Suryadharma Ali Gloats Over Ahmadiyah ‘Converts’

INILAH.COM, Jakarta 18/5 – At least 700 Ahmadiyah followers to repent and return to the teachings of Islam. It happened in a number of places in West Java after an approach to them.

“In West Java, no less than 700 people came back to Islam from Ahmadiyah,” said Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali in a working meeting with the commission VII, in the DPR, Jakarta, Wednesday (18/05/2011)….

An ‘approach’ to them? Are we talking about Operation Prayer-Mat, enabled in collaboration with members of the security forces? Or the stoning attack which the local West Java police chief told us was ‘not an attack?’ 

We saw another form of ‘approach’ in February, when three Ahmadis were martyred by savages. And another in Lombok not that long ago when a mob of primitives destroyed Ahmadi homes and drove their victims off while a hundred or more cops stood by and made no arrests.

There is an evil stalking this country, and government ministers should be shouting from the roof-tops of their fancy offices that Indonesians have a constitutional right to worship as they see fit.

Instead we have to read this blatant triumphalist gloating, before a parliamentary commission, no less, from Suryadharma Ali, as if he’s a sports minister tallying Olympic medals.

How can this fanatic Islamist derive any satisfaction from such ‘repentance?’ It’s not really ‘repentance’ at all, because they weren’t engaged in any reprehensible activity, merely worshipping peacefully in their own way, never bothering anyone. except nasty bigots. It’s hardly ‘conversion’ either, when the state apparatus is involved in pressures, persecution, even, badgering and bullying these inoffensive human beings.

…according to Suryadharma, repentance was facilitated by the local government taking measures to ban the Ahmadiyya, which assisted the local clergy to provide an explanation of true Islamic teachings….it was a follow-up of the implementation of the tri-ministerial decree (SKB)’

And that decree is openly discriminatory, singling out one religious minority for harsh regulatory control, an edict that has now attracted the attention of the United Nations!

Although the Foreign Ministry said this week it had not received the UN letter, we all know what was said in its pages. And Indonesians of goodwill are waiting to hear the Government’s reaction.