Islamist Mayor – We Know Where You Live! Submit to Indoctrination OR ELSE!

Disgusting report in the Jakarta Globe, how Banda Aceh’s Mayor. Mawardy Nurdin, has given an inoffensive religious minority ‘until May 25 to report to city officials or have their photos and home addresses made public through the media.’  And coupled with this, the fanatic mayor adds the chilling warning that, if they fail to ‘report to the city’s office for Islamic affairs,’ he would ‘leave it to the public to monitor their movements. ‘

“If the members of this sect fail to meet this deadline, we will name every single member of this deviant sect, accompanied with photographs of them and their exact addresses, through a variety of media, including newspapers,” Mawardy said on Tuesday.

Mayor Nasty has the full backing of the sectarian establishment for his persecution of the harmless Millata Abraham sect. An ad warning them to show up for indoctrination, in Tuesday’s Serambi Indonesia ( the largest newspaper in Aceh)  was signed by Mawardy, along with the city’s chief prosecutor, Idham Pandu Lubis, Banda Aceh Police Chief Sr. Comr. Armensyah Thay and Kasim Sheikh, a top leader of the provincial capital’s Ulema Consultative Assembly (MPU).

Mawardy is quite unashamed of his plans to brain-wash any minority members who do turn themselves. “We ideally want them to report to us, so that we can rehabilitate them and teach them to follow the right path….Those members who come forward will be put in some of our boarding schools or educational centers where they will receive guidance in correct Islamic teachings for a month or so, and leave these Millata Abraham beliefs,” Mawardy said. “The members who have converted to Islam also need to report for guidance,” he said. “Who knows whether or not they have actually left Millata Abraham without proper guidance from us?”

God, what an arrogant SOB! ‘US?’  Who gave US the unique gift of interpreting God’s Will? Mawardy, you make me want to puke.

And his cavalier disregard for his intended victims was made all too obvious, when reporters asked about risks of Islamonazi brutality against anybody whose details were circulated among the general public.

 “That is their  responsibility. We have, after all, already given them an opportunity to report in secret to the Islamic affairs office.”

Millata Abraham does not practice cannibalism or human sacrifice, or anything that any normal, sane person would regard as ‘bad.’ 

The only reason that Mawardy and the other primitives up there are uptight is because the minority, like most people in the world, doesn’t recognize the Prophet Muhammad, and because they only pray once a day.

Readers will recall that the process of bullying these innocents into Islam began when their leader recanted ‘of his own free will’ after a revelatory dream  -WHILE FACING A FIVE YEAR JAIL SENTENCE FOR BLASPHEMY!

What further comment is needed?