Islamonazi FPI V Sexy Syahrini…Bego2 V Barbie2

Once again this week, or maybe more than once, the white-shirt nazi thugs of the FPI, the self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam,’  have got their undies in a twist about sexy women.

Given the drab jilbabbies they have to go home to after their thuggish bigot demos, I guess that’s no surprise, but when you look at the stuff they regard as risque, it’s hard to believe we are living in the same century. I mean, take a look at this luscious star, Syahrina, whom they are up in arms about.


Wednesday, May 25 – The number of exciting celebrity photos going the rounds has got the attention of the chairman of DKI Jakarta DPD FPI, Habib Salim ‘Selon’ Alatas, who clearly rejects unequivocally the existence of such circulation. Habib strongly condemned the photos, like those of Syahrini, Barbie Ernesta and others.

“…we strongly condemn and call for the government to take a decisive role in resisting and eradicating pornography and porno activity in Indonesia,” he said when contacted by ® by phone on Wednesday (25 / 5).


So Syahrini, whose picture graces the part of this post above this paragraph, is an affront to the Islamonazis’ Jakarta Gauleiter? What a sorry creep he must be. She’s a honey!

And so is Barbie Ernesta, below, who succeeds in raising the nazi’s fevered holy dread to boiling point!

“The government must crack down, it’s already clear under the laws. They should be arrested. Both the perpetrators and spreaders. Especially seeing as how Barbie is in the photograph wearing police caps. That’s harassment, ruining the good name of the institution,” he explained.

In this case the FPI won’t stay silent and will continue to pursue this case by collecting data to investigate the offenders. Habib stressed that FPI is not playing games re bringing the perpetrators to justice.

“FPI will continue to pursue this kind of problem, we’ll collect the data, we’ll find it on the internet, we’ll be sweeping and the results will get reported. Because FPI isn’t kidding, we prove this will be our drag and culprit,” he concluded.

But hang on a minute, who’s doing the harm to the cops’ good name? Up in dear old West Java, the police have been formally collaborating with the nazis, according to another report in the same day’s paper.

Dozens of police officers and dozens of members Jatinangor Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), Ranchi region, Kab. Kab. Jatinangor Bandung, Kab. Sumedang smashed a number of storage facilities for liquor and wine in the area on Wednesday (25 / 5). Targetted sweeping of the villages of Cipacing and Cintamulya was started at 9.00 am until late afternoon. Present in the raid were police senior officers Kompol Sujoto and AKP Supratno, while the FPI was under the command of the Chairman of the Shura Council FPI Ranchi, Ir. Elan and Ustaz Amin.

Now maybe the cops have regulations on booze that they are obliged to enforce. Okay, so be it.

But the FPI are hoodlums, well-known as such. Their current fuhrer Rizeiq is an ex-con, jailtime for a sectarian riot, their secretary general has openly incited murder against the Ahmadi religious minority and their thug Bekasi gauleiter has just recently ended a sentence for incitement too.

Habib’s infantile and prurient obsession with glimpses of feminine charm on the internet is merely risible. The real issue is in the last couple of paragraphs above.

Why are the police openly joining hands with bigot scum?