Sectarian Savages’ Slap on the Wrist. Church-Burners Get ‘Fair and Mild’ Sentences

Another Indonesian court has bottled out of giving Islamonazi thugs their just deserts, with the Temanggung rioters’ verdict announced in Semarang, Central Java. 


 Jakarta Globe 10/6. Seventeen of the 25 men charged with rioting that destroyed buildings and injured bystanders in Temanggung, Central Java, could be released soon after being given jail sentences ranging from just four to five months.  
The Semarang District Court on Thursday gave a four-month sentence to Suprihanto, who was said to have helped the alleged ringleader of the riot round up participants in the Feb. 8 incident. The riot saw a mob angered by a sentence handed down in a blasphemy trial attack two churches and a Christian school. 
 Given that Suprihanto has been in detention since Feb. 13, he will be released on Sunday.  “I acknowledge the deed and accept the punishment,” Suprihanto said in court.
Sixteen other men were sentenced to five months in prison, less the detention period already served. Their lawyer, Viktor Nizam, said his clients accepted the court’s decision because the sentence was considered fair and mild. Prosecutors had sought 10-month sentences for the men.
Fair and mild?  Mild, yes indeed, but fair? These rabid scumbags should have been flogged publicly, Aceh-style. And then cast into prision for half a decade at least. If the courts want to stop Islamonazi outrages, that’s what needs to happen. If they want to encourage Islamonazi outrages, they will carry on in yesterday’s manner and pamper the primitives. It’s not as if the law lacks teeth.

They were convicted of vandalism, which carries a maximum penalty of five years and six months in jail.
In case readers have forgotten,  the riot in Temanggung involved a mob of Islamonazis running around town setting fire to buildings and vehicles regarded as non-Muslim. Nine people were hurt by the stone-throwing Islamist vermin.

The infantile rabble were upset because a convicted ‘blasphemer’ got the maximum five years, not death, for his ‘crime’ which consisted of ‘distributing a book that claimed some of Islam’s holiest shrines were symbols of genitalia, as well as pamphlets describing the religion as a violent one.’
Well, what as wicked man that was, to say that Islam was a violent creed, and how admirable the rabble, to show by example how peaceful Muslims can be. As for ‘genitalia,’ there are some rude Anglo-Saxon words used to describe those, which might well be applied to the accused rioters. And the court!

No wonder Christians here are worried. After the foul repression of the Ahmadiyah religious minority by ministerial decree and mob murder, who’s next, we are all asking. And who’s pulling the strings?

Antonius Benny Susetyo, the executive secretary of the Interreligious Commission of the Indonesian Bishops Conference, said he deeply regretted the decision of the court. He said it showed that the court did not have independence in upholding the law. 
“In fact, since the beginning we have emphasized that the case has nothing to do with any particular religion. It was purely criminal, which must be processed under the law clearly,” he said.
 Benny added that a prison sentence of just a few months would not be an effective deterrent for the convicts.  “The court showed that it did not dare reveal the real mastermind behind the riots and who the funders were,” he said. “I’m concerned the act of violence will be a model of how to coerce opinion.”
 The court has yet to hand out its verdict for Syihabuddin, an Islamic scholar accused of being the ringleader. Prosecutors are seeking a one-year