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    Glen Fredly, 30 September, Jakarta 

    Hasil gambar untuk konser September 2016

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    Swiss Jobs for Swiss Workers? Don’t Be Difficult, Warns Juncker Flunkey! 


    The EU warned Switzerland on Monday over a vote by one of its cantons backing curbs on migrants…EU warns Swiss over vote to curb cross-border workers

    What a nerve, to tell any country that it may not give preference to its own, over foreigners.

    One canton, Ticino, has voted for a measure which most Swiss, I’d say would applaud. It’s a modest step – the initiative called for companies to give preference to Swiss workers over foreigners if they were equally qualified…

    Most Brits would surely applaud any similar move to apply the same rules for UK citizens.


    • power-to-the-people-17-10-13


    But beware the politicians!

    Switzerland’s outstanding constitution is the envy of most neighbouring countries – direct popular power from the ground up. Yet suddenly the evil empire, the EUSSR, looms over  democratic values, casting a dark shadow  over the Alpine confederation’s bright lights of freedom. And, similarly to Westminster, legislators in Berne appear determined to thwart democracy.


    Instead of fixed quotas, the lower house favours a ‘light’ solution which would mean prioritizing Swiss nationals for jobs and only taking more drastic measures if Brussels agrees.


    Oh My God!

    If Brussels agrees?

    A Juncker flunkey ‘warned’ those who respect democratic decisions that “Yesterday’s vote will not make the already difficult talks any easier.” .

    The same report reminds us that the referendum is legally binding – so what are we to make of the fact that a majority of MPs are as much concerned with Brussels as with their own people’s legally binding decision at the ballot box.

    Is parliament’s proposal a necessary solution or the “death of direct democracy”? Row as Swiss MPs give in on EU migrant curbs

    A fair question – one hopes the voters of Switzerland will enforce their constitution on their political class.

    Hasil gambar untuk article 50


    British people are facing the same challenge and should wish the Swiss well! 


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    Disdain The Local’s Bias – Don’t Let Crooked Clinton Win By Default! 

    Having zoomed around several time-zones twice this month, and also the month before, I am still slightly tired. It upsets one’s equilibrium no end.

    SO last night I pondered staying up very late, till 4 am Jakarta time, or setting my alarm, because who wants to miss the BIG debate?


    • In the end, I gave up, deciding to watch whatever highlights might be available when I surfaced. A wise decision, as I’d miscalculated – not 4 am Jakarta-time, after all.

    So here I am, up at 7 am, and The Donald is due to clash with Crooked in half an hour.  




    We shall see how it goes. But first, a look at The Leftal, as I refer to The Local, which has provided an American leftist with a bully pulpit to beat their biased drum for the most dangerous woman in North America.

    I’d have said in the world, but Mama Stasi has the edge, I’d say, though Boisterous Bill’s missus could out-do Merkel, if by some nightmare chance she makes it into the White House.


    A load of bollocks, one has to say, is what the self-styled ‘British-American’ Laura Shields offers, with throw-away lines like –

     Do I think it’s ok that there are people who genuinely think that there was no racism in America before Obama?


    • obama-trayvon


    Who the HELL ever said that?

    What most people reckon is that Obama’s overt racism has enflamed race relations in the USA, his grotesque reference to the late juvenile delinquent Trayvon Martin as someone who might have been the son he never had, while displaying indifference to the  victims of his beloved illegal immigrants’ crimes, which include rape and murder.

    But Laura is honest enough to admit she’s a bigwig in Democrats Abroad, so that’s what we must expect.

    What is amazing is that The Local seems not to have bothered to try at all for balance, no corresponding article urging overseas Americans to register to vote for Trump.

    Maybe The Local will seek out a dissenting voice – but I won’t be holding my breath!

    So now the debate is starting, and I’ll finish off for now, with an exhortation, to the numerous American patriots living around the world who read my blog, to register and vote..

    Hasil gambar untuk wake up america


    Don’t let Clinton win by default on your part.


    • Neville 10:15 am on September 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I just watched it. And I have now read that Democrats Abroad article you mentioned.
      Then I changed channels to CNN and they are still using Van Jones, a self-confessed Communist, to trash Trump.
      It’s not only European media bias that’s the problem.
      The American media are not on America’s side.

    • Thomas H. 10:46 am on September 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I am an American overseas and i will vote for Trump. But thanks for reminding us to register, there are a lot who haven’t yet. .

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    ICS Cultural Week, Tangerang, 26 September-1 October 

    MP (ICS) Cultural  Week  2016 UPH - Copy

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    Demon Doctors – Mendacious Medics Collaborate With Mama Stasi’s Migrants! 



    Disgusting doctors? Diabolic doctors? Dirty rotten red doctors?

