Islamonazi FPI Rejoice, as Anti-Church Knife Thug Exits Jail

I see from Pikiran Rakyat today that the Islamonazi lout who stabbed Asian Sihombing, in Bekasi, West Java, last year, during the controversy over religious rights of Christians, is out and about, welcomed by his fellow primitives.
 Adji Achmad Faisal (29), convicted for his role in the stabbing of the church elder of the Huria Kristen Batak Protestant Church (HKBP) in Ciketing, Bekasi in September 2010, can breathe free air again….
Well, the Batak Protestants in whose vindictive persecution he played so prominent a role are still getting plenty of free air, shunted from pillar to post because the church they built is still off limits, thanks to these nasty sectarian thugs and their collaborators.  They’ve spent many a Sunday out in the rain, intimidated by garbage like Adji.
….Adji was greeted by dozens of members of the FPI as well as dozens of ‘artists,’ which indicates that the dastardly fanatic earnshis living as a ‘street-busker.  ‘I guess I will go home first to Pemalang to enjoy this freedom. After that I will return and remain ready to defend the religion of Allah SWT. Detention will not deter me from fighting on,” he said.
Fighting on? Clubbing a lady, Pastor Luspida Simanjuntak, and stabbing an unarmed elder hardly counts as fighting, except in the vocabulary of the street-scum who constitute the rank and file of the FPI.  
But clearly this grubby little white-shirt has not learned his lesson.
Responding to the sentence, Adji was unrepentant. “I confess I wounded him. But those who strive must accept the punishment,” he said again …with the release of Adji from prison, all the perpetrators involved in the incident at Ciketing are now free. He got the longest sentence. Others got five or six months.

The lawyers for Adji and ten other FPI members who went to prison, Salih Mangara Sitompul, hoped this case could be a learning experience in maintaining religious harmony in the city of Bekasi. He considered, the incident was due to an error by Bekasi City Government, in not strictly enforcing rules of establishment of houses of worship….

NO, Mr. Salih, the incident was due to the evil bigots who wielded the club and the knife, and their evil was out on the streets of Jakarta again today, protesting outside the US Embassy because their ‘holy warrior’ exemplar got his just deserts. Pity the same fate does not await the advocates of violent hate here in Indonesia.