Bikini Gals 1, Bigot FPI – 0 …Nice One, Riau!

For some reason, although much of the media gave prominence to the bluster and ranting of the FPI Islamonazis in Riau who got all uptight about the bikini fashion show in Lagoi Resort last weekend, the same media failed totally to report the unusually happy ending to that story, with the bigots’ plan to wreck the event a total FLOP!

These charmers were not in Riau but they make a cute illustration, yeah?

I searched diligently on several computers (my own has been acting up a bit) but it wasn’t till yesterday that the Jakarta Post covered the agreeable outcome, their headline being:-

‘Despite protests, bikini party ‘a success’

It seems that aroud two thousand people – normal people, not Islamonazis – showed up and enjoyed the beauties modelling lingerie and swimsuits from early evening until day-break! Sounds like a fun party!But what happened to the fanatic loudmouths from the local nazi gang?

These creeps are in Depok, not Riau, but FPI cretins all look alike!

They had sworn they’d turn out 500 or more storm-troops, including platoons of dimwits from Jakarta, to disrupt the harmless event. (their reason being that they hate to see, or more accurately, to allow normal people to see, attractive women dressed other than in the dismal sharia shrouds they impose on their own drab womenfolk)

Well, the good news is, no nazis, no cry! Their frothing  gauleiter, Edwin Nasution, was left with egg on his face, no support or no guts to tackle an enemy armoured only in bikinis! “We had five people observing and documenting the event. We will report it to [FPI chair] Habib Rizieq in Jakarta for possible investigation. If we find the event violated the anti-pornography law, we will file suit with the police,” he whined.

FIVE? What became of the five hundred? So all poor Edwin could do was run tell-tale to his fat ex-con fuhrer, Rizieiq! HAHAHA!

Seriously, all credit to the organisers for their refusal to be intimidated by the primitive scum.l