Brits Banned Michael Savage but Let In Top Jakarta Islamist, Author of Odious Ode to 9/11 Mass-Murderer

Funny sort of day, today! My jokey morning post was basically just a filler, as I was in a rush –  had yet another call to make on our wonderul Immigration Department!
But when I checked tonight, I had over 1300 hits, nearly three times as many as my previous best since the sabotage! Must try pure humour more often!
So who’s this geezer, you may well be asking.
Outside of Indonesia, not many folks know his name or his face, but here in Jakarta, he is one of the most prominent politicans, a leading light in parliament and Central Executive Council Secretary-General for the Islamist PKS (Prosperous Justice Party).
Believe it or not, the PKS is part of President SBY’s ruling coalition, and Anis Matta is Vice-Chairman of the House of Representatives.
But there’s more to Anis than meets the eye!
The PKS is widely regarded as modelled on, if not sprung from, the notorious Muslim Brotherhood, but it tries – not always very successfully – to paint itself as ‘moderate.’
My blog plan for today had been a relatively low-key, non-Ross-style glance at some odd behaviour in the DPR, the parliament here, and so as not to waste my initial work, I’ll insert it at the juncture.
I see from the Jakarta Globe a few hours ago that Indonesia’s legislators seem determined to wrong-foot themselves even when they have an opportunity to look good in the eyes of the populace.The House of Representatives declined during Tuesday’s plenary to name three disgraced lawmakers that are facing sanctions from the House Ethics Council, due to personal considerations
Deputy House Speaker Anis Matta said during the plenary session that House leaders had received letters from the Ethics Council informing them of the verdicts. “Actually there’s a mechanism to announce the names,” he said. “However, when it comes to personal [information] we don’t announce it [in session],” Anis said. He did, however, confirm the identity of one of the lawmakers being punished. “Pak Izzul is being dismissed,” he said, referring to Izzul Islam from the United Development Party (PPP), who was convicted of diploma forgery.
So first he says he can’t or won’t identify the bloke who has got into trouble, then he fesses up and reveals the name. Presumably if the reporters went through a list of all MPs, asking Mr. Anis Matta to confirm or deny their guilt, we would eventually have the names required!But the next part of the JG item is truly mind-boggling!
Anis refused to confirm if another lawmaker who was punished was As’ad Syam of the ruling Democratic Party. Last year, As’ad began serving a four-year prison term in a Rp 4 billion ($468,000) corruption conviction from early 2009.
So this guy has been behind bars for two years but still a sitting legislator! Un-expelled – ‘unsanctioned’ – till now!?! Odd, yeah?=================================================================================

So that was my lead story for today, not a gripping yarn, perhaps, but arguably interesting to my increasing number of overseas readers.

But of course I had to find a snap of Anis Matta to illustrate my post, and while I was Google-searching, something caught my eye.

At first I found it hard to believe, because I’d not heard anyone complaining about it. So I put in the key words, Anis Matta, poem and Osama, and sure enough, from his own PKS party’s website, there it was, confirmed on other Islamist sites. See PKS site for poem –   and also the article below from


And here’s what they show!



 JAKARTA – A thousand of ways are done by America to create a negative stigma on the fighters who are defending this religion of Allah, it will also be a thousand times that Allah will unmask the lies of His enemies. Until the bad stigma that they hurled manifests into love for those personages in the selves of the Muslims.

