Queen ‘Obliged’ to Honour Ulster’s Enemies – Shame! But Eire Too is Under EUSSR Misrule!

While rioting mobs of republican fascists howled and hurled missiles, HM Queen Elizabeth bravely did her constitutional duty, a state visit to a country which rose in insurrection while Brits were embattled in the Great War, which skulked in neutrality during WW2 (with De Valera rushing to the Nazi Embassy to join in mourning the death of Hitler) and even in the Falklands Liberation War showed its true colours by stabbing the UK in the back over sanctions against the aggressor.

Not to mention how Eire provided a safe haven for terrorists and maintained an illegitimate claim over the most loyal province of the Queen’s realm.

Okay, she has to abide by Her Majesty’s ministers’ advice. And if she can visit Germany, why not Eire, and let the conflict fade into history? But was it really incumbent upon her to honour those traitors of 1916. They were part and parcel of Sinn Fein which still today refuses to recognise Ulster’s right to self-determination.

As one senior unionist politician said, it was the laying of that wreath at the Garden of Remembrance by the Queen which was the “only sour note” of the Royal visit to the Republic of Ireland. However, East Londonderry MP, Gregory Campbell said the gesture should not be allowed to the “overshadow” the historic occasion. “I think we all believe that this visit by the Queen is long overdue, and certainly it is welcome,” said the DUP MP. “But I do think that it is deeply unfortunate that the Queen was required to lay a wreath at the Garden of Remembrance, which is a shrine to those who murdered the loyal forces. NewsLetter, Belfast

But some value has accrued from the visit, notably an interview with an ancient enemy, who can still tell some truths. 17 May 2011 14:27

A FOUNDING member of the IRA has said he regrets none of the countless atrocities the organisation carried out.

Billy McKee, 89, is the former officer commanding of the IRA in Belfast and was on its ruling army council. He refused to condemn the horrific Bloody Friday bombings in Belfast city centre which killed nine people and injured 130 others, saying it “didn’t come off as expected”.

Bloody Friday involved 22 bombs exploding in 80 minutes on July 21, 1972. Although the IRA issued an apology in 2002 to the families of those killed and injured during the attacks, McKee this week told the Irish News: “I’m not going to condemn it or the men that carried it out. No way.”  McKee has no sympathy either for the family of Jean McConville – the mother-of-10 who was abducted and killed by the IRA in 1972 – or the family of PSNI constable Ronan Kerr who was recently murdered by dissident republicans.

“All I know is that Mrs McConville was found out … working for the Brits,” he said. “She was warned to stop it. She persisted and carried on working for the Brits. It left people outside with no alternative.”  Regarding Constable Kerr, McKee said the young man “knew what was in front of him” when he decided to join the PSNI.

Okay, so this McKee is evil, but he knows the ins and outs of Sinn Fein, from long personal experience,and personally I believe he is being candid about all the issues discussed. So here’s the nitty-gritty. He lets the cat out of the bag about that grinning bearded swine Adams.

McKee also dismissed as “a joke” Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams’ continued denials that he was ever a member of the IRA.  McKee insisted: “He was chief of staff, army council and OC Belfast yet he says he was never in the IRA. “For him to get up and say that was the daftest thing I have ever heard. There were people who hadn’t laughed for years that enjoyed that joke.”

Well, that’s clear enough. We have always known the murderous b——–d should have been taken out, and I’m sure many Brits hope somebody will so so.

But nevertheless, there are plenty more people down there in Eire who have woken up to the fact that Eire, then known as the Irish Free State, was granted independence after long talks in London. If they could only give up their aggressive imperialist aspirations to annex part of our country, many of us could be happy to treat them as normal neighbours.

Meanwhile, we can still feel a sense of solidarity as they face up to the realisation that their country has REALLY been reduced to the status of a vassal province, but NOT BY US. An article about, inter alia, the cost of the royal trip to Eire tax-payers, which appeared in this current week’s Spiked.com site sums it up. 

Jason Walsh  

Ireland needs freedom — but not from Britain

‘In relation to Ireland’s debt, €30million is not only a drop in the ocean, it is also arguably the cost of statecraft. If cost is a pivotal factor then the argument for independence itself is diminished – and indeed, this is precisely what has happened in Ireland in the past year.

As a result of the bail-out negotiated last year by the outgoing Irish government – then vaguely objected to, but now vigorously enacted by, the parties that were then in opposition – Ireland has lost its sovereignty, not to Perfidious Albion but to the European Union and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

And thus we can find common cause even with Dublin, for we are all under the heel of the Eurocrats, and our common enemy is the EUSSR.