Islamonazi Church-Burning – Java Prosecutors Back Off Serious Punishment – Christians Fear to Protest

Pro-tolerance Indonesians were as shocked as foreign observers when Semarang Prosecutors this week refused to seek real punishment in a Central Java case. Instead they asked for only a TWELVE-MONTH sentence if the pesantren boss who allegedly incited a church-burning rabble last February is found guilty.

Two churches suffered arson attacks as a mob of primitives rampaged through Temanggung, Central Java, and as Wednesday’s Jakarta Globe reported, ‘lead prosecutor Sugeng told Semarang District Court that Syihabuddin, a local Islamic scholar, had riled up the crowd.

“The defendant brought a megaphone [to the courthouse] to address the crowd,” Sugeng said. “He even supplied food to the people who came to the courthouse. We demand that he be sentenced to a year in prison for the crimes attributed to him.”

Another slap on the wrist for an Islamist bigot?  The fact is, this kind of crime – incitement – carries a maximum sentence of SIX YEARS. A charge of mob violence carries SEVEN. So why the soft-soap treatment in Java? 

Sugeng said the mitigating circumstances in favor of a lighter sentence included the fact that Syihabuddin had no prior convictions and that “he runs an Islamic boarding school.”

WHY THE HECK SHOULD RUNNING A PESANTREN BE A MITIGATING FACTOR? These ‘Islamic boarding-schools’ are notorious. Almost every time you read about some unpleasant anti-social sectarian incident, either owners, staff or students of pesantren are involved. Despite this, various Western aid agencies lavish material help on such indoctrination centres, without taking control of the curriculum to exclude primitive fanaticism, like anti-Ahmadiyah or anti-Christian propaganda.

But back in Java,  bigot school boss Syihabuddin showed little gratitude. Perhaps he thinks he deserves a medal?  “The sentence demand is unfair. I hope all who blame me get cursed by God.”  His tirade was cut short by Judge Edy Tjahjono, who told the religious leader he would have his turn to present his defense in two weeks’ time.
“Whatever it is you have to say, say it then. Don’t scream now,” he said.
Well, at least the judge is trying to behave professionally.
The judge also ordered dozens of the defendant’s supporters to be barred from attending the hearing. However, they could be heard shouting outside the courtroom before dispersing.

I wonder what they were shouting.

Maybe the same as the ignorant scum throwing rocks during the incident we’re talking about? The same as the pigs in Banten who chanted while clubbing three Ahmadi martyrs to death?

But this case is not unique, even in the context of that same incident.

On 20th May, the JG told us that ‘six of the 25 men standing trial for burning down churches last February could get away with serving less than an eighth of the prescribed sentence after prosecutors sought unusually light punishment. 

Lead prosecutor Gindara told the Semarang District Court that…the state was only seeking eight-month sentences for each of them…Gindara reasoned that the punishment demanded should be “commensurate with what they’ve done.”

This scandalous attitude provoked his superiors to take an interest.

Eko Surwarni, a spokeswoman for the Central Java Prosecutors’ Office, said she was surprised by the exceedingly light demand. 
“Article 170 of the Criminal Code clearly states that if such a criminal act of violence results in injuries or damage to property, then the perpetrators may be subject to up to seven years in prison,” she said.  She added that her office would haul Gindara in to explain why he had demanded such a light sentence.
“We don’t have the right to intervene in the independence of prosecutors to demand sentences, but because the Temanggung riot is a very sensitive case, we need to hear what the prosecutor has to say for himself,” Eko said.
She pointed out that the six defendants in question had already been in detention for three months, and if the court went on to convict them and sentence them to eight months, then they would only have to serve another five months.

Right, Ms Eko has a brain and seemed prepared to use it. Why not the local prosecutors?

Nuryono, a lawyer for the six men, claimed the mitigating factors in their favor included the fact that they had no prior convictions, had expressed remorse for their actions and “had only gone along with the mob.”

So going along with an Islamonazi mob that left a trail of havoc (including two burning churches, a burnt Christian school, two vandalised police stations, numerous private vehicles wrecked and nine people injured by rock-throwing primitives) is a MITIGATING FACTOR? Say you’re sorry and get home free? For Nuryono thinks the savages deserve even milder treatment!

He also claimed that the eight months sought by prosecutors was “too heavy for them. We’ll appeal to the judge to lighten the punishment.”

The more you read about this, the more incredulous you become. The JG reports that Catur Sulistyo, of the Church of St. Peter and Paul (damged in the riot) said the proposed slap on the wrist was ‘regrettable. “However, we can’t say anything about it because we’re still gripped by fear,” he said. “For us, the unrest is not something we can easily forget. We’re still traumatized by it.”’

But whatever Ms.Eko said to the limp prosecutors after that May 20th report, yesterday June 1st’s report suggests that any wise words fell on deaf ears.  ‘After the hearing, Widyopramono, Central Java’s chief prosecutor, denied that prosecutors had gone soft on Syihabuddin, saying they were “acting independently” and not being influenced by the sensitive nature of the case.’

For those who missed the outrage, we can remind you that the bigot thugs ran amok after a court verdict not to their tastes.  Some poor guy from a sect got the maximum, five years,for his alleged ‘blasphemy,’ instead of the death penalty desired by the slavering sectarians who’d packed into the court.

What had the guy said that upset them?

JG 20/5  He was convicted of distributing a book that claimed some of Islam’s holiest shrines were symbols of genitalia, as well as pamphlets describing the religion as a violent one.’ (my emphasis)

God forbid!