Jenglot Pantai Selatan – Banyak Cewek Cantik, Tapi Evil Mer-Monsters Rule, OK!!


I’d Have Rescued Her!

On Wednesday, we went to see Jenglot Pantai Selatan, the latest flick from Rizal Mantovani, who appears to have endless energy as a creator of gory Indonesian horror. His producer, Ody Mulya Hidayat and he have made Maxima Pictures a great success story.

Wichita Satari – She Was my Favourite!

Mantovani has an eye for talent, not just thespian-style but also in the old Glasgow sense ( “Haw, Jimmy, Any Talent Doon the Pub Last Night?”) and he lined up a collection of young actors and actresses to lure his target audience!
Debby Ayu, Wichita Satari and Febriyanie Ferdzilla would have kept me watching if they only sat there reading War and Peace, and my companion appeared equally impressed with Temmy Rahadi and Zidni Adam.

These Two Yummies BARELY Survive ten Minutes!

I must say it is a cut above some of the recent nonsense that has graced the screens of our local outpost of the 2121 theatre chain.
Most of these scream-fests do make you shudder, but more with exasperation at the repetitious slap-stick intrusions into what you’d hoped would be real scary stuff.
There’s almost always a dwarf, ugly and high-pitched, and/or a transvestite, ditto. Having seen the trailer for the next pocong movie, we won’t be going to that, because if we want mere farce with ghastly creatures yowling, we can see the FPI most nights on the news,

No Bikinis For These Immodest Jenglots!

While few of the ‘stars’ played characters of the sort to evoke admiration (only one put up a fight, and it was interesting to observe her bagging a jenglot in a sack then bashing it with a frying pan!) it was nevertheless somewhat breath-taking to see them ALL slain mercilessly by grisly monsters from the sea.

Debby Ayu – Did She Survive? NO CHANCE!


Well, I won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say that there were no recognisably human survivors.

But though there were no clownish distractions, there were plenty of the ocular variety, as you can see from the photos I’ve included.
The fact that the evil creatures dwell in the ocean provided Mantovani with ample opportunity to people the beach with a plethora of delightful creatures too, the bulk of the action taking place in a vast extended swim-suit party, an opportunity of which he makes the very most.

Funnily, the ‘fancy’ cinemas downtown snobbily exclude many local movies from their schedules.
A pity. A lot of bule movie-buffs miss out, as they rarely stray from the glitzier malls.

Right, lads – she’ll be lookin’ for a new boy-friend!
PS     Debi Ayu is not just delicious to look at but gutsy too. She’s declared she’s ready to risk the wrath of Islamonazi FPI morons who don’t like her femininity. 27/’4 reminded us that the FPI are out to dull down cinemas here, but Debi was quoted as saying she was ready to show not just courage but skin, if the role required it.
Good for her.