‘We’ll Block the Movies You Like Best!’ Indonesia Censors’ Pre-Ramadan Rant

Jakarta Globe | June 15, 2011   published this photograph from a ‘porn’ movie – note the lady is not showing anything you don’t see on an average beach!

Japanese porn star Miyabi featuring in a scene of the Indonesian movie,

You really have to live here to believe the nonsense that goes on.
As readers of RRA know, there’s a dispute going on that stops many foreign films getting into the cinemas. So Indonesians, and yours truly, have been making do with a diet of home-grown films, mostly horror, though with some more cerebral ones as well.
Incidentally, the best of this year’s intelligent movies was suppressed by the Islamonazi FPI in Banding and other centres, regardless of the fact that it had been passed by the LSI., the state censoring body..
But suddenly, that Government appointed censorship board has announced it wants to deny viewers the films they like best, the ‘scary’ and the ‘steamy.’
Jakarta Globe 15/6
Muklis Paimi, head of the board, known as the LSF, appeared to suggest it would consider banning the popular genres for screening.

“We want to use the upcoming Ramadan as the right moment to suggest that film-makers stop making low-quality movies with a lot of sex scenes in them,” Muklis told Metro TV on Wednesday. “We will not pass any movies exploiting those two things.”

So because one religious group, albeit the majority, is having its annual celebration, the LSI jumps through the ‘haram’ hoop and takes away harmless horror and those flimsy facsimiles of ‘hot stuff’ that pass for soft porn in Jakarta?
How pathetic!
Anybody who thinks you can go to a movie-theater in Jakarta and see steamy sex scenes is totally unaware of realities here.  These censor chaps take out anything which resembles any part of the body whch might offend. Sure, there are beautiful girls in bikinis, and they deserve our attentive eyes.
Here are a few to admire.
Debby Ayu
Julia Perez
But cool down, fellas, you’ll not see more of ’em than that!
Hard to believe Ramadan is sneaking up on us once more.
Just about a month or so from now, it begins its stately progress, this year, being a moveable feast, encompassing Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17th.
But I’m not going to discuss Ranadan yet – I’ll save that for another post.
…He said the current situation posed a dilemma for the LSF. “It’s problematic. If we censor the movies too harshly, the movie producers will hold a rally against us, saying that they will suffer material damages if we do not recommend their movies. In the end, it will affect the national film industry,” he said.“But when we are being lenient with our censorship, we will receive protests from the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI) and the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI),” he said.
For pity’s sakes, man up!
You censors have a job to do, and rallies and fanatic frothing should have no impact, least of all those staged by the FPI, who are a gang of street-thugs devoid of morality. As for the MUI, who takes them seriously anyway, with their inane edicts against…what was it?
Women using ojeks, pre-wedding photos, yoga, hair-straightening…you name it, the dimwits have condemned it.
Too be fair to these censor fellows, they currently don’t do a bad job. Indonesians lose many a glimpse of erogenous zones, and sometimes the worst outbursts of obscenity are cut from Western movies, but that’s no great loss.
It’s a giant leap forward from Suharto times, when even one of Mel Gibson’s early films was banned. You can guess which one.
So why mess things up now just because of Ramadan? Spicy and scary movies of the sort shown here do no harm – though they sometimes make me nod off after a hard day’s work!