This Picture is NOT part of the Islamist Websites
Sheikh Usmah Bin Ladin is a personage that cannot be replaced. However, his fighting spirit has been regenerated and ingrained in the souls of the Islamic fighters who are spread across the globe.
The news of his martyrdom do not make the Islam ummah lax in jihad and da’wah. On the contrary, they all yearn to meet The Beloved in the state of “bespattered with bloods” from the fighting to defend His religion.
Sheikh Usamah is an inspiration to every soul who yearns for martyrdom and Islam. His name sticks to every word of jihad. His name also accompanies all the Islamic struggles in the world, including in Indonesia.
One of the admirers of Sheikh Usamah’s struggle is Anis Matta Lc, an ustadz and politician who now serves as the Central Executive Council Secretary-General for the PKS (Prosperous Justice Party).
Sheikh Usamah bin Laden is the model of a courageous Mujahid who resisted the tyranny of the superpower nations. His courage in fighting against the arbitrariness of America inspires activists all over the world to revolt against the arbitrariness of the arrogant super power nations.
Anis Matta’s admiration for the personage of Sheikh Usamah bin Ladin was poured out in two poems entitled “A Letter for Osama” and “Osama’s Response” which he composed in 2001.
In the imaginary style, Anis Mata made a written correspondent of struggle with Sheikh Usamah.
This poem was read by the author in a Charity Concert, “The Beauty Of Togetherness” in commemoration of the 11th anniversary of the Daarut Tauhid at the Plenary Hall JHCC (Jakarta Hilton Convention Center), on 12th October 2001, attended by around 7000 audiences.
From the charity project which was opened by Ustadz KH Abdullah Gymnastiar (Aa Gym), struggle funds were collected which were then channelled to Afghanistan.
Now let’s just stop here for a minute and talk about A.A. Gym, whom I once had a lot of time for. He was very much a Muslim version of a televangelist, genial, humorous and a big hit with the ladies (until he went polygamous, to the evident hurt of his first wife) . He never gave any sign of being extreme, and was spoken of as a possible presidential candidate. I myself thought that might be no bad thing. 
Then he suddenly appeared at a Hizbut Tahrir rally on 13th August 2007,  right here in Jakarta, given huge coverage by TVRI, the state-owned TV channel, where  Yusanto, the HTI leader, openly denounced democracy and Gymnastiar failed to denounce HTI.
It was then that I went right off the bloke. I had no idea he’d previously addressed this rally described above ( I was still quite new to Indonesia at that time) and I do wonder strongly to what purpose all that ‘struggle fund’ cash was put when it reached Afghanistan. Back to the extracts.
This is the “imaginary” poetry by Anis Matta about Osama bin Laden (transl. more or less):
“A Letter for Osama”
You never told me
If you wanted to blow the WTC and Pentagon
Bush also had no evidence until now
So I chose to believe
In the love that emanates
Beneath the shade of your eyes
In the spirit of defence that is stored
Behind the denseness of your beard.
You are the one who taught
The dumb nations to be able to speak
So they yelled.
You are the one who sowed the seeds of courage,
In the field of souls of those who were timid
So they fought.
You are the one who spread the blessings of independence,
In the well of hearts of those who are oppressed
So they struggled.
You are the one who stirred up the hopes in the sky
Awakening the hearts of the people
So they rebelled.
You are the one who locked the mouth of the superpower nations,
So they fell silent
And they can only run amok.
You are the one who undermined the pride
From the foreheads of the arrogant nations
So they are silenced.
You are the one who robbed the sense of security
From the souls of the tyrannical nations
So they are never able to sleep soundly.
You are the one who snatched away the appetite for life
From the heaven of the hearts of those prosperous nations
So they are no longer enjoying life.
Osama oh Osama… Osama oh Osama…
Let us sing the victory song
Together with the pure hearts of the human children
Who have found life.
Osama oh Osama… Osama oh Osama…
Let us hum the song of eternity
Together with the pure hearts of the human children
Who long for the garden of paradise.
“Osama’s Response”
My Brother,
This letter has been received
I’m doing well here
I am still drinking tea in the morning
And enjoying the sunset in the evening
I also still control the business
And control the al-Qaeda network
From behind the caves in Afghanistan.
Lighten up brother,
Because the schedule of my death
Is not written in the Pentagon nor the White House.
My Brother,
I watched your actions on Al-Jazeerah TV
I’m glad you guys started to dare to speak
I love it that you guys could already make Bush mad
I’m glad you guys could already say no
I’m happy you guys started to learn to be a lion
I’m touched that you guys are rather poorly but you do want to donate…
I’m amazed that you guys are rather young
But you do want to go to Afghanistan for Jihad
I really think you guys are extraordinary children.
My brother, I would like to unfold a secret to you
But do not tell anyone.
Do you know,
Why the Taliban people love me
They said because apparently I’m funny
The Afghan kids are also pleased with me
They said because I have brought them toys
The American planes for them
The scavengers in Afghanistan also like me
They said because their old wheels
Could be the best-selling scrap metals.
Those American people are too serious
Whereas, we are just playing in the yards of paradise.My Brother,
If later Allah chooses me to be a martyr
My messenger will come to you
Bringing a small pot
It’s my blood,
Water the garden of jihad in Ambon, Ternate and Poso
But if I could bury the American arrogance here
I will come to Indonesia
You know what I would do
I just want to invest in your country.
Now I was hooked and kept trawling through the vast waters of the web, till I found this report, of a ‘Seminar Internasional Politik 2011.’

