Sexy Dewi Persik versus Islamonazi FPI…lagi!

Much as I delight in Dewi Persik’s singing, dancing, and very existence, as one must always appreciate things of beauty bestown on us by the Lord, my personal reaction to her decision to have a small operation to ‘restore her virginity’ was that some good friend ought to sit her down and have a sensible chat over a nice cup of tea.

She’s been married more than twice, and whatever surgical skills might achieve, a virgin she ain’t gonna be!

But if she insists on throwing away money and her valuable time on such a self-indulgent nonsense, it’s up to her, and I’ll always be a fan because of her regular spats with the Islamonazi FPI. She treats the self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’ with the contempt they deserve.

But here they come, snouts twitching, to denounce her – HER? – for demeaning the digniity of women!

Okezone 15/6

“Dewi Persik lowers the self-esteem of women,” said Chairman of the DPD FPI (Islamic Defenders Front) DKI Habib Umar Salim Alattas.

Oh yeah? And what does sharia law do? Silence.

This noisome little nazi gauleiter tells us that‘because women are thus demeaned (by Depe) he is appealing to women to hold a demonstration against Dewi Persik….he would support it if the demonstration was held sometime in the future. “Yes definitely, FPI would support such a demo. It’s for best really. Dewi Persik is pretentious, continually creating sensations like this,” he said.

And what does the sectarian rabble he leads in Jakarta do? They ‘create sensations’ for sure. Sore heads, vandalised property, threats, thuggery, and today they’re over at Jakarta South Court ululating in support of Ba’asyir the Beast.

Demeaning women might better be construed by examining the FPI and their thinkalikes’ insistence on shrouding women in sweltering clothing, no bare arms, certainly no bare shoulders (I like shoulders!), no leg visible above the ankle, certainly not above the knee (partial to knees myself, too!) and God forbid the beautiful women of ths archipelago don a swimsuit, much less a bikini, for then we’d see their NAVELS! Haram, haram!

Of course women don’t have to dress like that if they don’t care to, but IT’S THEIR CHOICE, you Islamonazi twits.

And polygamy? The fanatics think it’s just jim-dandy to take an extra wife or two, but if a woman tried to top up her supply of husbands in similar lustful manner, she’d be up for stoning. 


Yesterday’s Jakarta Post had that sad victim of verbal diarhoea, Julia Suryakusuma, a notorious left-lib, rabbiting once more about how wrong we all are who share the ‘Western perception that female subordination of women is an intrinsic part of Islamic faith.’

She obviously hasn’t read much of the iniquitous provisions of sharia law as regards inheritance. It’s pure sexist. Unutterably demeaning to women. 


Go on, Dewi, be daft if you like. We still love you!