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    FatBack, Food Festival, Jakarta, 3 – 5 June 

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    Defend Dogs! Sign the Petition! 

    I like dogs, always went hunting with the farm hound when I was a little fella with my .22.

    Nowadays, though, it would be impractical for me to have one. Unlike cats, dogs crave human company and I can’t take pets to my numerous soirees and pestas. 

    • Alfred-Berard-And-His-Dog-large-8986-71903
    • However, among the many emails I get seeking publicity/ promotion, today this petition came along, and so I offer it for those who wish to sign.
    Petitioning will kaku (board member), Mr. Chen Wu, YuLin Governor, Tzeng Gung, andrea gung (executive director)

    Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in GuangXi China

    Petition by Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project

    Did you know, every year, on the summer solstice, thousands of dogs are rounded up to be eaten in Yulin, China as part of a Dog Meat Festival? We believe that this cruel “festival” has no place in the 21st century.

    There are so many reasons to end this horrific festival — warning, the following information may be upsetting.

    Many of the dogs that are killed are stolen household pets or are watchdogs of rural families. Allowing the Dog Meat Festival to continue is like endorsing dog theft, which supplies the dog meat industry.

    The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is also a dangerous food safety issue. Dogs sold on the market are sick, poisoned and dying animals. They suffer from horrendous conditions during the long distance, trans-provincial journeys, many days without food and water and may carry contagious disease.

    We appeal to you to act in the interest of public health, food safety, animal welfare, and the image of Guangxi and China. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is a business operation that undermines the national and public interest. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region government is at a historical juncture. The Dog Meat Festival must end.

    By signing our petition, you’re joining a global movement with like-minded people who want to shut down this heinous festival and trade. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in both online and in-person events happening around the world.

    Thank you,

    Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project  (


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    DW V Trump – Lugenpresse, Noch Einmal! 

    I knew it was too good to last!
    Only a few hours ago, I commended a couple of stories in Deutsche Welle…   …and here we are already, an article about Donald Trump that  starts off with a grotesque…what, a distortion?
    Truth instead of Lying Media
    No. let’s be unequivocal, a lie, worthy of inclusion among German patriots’ catalogue of Lugenpresse – ‘Lying Media’ – mendacities. 

    Donald Trump wants to keep immigrants out of the US.

    Hasil gambar untuk isle of lewistrump

    No love lost in Lewis for Trump’s Scottish roots

    Deutsche Welle28 May
    Those are the opening words of an article about The Donald, which continues snidely implying that  the prospective Republican presidential nominee appears to have conveniently forgotten his own roots.
    Firstly, Trump does NOT want to keep immigrants out of the USA. His big issue is something entirely different, as we all know. keeping ILLEGALS out!
    Decent immigrants, including many Hispanics, understand this. They wait their turn, get their green cards or whatever.
    Thus, from the get-go, they RESPECT America.
    The lousy crimmigrants sneak in, defying the law.
    Thus from the moment they cross the border, they are declaring their contempt for the country they invade.
    And what a lot of rot to accuse Trump of having ‘conveniently forgotten’ that his forebears migrated, in his case from the Scots island of Lewis.
    Everyone in the USA is descended from people who didn’t live there, and that actually includes the Indians, whose ancestors came across the Bering Straits from Siberia.  
    Trump has visited Scotland, of course, but doesn’t make a fetish of it, unlike some of the ghastly Kennedy Klan…
    Murder-gang leader Adams with Night-Swimmer Kennedy
    ….who saw electoral advantage in cultivating the worst elements among the ‘Irish-American’ population.  
    There’s no excuse for the clown who wrote that crock of BS.
    It’s simple DW bias, Lugenpresse extraordinaire.
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    Tags: , , Focus on Europe, , , , Marburg, Michelle Henery, Noah's Ark charity, radical Islamists, , , ,   

    Danke, Michelle – Banlieue Hope and Shariah Shelter! 

    Sunday at home, my guest having brought my brunch of gorengan  – fried things – thus obviating any need for me to go forth and forage.

    And so I got to see Michele Henery, a cute black presenter on Deutsche Welle, whose news programme, Focus on Europe, at least today, looks at stories that don’t just matter but make you think.

    • ————————
    • And think positive, notably her first item, about a small independent school in a Paris banlieue.

