Aussie Police Face Rabid Islamist Bigots (video) – Making Cops Kow-Tow to Caliphate Creeps

After the video of the UK police running from the sharia-freaks, here’s another little film, from Australia, of unwanted primitives behaving badly.

Why does Australia not boot these pigs out? Or maybe turn around a so-called ‘asylum-seeker’ vessel and pile this heap of garbage on board as additional cargo?


 A number of readers were bemused by the way British Police have succumbed to the PC garbage philosophy, although of course recent recruits have been specially selected for their supine mentality.
But the more experienced coppers?
Maybe this item from 23/6 suggests how the dark forces quell resistance among officers less stout-hearted than Captain Fields…
As reported by KOTV of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Captain Paul Fields of the Tulsa Police Department has officially been suspended for two weeks without pay, will not even be considered for promotion for a full year, and has been threatened with greater punishment to include losing his job.
Complete with a tour of the mosque, observing a Muslim prayer service, and lectures on Islamic beliefs, Captain Fields was ordered to attend a “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” even sponsored by the Islamic Society of Tulsa. 
Citing his own religious convictions, Fields refused.  
Then he took another moral stand – he refused to order any of his officers to attend.
 All the while, attendance was initially voluntary, but when so few officers showed any interest, attendance magically became mandatory.
Recently, the Thomas More Law Center has announced that it has joined Tulsa attorney Scott Wood to defend Fields’ constitutional right not to become a propaganda prop for the local mosque.
The TMLC is a self-described not-for-profit public interest law firm dedicated to the defense and promotion of the religious freedom of Christians.

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