Indonesia Bigot Body Affirms Right of Wives to be Subjugated -Sharia Rules, OK!

Padang is said to be a hot-bed of fanatics, but it may well be a hot-bed of another kind, if the  Obedient Wives Club gets going there.

And it has been given the go-ahead by the MUI, Indonesian Council of (self-styled) Scholars, as a sharia compliant body. And compliant bodies are a big part of the OWC, as the Jakarta Globe 22/6 reports that its ‘organizers claim they can cure social ills, such as prostitution and divorce, by teaching women to be submissive and to keep their men happy in the bedroom.’.

“From the Islamic perspective, it is a wife’s obligation to obey her husband,” the  deputy chairman of West Sumatra’s MUI, Gusrizal Gazahar said in Padang.


He said there is nothing controversial about the club’s teachings, including polygamy. Gusrizal said that Islam approved polygamy as long as it was carried out according to the requirements stated in the Koran. “We can’t blame the club because so far they haven’t taught anything which is a violation to Islamic teaching, including polygamy,” he said.

Typical MUI – hardly worth discussing the hogwash these goat-beards spatter around.

And what a bunch of brainless bints. If guys want submissive sex-slaves, there are plenty of massage adverts in the Jakarta English-language media, and no doubt in the local press too. How come these poor cows feel they need to compete with hookers? 

An Indonesian Cabinet Minister, Linda Gumelar, told the Jakarta Globe today that ‘she disagreed with the club’s aim to teach women to be submissive and to keep their husbands happy in bed could help cure social ills like prostitution and divorce.’
“This is a huge setback for both women and men because asking wives to be whores is really not the right thing to do,” Linda said on Friday.