Pocong Mandi Paling Bodoh!

We went to see the shock-horror-shameful movie last night, only because the FPI had been out demanding a ban (see our post, May 3rd) but I’m almost – almost- inclined to agree with them.

But not because it was either shocking, or shameful, nor even horrible – for a so-called ‘horror’ movie it was a flop!

Hovering incoherently between slapstick and bathos, it squeezed in an effeminate pocong and an ugly dwarf, the inevitable props of a poor Indonesian movie, and the story-line was so weak it was just….

Boring – I did actually fall asleep briefly, but my companion tells me I didn’t miss any good bits. Any ‘good bits’ of Sasha Grey (allegedly a ‘porono’ star!) had been cut by the censors.

And in any case, the Indonesian star, Baby Margaretha (above) was a lot sexier than the ‘shocking’ American gal, who was, to my way of thinking, way too skinny! Baby saved the day!

But having given her due praise…

Don’t waste time going to see it. If you want to defy the FPI film critics, try “?” instead.