ADA Dangut di PRJ! Ma’af, Pemirsa2

Howzat for Starters!?! They’re the LA Lights girls – terribly non-PC, promoting filthy tobacco products. But dashed pretty, ya?

Well, the info I published about the Jakarta Fair turned out to be inaccurate. So I apologise, but with the caveat that had their website been properly done, I’d not have needed to.

Tune into it yourselves, and you’ll see that it only features bands of the teeny-pop type, plus a few others of fair but not dangdutty distinction!

But if you go to the PRJ, you’ll find that there are two such ‘calendars’ of events. One on the website, yes, but the other only visible to those who go in person – what kind of promotion is that?

As you can see, there is indeed dangdut, but there is also very good Betawi entertainment. Here’s a pic of that.

And since we’re talking of pictures, here are some more, to delight readers. At least male readers.


These little pretty things above are gogo dancing, whereas these next ones are simply nattering, but still agreeable, yes?

You can see why the JF isn’t boring!

As you may have gathered, I found it fun to visit the Jakarta Fair, and the dangdut, if you want it, is NOT on the main stage but away down in the far corner. The  old part of the exhibition area, where the airport used to be.

Yes, that’s right, it was the airport,  just as Berliners look at Tempelhof today and tell their kiddies about the Berlin Airlift – a piece of history.

It was quite a trip getting there today, the 139 bus refusing to turn up, meaning I had to sit  down near Harmoni for over an hour. But no hardship, for getting a free day in Jakarta is a rare treat.

And to sign off for tonight, for it is almost midnight here in Jakarta, here are the LA Lights girls once more!

Looks like they’re heading for home.

Say Goodnght Gracie!