    The banlieues are notorious for disloyal rabbles that rampage and make honest French folk, and even French police, wary of walking around their streets, especially after dark…


    Banlieue burning

    Police face banlieue rabble running amok


    …so all praise to the people who run this school, where students learn not just the three Rs but discipline and, most importantly, patriotism!

    The kids, of all ethnicities and colours, clean the toilets, wear their uniforms proudly, and sing La Marsellaise. A more striking change from the usual ‘banlieue youth’ image is hard to imagine.

    And Michelle herself shows admirable insight into what makes migrants a success in their adopted homelands. She was a child of immigrants to the USA and observes how singing the national anthem in class made her feel properly American.


    Once she’d opined thus, she invited her tv audience to comment via twitter, or tweet, or one of those things I don’t use, so I commend her now!

    I hope endorsement on my conservative blog doesn’t get her into trouble with her leftist bosses. I have often condemned DW’s pinko slant…

    Think Again, AfD – Smash DW’s Bias! 

    DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest!

    Deutsche Welle – Merkel’s Media Lap-Dog Snarls At Poland! 

    …but am obliged to give credit where credit is due.


    • Michelle’s next segment was sad to watch but nevertheless well worth watching, a look at the plight of religious minority migrants in Germany, and the shameful indifference of Mama Stasi’s minions to that plight.

    We had Nesreen, a Yazidi lady who fled the ISIS rape-gang’s evil caliphate, only to find herself housed in a ‘refugee shelter’ with – guess what – ‘radical Islamists!’ Christians and Yazidis living in refugee hostels are increasingly being victimized by radical Islamist refugees. Security guards often just look the other way. Aid groups are calling for separate housing for Christian, Yazidi and Muslim refugees.


    • devil destroyed
    • ————
    • Inevitably, those primitives have made her life a misery. She tells of threats and the fear among women of even going to the toilet.
    • When her husband, housed in another shelter, came to see her, the pig-ignorant savage in the adjacent room began to holler and bang aggressively on the walls, because the visitor might see the pignoramus’s wife unveiled!


    What on earth is wrong with Germany that such obnoxious swine are not deported back here they belong.

    In case anyone might say Nezreen was making this up, there was a German from the Noah’s Ark charity, who confirmed the intolerable behaviour of the Dark Agers.

    Despite repeated complaints and even attempted suicides, ‘the authorities see no reason to intervene.’

    That link should let you see the whole of Michele’s show and check I’m offering an accurate account. I hope you agree with my conclusions.

    Nezreen should be re-housed with her husband, and replaced in the shariah shelter with Merkel and her rotten heartless lackeys, to experience at first hand the malignant bigots they have insanely imported.

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    Peterborough, Leeds, London – More Meetings for Freedom-Fighters! 

    As usual, unable to be over there in The Old Country, I do what I can by publicising the opportunities for those within sight and sound of battle!


    up your, eu

    Churchill’s famous V for Victory!

    1 June – Leeds:
    Nigel Farage MEP (Ukip) and Cllr. Brendan Chilton (Labour Leave).
    6.30-7.30 PM. Leeds United Centenary Pavilion Suite, Lowfields Rd. Leeds LS11 0ES.
    Tickets: June – Kingsgate: 
    Nigel Farage MEP (Ukip), Patrick O’Flynn MEP (Ukip), and Cllr. Brendan Chilton (Labour Leave).
    6.30-7.30 PM. Kingsgate Conference Centre, 2 Staplee Way, Parnwell, Peterborough PE1 4YT. 
    Tickets: Through London

    11 June March for Independence
    We have stumbled across a march for Independence taking place in London, and we would encourage all of our supporters to go along and take part. The more people that attend these events, the more impact we will have and the more press it will attract.

    • june 23
    • The meeting point is outside the Royal Albert Hall. The march will commence at 12pm. It will then head to Buckingham palace and then along to Westminster, ending up in Trafalgar Square. Please come along and wear your leave T-shirts with pride!
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    Tags: , , Baroness Caroline Cox, biking couples. Islamist bigotry, , , , , , straddling bikes, , UK rule of law   

    Will Theresa May Countenance A Ban On Nobbly Knees? 

    Dozens of women stopped in Aceh for straddling motorcycles

    That’s the Jakarta Post headline as that sad, sick province up north does its damnedest once more to stoke Islamophobia around the world.


    Actually, it also reminds us that ordinary decent Muslim citizens are the most immediate victims of the barbaric rubbish rules that operate on the ‘Verandah of Mecca,’ as the crack-pots who run the place like to call it. 

