Depok Jadi Kota PKI? Islamist Council Grabs Private Property, Communist-Style

First Posted: 29 Mar 2011  Reposted, by popular demand, since my original blog has been sealed by a petulant and petty rival.

I have, previously, compared Islamonazis here to the PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party. Their lack of loyalty to the country’s constitution, their fanatical thuggery, and now we have an action replay of the PKI’s classic illegal seizure of private property. That’s not too far away, in Depok – more later.

And the menace seems to swirl ever closer every week.

Last month I posted a picture of an anti-Ahmadiyah banner hung at Kebon Jeruk, only a short bus-ride from my home,

On my way home Monday night, I disembarked from my penultimate angkot and walked to the corner to catch the final p.s.v. of my journey.
I sometimes walk the last leg, but being a Monday, my energy level was way down and I crossed at the junction. Or was about to, when a quintet of youths suddenly appeared on the large traffic island and began to erect a huge banner.

New Bigot Banner in West Jakarta

Being a nosey devil, I paused to see what wonders might be forthcoming in our West Jakarta back-water, and lo, there it was, the malevolent grimace of Habib Rizieq, Reichsfuhrer of the Islamonazi FPI.
Seems he’s due to delight an audience not far from my home this weekend.

(Update – another banner has this month of May appeared by the Kebon Jeruk traffic lights- he’s back!)

Reading of the vicious gangster in the press and seeing him on tv is disagreeable enough, but that…heck, it’s the same difference as watching a Dracula movie then learning that the Count himself is conducting a neighbourhood inspection.

The lads who erected the large ad were non-descripts, no white-shirt nazi gear or such. Sad to see wasted youth. Why aren’t they out chasing girls, I wondered. Or maybe they had just been paid a few perak to do the job (not the kids in my picture – those were just crossing the road!)
Mind you, looking at the drabs who join fanatic demos, I could grasp that issue.
Who fancies females who dress like sacks of Idaho spuds?

But we bules, expats, whatever you choose to call us, are rarely put to more than inconvenience by these creeps. Unlike the defenceless native minority.
What is happening to Ahmadiyah here is frightful.

Some clown in the Jakarta Post ‘letters’ page on Monday bleated that it was nonsense to say Ahmadis were going to be killed. He missed out the word ‘more’- maybe he’s unaware of the three martyrs bludgeoned to death in the Banten pogrom last month.

But apart from murder, the list of Islamonazi crimes continues to expand, not excluding theft.

Bonar Tigor Naipospos

In TRIBUNNEWS.COM, Monday, Setara Institute’s doughty spokesman, Bonar Tigor Naipospos , was reported as ‘harshly criticizing the seizure of Ahmadiyah property by the state.’

Depok Ahmadis Praying, Prior to Islamonazi Seizure

As RRA readers know, the primitives have been sealing the religious minority’s places of worship, but Tribun reminded us that Al-Hidayah Mosque in Depok (WEST JAVA, of course, but in practical terms part of Greater Jakarta) has not just been sealed but seized as a kind of jihadist booty and handed over to Ahmadiyah’s persecutors to use for their own propaganda purposes.
The mosque was built by Ahmadis in 1999 and has been used for worship by them ever since.

My headline asks in Bahasa Indonesia if Depok has become a PKI city. The PKI, the long-since-outlawed Communist Party of Indonesia, was in the habit of seizing private property in exactly the same way.
Thankfully their dictatorial arrogance was ended in 1965 and no recrudescence of marxism is permitted here.
But what shall it profit a nation if it extricates itself from one sort of despotic threat, only to fall victim to another?

Marxists and Islamonazis are two sides of the same coin, I have argued in the past.
Politically-motivated thuggery, suppression of those who stand in their way, class hatred and sectarian hatred, red-shirts and white-shirts…the similarities are striking.
Local authorities that come under the influence of these sorts of movements are almost bound to disregard legal norms and civilised standards.
That’s how it is in Depok today. It could just as easily be a PKI commune sixty years ago, such is its descent into totalitarian tactics.
This communist-style expropriation was sponsored by the Islamist local authorities in Depok, not some mob, and the city’s cadres are quite bare-faced about their theft.
The Jakarta Globe 28/3 reported that Fachmi Muhammad, a municipal spokesman, said the Al-Hidayah Mosque on Jalan Raya Muchtar in Sawangan subdistrict “will be changed for normal public use, so it’s no longer going to be privately owned by the Ahmadiyah congregation.”

“On what grounds does Depok City Government seal this mosque and then have it taken over? Ahmadis commit no crime, is not a banned organization and is still legally valid,” said Bonar in a press release received by, 03/28/2011

According to Bonar, the action taken by Depok City Government is opposed even to the tri-ministerial decree, which is used as the legal basis by the government and radical Islamic organizations, because that decree ‘is only to limit the spread of Ahmadiyah teachings. Prohibition of use of violence is also thereby confirmed.

“The state through the government apparatus has been clearly in violation of freedom of religion and belief,” said Bonar.

Bonar declared that the way Ahmadiyah has been handled by Depok City mirrors the loss of common sense by the government in dealing with the minority.

“All the efforts made by governments at various places indicate quite clearly that they are under strong pressure by a serious group of hardline Islamic groups,” he said…Bonar also explained, implementation of Indonesian constitutionalism has been ignored by the government en masse while allowing Ahmadis to be subjected to discrimination, intolerance, and violence.

Likewise, Bonar said, diversity as a pillar of national life, has been torn apart by the action of a group of people merely to fight a claim of religious interpretation…

Bonar rightly adds that the ‘dialogue’ called under the control of bigot Minister Suryadharma Ali was held obviously as just a forum for those who have long wished to achieve the dissolution of Ahmadiyah. The forum will be used as to legitimise the government’s chosen path of ‘dialogue’ and then dissolution.”

Depok Primitives in Action, Ahmadi Mosque Sealed!

The mosque was sealed by a fanatic rabble (outnumbered by police who typically stood back and let the hoodlums do their worst)
Another sign was also placed at the site by the savages, ‘Shut and Sealed on Pain of Death.’
This totalitarian activity was puppeteered by – who else – a proprietor of a nearby Islamic boarding school, named Damanhuri.
(Another timely reminder that Western governments should STOP providing these pesantren indoctrination centres with material assistance) An okezone report has that particular primitive puke announcing that ‘the mosque would remain closed until doomsday. “Residents will watch over it 24 hours a day. If the seal is breached, I don’t know what they will do [to the Ahmadis],” he said.

Well, I’d know what to do with Damanhuri if I had the chance.
The first thing would be to have him barred from any contact with any school ever again. Unabashed hate-merchants should not be allowed to taint young minds.
The second would be a bit of good old-fashioned tarring and feathering.
Incitement to violence and vandalism deserves stern punishment, especially against people (and their property) who have done nothing at all to deserve enmity of such savage degrees.

And it is not just the jumped-up apparatchiks like Fachmi, or the scabrous ‘clerics’ like Damanhuri, or the frothing white-shirt ignoramuses of the FPI we have to watch for.
It’s the ministers in suits, the establishment Islamists of the NU and Muhammadiyah, who, had they enough conscience or courage, could have run off the savages with ease a long time ago.