Islamonazi Pogrom – Prelude to ‘Operation Red Cloud?’

Referring to the martyrdom of 3 members of the Amadiyah religious minority on February 6th, when police stood back and let a mob of Islamonazis beat these innocents to death, an article in this week observes that it’s ‘not just the perpetrators of the attacks that must be dealt with under the law,  but also the principal planner or mastermind of action must be found and convicted..’ 

Wise words, but will the authorities heed them? And if they do, where should they start looking?

Who among the Islamonazi savages would go so far as to incite murder?

Well, we had listen to Lubis, the Secretary General of the Islamonazi FPI (islamic Defenders Front) some years ago openly urging his street-scum followers to ‘kill, kill, kill’ Ahmadis, and that swine never got arrested.

Far from it. The FPI were honoured to receive both the current National Police Chief, Timor Pradopo, and Jakarta’s Governor Fauzi Bowo as eager guests at their anniversary get-together last year.

That’s them at the back of the picnic, Governor in black hat, Top Cop in uniform, surrounded by scum

Ministers in President SBY’s Cabinet openly say there’s nothing wrong with the FPI leadership, despite the jail-time served by Fuhrer Rizieq and his henchman Munarman for their shameful role in the Monas Riot of 2008, when their sectarian hoodlum gang attacked and beat up defenceless pro-tolerance demonstrators, again while cops declined to intervene – ‘protect and serve’ is the police motto, here, by the way.

It was said when the February pogrom arrests were made that one of those taken in was a local FPI  luminary. It was equally said, quickly, by Pradopo, that there was no master-mind behind the pogrom. How did he know? Did he phone his recent hosts and ask them? No clear answers on this have been heard.

To my way of thinking, the FPIgs don’t have the brains or guts to mastermind much more than a street-brawl, and that’s only when they are mob-handed and the odds are at least 20 to 1 in their favour. We need to look elsewhere for the eminence grise of the intended Islamonazi machtergreifung. 


But the fact is that the pigs (like the one pictured above) who rampaged into Cikeusik village and slaughtered the Ahmadis WERE organised. Little blue/green badges were clearly visible on the jackets of the louts captured on video leading the charge. Text messages had been buzzing around the area inciting hatred and violence. 

President SBY himself was threatened with overthrow by these fanatic bigots, for not moving hard enough nor fast enough to outlaw Ahmadiyah. Only recently, he spoke out about mysterious forces out to get him. Here’s how one expert interpreted the President’s words.

Mufti Makaarim, executive director of the Institute for Defense, Security and Peace Studies, thinks that there is more to the remark than meets the eye.
“He knows that there are some people who benefit from religious violence and acts of terrorism. He senses that there are a few retired generals who would love to see him lose legitimacy to run this country,” he said. “For me the speech was clear. As vague and intriguing as it may seem to the rest of the nation, he was addressing military retirees.”

The Jakarta Globe had a long report this week on Operation Red Cloud, the code-name used by the subversives. Read it for yourselves if you wish

But if not, just note this extract, a quote from a source who dare not identify himself..“Awan Merah’ [Red Cloud], short for ‘Aksi Purnawirawan Militer Berdarah’ [Bloody Actions of Military Retirees]….aim to create another religious conflict like the ones in Ambon [North Maluku] or Poso [Central Sulawesi]. But this time, they want it to be close to the capital. It is likely that their target would be Kuningan or Parung.”

And those parts, dear readers, are where the persecuted Ahmadi religious minority live in significant numbers. 

So if, as it appears, an unholy alliance of retired generals and Islamonazi gangsters has been working to destabilise Indonesia, and by God they are succeeding.

The JG mentioned Muchdi, anther retired major general, who ‘confirmed that he has close relationships with hard-line Muslim figures….He was cautious, however, about revealing the extent of those ties with radicals. “All I can say is that these [hard-liners] don’t have a political vehicle to channel their aspirations. They just want their voices heard by the government,” he said.

If that’s so, there’d be no problem, but then Muchdi, controversially acquitted for the murder of rights activist Munir, said something that made my jaw drop.

“I don’t agree with violence and every Muslim organization that I have talked to feels the same way.”


WHAT? Has he never, then, talked to the FPI? Nazi thugs who openly and repeatedly resort to violence?


FPI – Not Violent? Hahahahahaha….

I am no admirer of Muchdi, the former head of the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) but I don’t think he is in any way stupid. Nor do the Islamists. He has been given important duties in their various fields of activity, cited as a senior adviser of FUI publication Suara Islam and of Media Dakwah, a publication tied to the Indonesian Islam Propagation Council (DDII).’

So if he ain’t a fool, and he sure ain’t, why would he make such an absurd statement? Answers like his just raise ever more questions.

Those of us who love this hot, strange, sprawling country hope sincerely that SBY can take timely action to eradicate its home-grown enemies, for today they may be targetting Ahmadis, but rest assured, their jihad won’t stop there.