    I could even see the need for offering ‘asylum’ status to the people up there, much more validity to any such claim than the thousands of wannabe welfare parasites being almost daily imported into Europe by the Italian Navy!

    TheresaMay_1685363c Theresa May


    But UK Home Secretary Theresa May won’t see any need to offer sanctuary to victims of shariah.  She has just proclaimed there’s no need to investigate the sexist code, only its ‘misuse!’

    Theresa May says many Britons ‘BENEFIT GREATLY’ from Sharia Law

    Her flunkey, Lord Ahmad, issued a statement that an official inquiry  “will not be a review of the totality of Sharia law, which is a source of guidance for many Muslims in the UK.”

    Uh, Your Lordship, if it’s LAW, as you say, it’s not ‘guidance.’ The two are NOT synonymous.

     Baroness Cox, who, evidently unlike Mrs. May, actually KNOWS something about shariah law, was quick to assail this sell-out to sectarianism. 


    baroness-cox Caroline Cox


    She blasted Mrs May’s insistence discrimination against women is only a result of a “misuse” of Sharia teaching, rather than the teaching itself.

    “I believe in freedom of religion and I believe that there are aspects of Sharia law that are totally unproblematic. 


    “If Muslims want to fast, well Christians do that at Lent, if they want to pray five times a day, that’s more than I do.

    “But the aspects which are causing such concerns – such as that a man can divorce his wife by saying ‘I divorce you’ three times, that is inherent, the right to ‘chastise’ women is inherent, polygamy is inherent.

    Exactly.  And Lady Cox could have added the iniquitous sexist inheritance rules. Such a code of ‘laws’ should not be countenanced in any civilised country.  

    But then Aceh is hardly civilised. 

    Harassment of women is nothing new in Aceh. The WH shariah gestapo has been at this for years.

    Shariah Lunacy Intensifies in Aceh – Side-Saddle, or the Lash? 

    wilayatul hisbah

    Shariah Police Nab 35 ‘Straddlers!’ Aceh Mayor Wants Women Without Pants! 

    Women who fall into the hands of these ghastly goons don’t always get away with a mere warning. 


    Silhouette weeping

     Aceh’s Shariah Police ‘Stained Forever’ by Gang Rape

    But warnings were apparently all they got this week. Next time, it could be a whipping, by a masked pervert, before a slobbering crowd.


    After receiving a warning not to ride motorbikes in the straddle position again, the women were allowed to continue their journeys side-saddle. “We will keep conducting the raids until the prohibition on straddling motorcycles for women is enforced thoroughly,” said the shariah goons’ boss.

    Frankly, I just do not understand why they object to girls riding bikes the same way boys do.  

    That uptight fanatics’ explanation makes no sense.  


    grilnbke \

    She looks like a man?


    Speaking to the BBC, Mayor Suaidi said: When you see a woman straddle, she looks like a man. But if she sits side-saddle, she looks like a woman.’  :


    If they are wearing jeans or smocks or whatever, there’s not much risk of any interesting aurat ( ‘private parts’) being displayed.  Unless one accepts the shariah definition of ‘private parts’ – which includes bare shoulders, the God-given hair on women’s heads, knees, thighs…gimme a break! 

    The report tells us that even women in ‘Islamic clothing’ were stopped for straddling. 


    Bike And Girl Wallpaper (14)

    A convoy of bikers like this would benefit Aceh greatly.


    Meanwhile, the raid also stopped people who were not properly dressed. The officers warned 52 women wearing tight clothes or not wearing the hijab.

    Meanwhile, 38 men were netted for wearing shorts.


    Aaah, so men’s knees are also an affront? A gesture, maybe, to show the shariah police are an ‘equal opportunities’  agency of oppression?

    Shariah Controlled Zone_thumb[1]


    As I started typing this I was wearing shorts and nothing else. Later, I would don a t-shirt and toddle round to the tukang gado-gado to find my brunch.

    Were I to do so in Aceh, I’d risk being arrested and flogged.

    THAT’S the reality of shariah law, Mrs. May.

    You should outlaw it throughout Britain.

    One law for all – British law!




    But here in Indonesia, Aceh represents the very heart of darkness….

