Sulawesi Gov Uses Public Purse to Help Fanatics Indoctrinate Religious Minority Citizens

Fresh from yesterday’s mayhem in South Sulawesi, when Islamonazi FPI thugs started a riot in their lust to deny liberty of worship to the Ahmadiyah minority, that Province’s Governor has now declared his intention to subsidise sectarian fanatic efforts to indoctrinate the same victims. last night revealed that the ‘South Sulawesi Provincial Government is preparing a big mission to stop the activities of Jemaah Ahmadiyah followers.’

It seems the Governor of South Sulawesi, Syahrul Yasin Limpo, held a meeting with such obviously disinterested parties as ‘dozens of activist organizations in the Islamic People’s Forum (FUI) of South Sulawesi who are demanding the dissolution of Ahmadiyah..’

And who are FUI? Here’s a photo of one of their demos, at the US Embassy in Jakarta. Very moderate, reasonable fanatics, clearly.

Well, many governors here have betrayed their duty to look after all citizens regardless of religion. Islamist triumphalism is the flavour of the month, no less in Sulawesi as elsewhere, and here’s the proof.

As a first step, South Sulawesi provincial government set up a budget of Rp 100 million to handle the Ahmadiyaht. “The funds were taken from the Provincial Budgets and will be forwarded to FUI. The fund is to bring members of Ahmadiyah to their senses”

Those were Governor Syahrul’s words after meeting the primitives last Thursday ( June 16, 2011)  So the taxes paid by all, including Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and of course the Ahmadiyah folk themselvesare to be diverted to a Muslim jihad against this totally innocent and inoffensive minority.

Is that what President SBY had in mind the other day when he said that “Indonesia can be a model where Islam and democracy exist hand in hand?

As a first step, the Governor wants FUI to have direct dialogue with members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Ahmadiyya, detecting them one by one in the province. “We will sit together for consultation and language formulation. It’s no good if done by physical means,” said Syahrul.

Oh, that’s just great, Your Excellency! You turn loose a pack of rabid Islamists to harass these people by ‘detecting them one by one’ and then insist on face-to-face ‘dialogue’ in which they will be required to admit they are wrong and their inquisitors are right.

Because if they won’t surrender their faith to these FUI witch-hunters, it’ll then be time for…

Or else!