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    Comedy Concert in Jakarta on 13th March 


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    Jakarta Post on Tempo- A Story Within A Story? 



    Interesting to see the Jakarta Post purporting to take an interest in freedom of expression.


    burning booksgramedia

    Grovelling Gramedia’s Book-Burning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 


    Their own parent company, Gramedia, is  notorious as a collaborator in book-burning at the behest of sectarian fanatics.

    But now the JP, whose editors have never yet had the guts to criticise their pay-master’s shameful complicity with Islamist censorship, has published a story on what appears to be a threat to future press freedom.



    Go figure!


    The story is, however, important. And intriguing!

    The National Police are showing intense concern about the magazine Tempo, because it gave prominence to the suspicious bank accounts of a politically wired police general.



    The top cop in question is the man who almost became National Police Chief, General Budi Gunawan. And the immediate cause of the police activity against Tempo is a mysterious outfit calling itself the Indonesian General Society Movement (GMBI)


    That august body, whose leadership and membership and purpose is not revealed by the JP, reported Tempo for an article about Budi’s wealth, headed “Bukan Sekadar Rekening Gendut” (Not Just A Mere Fat Bank Account).


    So who’s behind the GBMI – I had to scan the search pages to find a name, somebody called Mohamad Fauzan Rachman. 


    I even found a photo, but no biographical background. Maybe some reader has info?

    It would be fascinating to learn more of this man who is so public-spirited that he felt his organisation needed to complain about Tempo’s exposure of Budi’s banking. Even his GBMI fascinates me, for its name – the JP translates it one way, but other media prefer to call it the Indonesian Grass-Roots Society Movement. Grass-Roots, not General, and I’d say the former translation is more accurate.  

    Which leads me to ask about the man – a ‘grass-roots’ movement’s leader, where I come from, would be led by a guy in casual clothes, not a uniform.  

    The GMBI alleged that by revealing the flow of funds, the magazine had divulged state secrets and violated both the 1998 Banking Law and the 2010 Money Laundering Law.


    Since when is the size of a modestly salaried senior police officer’s bank accounts a ‘state secret?’

    I append the link so you can figure it out for yourselves. Myself, I like Tempo, and would be sorry to see it go down.

    But the Jakarta Post’s change of heart on censorship or attempts thereat is worthy of a full-time investigative journalist’s attention.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think that will happen. Journos here tend to be a fairly weak-kneed, wet lot, with some exceptions.

    And the latter often get shot!

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    IslamoNazis Face Citizens’ Resistance in Makassar 

    Just got home a little while ago, now getting ready to go out again, but first..

    In an intriguing follow-up to our earlier story, of an IslamoNazi assault on an hotel in Makassar, we now have a report from the same city, of hundreds of decent citizens taking on the white-shirt FPI (‘Defenders of Islam,’ self-styled!) thug gang.


    • anfpi2
    • But why, we don’t know, because the report doesn’t say!

    The street named as the scene of the clash is not the one on which the hotel is situated, nor is it the one on which the hate group have their HQ.

    So what’s going on?

    The video link at the bottom of our page suggests the area is a poor kampung, so it seems unlikely the residents were up in arms about the targetting of a posh hotel by the same jihadist gangster group earlier.

    But the report says the thugs got help from a nearby district, so perhaps a communal feud in which the nazis got involved – or maybe neighbouring riff-raff opted to pitch in on the nazi side just for fun!

    Hundreds of residents located in Jalan Gunung Nona Lorong 56, Makassar, South Sulawesi, clashed with dozens of members of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). Both sides attacked each other using sharp weapons along with arrows.


    FPI samurai

    Well, bravo the residents!


    The incident broke out on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 until Thursday (05/03/2015) morning. explains that it was at first just a matter of throwing stones, which escalated into both sides using sharp weapons, arrows and spears tipped dagger..

    Despite heavy rain, the clash between the two sides continued until Thursday morning. Apparatus down to the location to disperse the brawl was not ignored Lorong 56 and camp residents FPI. FPI party attacks against the Aisle 56 intensified because FPI assisted residents Lorong 55 that the camp.


    • Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1). IslamoNazis’ idea of peaceful protest!


    As with the sectarians who rioted at the hotel, police finally fired tear gas to disperse a clash. Both sides eventually dispersed.

    City Police Chief Fery Abraham said there were no serious injuries. “In the clash, there are citizens and members of the FPI who are victims, hurt because hit by a stone,” said Fery Abraham.

