Terror Trial Verdict Rocks Jakarta! Bigot Ba’asyir GUILTY! But only 15 Years!

Hi-Ho! It’s off to work I go, but with an occasional glance around to see if any Islamonazi bombers are prowling (not!) When I got home last night, there was an email waiting for me, from the Embassy, cautioning all us foreign residents to be more than usually careful this 16th June.

The reason for this expat alarm? A hail of threats, sent by sms and on other ‘social’ ( ! ) media, advising of a wave of bombings if the obnoxious old swine Abu Bakar Ba’asyir got the punishment he deserved.

Today is a day that many residents of our beautiful capital city have been looking forward to with some mixed feelings. After a long trial, that notorious Islamist Ba’asyir


has indeed been found guilty of terrorism charges. But only got 15 years. Death would have been more acceptable, but this is Indonesia. The very prosecution asked only for life imprisonment.

That he is a hate preacher has long been clear to anyone who reads what he says. But his actual involvement in terrorism of course had to be proven in court,.

It was, however, equally widely expected that, even if he were convicted, he would get a slap on the wrist. Fifteen years is not that, but neither is it enough for the mangy cur.

The unpleasant expectation was heightened after the recent Temanggung sentences, where church-burning Islamonazi swine were given derisory sentences after the February riot.

As I remarked on yesterday’s post, Snr. Cdr. Baharuddin Jafar, of Jakarta Police has declared that anybody inclined to start inciting trouble in the light of the Ba’asyir verdict and sentence would be ‘shot.’  He’s posted snipers, here and there, to do so.

Just saw on tv that his marksmen were in position, and they have plenty of potential targets, thousands of characters in those funny wee white hats, squatting outside the court. Thousands of cops around too, 3446, to be precise! 

I had read on Okezone.com this morning, without surprise, that the Islamonazi FPI would be amongst the rabble, that scumbag Murhali Barda, their Bekasi gauleiter, bringing some of his storm-troops to the South Jakarta Court.

He’s the pig who got a slap on the wrist for his role in the mini-riot when the Protestant pastor lady got bashed and a church elder stabbed. Good sniper material, Barda.

Many of the drongos were standing, hundreds more squatting in the road, until the guilty announcement, that is, Then they leapt up, howling like werewolves.

Baharuddin Jafar

The snipers have not so far been needed, but good on Baharuddin for the plan! Shooting inciters is fair enough.

But why was that swine cleric in Temanggung not shot? A year? For inciting a mob of ignorant savages to run amok, burning churches?

Well, today’s Jakarta court proceedings didn’t worry me too much as I boarded my buses. Using the working man’s public transport is probably a lot safer than hanging out in posh expat places.

The J.W Marriot Hotel was one of the targets named by the anonymous terrs. You’d think they’d have more imagination than to keep returning, like dogs to their vomit, to the scene of previous outrages. So far, no reports of explosions. Let’s hope we all get home safely tonight.

Courts here can be fair, but all too often they are not. We have posted previously on the incredible ‘trial’ of one of the victims of the Cikeusik pogrom, Deden, an Ahmadi who survived the Islamonazi rampage which saw three of his friends martyred by savages.

That verdict, more than today’s, will be truly indicative of how terrorism is being dealt with in Indonesia. Not just Deden’s, though that’s important enough, but the cases of those arraigned for their involvement in the pogrom.

Whatever we think of today’s SENTENCE, today’s VERDICT must be applauded. Guilty as sin, and they don’t come much more sinful than Ba’asyir.

Traffic will probably be bad today….

PS  Never known such long-winded proceedings. Was up at 8am, and the speechifying was still going on at 12.30, when I got going for work. Hence the long wait you’ve had for this report. And the traffic was okay – I guess the habit here is for many to stay home when unrest looms.