    Lots of scope for alliteration in the shocking story  – covered by few of the Lugenpresse media but honourably publicised by Breitbart and the Daily Caller – on how the German government is accusing doctors of issuing too many sick notes to migrants to help them avoid deportation.Thomas de Maiziere, Germany’s interior minister, indirectly accused doctors of issuing fake sick notes to refugees in June. 

    Naturally, the pinko shrill-machine got moving, as doctors and politicians quickly dismissed it as exaggerated.

    “It can’t be true that 70 percent of men under the age of 40 are declared sick and not fit to travel before deportation,” de Maiziere said in June. “Experience suggests this is not the case.”




    Not untrue, please note, but simply ‘exaggerated,‘ as if even a handful of collaborationist scum in the medical profession should be ignored or de-prioritised as targets for whatever Germany has in the form of professional oversight bodies. Every effort should be made to see to it that they never work again. 

    But now we hear that his charges have been backed up – many medical files stand out in the way they come from the same doctor with identical notes, and lack a solid explanation for why the person can’t travel, newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports.Vague formulations such as “presumptive diagnosis” are used to declare the migrants unfit to travel.:

    Breitbart reminds us that there’s a huge backlog in deportations of undesirable aliens …Germany Accuses Doctors of Preventing Migrant Deportations..and while much of the blame belongs to Maiziere himself.
    And even more to HMV, the evil Mama Stasi Merkel, for their refusal to enact laws (and for their acceptance of German subordination to the Abominable No-Men at European Court level) …
    Hasil gambar untuk doctor pigg
    …there needs to be a reckoning with lying schweinehunde in white coats who are devoid of both honesty and allegiance to their own country.
    as of June 30, 2016, some 550,000 rejected asylum seekers were still living in Germany. Many have unrestricted residency status, since they have settled here and no longer have any connection to their own country of origin…
    Deutsche Welle seems to have missed the big picture but does tell us of what good Germans are calling the‘Deportation Hindrance Industry.’ The report says there’s suspicion about both lawyers and doctors are behind this subversive menace.
    Sad reading.
    While most people hold lawyers in some degree of contmept, equally, most respect their doctors.  But the Chairman of the German Police Union (GdP), Rainer Wendt at least is prepared to speak up.
    out with them
    “Whoever allows those who failed to receive asylum to lead the government around by the nose like that risks destroying citizens’ trust in the state’s ability to act.” 
    There certainly are some vile professionals about.

    We even had a sickening report about one sicko vixen who maintained that rape should not be seen as sufficient grounds for deportation. 

    German Leftist Lawyer – “Rapist Refugees Don’t Deserve Deportation!” 

    But fact is, until Merkel is removed and Germans get proper consultation on ‘migrants’ – like Hungary’s splendid referendum next month – there will be no serious steps taken to deport the million or so who don’t and won’t fit in.

    Only democracy, and restoration of sovereign status, freed from Brussels and Strasbourg, can resolve this issue.  

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    MEPs’ Latest Scheme – Plunder YOUR Money For Millennials’ Freebies! 

    Giving a free train pass to each European turning 18 would reconnect young people to the EU and each other.

    Oh Yeah?



    • I went a-wandering all over Europe when I was 16, and 17, and for a few more summers after that, hitch-hiking.
    • Later I did buy a rail pass, because I wanted to see as much as I could in a limited amount of time between university and the world of work.
    • I did all that travelling because I loved seeing Europe and meeting its people, and not for one instant did I come to favour seeing Britain subjugated to liars and multicultists of the sort who run the EUSSR.
    • ——————
    • The yaplings in EUObserver appear oblivious to the truth, that Brits voted Leave NOT because they dislike the other peoples under Brussels rule but because they value one of the rights enshrined in the UN Charter –  SELF-DETERMINATION! 
    • DEMOCRACY and the EUSSR are incompatible, as Liar Juncker made clear recently.
    •  Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy! Hasil gambar untuk juncker democracy
    • ——–——–.
    • But who’s going to pay for these ‘free’ train passes?

    Who else, but you Brits, if Tardy Theresa hasn’t pressed button 50.

    And all the other peoples currently subjugated to the supranational commissars. These impudent upstarts are quite bare-faced in their call for more abuse of tax-payers’ money, something for which EurocRats are already infamous.



    They came up with an idea: why doesn’t the European Commission hand out Interrail passes to all EU youth for free?

    They are grossly offensive clowns, too.

    Get this!  S/he who travels does not set fire to refugee homes or vote for (semi-) fascist parties.

     Note they are too gutless to specify which parties they slur as ‘fascist.’

    I travelled as a teen, and didn’t burn anyone’s lodgings, but the crimmigrants sure do travel, and more than a few commit arson, rape and murder..