    Okay, but why?

    Of course it would be perfectly understandable if any civic-minded person who sees a rabble of rabid bigots barging through his or her street decides to enliven an otherwise dull evening by hurling a handy rock at the nasties.

    But equally, the FPI are invariably out to make mischief, intruding into neighbourhoods they don’t live in and pushing people around in typical self-righteous bully manner.


    • fpi skulk in mosque
    • —————–
    • That is, after all, what happened in Sukorejo, Central Java, a sectarian thug raid which left a harmless housewife dead and the white-shirts hiding in a mosque from an irate populace, until the cops spirited the yellow-belly bigots out of town after dark.

      IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck! 

    • One day, one hopes, the indignation of normal people against these intolerant trouble-makers will be channeled into political steps to ensure they are banned, as Jakarta’s wise Governor Ahok has already urged.

    Meanwhile, it would be nice to know more details.


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    IslamoNazi Thugs Amok Again 

    A late start today, but I’m heading out while the sun shines. It seems to rain late afternoons and I don’t like getting wet.

    However, first, a bit of local news.



    More hoodlum antics last night, in Makassar, way over in Sulawesi, where a demo staged by the IslamoNazi FPI ( Islam Defenders Front )  erupted into violence.
    Demo Massa FPI Sulsel Hotel Horison Berlangsung Ricuh, 5 Mobil Rusak
    The mayhem occurred at the Hotel Horizon, a rather posh place from the looks of it – there are hotels with similar names all over Indonesia. including here in Jakarta and on Bali.
    I’ve never stayed in any of them, except once in Bekasi, but I’m not sure if they are all part of the same hotel chain.
    However, a different kind of chain came into play in Makassar yesterday.Dozens of South Sulawesi FPI led by their Makassar Chairman, Agus Salim, and their local commanders, Nasrun and Abdurrahman, tried to seal the hotel by closing the main door with a metal chain and padlock.
     abdurrfpi Abdurrahman, FPI Gauleiter in Makassar

    Gauleiter Abdurrahman has a history of arguably deranged anti-social antics. See our previous posts, like this one- More Islamist Lunacy – ‘There’s a WC, So They’re Up to No Good!’ 


    One unfortunate fellow, a member of the hotel staff, was hospitalised, hit by a stone on his head. Five cars parked out front were also damaged

    South Sulawesi’s Head of Police Public Relations, Police Commissioner Endi Sutendi told that trouble began when Police Director Jafar Baharuddin was negotiating with the FPI, Suddenly they attacked the police who were on guard there using stones and arrows.

    Well, one feels sorry for the victims of the IslamoNazi barrage, but police here are armed. Why didn’t they shoot the white-shirt louts? At least a few warning shots? 
    More to the point, what were cops doing ‘negotiating’ with hoodlums in the first place?
    FPI_13 FPI hoodlums in Makassar, a couple of years ago -they don’t grow up, do they?
    It’s not as if everyone in Makassar ain’t fully aware that these white-shirt gangsters are addicted to lawless violence. Our fave photo of FPI hoods in action was taken there a couple of years ago.  
    But here’s the punchline.
    When you find one of these jihadist vigilante reports, you usually find some specious tripe advanced by the scumbags to justify their moronic anti-social activity.
    With hotels, it’s often because drink is sold, or unmarried couples may actually be having fun there.
    But not in the Hotel Horison!
    “The arrival of the FPI was allegedly associated with debts between one of the members of the FPI and the hotel owner…the case is still under investigation,” said Endi. 
    So now they stand exposed as mere debt-collectors.
    oofpi_noble life martyr deatht ‘noble life or martyr’s death..’ Oh Yeah?
    0000000000000000ooNot so much ‘holy warriors’ as repo goons!To quell the violence, a police platoon was forced to fire tear gas into the mob…two members of the FPI were arrested..

    But the report gives their names as Abdi and Emil.
    Not one of the three gang-leaders was held. In fact, the story concudes with a sentence or two telling us that the leader of the pack was allowed to ‘give an oration’ before they all swaggered off to their HQ.
    How come?
    No idea, but there are a lot of people in high places there with a bizarrely high opinion of these thugs. Last year, the Mayor publicly praised them! Wali Kota Makassar puji FPI ANTARA-11 Jun 2014
    Zero tolerance for IslamoNazi brutes is hard to impose with people like Hizonna encouraging them.
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    Tags: Indie Clothing Festival March 12th- 15th March,   

    Indie Clothing Festival March 12th- 15th March, Surabaya 

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    From Shanghai with Love, Bekasi, Still On, till 8th March 

    AP from shanghai with love











    Summarecon Mal Bekasi Proudly Present :
    From Shanghai with love
    29 January – 8 March


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    Obama Snubs America's Finest – Ulster-Scots Heritage Un-Proclaimed? 

