Bravo,Deby Ayu! Bukan Cantik Aja Tapi Berani! Sexy Star Stands Up to Islamonazi FPI reported yesterday arvo that one of the most luscious young stars in Indonesia has brushed off fanatic rants.

Deby Ayu intends to play another hot role in the new horror movie ‘Pelet Kuntilanak.’

This isn’t the first time the Islamonazi FPI has tried to bully Indonesia’s beautiful women, whose example the bigots regard as an impediment to their aim of subjugating all women here to primitive sharia inferiority.

Dangdut chanteuse Dewi Persik got the same treatment last year, and was equally courageous in her defiance.

Debi told a press conference at FX mall in Senayan yesterday that she wasn’t bothered by criticism, but preferred to earn a living.