This picture was attached to it, apparently taken in London, with the PKS logo clearly visible on the wall.

It describes how the Mayor of London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, addressed the participants, in a seminar  ‘themed Indonesia’s Future Political Landscape: Challenges Facing Political Party,’ held by the Center for Information and Services (PIP) Prosperous Justice Party UK.

Now that struck me as interesting in itself, that an Indonesian extreme Islamist party would have a UK section. So I read on, and checked other sites too. Here’s a clip from                       

That’s the site of the Islamic Cultural Centre and London Central Mosque.

While delivering his Opening Remarks, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Kingdom and Ireland, Mr. Yuri Thamrin, said, “Today, Indonesia is a living proof that democracy can develop robustly in a Muslim majority country. Indonesia is a country where Islam, democracy and modernity could go hand in hand harmoniously.”

Fine words, Your Excellency, but were they music to the ears of Matta, who glorified Osama Bin Laden after 9/11?

More from that site – ‘The keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Jazuli Juwaini, M.P. the Head of the Central Executive Board of PKS – The Prosperous Justice Party of Indonesia. In his keynote speech, Mr. Juwaini first mentioned, “Islam is the religion of peace and the mercy for the universe and it is not merely about rituals, but a comprehensive way of life: ‘Aqidah (creed), ‘Ibadah (worship), ‘akhlaq (moral), education, social and culture, law and justice, economy, politics etc. Such a comprehensive view of Islam has been widely regarded as political Islam. This topic has been a very interesting discourse since the end of the cold war, and especially when the war on terror started and led by the US in 2001 as the response to terrorist attack on the twin towers in Manhattan, New York on September the 11th 2001.”

 Yes, Mr. Jazuli, that little incident, whose perpetrator got a nice laudatory ode written to him by your colleague Anis Matta.

Mr. Matta has specialised in Shari’ah from the Saudi University. He has Bachelor degree in Shari’ah from the Indonesian branch of the Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1992. He also completed Defence National Course. He was teaching Islamic Economics in the University of Indonesia before joining politics. He joined political party, say the Prosperous Justice Party in 1998.

Back to

‘ The first UK Muslim mayor’s opinion was authorized by the Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Anis Matta.’  who was  present at the seminar, as were ‘speakers from members of the House of Lords of the Labour Party and the Conservative Party….  M. Amin of the state Conservative Party stated that one indicator that democracy is working well is when the losing party at the election is ready and able to accept defeat. Instead of accusing the winning party of committing fraud….PKS President Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq added that the current Indonesia is still filled with old leaders and public figures. “Indonesia needs new figures and leaders….”

So what were these people from Labour and Tory Parties doing hob-nobbing with a man who overtly lauded the satanic terrorist who ordered, and revelled in, the 9/11 outrage? 

Anis was really allowed into the UK despite his shameful verses?  This event took place this year, in January,  while the American Michael Savage remained banned from British territory for for allegedly fostering extremism or hatred. Savage says a lot of things, and I don’t know if Iagree with everything he says.

But he has never written a love-poem to a monstrous mass-murderer.

Oh, yeah, the pinkos out there will say, but this Indonesian may hold disgusting and grossly offensive opinions, but he’s a prominent politician in a ‘friendly’ country.

So how come Geert Wilders was subject to an exclusion order, despite his status as a prominent politician in a friendly country, until he was forced to use every possible legal and diplomatic channel to overturn the ban. Wilders wrote a book criticising a religion.

A lot less offensive than writing an odious ode to a mass-murderer. Why was Anis Matta allowed into Britain?

Questions that need answers, as does that earlier question, about the PKS organising in the UK.

This international seminar in London that was opened by the Indonesia’s Ambassador for the UK Yuri Thamrin Oktavian was within a series of events in the PIP PKS UK’s Board of Leaders’ Conference. .