Incubus ke Jakarta – Ticket Prices Sky-High!

I see Incubus are coming to Jakarta, in July. But if you want to see them, be prepared for an empty wallet, with ticket-prices around Rp.600,000.

A lot of Indonesians don’t make much more than that in a month, so only the rich will be enjoying their music, at the Istora Senayan, 26th July, at 8pm. But since I can’t say I’m a fan, I don’t need to start saving.

The Californian band is described as having  ‘utilized elements from a variety of genres and styles, including alternative rock, heavy metal, electro, funk, jazz, hip hop, nu metal, rap metal, techno, and trip hop. (so says wikipedia) so since I loathe almost all such sounds, except jazz, I shall wait until they make some Country and Western or dangdut albums before I pay further attention to them.