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  • ross1948 7:30 am on May 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Referendum Rules – Muzzle Brussels – Outlaw Supranational Largesse! 

    Those of us old enough to remember the last EUSSR referendum, in 1975, will recall the gross intrusion of alien apparatchiks, at tax-payer expense, into the campaign.

    • heath.wilson Two of a kind

    Harold Wilson, in a shameless loading of the dice, with no objections from the ‘Opposition’ led by EuroHeath, authorised three official propaganda deliveries, even though there were only two sides, to every household.

    EU - referendum vote

    The third was from his government, making it a two-to-one Brussels bias and arguably contributing to the result, when Brits were persuaded to stab themselves in the back.

    Hence a timely call from a good website, this week, demanding that only two sides be recognised this time, pro-Brussels and pro-independence…both of which should have equal public funding and provide scrutineers at all counts. A Referendum is of the People and the Government should have no separate role to play.

    No funding for either side should be allowed from business, trade unions, the European Commission or any third party nor should any third party be permitted to provide any materials, services or facilities whatsoever to the competing campaigns or to the British public in any form. The penalty for infraction should be a fine ten times the value of the services provided and would invalidate the entire referendum.


    But that’s how it SHOULD be!

    The reality is, and likely will be, that foreign funding, from Brussels, and who knows but from Soros-funded foundations and collaborationist outfits like the European Movement, will be splurging cash to get their desired outcome.

    So I am appending another link, to Better Off Out, and will make space for any other patriot appeals in the weeks ahead.


    How you can join the Better Off Out Action Day 
    on Friday 5 June

    Now that the Referendum Bill has been announced, Better Off Out will be organising a series of Action Days. The first of these will take place on FRIDAY 5 JUNE, the 40th anniversary of the 1975 European Referendum.

    You could take part by doing one of two activities:

    • Sending emails to media and elected representatives. An activity you can do at home.
    • A protest at a central London location.

    If you would like to take part in this Action Day on 5th June, please reply to this email and I will send you details of how you can join in.

    Future Action Days will involve a wider range of activities, and I will be in touch about those in due course.

    All campaigning costs money, so whether or not you are able to join us on the Action Day you could make a donation that will be used exclusively to campaign to take Britain out of the European Union.



    Better Off Out logo


    You can donate online via making payments to “” or by sending a cheque made payable to “Better Off Out” to:

    The Treasurer

    Better Off Out

    HMS President

    Victoria Embankment


    EC4Y 0HJ



    • £10 pays for a placard
    • £20 pays for 1,000 leaflets
    • £40 pays for an all-weather pvc banner
    • £100 can sponsor an after Road Show campaign event with Better Off Out speaker drawn from one of our many supporters in Parliament or the academic and journalist community

    • £500 would allow for both an Campaigns Pack and after Campaign Rally Event. This would cover the costs of transport, campaign materials and room hire.

    • £1,500 would buy a full branded market stall including pergola, banner, stand-along flags and work counter.

    All those donating £20 or more will receive a Better Off Out badge.

    All those donating £100 or more will receive a Better Off Out badge and a Better Off Out Book Club Pack

    All those donating £500 or more will receive a FREE ticket to Freedom Festival North, plus a Better Off Out badge and Book Club Pack.


  • ross1948 4:39 pm on May 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Bias? Gut the Pinkos! Petition to End Pravda TV’s License Fee! 

    Most UK readers are well aware of the pinko press’s poisonous bias, so they don’t waste money buying Enemy Within publications like the Guardian or Independent.




    However, the rancid anti-British propaganda that emanates from the BBC is a different kettle of rotten fish.

    Brits have no choice. They are coerced by the license fee law into subsidising treasonous tripe whether they watch it or not.


    dignif   And of course the infamous self-indulgence of the BBC’s arrogant mandarins adds insult to injury.

    Now there’s a petition –  – demanding an end to this public funding of Pravda UK.

    I gather over 150,000 people have already signed it.  Please feel free to join that freedom fight! 

  • ross1948 10:12 am on May 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Paha Panik’ Bojonegoro – A Thigh Risk Strategy! 

    Pos Kupang’s latest report moves me once more to ask if there is no Indonesian equivalent to the UK offence of ‘wasting police time.’

    But even if there is, I guess the cops in Bojonegoro won’t arrest each other for doing just that!

    I refer of course to the annual flurry of self-righteousness which heralds the advent of Ramadan, raids on places people like to have fun, often characterised as ‘dimly-lit stalls,’ sometimes carried out by arrogant IslamoNazi gangsters, but also, and in this case, by the forces of law and order.




    Such swoops reflect the double-standards embedded in so many minds here, whereby knocking back hard liquor and carousing with ‘strumpets’ – that’s the Google Translation gem I got today, quite charmingly old-fashioned, really –  are execrable activities – but only to be significantly targetted during one month of the year, purely on sectarian grounds. 

