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    I.O.T, Jakarta, 28-30 November 

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    Anti-Violence Against Women, Jakarta, 25/11- 10/12 

    Hasil gambar untuk pameran 2017 desember

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    Ach, Herr Lindner! Mama Stasi Totters, Left Shrills At FDP! 

    I tuned into Deutsche Welle on Monday night, to see what they had to say about the collapse of the coalition talks.


    • ========
    • After watching this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, it seemed appropriate to learn if Mama Stasi Merkel would lurch into a minority government in the foul embrace of the Greens…



    …whom DW has daintily taken to describing not as far-left, which they are, but as ‘environmentalist,’ as if they’re all about saving whales rather than importing uncivilised aliens.



    There was a talk show on the issue, and a grisly old bat (no, not Mama!) snarled her fury at Herr Lindner-


    Even the other ( non-right) guests evinced amazement.

    Hasil gambar untuk taz ulrike herrmann

    Bilious pinko Ulrike Hermann


    I didn’t get her name at the time but being a diligent chap, I searched, and lo, found not only Ulrike Hermann’s pic but also the DW link to the ‘special edition of Quadriga…’



    … so you can confirm my account of her bilious hatred for the FDP for yourselves.

    The leader of the Free Democrats has never said anything that could be construed as ‘racist’ or even ‘populist’ or ‘nationalist’ or even ‘conservative.’


    Gambar terkait


    But that he could Sink the Bitch, or even just present possibilities of ending her malign reign, was enough to make him a hate-figure to Ulrike, The Livid Witch.

    Bizarre, ja?

    But today I wondered if this hateful refrain of hers might now be the required song-sheet for Germany’s Enemy Within.

    I headed for the obvious place to find out what’s the right thing for Lefts to shrill this week.

    Sure enough, they’re all at it.

    The Leftal’s own reporter gasps that Lindner’s move threw a new light…on his hardening stance against Green demands, notably to allow more refugees to reunite with their families.

    The media joined in, with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung daily accusing him of vote-hunting among voters “who have turned their backs on the CDU and Angela Merkel but couldn’t bring themselves to vote AfD…”


    while the Sueddeutsche Zeitung noted that Merkel’s sister party, the CSU had complained of being “overtaken on the right” by the traditionally liberal FDP on the refugee issue.

    The Suddeutsche Zeitung even compared Lindner to Austria’s Sebastian Kurz, who is  – -if things go well –  ready to coalesce with the Austrian patriot party, the FPO, echoing the Green leader Cem Ozdemir, who rants that “the FDP has been looking a bit too much at Austria recently, and not enough at Germany…”

    Kurz may or may not be reliable…

    Can Kurz Turn The Crimmigrant Tide Within A Month? 

    …but he is infinitely better than Merkel.

    I think it’s going to get worse for Lindner, who is no nationalist, but is learning fast what happens, the kind of mindless abuse that boils over when you obstruct an evil woman exalted by the Left.



    It’s called The Trump Treatment.

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    Christmas Shopping? Boycott Transphiliac Target,! 

    Another welcome reminder from AFA!


    American Family Association
    Three convincing reasons to boycott Target this Christmas
    Three convincing reasons to boycott Target this Christmas


    We realize that a great many American shoppers will begin shopping for Christmas this weekend and especially immediately after Thanksgiving.

    Target is hoping that you won’t care that they allow men into women’s bathrooms and changing rooms and will do your Christmas shopping with them. AFA knows that you do care.

    Here are three convincing reasons you shouldn’t shop Target this Christmas:

    Sexual Predators
    Despite Target’s denial that men entering women’s rooms is a problem, the reality remains that it is a major problem. We have the proof.

    Just last month, a man was charged with video-taping a women inside a Target store changing room in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. AFA has documented at least ten other recent cases in which women have been exploited by sexual predators inside Target stores.

    Boycott efforts are impacting the company
    Target’s policy is costing them money…big money. Since the boycott began, Target’s stock price has dropped nearly 20 percent.

    Target Corp. announced last week that it will close a dozen stores in 2018. The 12 stores, CNBC reported, are spread across Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota and Texas, and will close Feb. 3.

    Stay the course with us
    Any company as large as Target can withstand a short-term loss of sales. That’s where Christmas shoppers come in. Target is banking on this Christmas season to turn around this trend for 2017.

    Let’s hold firm to our conviction that men have no place in women’s restrooms and dressing rooms and continue our pledge to boycott Target stores, especially through the Christmas shopping season.

    With Target hoping you’ll do your Christmas shopping with them, send them the strongest possible message you can and let Target know, “Don’t Count On Me!”