    REPORT: Migrants Burn Down Asylum Centre After Not Receiving Ramadan Wake Up Call

    “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” SoDyeThat Blonde Hair! 




    Moreover, I seem to have read about leftist lay-abouts travelling around Europe giving aid and comfort to crimmigrants, most recently in Ventimiglia. 

    The Ventimiglia Connection? And Where’s Da Media? 

    So does travelling define who’s right and wrong, good and bad, smart or dimwitted? Hardly – simplistic propagandists, these two, a nasty pair of leftists, smearing by implication, then urging a huge gouge from the public purse!. 


    And guess who’s on board with this prospective rip-off, which the dissing duo ,Vincent Immanuel Herr and Martin Speer, both aged 30 or pushing it, admit would cost billions?

     Just recently, the head of the EPP group Manfred Weber proposed it on the floor of the European Parliament. 

    Wonderful. We know all about that ‘European Parliament.’  

    EU states must take many more refugees, warn MEPs



    Naked Truth? Renzi Belly-Crawls To Islamist Intolerance! 


     Shortly after, Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi voiced his support for the idea.


    Red Renzi!

    The man who daily ships into Italy thousands of crimmigrants, and who decriminalised illegal immigration. That’s the sort of endorsement which will endear the scheme to working folk, Italians especially, whose economy is a mess – €2.6 billion a year on freebie joy-riding. 

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    What A Prince! He’s Gonna Make A Wise King of Canada One Day! 

    …when Mr Trudeau knelt down to welcome Prince George with a handshake and high-five, the Prince was spotted shaking his head at the politician, leaving Trudeau to slowly put away his lonely high-five.


    Unimpressed Prince George leaves Canadian PM hanging

    • arnold 1:58 pm on September 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      A brilliant boy!

  • ross1948 8:14 pm on September 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Austria – Another ‘Refugee’ With ‘High’ Standards! 

    An Afghan asylum seeker has been arrested for using his social security benefits to fly back home to set up a drugs network.

    Asylum seeker used benefits to set up drugs network

    Just remember, in December…

    ITMA! Hofer May Yet Take the Reins in Vienna! 




    • Otto 12:33 pm on September 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Good heavens, how many of these has Austria got, and how many have they deported?.

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    Back in Jak, Still Laughing About ‘Rear of the Year!’ 

    Well I got back to Jakarta late last night…

    i love jkt


    … but it’s taken me all day to regain control of my laptop from Windows, who seized it for installation of  ‘updates!’  They offered no option to postpone their installation, so I was unable to email my numerous friends in The Old Country who made my visit fun.

    First time in the UK for quite a few years, and much to comment on ( incidentally, no blog comments recently from anyone, so if I don’t publish yours, please resend – Windows maybe erased them whilst making free with my technology!)

    Meantime, no rush to blog about all my experiences in modern Britain, which will include a gripping comparison of Manchester and Abu Dhabi Airports…


    Britannia sad


    …except for the hilarious poster I saw when strolling nostalgically around my alma mater. It comprised an imaginary (?) conversation, presumably between two normal British blokes, roughly along the lines of –

    ‘Why would she be offended when I said she had the ‘Rear of the Year?’



    This nice pic was NOT on the ‘diversity’ poster.


    Yeah, I’d have thought she’d take it as a compliment.’


    Indeed, any normal girl would!

    But the poster was a warning from some nut-jobs in the campus ‘diversity’ shrill-squad, whining about men being ‘disrespectful’ to women!  I laughed aloud at the po-faced ( and presumably skinny-assed) prigs who felt so slighted. Then I continued my walk and came upon the most recent update of the student union discipline code, which has now included ‘leering’ as a possible disrespectful disciplinary offence.


    • leering


    As my former Scots colleague might have put it, were these people born, or did their maw knit them?  

    However, it turns out there is an actual event – no, not a ‘National Leering Day’ – but a Rear of the Year contest! 

    Hasil gambar untuk rear of the year 2016


    The ‘Rear of the Year’ is a light-hearted award presented annually to British celebrities with prize-winning rear assets.  It was created by publicity consultant Tony Edwards and is organised by Rear of the Year Limited.

    So belated congrats to Jennifer, above – uptights please note, there are awards for both female and male bums, but you won’t get any of the latter featured on THIS blog!


    But a big question mark over how students supposedly engaged in serious studies at a respectable UK university have time to get their knickers in a twist over a neat chat-up line.

    • Diana 11:45 am on September 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I sent a comment last week but so far it hasn’t been published. It’s a little late now so I am sending anther, to say how much I agree with you about the ‘rear rage’ students. They are so censorious. I thought university years were for fun. They were for me.

      • ross1948 1:07 pm on September 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Sorry, ma’am. Some trouble with the comments column.
        I think some are lost permanently, but it seems to be working well now, just slow.

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