    I should mention that the actual Indonesian phrase in the report was kupu kupu malam, literally ‘night butterflies,’ a much prettier term to apply to these harmless girls, surely?

    a typical ‘dimly-lit stall’


    Ahead of Ramadan fasting, Bojonegoro police raided the circulation of alcohol at five locations on Tuesday (26/05/2015) from 10pm till daybreak…

    The reporter breathlessly recounts how the raids created panic among the strumpets and patrons…, when karaoke rooms were entered, there was haste to cover bosoms and thighs –

    That’s dada and paha in Bahasa Indonesia.

    Dada can be translated as bosom, breasts or even just a decent spot of cleavage.

    Paha? – thighs, the bete noire of crackpot kill-joys here!


    dolly Not Bojonegoro, but just as good examples of paha, I’d say!


    Always makes me think of that awful man, Suryadharma Ali, until recently Minister of Religious Affairs, who infamously decreed that hem-lines below the knee were a ‘universal criterion’ for morally acceptable women’s wear.  

    “These raids are in order to create conditions for welcoming Ramadan….every day we will conduct raids like this, ” said Commissioner Saibani, Kapolsek Bojonegoro.

    Since raids like this cause not only panic, as stated, but also stress, anxiety, fear and disruption, I remain slightly bemused how they contribute to welcoming Ramadan, which, I’m reliably informed, is supposed to be about introspection and contemplation…


    • Ramadan_Mubarak_by_MeAli_ADK
    • ———————–
    • …and something about self-denial in terms of worldly pleasures.

    SELF-denial, not denial of those pleasures by kill-joy cops or white-shirt hoodlums.

    That surely negates any free choice on the part of the individual, and thus no sort of moral benefit accrues to those bullied into acquiescence.

    Nor of course to those who bully them.

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    Tags: ACE Hardware TalkShow 'Creative Interior' - 4th June, Jakarta!   

    ACE Hardware TalkShow ‘Creative Interior’ – 4th June, Jakarta! 

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    Tags: Cita Citata, Country Music, Fitri Carlina, , JKT48, , Rolling Stones Tribute, Silvia Ardilla   

    PRJ OK – Rolling Stones, Country Music, JKT48, Dangdut! 

    Well, hurray! A sunny day!


    The Jakarta Fair musical line-up has at last been announced –  and some of it is not bad at all!


    rolling-stones-10 The Rolling Stones


    The real Stones won’t be there, but there’s a Stones Tribute, and some of the bands in Jakarta who do those grand old numbers are pretty impressive. So that’s one possible date for my diary.

    Then there’s JKT48, a bunch of wee beauties whom everybody likes.





    Nor should we ignore the temptations of a big dangdut night, with gorgeous chanteuses galore!






    I haven’t researched all the stars scheduled to perform, but there are stunners like Fitri Carlina, Cita Citata and Silvia Ardila!

    And I see there’s also a Country Music show!

    You can check out the entire calendar here –– although I recommend you re-check nearer whenever you plan to go, because of course agendas can change, for all kinds of reasons.


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    One Vile Swine Supports Another – Best To Hang ‘Em Both High! 

    Anjem Choudary


    That notorious enemy alien Anjem Choudary is back in the news, cheer-leading for a grubby jihadist swine named Zakariya Ashiq, who got a mere six years this month, after being convicted of preparing for acts of terrorism.


    Zakariya Ashiq, from Foleshill

    Zakariya Ashiq – it’s striking how so many of these faces combine vacuity and evil!


    Six years is NOT enough. Obviously the man’s a traitor, eager to join the rape-gang ISIS, and deserves death for such a crime.

    To be fair, so does Choudary.

    Not least for inciting disloyalty – he is quite frank in his evil assertions that sectarian allegiance trumps duty to Queen and Country – but also for encouraging vermin like Ashiq and similar scum – the Coventry Telegraph reminds us that the parasitic pig also praised those behind the bombings in London in 2005.

    Sadly, Britain has not yet restored capital punishment, so indefinite internment, until execution becomes once more an option, is a temporarily acceptable alternative.

    When will the British Government ACT against that Enemy Within?

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    Sundel Bolong? Dukun Panas? Rute Horor, TransJakarta Busway? 


    There’s a lot I’ve had to say about the TransJakarta Busway’s shortcomings!

    But nevertheless it’s a cheap way to get round town. Only Rp.3500 from anywhere to anywhere. But it can be boring, given the nightmarish traffic problems.

    If you get a seat, okay, you can read – always take a book or magazine. But if not, if you’re standing there for an hour or more (last Friday nearly three hours from Pancoran to Grogol!) you can just fret and fizzle.


