Shock Revelations on CIA’s Panetta – A Comsymp Record Hushed-Up By MSM

Leon Panetta -a long record of subversive sympathies?

Here’s a link and an extract from a very disturbing AIM article. Leon Panetta is meant to be playing a key role in the fight against America’s enemies. If he’s the defender, stay alert, Americans! 

The series of “Dear Hugh” and “Dear Leon” letters discovered by blogger Trevor Loudon in the Hugh DeLacy papers at the University of Washington proves that Panetta had seriously checked out this particular constituent and had a working and cordial relationship with him. In fact, Panetta provided DeLacy, a key contact of a communist spy ring, with sensitive documents. And judging from the tone of some of the letters, DeLacy appears to be telling Panetta what to say and do as a sitting member of Congress. Even after Panetta attended a private “celebration” for DeLacy and his wife Dorothy, another communist, DeLacy reminded Panetta that he should return to scrutinizing the “military boondoggle.”