Citibank Shockers – Update, in response to popular demand!

 Well, such was the interest among readers in my re-posting of the Ctibank story (stories, really) that I decided not to keep you waiting for the latest updates…and the photos of Melinda.

Starting with the sexy arrestee, who is now a patient in an unknown hospital here, well, her case is on-going, but she’s having problems with her breasts.
Jakarta Post,6/10/2011 reported that our kindly police force want to use public funds, specifically the insurance scheme for the poor, to pay for Melinda’s stay in the sick bay.
But since she is not widely regarded as a member of the poverty-stricken levels of society, some eye-brows have been raised.

Health Minister Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih says the National Police’s plan to use the state insurance for the poor (Jamkesmas) to cover the medical expenses of Citibank embezzlement suspect Malinda Dee should be reviewed.

“We have an agreement with the Law and Human Rights Ministry that poor inmates will be covered by Jamkesmas, and that is the point. Only poor inmates will be covered,” she said Friday. To be considered poor, inmates should have a letter stating that they cannot afford to pay for their medical expenses and require help from the Health Ministry. “If the National Police say Malinda will be covered by Jamkesmas, she should have the letter,” Endang said.

But the cops are evidently singing from a very different song-sheet!

National Police chief detective Insp. Gen. Ito Sumardi had said that anybody who was arrested by the National Police, including Malinda Dee, was covered under the government insurance program.

Rumour is that Melinda may be in a hosptial near where I live, so maybe I’ll take her some flowers. According to the JP, she’s been languishing in some mysterious rumah sakit for a fortnight, getting ready for  surgery to treat an inflammation of her breasts.  

Yes, well, get well soon, honey.

But on to the more serious story – no offence to Melnida’s assets, allegedly embezzled or otherwise, but Irzen Octa died after going to complain about his Citibank credit card bill.

And the JP has recent news on that too.

Central Jakarta District Court is expecting Citibank lawyers to attend a hearing on Thursday in the hearing of a civil lawsuit filed by the family of Irzen Octa, a politician who died after a meeting with Citibank’s debt collectors.
The Citibank legal team had failed to show up to the initial hearing on May 12, and the adjourned hearing on May 26, citing “technical issues” for their absence.
The family of Irzen Octa accuse Citibank of disobedience and negligence in performing its banking duties and are demanding Rp 3 trillion (US$351 million) in damages. Irzen Octa died on March 28 after a meeting the Citibank debt collectors at a branch in Jakarta. 

An initial autopsy reported no signs of violence in Irzen’s death, but a second autopsy found signs he had been tortured.

But it looks like Citibank are not prepared to admit any wrong-doing in the matter.

Otto Hasibuan, a lawyer for Citibank, said there was no need for his client to apologize to the family of Irzen Octa, a politician who allegedly died after negotiating his debt with Citibank’s debt collectors.
“You only offer an apology if you are guilty. We do not feel guilty,” he said after a hearing at Central Jakarta District Court on Thursday.

The  judge who heard the case, when Citibank finally showed up on Thursday last week, gave the parties 40 days to seek a solution.