Indonesia – High Court Slams Bigots – Open That Church!

The primitives who run Bogor, a satellite city just a few miles down the road from our house here in Jakarta, have earned a stinging rebuke from Indonesia’s Supreme Court.
Bogor’s fanatic Mayor Diani now faces a choice – obey the court, by re-opening the church he’s kept closed in collaboration with police and Islamonazi mobs…or… continue to ride rough-shod over religious minority rights.
The persecution of Christians belonging to the GKI Yasmin Church has become an international scandal, with even the United nations taking an interest in how badly minority creeds are treated in Indonesia.
How Dianti reacts, and how the authorities will handle any further recalcitrance on his part, will tell the world where Indonessa stands on religious tolerance.

The letter, signed by Justice Paulus Effendy Lotulung and dated June 1, said Indonesia’s laws should be upheld.
“For the sake of justice and legal certainty, and to ensure the supremacy of the law in law-based nation Indonesia, those who are in dispute should carry out the court ruling that has legal power,” the letter said.

Good for the Chief Justice, and better still for his colleague,  Justice Akil Mochtar, who wanred the sectarian bullies thatif the administration failed to comply, officials could be jailed by the ombudsman.’RRA has been reporting for a year now on the disgraceful and and discriniminatory treatment meted out to the Yasmin congregation. Forced to celebrate Christmas on the public highway by police and Satpol PP militia (who act as enforcers for the primitives) these decent folk have shown admirable determination and restraint in the face of Islamist intimidation.
As the JG pointed out, Mayor Diani has been thumbing his fanatic nose at the Supreme Court since December 2010, when the justices told him to stop his bigot nonsense and reopen the church. In March, the upstart mayor defied the ruling by permanently revoking Yasmin’s building permit.GKI Yasmin Rev. Ujang Tanusaputra said “The church asks the Bogor government once more, especially Bogor mayor Diani Budiarto, to comply with the Supreme Court ruling dated Dec. 9, 2010. We hope the mayor could be a public official that obeys the law and the Constitution.”
I hope so too. Frankly I doubt it,. Like most of his kind, he sees religious liberty as something that only his co-religionists should enjoy. He’s a nasty bit of work, and this country would be better off if he disappeared overnight. But alas he won’t.’