    1. Forward this information to friends and family. Invite them to sign the boycott pledge at
    2. Call Target headquarters at 612-304-6073 and personally let them know you are boycotting their stores.
    3. Voice your concerns on Target’s Facebook page.
    4. Support our ongoing efforts to promote the Target boycott. Make your tax-deductible donation today!
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    Ingrate Aliens Amok Again, At War With Decent Greeks! 

    Thieving ingrate scum!


    That’s one way to describe the ‘migrants’ on Chios, a once-pleasant Aegean island, who are currently being ‘questioned by police!’


    That’s Chios, legendary home of Homer, half-way up the map, just off the Turkish coast


    According to state broadcaster ERT,several migrants from the camp were allegedly trying to steal vegetables from a greenhouse near the Vial facility when they were challenged by the farmers, a 73-year-old man and his 45-year-old son.

    Reading the whole piece in Ekathimerini, it seems the cops got to the scene just in time, because the consequent ‘argument’ was noticed by other residents at the camp.’  Had the police not shown up, the honest Greek pair would have been sorely outnumbered by savages.

    But hang on!

    In addition to the stolen goods, the police ‘confiscated’ a hunting rifle, presumably the farmer’s.

    This is disturbing.

    Let’s remember that common-sense slogan we often feature here.



    If decent islanders are outnumbered by lawless primitives, they need fire-arms to defend  not just their property but themselves.

    In fact, it would be sensible if the authorities made sure every Greek household anywhere near any alien-infested area.

    Every adult Greek on Chios without a criminal record should be issued with a gun if they apply for one.



    And in Lesbos, another infested island north of Chios, we read more unpleasant news of ingrate brutes in riot mode, and this time it’s those ‘poor little children…’

    Nine Young Women In Denmark


    Poor Wee ‘Unaccompanied Savages,’ Again! 

    ….the nasty louts ludicrously categorised by the UN and EUSSR as ‘unaccompanied minors!’

    Amusingly, the dastardly delinquents apparently caused damage to UNHCR facilities and the office of a non-governmental organization.

    Oh! BOO-HOO-HOO!

    Was the ‘NGO’ one of the ‘non-governmental’  outfits that leeches off government funds? 


    ‘Over-Grown With Pricks?’ Brussels’ ‘Civil Society!’ Network! 

    Alas, the report doesn’t tell us!

    It does tell us, however, that Lesbos’s Mayor, Spyros Galinos, actually felt obliged to call a general strike last week, noting that the rising migrant population “has fueled insecurity among citizens.”

    Easy answer to ‘migrant’ dissatisfaction.

    If they don’t like where they are…


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    Messiah! Pre-Christmas Concert, 26 November, Jakarta 

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    Good Greek Cops Thwart Alien Advance On Border! 

    Police have blocked some 200 migrants and asylum-seekers from leaving a city in northern Greece for the Macedonian border in hopes of traveling on to other European Union countries.

    The report goes on to recount how cops in riot gear repelled the alien swine in Thessaloniki, using police buses to stop the arrogant parasites…

    (they’ve been bludging there  for a year or more!)


    ….when they attempted their uppity strut towards the Macedonian frontier.

    The arrogance of the moocher mob is almost awe-inspiring.


    Gambar terkait


    They are in somebody else’s country, Greece!

    They want to gate-crash another somebody else’s country, Germany, or any handy trough-land with yummy benefits!



    And to get there they were planning to violate the border between Greece and yet another somebody else’s country, Macedonia!



    We have seen ‘migrant’ savages storming that border before.



    Foul violent brutes, ready to kill or injure anyone who got in their way. It’s a great pity the brave guards didn’t use live ammo back then, because had they done so…

    A – there would be fewer snouts in the Thessaloniki trough today, and

    B – the swine eager for another go would NOT have been so eager!

    But good on the Greeks, who, remember, before Red Tsipras’ marxist clique came to power, were rather nifty at handling crimmigration…


    Good for Greece – Commandos Corral ‘Asylum’ Invaders! Oz Please Note! 

    …but it’s just a pity that the far-left regime in Athens has clearly warned off the police from being quite as effective as they might be.

    Unfortunately, no one was hurt in the brief confrontation.

    Interestingly, a lot of the rabble said they were responding to a campaign on social media for a protest march to the northern border.

    Might be a timely move to confiscate their phones and otherwise deny them access to sources of subversive propaganda!

    But no chance of that, given who rules Greece. We know whose side they’re on. 

    Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool! 


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    If Poles Have To Fight, They Won’t Be On Their Own! 

    Long Live Free Poland!

    Gambar terkait

    I carried a placard with those words, or some words very like them, through the streets of London during the Solidarnosc crisis 35 or so years ago.