    ‘Immoral Activities – Sitting in Coffee Shops Laughing and Talking…’ 

    Islamist Inquisition in Aceh – ” Minority Religious Creed ‘Worse Than Tsunami!’ “



    Aceh’s Mad Mullah – ‘Dancing is EVIL – It Involves Body Movements!’ 



    …and President Jokowi would do Indonesia’s reputation on the world stage a world of good by intervening to oust the primitives and confer freedom on those oppressed people.  



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    ‘American’ Red Nazis, Waving Mexican Flags? 

    A pleasant day, a welcome guest, a good cheap late lunch at the warteg, and now just back from a twilit stroll to the minimart to stock up cigarettes and coffee for tomorrow, another guest due, so no outings planned.

    In any case, I’m out and about at least three days in the week ahead, so a spot of relaxation suits my needs.

    But I’ve switched on CNN and the news is not conducive to relaxation.

    Disgusting but revealing, the tv reports of these thugs aiming violently to disrupt Trump rallies.

    A week ago, the ‘protesters’ in Albuquerque threw burning T-shirts, plastic bottles and other items at police officers, injuring several, and toppled trash cans and barricades.

    And as we saw, the hoodlum gangs were waving not the Stars and Stripes but MEXICAN flags!

    Similarly today, in San Diego, those alien banners were prominently flaunted at the real Americans in the pro-Trump crowd.

    Who the hell waves Mexican flags at a ‘protest’ (aka riot) in America?


    • illegalimmigrationimage
    • If the violent leftist storm-troops, those thugs we saw a week ago, were indeed Mexican, then they have no right whatsoever to intervene in United States elections, neither violently nor non-violently.
    • They should sod off back across the border, or be bull-dozed thence.
    • ——————-


    If, on the other hand,  they were US citizens, these revelations of their true allegiance, to a foreign country, should disqualify them from citizenship status.


    out with them


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    Red Russell Rails At ‘Dangerous’ Donald – MORE EuroNews Bias! 


    EuroNews bias was yet again on display this week, a preview, short, thanks be, of their ‘Global Conversation,’ with some American pinko named Russell Banks.


    He was obviously a pinko, otherwise why would Euronews have him on? But one must be fair, so, never having heard of the man, I had a glance at wikipedia

    There I got the gist of his character, a leftist, yes, with that characteristic race-obsession  -‘I’m a white man in a white-dominated, racialized society ‘


    Bleating bolshie Banks


    …but a damned lazy leftist who once had the “intention of joining Fidel Castro’s insurgent army in Cuba”  but instead wound up working in a department store in Lakeland, Florida



    Russell’s red hero


    ..later, he was ‘involved’ with the notorious Students for a Democratic Society, a nasty marxist gang…

    Hasil gambar untuk students for a democratic society 1970

    ….who did all they could to undermine the war effort during the struggle to save South Vietnam from Communism.


    And anyone who’d dismiss his anti-democracy activity as merely a youthful folly should turn to the World Socialist Website, a Trotkyist source, true, but, on this issue, factually accurate, and read how Russell Banks disdained the cause of the Charlie Hebdo martyrs.




    ..Russell Banks and 143 other writers protest free speech award for Charlie Hebdo

    , tic

    A perfect choice for Euronews’ “Global Conversation.” And here’s an extract from the notes I made whilst listening to that ‘conversation’ a couple of mornings ago.


    ‘How dangerous is Donald Trump,‘ the lisping Euronews hackette begins.

    Not ‘What do you think of Donald Trump?

    Or even ‘Do you think Donald Trump’s dangerous?

    No, in the Euronews bint’s narrow mind, his danger is already clear and present, beyond debate, leaving only its extent to discuss. 

    ‘How dangerous!’ As leading a question as she could make it.

    ‘He’s a maniac,’ came the Castro-fan’s reply.

    Brussels must have been overjoyed at Russell’s gibbering on their Pravda-clone programme.

    Which you, dear reader, if you live in an EUSSR member-state, are subsidising with your taxes.  

    EuroNews Biased Snout – Deep In Tax-Payers’ Pockets! 

    Will Euronews EVER have a pro-Trump personality join their inane chat-show?

    Will any Euronews hack or hackette ever start an ‘interview’ by asking a conservative American HOW DANGEROUS that wicked witch Hillary Clinton really is?



    Don’t hold yer breath!

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    Words of Hope Tour! A Chance To Do Your Bit for Brit Freedom! 

