“JEWS ARE THE ENEMY!” Jakarta Islamonazis Show True Colours

Okezone reports that tonight Jakarta’s Islamonazi FPI (Defenders of Islam) plans a ‘sweeping’ operation to flush out the ‘enemy’ – the Jews!

 “If the police don’t speak up, that’s acquiescence in the Jewish struggle against Muslims….obviously we will break up all of them,”said Jakarta FPI gauleiter Habib Salim Alatas Jakarta.
Salim asserted that the ‘status of Israel as a colonizer of the Muslims is obvious. In the Qur’an too,’ he added, ‘it is explained that JEWS ARE THE REAL ENEMY for Muslims and must therefore be fought….we’ve read about their movements…tonight we will sweep in the area of ​​Taman Mini, East Jakarta  – at 6pm, we’re on the move.” He explained that FPI would ‘mobilize hundreds of members.’
 “FPI is not going to stay silent. We’re mustering our army to disperse them all… Their action must be stopped,”

Okezone also reported more pressure on Indonesia’s tiny Jewish population, with the headline ‘Foreign Minister Shocked Jews Celebrate Anniversary of Israel.’


Marty Natalegawa (Foto: Reuters)

Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa wound up his statement of ‘shock’ with the warning that the Jewish event could be banned. Okezone said ‘he was ‘doubtful if the activity will get permission from the police. “Every activity must have permission …'”


‘Who Shows This Sign, That’s Our Enemy!’

NSDAP in Germany, FPI in Indonesia?


And meanwhle, down in Surabaya, their local FPI gauleiter, Habib Haidar Al Hamid, has echoed his Jakarta comrades’ call to break up any Jewish event tomorrow, Israel’s anniversary. The nazi declared that that ‘if was sanctioned by the Government,  it would be as if  the government had violated the constitution.’

‘The 1945 Constitution clearly states that all forms of colonialism over the world must be abolished…’ “The government should strictly prohibit celebrations because it will hurt the Muslims…it will provoke a riot.”

So with the regime waffling and the bigots ranting, will the handful of Jews maintain their courage and go ahead? Or will the regime crack down, in accordance with the shrill shrieks of the vilest elements in society?