    And today I feel the same sense of solidarity with  a Poland under threat, not, this time from the long gone USSR…


    … but from the equally evil EUSSR, the Brussels Empire.

    The Free World abandoned the Poles in 1945…

    …and although I don’t believe in the absurd notion of inherited guilt, I still feel ashamed at how that brave nation was betrayed.

    So now, when the forces of darkness again menace Poland, it is surely ALL our duty to speak up.


    So…God Bless Hungary!

    A press statement on Poland by the Hungarian delegation of the European People’s Party (EPP) caused an uproar within the centre-right group on Wednesday…

    How come?

    Those NAUGHTY Hungarians had simply said that it was “unacceptable that Brussels puts pressure on member states…The Polish government clearly represents an anti-immigration position, and Brussels punishes it for that!”



    But these days truth is a risky option.


    We heard it from the horse’s mouth only a few days ago, when the nastiest Euro-Commissar railed against democracy and against Poland.

    These EPP so-called ‘centre-right’ sad-sacks…

    The EPP are so very far from any ‘right’ ideology that even Cameron pulled the UK Tories out of their caucus!


    …had gone right (!?!) along with the left-liberal Strasbourg in-crowd’s resolution –

    which launches a sanctions process against the Polish government… 

    The sad-sack spokesman, Pedro Lopez de Pablo, tells us his side of the story – or rather a snippet of the facts, evidently deeming mere citizens unworthy of access to how his lynch-mob comrades behave behind closed doors.

    “It was a debate, because a lot of people did not like the press release at all,” he told EUobserver, but did not want to go into details…


    Hasil gambar untuk need to know basis

    “Everyone was aware that they would vote against the resolution – but it’s another thing making public steps with a press release,” Lopez de Pablo added.

    So the uppity censorious ‘centre-right’ takes exception to the Hungarians not even because of what they had to say but because the Magyars had enough sense of democratic accountability to explain their stance to the public?!!?

    But according to the EUObs report, kindly supplied by one of my fine commenters – thanks Ed!  – one of Turncoat Tusk’s henchmen, Polish MEP Janusz Lewandowski, was…wait for it…

    –  furious!


    Gambar terkait

    “…instead of staying silent, you issue a press release crossing all red lines of loyalty!”

    Well, now we know a bit more about one arrogant Europhiliac’s commitment to open government.

    And about to whom he thinks loyalty is owed – not to the people you’re elected to represent but his sad-sack Strasbourg rat-pack!

    Merkel’s Polish collaborator Tusk must be proud of Lousy Lewandowski.

    Bet the Poles who stood up to Hitler and Stalin wouldn’t be!



    Lewandowski’s line seems to be – Europe Uber Alles, and if you don’t like the EURODIKTAT, just shut your trap.

    Not good enough!

    Methinks the elites are likely just constantly furious, frustrated because they won’t get their wicked way because Hungary’s government has also said it would veto any attempt to suspend Poland’s voting rights in the council as part of the Article 7 sanctions process.

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    Manson, Evil To The End, Proves The Case For Death Penalty! 

    Tempted to dwell on the coincidence of three bad ‘M-Things’ exiting the stage, I decided to ignore (for now) Mama Stasi Merkel and Marxist Mugabe…



    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 


    …though they both have blood enough on their hands.

    Manson was in a class of his own, however.


    Hasil gambar untuk MANSON

    This foul creature’s crimes need no reviews here.

    Anyone old enough to read a paper in 1969/70 will never forget the extent of evil they involved.

    Nor did Manson ever express remorse.

    Yet the Thing lived on, in one prison or another, at VAST public expense…


    Gambar terkait

    Have any estimates of the cost of his incarceration yet hit the media? Was it a million bucks, two, or more, including or excluding his satanic minions?

    …and every single day it was allowed to live was just another cruel insult to the innocents wantonly slain by its gang half a century ago.

    Of COURSE Manson should have been put to death, preferably painfully.

    Amnesty International and the European Commission sincerely believe he and all like him should never pay the proper price.

    My response to them and other such decadent dolts, in regard to their endless sympathy for vermin?


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    More Mass Resistance To Gaystapo’s Grisly Agenda! 

    A lot of people appreciated our recent post on the way Texans are taking a stand for decency…

    Heart-Warming! Heroic Texans V Gaystapo Brain-Wash! 

    …resisting brazen attempts to indoctrinate children.

    So I am simply giving you this new link and hope, after the sad ‘gay’ triumph in Oz this month…

    …that good people there may find it useful.

    MassResistance speakers expose harsh reality of the “gay” agenda at local Texas pro-family conference. 

    The crowd was stunned. SEE VIDEOS: What you’re not being told about the LGBT movement’s lies. A teacher tells how “gay” training is getting into your elementary schools & libraries! More

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