Sexy Depe Challenges Islamonazi Ranter “Let’s Spend the Night Together!”

One of Indonesia’s sexiest dangdut singers has challenged Jakarta’s Islamonazi gauleiter to sleep with her! (after a fast marriage, of course!)

Not often I muse on the merits of trading places with the likes of Habib, the FPI (Defenders of Islam) storm-troop leader in the capital

but not to worry. Depe, Dewi Persik, withdrew the offer almost as fast as she made it. She’s a feisty wench, a bit zany at times, but she’s not one to take a load of c##p from nazis.

Dewi Persik (Foto: Johan/Okezone)

This photo does not do her justice. A better one below!

As reported last week, the Jakarta FPI chairman Habib Selon dismissed Depe’s latest revelation – that she plans to have an op to restore her virginity – as ‘just sheer lies and sensation-seeking.’

For my part, I think she’s quite capable of causing a sensation without this kinda nonsense. But her proposal of nuptial bliss with Habib did give us all a good laugh. Maybe she feared he might reconsider his refusal, hence her prompt withdrawal.