    You can play mental games – silently, unless you want to attract worried looks from fellow-passengers.

    Reaffirming my word-for-word knowledge of the lyrics of old favourite songs is one way to pass the time. Can I still rattle off Don McLean’s classic ‘American Pie?’

    Or remember some obscure Everly Brothers hit from the early 6os? ( That diversion is probably better attempted on the regular buses rather than TransJakarta’s, since pengamen, buskers, are allowed on those, and it’s not unknown for them to perform ‘golden oldies.’ ) 

    But deploying one’s creative talents is a much more fun strategy – rename the bus stops!

    Dukuh Atas is one of the main junctions, on Jalan Jenderal Sudriman, thousands changing routes there…


     dukun at work

    …but I have renamed it Dukun Panas, which actually means Hot Sorcerer!

    Continuing with the supernatural theme, there’s Sumber Waras, in West Jakarta, which you need to pass on the way to the big Harmoni junction.  

    That has become, in my mind, Sundel Bolong!




    She’s a scary phantom, beautiful from the front but with her back an open, gaping morass of worms. Not wise to chat up a chick like that!

    Further out, heading towards Lebak Bulus, there’s  Kepala Tiga Raksasa –

    – oops, not its real name!



    The stop’s official designation would hardly be ‘Three Headed Giant! 

    Busway management gave it a more mundane title, Kelapa Dua Sasak! But the way it’s mangled by the PA systems led me to alter it to a more suitably ‘horror’ name.  

    Yes, a very trivial pursuit, but it does pass the time, and stimulates the brain, and sometimes makes me smile. 

    • devil_smiley_face_
    • Which suggests it’s no bad thing.  

    Any other suggestions for bus-stop name-changing?


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    Hidup Nikita Mirzani, Artis Bukan HOT Aja Tapi Berani Dan Terus Terang! 


    I have long been a fan of Nikita Mirzani, ever since she stood up to the rabid element here in Indonesia.

    Bravo, Yummy Nikita – Naked Defiance of IslamoNazis! 


    That story concerned her readiness to appear in Playboy, a magazine whose innocuous Indonesian version was driven out of Jakarta by uptight primtives – it’s editor was actually jailed! 

    Fortunately, in the end, sanity prevailed and his conviction for ‘indecency’ overturned.   Former Playboy Indonesia editor walks out from prison  He had served about six months of a two-year sentence!

    So although Nikita’s latest headlines have concerned not liberty but lascivious conduct, or rather her denial thereof, I still feel it’s important to  chime in with a word of solidarity.

    After our recent posts on poor Alvi, the starlet hounded for alleged involvement in a sex scandal…

    Kasihan Amel Alvi – Jadi Korban Media Kejam! 




    …media hacks with naught better to do have neen traipsing around seeking to ID yummy celebrities who might, or might not, be connected to the ‘posh prostitution’ racket.–ini-jawaban-nikita-mirzani,    


    nikita mirzani 02 Nikita chilling out


    And Nikita perfected the put-down when she told assorted journos that she HAS had such offers in the past – and no surprise, because she’s a stunner – but she turned them down, because she didn’t want to.

    She won’t go to bed with anyone she doesn’t like.

    And that should  be the end of that!

    I  believe her!




    Enough said.

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    London Lynch-Mob – Hundreds More Reasons Why UKIP Should Stand United! 

    Not nice news to wake up to!

    An appalling story from London, where the true face of The Enemy Within was exposed in all its snarling satanic majesty yesterday.


    Ukip MP Douglas Carswell targeted by ‘murderous lynch mob’


    These violent vermin are the shock-troops of the cultural marxist revolution. We have seen them before, since it became clear that UKIP’s message was getting through to millions of British folk despite the saturation propaganda of the lap-dog media.

    But let not the establishment parties wring their hands and seek to distance themselves from thuggery.


    • uaf-freedomsovietedition-300x2741
    • ——————
    • Who was among the founding patrons of the gangster group known as UAF?



    Snake Cameron – Red Nazi UAF’s Founding Fan? 


    None other than You-Know-Who!

    But most people in the UK do understand the threat to freedom posed by scum like the lynch-mob who ran amok yesterday.

    And they will increasingly turn to UKIP as the only serious hope for the future of the realm. UKIP is in truth the real revolutionary party. But not of the rotten marxist variety.

    A patriotic revolution is what’s required.



    • =========
    • But NOT if the party on which they pin their hopes dissipates its energies on silly little squabbles and witch-hunts against patriots who defy the imbecilic PC speech-codes.  
    • ———–


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    Tags: Fine Art, in Solo, May 30th - 3rd June, Urip iku Urup   

    Urip iku Urup, Fine Art, May 30th – 3rd June, in Solo! 

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