Cadbury’s Crumbles before Nutty Naomi – Beauty Sans Brains?

I have always regarded Naomi Campbell as one of the sexiest models ever, not least because she ISN’T skinny. So many of those cat-walk strutters are off-puttingly anorexic, whereas the brown beauty has an agreeably curvy shape.

But while her lovely brown body is visually pleasing, she does seem to have missed out on her fair share of the grey matter, witness her praise of nasty dictatorships like Castro’s in Cuba.

But her latest outburst puts previous nonsense in the shade. I refer to the row over a new Cadbury’s chocolate product.

She has said about it. ‘I am shocked. It’s upsetting to be described as chocolate, not just for me but for all black women and black people… It is insulting and hurtful.’  Valerie Morris, her mother, also took umbrage “I am deeply upset by this racist advert.’

And other, more predictable, voices have been raised.

A ‘civil rights’ organisation called Operation Black Vote exhorted everyone to boycott the products of Cadbury’s and its parent company Kraft. ( I rarely buy chocolate, but shall buy an extra pack of Kraft Cheese Slices next time I go into Alfamart!) That agitprop outfit’s Simon Wooley bleated idiotically that ‘racism in the playground starts with black children being called “chocolate bar”. Really? When I was young enough to use play-grounds, I seem to recall that I and all my play-mates regarded chocolate bars as highly desirable objects, not at all a term of abuse.

Some twit named Lee Jasper, who held a job in Red Ken Livingstone’s  London mayoral era as an ‘equalities adviser’ (KA trouble-maker) was similarly indignant. ‘This issue is not just about the insult to Naomi Campbell. It’s about how these companies treat black people in general. Part of the problem is that they don’t see [the advert] as offensive.’

Well, no, twit, they don’t, and neither would anyone else with an ounce of common-sense. Chocolate is brown, chocolate is nice, chocolate is downright yummy, and some, probably many, if not most, so-called black people in London are actually brown, a proportion of whom could fairly be described as chocolate-coloured.  Having once assisted a candidate in a London election by canvassing door-to-door, I was pleased to find that many of these black, brown, and chocolate-coloured people agreed with me on numerous issues, notably law and order, favouring hanging for murderers and birching for thugs and vandals.

It is well-known too that the most vocal opposition to the degenerate trends within the Church of England comes from African Christians whose great-grandparents were converted by English missionaries and who are now returning the favour by trying to keep the Anglican Community from succumbing to pervert take-over.

So I am hardly anti-‘black,’ nor anti-chocolate-coloured people. All this palaver about what to call them is much ado about nothing. 

Some words are used deliberately to offend coloured people, and would not be used by any company seeking to sell products.

 Incidentally, this blog has a list of words that, if used by commenters, block the comment appearing. Most of them are obscenities, since our local expat left-libs like to use them, having not been brought up to employ a civilised vocabulary, but one of them is the N-word.

But Cadbury is in the business of selling chocolate and Naomi is a lovely shade of chocalote brown. The advert indeed ackowledges her as a ‘diva,’ which is surely a compliment!

She is also a temperamental temptress, with a string of largely self-inflicted controversies to her credit. But the trouble-makers who have jumped on the bandwagon presumably just enjoy getting into a lather and making headlines. None of it makes sense, though.



Cadbury’s has apparently agreed to withdraw the advert.