New York Sell-Out – Target the Traitors in the Next Primaries!

Under a week before Americans celebrate their nation’s birthday, a dreadful decision in New York, where co-habiting deviants can now aspire to ‘marriage.’

While a few Democrats took a brave stand, notably the Hispanic State Senator Diaz, most of them followed the decadent lead of their Governor Cuomo and betrayed the USA’s heritage.

But Republicans, who are more often to be found in the ranks of common-sense on such issues, will have been horrified that the narrow victory for the forces of darkness depended on renegades who jumped ship to go with the ‘gays.’    

It was a vile victory achieved by dirty tricks for the queers’ cause, and decent New Yorkers are now setting out to reverse it and restore the Big Apple to honorable status.

I append a part of the report from NOM, which both portrays the guilty men and describes the way they made free with legislative rules and standards.

We Pledge $2 Million to Reverse SSM in New York - Will You Stand With Us?

The secretive, “emergency” process by which same-sex marriage was brought to New York last Friday night has left many outraged—even some supporters of same-sex marriage. It also made one thing abundantly clear: in order to change policy on marriage, we’re going to have to change personnel in Albany—starting with the turncoat senators who made promises their constituents on marriage and then voted the opposite way.We’ve committed to spending at least $2 million to elect pro-marriage majorities in the 2012 elections. But in order to do that we need your help. We’ll have much more to share in the days ahead, but today, the single most important thing you can do is to make a generous contribution to NOM PAC NY. Will you stand with us today?Like you, we’re incredibly disappointed—and frustrated—at both the procedure and especially the outcome in New York last week. I still find it unfathomable that Republicans thought they would benefit from handing Governor Cuomo a victory that his own party couldn’t achieve when they were in the majority.The ugly details of the process by which same-sex marriage came to New York is still coming to light. Here’s how the Gotham Gazettedescribes it:

Essentially the Senate rules were changed in a backroom agreement before session started and then changed again during the vote to make sure it would be concluded to make the 11 p.m. newscasts.

Sen. Kevin Parker, a long time proponent of same-sex marriage, was informed by Senate staff that he would not be able to explain his vote. He was livid. He cursed out the governor and eventually stormed to the podium where Duffy was presiding—a number of other Democratic senators followed him, seemingly to calm him down.

Earlier when Sen. Ruben Diaz tried to lay the marriage bill aside he was ignored. Normal Senate procedure allows for any senator to lay a bill aside for debate. It gives legislators a chance to debate the bill then when they vote, they again have the chance to explain their vote. But the rules weren’t the same. . . .

After realizing he would not be allowed to speak despite his protests, Parker tried to leave the floor. The door he tried to exit was locked. Earlier Duffy had asked the crowd not to leave the chamber during the vote. Cuomo’s people—staff and security—had been in and out of the side door locking and unlocking it all during the debate. At one point a man wearing an ear piece emerged and surveyed the route Cuomo would take. When Parker tried to leave the door was locked again.

“I go to the door, and I tried to leave, and they had us locked in. I tried to leave, and they had us locked on to the floor,” Parker said. Finally he made it out of the chamber. “One sergeant of arms physically grabbed me. I was appalled. I’m a senator.” Parker then made his way through an ante chamber. “A plain clothes cop and secretary tried to close the door again,” he explains, trying to block his exit. “I’ve never seen a member treated in such a manner. I’ve never seen white member treated that way,” Parker, who is black, said. He was again also confronted by another sergeant of arms.

The bill was declared an emergency—allowing them to introduce new religious liberty language just hours before the vote, instead of the usual 3 days. The rules were changed again while the vote was taking place—and even senators treated shamefully, essentially locked on the floor of the Senate—and why? So Governor Cuomo could make the 11 o’clock news.


Sen. Stephen Saland had actually voted against a similarly anti-marriage lawl two years ago, but he turned his coat and earned the undying devotion of New York’s queers, as no doubt has his comrade Sen. Mark Grisanti, who had claimed to be undecided until very recently. Hard to see how one can be undecided about a moral issue so clear-cut as this, but for whatever reasons, he has joined the enemy camp.

One hopes that their Republican constituents will use the primary system to clean out these RINOs and replace them with people who care about America’s future.

Here’s a link to NOM- feel free to contribute!