    The vibrant culture and rich heritage of the Irish people shaped many of the earliest chapters of America’s story.

    That comes from the latest Obama ‘Proclamation’ – Irish-American Heritage Month.

    ‘The Irish people?’

    So Spaniards and Portuguese will now be honoured as ‘The Iberian people?’ Danes, Norwegians and Swedes as ‘The Scandinavian people?’ Is this an intended affront to the Ulster-Scots, or ignorance  of the fact that TWO peoples live on the island of Ireland?

    How dare Obama obliterate by fiat the fact that it was the Ulster-Scots who largely made America, while the Gaelic-Irish did not arrive in significant numbers until long after that?


    obamalizard  Wrong, you charlatan!



     “If defeated elsewhere then I will make my final stand for liberty with the Scotch-Irish of my native Virginia” ~ George Washington


    It was the Ulster-Scots, also referred to in US history as Scotch-Irish, who played a key role in the War of Independence.

    They may have come from what Obama calls, in his special proclamation, the Emerald Isle, but they were quite explicit in declaring themselves a separate and very distinct people from the Gaelic-Irish.

    I quote one pioneer leader’s response to having his flock described as ‘a parcel of Irish’ by a local official on arrival in the New World.


    “We are surprised to hear ourselves termed Irish people, when we so frequently ventured our all for the British Crown and liberties, and are always ready to do the same when required.




    We are people of the Scottish race in Ulster who have given our strength and substance to uphold the British connection.there. It is hard in this new land to be identified with the very people to whom we have always been opposed.”


    Certainly there wasn’t then and isn’t now any shared vision between the two.

    The pioneers from Ulster and their heroic offspring, who included Robert E Lee and Ulysses S Grant did NOT consider themselves sons of Erin. another tendentious phrase calculated to confuse.



    The Manchurian’s reference to the courage and perseverance of the Irish-American community  was perhaps included as a tongue-in-cheek salute to the courage and perseverance of Edward ‘Girl-Drowner’ Kennedy at Chappaquiddick.

    Edward Kennedy Obituary

    Which one was saying ‘I’ve killed more women than you, buddy!’


    Kennedy, to be fair, was not exactly an archetype of his ethnic group; there have been many grand American patriots of Gaelic-Irish origin.

    Another US Senator comes to mind, a man whose REAL courage in the face of a vicious witch-hunt was in such marked contrast to the vile character of ‘Teddy Bare’ – I refer of course to Joe McCarthy, of Wisconsin.

    Another admirable member of that ethnic group was Senator Pat McCarran.


    • Ronald_Wilson_Reagan_Cowboy_Poet

    And let’s not forget the greatest President ever, Ronald Reagan.


    But there have also been many of that breed who have shamelessly applauded the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang.

    Not so much Sons of Erin but Spawn of Eire…

    … the name plastered on the postage stamps of that country along with a map braying its imperialist aspirations to annex a smaller neighbour nation.

     Back to Obama’s tribute to these brave souls who put their faith in the ideas at the heart of our democracy…




    …except for those who aped Kennedy and passed round their leprechaun hats to raise funds in  Boston bars for ethnic cleansing by Sinn Fein’s murder-gangs, warring down the democratic principle of self-determination for their neighbours whilst demanding it for themselves.

    The klutz cannot possible be unaware, when he blathers about how early immigrants from Ireland shaped our founding documents…


     ‘Call it not an American Rebellion,it is nothing more or less than a Scotch-Irish Presbyterian Rebellion.’ Captain Johann Heinricks,German mercenary serving with the British c.1780

    …that the signatories of the Declaration of Independence included many Ulster-Scots – the Gaelic-Irish, Kennedy’s ethnic brethren, descended on America in numbers only after the 19th century famine.

    Nor should Texans forget where Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and the famous Houston hailed from!


    If Obama wanted to learn a little, he could study these two books, the first written by an honest Gaelic-Irish historian bearing witness to the achievements of a people other than his own… 

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    Braveheart and the Blood-Beasts – Scots School Poisons Children’s Minds! 

    Scots of every shade of opinion admire Sir William Wallace. He was a champion of self-determination, fought bravely and died a martyr.




