, June…etc.”)> ends tomorrow!

    Will they get the shelves up and stocked and lots of cute cashiers ready to take my shopping money within the next 24 hours?

    I’m thinking of submitting this to the new store’s management as an ideal uniform for their front-line staff


    Who knows?

    But my disappointments were not over.

    I next had to get to the Hotel Sultan, which is also at Semanggi, but diagonally opposite PS, which, if you don’t dwell in our fair city, you might think makes it easy to get from one to the other….



    Hotel Sultan                                                                                                                     Plaza Semanggi


    …yeah, right!

    So I figured the best way was to get on the Busway and go down one stop, to Polda, where I could easily alight and use the Busway bridge to reach the far side of Sudirman,  where the hotel is located.

    Yeah, right!

    I duly alighted, exited the Halte Busway and reached the bridge.

    Polda Busway Bridge in happier (pre-amputation) days.

    Half of which was missing. Yes, the wrong half.

    I stood there, peering southwards to see if there was another one any nearer than the NEXT bus-stop.

    There isn’t.

    So down to the pavement, where I hovered till a bold band of locals assembled in sufficient numbers to challenge the menacing traffic flowing in both directions.


    Much waving of ‘the magic hand’ – that custom among Jakartans by which they wave gently, palm downwards ( I am told they don’t hold their hands palm outward as that would be deemed ‘impolite!’) to indicate to motorists that they are determined to get across a busy street.

    It works!

    But I hope the authorities will soon return the missing half of that bridge.

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    Tags: , , proxy voting,   

    June 23rd – Help the Aged and Infirm – Get Britain OUT! 

    Just had this sent to me by a reader, and it’s all about how to maximise the GET BRITAIN OUT vote in the coming referendum – by using proxy votes.



  • ross1948 9:58 am on April 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Win a Free Wedding   

    Win a Free Wedding? But With Whom? Jakarta, 30th April -1st May 


    I find this promo rather appealing, not that I’m likely to attend the event. A free wedding? If I were to win it…?

    I suppose I could rush down to the hotel’s posh Tiga Puluh Bar and yell out my good luck, then see who might respond!  

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