    And here’s more ways you can fight for Britain’s liberation, courtesy of Leave EU

    Calling all Supporters!

    We are about to kick off a campaigning tour around the country and need your help.

    We need as many people as possible for a group photo holding large letters to spell out a positive word, ‘FREEDOM’ for example, in front of a landmark. This idea is inspired by what Dutch campaigners did in their recent referendum and I have attached a photo to give you an idea on what we are going to do. This photo will then be appearing in your local paper with hopefully a positive article written by the Leave.EU press office on why we should leave.

    Emails have been sent out to several group leaders but the more involvement the better!

    We are looking to be in these areas on the following dates:

    Wednesday 1st June | Bristol 
    Thursday 2nd June | Worthing
    Friday 3rd June | Ashford & Ramsgate
    Saturday 4th June | Colchester
    Monday 6th June | Norwich
    Tuesday 7th June | Peterborough
    Wednesday 8th June | Grantham
    Thursday 9th June | Leeds
    Friday 10th June | Doncaster
    Saturday 11th June | Hull & Grimsby
    Tuesday 14th June | Newcastle
    Thursday 16th June | Blackpool & Preston
    Friday 17th June | Manchester
    Saturday 18th June | Wolverhampton
    more dates to be added…
    Could you give your support and get involved in this photo op?

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    Group Support Team

    For more information about this event and any others please contact: 0800 999 4210 or email: Oliverc@Leave.EU

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    Petition for Brit Patriots – Keep The Referendum Clean! 


    Having touched on the issue of voting fraud more than once…

    London Cops – Undesirable Alien Voting Fraud Untouchable? 

    “Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!” seems I’m not alone in my concerns.




    Camoron has made it clear he will lie, cheat and resort to every dirty trick in the book, so fervent is his desperation to keep Britannia enchained to the Fourth Reich his EuroCommissar comrades are intent on building.  


    Britannia sad


    And you can bet his Remainiac running-dogs at local level will be emulating his amoral example. So let’s turn the spotlight on yet another way the bad element can achieve their objective.  


    Require proof of identity to be provided by all voters in the EU Referendum.

    More examples have been found of blatant fraud at polling stations where people who have turned up to vote are turned away having been marked as “already voted.”


    Sign this petition


    Oh, and here’s Better Off Out’s latest bulletin. 

    Better Off Out Campaign Update
    Better Off Out Campaign Update 27 May
    Those of you who are seeking leaflets to deliver to the public or use at street stalls should contact:
    Brendan Chilton at Labour Leave on
    Vote Leave via
    Two important messages before mentioning what we have done this week:
    1. If you need to REGISTER TO VOTE FOR THE EU REFERENDUM, please do so NOW. It can be done very easily online HERE. If you need a POSTAL VOTE, PLEASE REGISTER NOW. You can do so by taking the steps outlined HERE.
    2. There are less than 30 days to go. We are thinking about the referendum day and ways of getting out the vote. If you can help in the GOTV project on the day, please do email me at with ‘GOTV’ in the subject line and details of where you live and what you can do (such as whether you have a car that can drive supporters to the polls) in the body of the email. To win this we need to work together on the ground.
    Campaign update:
    This week our podcast follows Better Off Out on trips to Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Essex that we made in March. We take in a varied batch of incidents, ranging from prehistoric megaliths, to a Dark Age warrior king and a very modern cream tea. You can listen to it HERE.
    Our most recent briefing paper looks at the UK’s “Soft Power” reach in the world and why this makes us certain of a flourishing future post-Brexit. You can read it HERE.

    We also have a pair of campaign T-shirts that you can buy from Tboom Tshirts. The “logo T-shirt” can be found HERE. The “Britty Brexit” T-shirt is HERE. At only £10 they are a bargain, and a fun way to show your support for Brexit.
    We continue to produce our weekly news digest of EU Referendum events, produced in conjunction with our sister organisation The Freedom Association. If you would like to receive this free service, please send an email to my colleague Tom Bayley on with “Four4Freedom mailing” in the title field.
    Of course, all this activity costs money. If you would like to make a donation to support Better Off Out and its campaign, please send a cheque payable to “Better Off Out” to us at:
    Better Off Out,
    Suite 309,

    Golden Cross House
    Trafalgar Square
    WC2N 4JF
    Many thanks, and good luck on the campaign trail.
    Rory Broomfield
    Better Off Out
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