    To present Scots children with a list including him AND cowardly terrorist vermin like Gerry Adams and Bin Laden and tell them to choose which was the terrorist – it’s a gross insult and a grotesque distortion of all that’s known about them.




    Clearly the headmaster and teachers involved aren’t fit for purpose. They should be dismissed at once from Bannockburn High School in Stirling, barely a stone’s throw from the battlefield where Scots trounced ‘Proud Edward’s Army, and sent then homewards, tae think again.’

    These unworthy ‘educators’ handed S2 pupils a list of individuals and groups, most of whom are associated with attacks on civilians around the world. Wallace was also on the list.

    Who else was on the list?

    Osama bin Laden, the IRA and one of the Oklahoma City bombers. Head teacher James McParland said pupils were encouraged to decide for themselves whether the figures were terrorists or freedom fighters.

    If the kids got it wrong, then Moron McParland and his pack of pinko pedagogues have done a poor job of teaching both mediaeval and modern history.

    Gerry Adams is a cowardly swine, who wallowed in the murder of innocent men women and children. He’s also guilty of covering-up for a degenerate child-molestor.

    Pedophile Protector and Liar Adams Inching Towards Justice? 

    Bin Laden was a blood-sodden psycho, who openly delighted in the slaughter of civilians.

    Like the IRA, Al Qaeda was not in the least interested in liberating people. 

    Wallace, of course, was leading a national uprising. Butchering non-combatants?


    Come off it!

    But lies pour forth like rain in a Clyde Coast summer. The children were informed by their ‘teacher’ that Braveheart was considered at the time to be a terrorist by those opposed to Scottish independence.

    Facile hogwash. The word terrorist was not even invented then. He was probably considered an outlaw and a rebel (and a traitor, by Kind Edward and his Scots collaborators)

    But NOT a terrorist.

    Why do these people go to such sedulous propaganda lengths? Not to hurt Wallace, for sure. Seven hundred years dead.





    Hard not to conclude their aim is to confuse youngsters and plant poison in their young heads, muddying the truth about Al Qaeda and the IRA, to sow doubts as to those movement’s essential evil. 


    Gary Stewart, convener of The Society of William Wallace, said: “It’s embarrassing that a Scottish school has produced something like this. I’m sure you wouldn’t find English schools discussing their heroes in this way….


    devil destroyed


    • Give it time, Gary, they will. Or have they, already, in places where the enemy within dwell, like Tower Hamlets? Kids there, I’ll bet, already have traitor ‘teachers’ who preach the satanic jihadist creed.
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    Wedding Expo, Bandung, March 6,7, 8th 

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    If You’re Flyin’ Lion, Maybe Read This First! 

    After the shocking performance of Lion Air recently, it seems a happy coincidence to have received this email about how to handle disappointments at the airport.

    Lion Air Has A Way With Words! 



    It’s obviously written for an American audience, but much of the advice is internationally appropriate.

    What to Do for Delays, Cancellations

    Act fast. These days, many passengers are vying for just a few empty seats.

    Get in line immediately: Go to the first available gate agent you see. If the line is already long, go to another (try getting into a VIP lounge where there won’t be lines). The passenger who gets to the agent first gets first chance at any available seats.
    Get on the phone, get on social media: Increase your chances of being heard and getting served.


    Scotland - Prods n Papes Unite for Decency -and YOU Can Help!Increase your chances of being heard….


    Use your phone for research: Look up alternative flights, even on other airlines – it could save time with the agent, and saving time is what it’s all about.
    Don’t be afraid to ask: And be polite when you say, “Is there any chance of getting a voucher for a hotel room or even some food?” If you’re nice, you may get something but don’t get your hopes up.

    Before You Travel

    Delays and cancellations are not just wintertime phenomena. Just ask anyone in the Midwest or the Dallas area; summertime thunder-and-lightning storms cancel plenty of flights! Before you head to the airport, be sure you pack:




    Food: Snacks and sandwiches (why pay airport prices). As for beverages, remember no large amounts of liquids can go past security so bring an empty bottle from home to fill at a drinking fountain near the gate or buy a drink after you get through security.
    Entertainment: Got movies, books, games? If you’re traveling with kids, be sure you’ve got their needs covered, too.
    Chargers: You don’t want your phone to die, so be sure you have the charger on your person, and consider investing in a portable re-charger (we’ve seen them for under $30).
    VIDEO: FareCompare has more tips for delayed travelers.

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