FPI in West Java – ‘Let’s Burn Out the Orphans!’

Reprinted by popular demand   Originally Posted: 09 Dec 2010 07:23 AM PST

Now the FPI scum have turned their scabrous attentions to orphans, with a mob of ignorant bigots clamouring to burn down an Ahmadiyah orphanage in West Java.
A report on Kompas.com tells of how police had to stand guard to protect the children on Wednesday,in Ciciarang, Karsamenak, Kawalu District, after an afternoon visit from the filthy fanatics.
It was during the arvo that calls were heard from amidst the savages to burn down the building, which is home to 10 kids.

As of today, the place is sealed, which does stop FPI thugs but also stops the Ahmadis from outside entering to worship. Meanwhile, numerous residents remained inside, including Shihab Ahmad, who runs the orphanage. “We deplore this blockading. The children cannot take their end-of-semester exams,” said Shihab.

‘Until now, there’s been no sign of concern from community leaders or local politicians over the case,’ said Kompas, which quoted Shihab (Thursday morning) as saying the FPI had returned to harangue their mobsters not far from the site, with demands that the Ahmadiyah congregation ‘immediately repent and abandon their long-held beliefs.’

So the Filthy Pusillanimous Ignoramuses won’t even spare a place of refuge for parentless children in their implacable hate-campaign.
Well, that’s no surprise, They are lower than vermin and have no conscience, but
They should be urging the police to go in with guns blazing and clean the vermin out. Why are they not?

The local media again helps us out, with another report, this time from Tempo Interactive
‘Tasikmalaya Authorities Allegedly Knew of the plan to Seal off Ahmadiyah Property.’
According to this 9/12 scoop, the scheme to shut down the Jalan Cicariang Ahmadiyah congregation was allegedly the result of recommendations by the Flow Monitoring Team Coordinating Agency Public Trust (Bakorpakem) to the city government of Tasikmalaya, Java West.

This snap appears on an Islamist site, its caption being -’An Ahmadi Lair under Constant Police Guard!’Based on information collected by Tempo, the Bakorpekem team meeting was attended by the local chairman of the MUI, Indonesian Ulema Council with Police Chiefs, State Attorney, religious ministry officials, and city legal officers.

The team issued a three-point recommendation, pulling Ahmadi books, closing down Ahmadi activities and pressuring Ahmadis into ‘repentance’ (which in Islamonazi talk means compulsion to convert to their version of ‘pure’ Islam.)
This inquisitional team based their recommendations on President SBY’s tri-ministerial decree of 2008.

Asep Maman Permana, Official Spokesman

Government spokesman Asep Maman Permana, asked for a statement, replied “Aduh masalah itu saya no comment dulu, cukup riskan masalah SARA,” “Oh no! That problem, ‘no comment,’ there’s enough risk to these intolerance matters.”

Shihab Ahmad, who’s only 24 years old, told Tempo that ‘none of the Ahmadiyah activities conflict with Islamic law, or that decree.’ “Just like anybody else, we just pray, according to the Koran.” he said.

He repeated what he told Kompas, that there had been cries of ‘burn the place,’ from the mob.
Now there are 13 people holding out there, pad-locked inside their building, and he reckons it’s maybe better that way, for the savages outside have threatened his life.


So what are the authorities up to? Here’s a nice cheery picture of the Mayor, Drs. H. Syarif Hidayat, and it would be nice to ask him what he’s doing to protect his people’s religious liberty. Has he asked the police to arrest the FPI bully-boys? At least there are a few cops on guard. But exactly what are their orders?