Captain Euro and the EU’s Totalitarian Propaganda War on Kids


Reading Daniel Hannan’s blog is refreshing, for it shows us that not all members of the UK political establishment are craven lackeys of the EUSSR. But most are.

However, his recent revelation that the EuroCommissars are deliverately aiming to use chidren to impose their evil agenda was somewhat shocking.

I append an extract and the link.

What is the EU’s agenda here? Well, a few years ago, I stumbled across an internal Commission report that concluded as follows: “Children can perform a messenger function in conveying the message to the home environment. Young people will often in practice act as go-betweens with the older generations, helping them embrace the euro.”

The notion that the government should get at parents through their children is a characteristic of authoritarian states, not liberal democracies. One thinks of Orwell’s fictional youth organisation, the Spies; or of the revolting Pavel Morozov, who became a hero of the Soviet Union when he was murdered after shopping his father for hoarding grain. (Having decreed a state funeral for the boy, Stalin privately remarked: “He was a rotten little sh*t, ratting on his parents like that.”)

Not that the EU’s kiddieprop seems to be having much effect: in every country, younger voters are more Eurosceptic than their elders. Perhaps no amount of publicity can convince people of a bad idea.

Several readers have asked for more details about Brussels propaganda tracts aimed at children. I’ve already told you about Captain Euro, but the European Commission publishes plenty of other unintentionally hilarious cartoon strips.

There’s Julia and Steven’s Adventures, about how wonderful the Common Agricultural Policy is. There’s Hidden Disaster, about the EU’s speedy response to natural catastrophes. There’s The Healthiest Holiday (”Carlos, Maud and Klaus are going to have to change some of their bad habits if they want to take part in the Group Run!”) There’s Jump Start (”Find out how Alex, Nataline, Ivana and Dimitra managed to change the course of their lives. Discover how these four Europeans took on a new challenge, thanks to the support they received from the European Social Fund”).

What’s most striking about these comics is not their creepiness but their utter lameness. I mean, don’t any of these Eurocrats remember being children themselves? Do they seriously think that kids will become more pro-Brussels as a result of reading this piffle? Or is it simply that they’ve got to find something to spend their budget on?

I have to part company from Mr. Hannan here. It’s not about spending their budget, though, yes, ii is an outrageous way to misuse tax-payers’ money.

It is quite clearly an attempt to indoctrinate young Britions, and French, and Germans, and everybody’s chidren, into supranationalism. Exactly as the Nazis, to whom Europe’s founding fathers looked to as spiritual godfathers, or to the communists, with whom the EUSSR shares its hatred of decent European traditional beliefs.

You only have to listen to that vixen-commissar RViviane Reding to understand their loathing of any kind of Christian – or on this case, specifically Catholic – values. see –

Reding claims that the campaign “goes against European values” and is warning that if Hungary does not do as it is ordered, “we will begin procedures to put an end to the agreement and make the appropriate decisions, including financial ones.”

That’s her deploring Budapest’s use of EU social funding to discourage abortion. Not banning it, or persecuting anyone who seeks an abortion, simply suggesting it is wise to look at alternatives.

And who could quarrel with that? RRA does not have a policy on abortion, but we do have a policy of defending nation-states against  degenerate drips like Reding. She seems to think it’s her money, not cash squeezed from ordinary folks, who don’t share her elitist left-lib garbage outlook.

No, Mr. Hannan, there’s no innocence in anything the EUSSR does. It is the enemy and has to be destroyed.