EUSSR – PC Agenda Trumps Border Control

V. Pop tells us that ‘Malmstrom is against ‘populist’ responses to migration.
No doubt! Any moves which respond to public concern rather than the priorities of the Euro elite would be anathema to the likes of her. Her loyalty, legally, by her oath of office as Commissar, and much more importantly, in her heart, is not to her own kith and kin in Sweden but to the greater glory of her super-state, with its anti-European multicult ideology.

She is our enemy. Thus she will block every step towards protecting our folk from the menace of immigration.

And she’s not the ony one. Somebody called Judith Sunderand, who works for Human Rights Watch, writing in that same day’s EUObserver 4/5/11, appears to think we should all just shut up about the flood of aliens pouring across the Mediterranean Sea, unless we just want to say ‘Welcome Ashore!”

North-African migrants arrive on Lampedusa

It’s hard to imagine a more irresponsible attitude, given how badly Britain is suffering due to the anti-social behaviour of so many of the intruders already ashore! The foulest scum imaginable can commit atrocious crimes and Britain is banned by the arrogant clowns on the EuroCourt from deporting them.

It’s damn all to do with ‘racism.’   Recall the case of the filthy lout who murdered that Headmaster, Philip Lawrence, in London?

Learco Chindamo is, as you can see, white, and, regardless of colour, should have been deported, but the Courts wouldn’t have it, for his sensitive, homicidal, sicko psyche might have been damaged.

Personally, I think he should have been executed, but EUSSR won’t have that either…but that’s another debate – today we’re on parasite deportation!

Why should Brits countenance any more of that nonsense?

Ms Sunderland herself acknowledges that many of the current boat-loads are not refugees at all, but as she admits, the ‘focus of Europe’s recent migration discussion has largely been on Tunisia. As many as 23,000 Tunisians – mostly young men in search of a better life – have reached Italian shores since January, most at Lampedusa.’

So they are not fleeing persecution or tyranny, but simply want to enjoy the welfare provisions for which most West European states are unfortunately famous. They are NOT refugees at all. It’s importnat to remember that. There is NO moral, or even legal, obligation on us, or anyone, to take them in.

And what about the others, those from Libya?

Well, we had a mob of young savages from there set fire to a building being used to accommmodate them in Italy.

Immigrants being held at a detention centre on the Italian island of Lampedusa have set fire to the facility after trying to escape, police say. Unconfirmed reports said some 14 people were treated for smoke inhalation. The revolt was reportedly sparked by news that 107 Tunisians were to be deported by the Italian authorities. Last month, hundreds broke out of the centre in protest at a new policy that required them to be held until their asylum applications were processed.  The protesters also complained about overcrowding at the centre, which was built for 850 but was holding 1,800 at the time, forcing hundreds to sleep outdoors. BBC  19/2/09

And it happened again recently. That bunch too should all be rounded up and sent straight back, dirty little ingrates that they are. As for the others, let’s remind ourselves that British and other Allied servicemen are in action over Libya, taking real risks to assist those Libyans who want Ghaddafi out.

Fair enough, he’s a murderous swine and should be put down. But all the more reason for able-bodied Libyan men to be home, taking up arms or otherwise assisting the liberation of their country. Women and children, yes, temporary relief may be offered, but with the clear understanding that they’ll be going home, like it or not, once the civil war is settled.

Ms. Sunderland estimates that, sincesince late March, when the first wave of people began to flee Libya by sea, more than 8,000 have reached Italy and over 1,000 have reached Malta.’

But she tells us most of them aren’t Libyans at all! ‘ The vast majority are sub-Saharan Africans, primarily Somalis and Eritreans. Human Rights Watch has documented violent attacks on black Africans inside Libya in the aftermath of the uprising, including at checkpoints as they tried to reach Egypt.’

Well, that too is a shame, but no excuse for landing a new burden on civilised countries that have found Somali ‘refugees’ to be a problem, to say the least. (I don’t hear much about Eritrea, but my solution to the Somali problem applies equally well to Eritreans) Send them home.

Western governments have no right to impose overspill from every Third World conflict on our own people, not without a clear mandate, obtained by referendum, to do so. There are little, and not so little, wars going on all over the world. We may intervene to help the better of several bad bunches, but that’s as far as it should go.

If there are complaints from the UN or Amnesty or whomsoever, let THEM find places to put these people. Third World immigration has damaged the UK, and France, and Germany, and Italy, and Holland, almost irreversibly. We should be looking at reducing the number of unassimilables, not augmenting it.

It’s plain common sense. Try it. First step is to derogate from international conventions that bind us!