Cops Pledge to Act Against Islamonazi Thugs – So Will They Now Arrest Gauleiter Habib?

Even as Indonesian police swore to ‘prevent violent raids’ by local white-shirt FPI nazis, the self-styled Defenders of Islam Jakarta gauleiter boasted of his intimidation plans – and openly confessed to having already begun a campaign of vandalism in East Jakarta. Gauleiter Habib Salim’s confession has not, so far as we know, led to his arrest.
This tends to put a big question-mark over National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Anton Bachrul Alam’s tough talk last Sunday.”All police forces have been coordinating together in order to prevent violent raids and clashes between the FPI and residents,” he told the Jakarta Globe late on Sunday. “We’re going to protect the residents since we all know the FPI’s activities.”
So how come the very same news report included a braggart boast from the nazis’ local leader that ‘such actions were needed to “respect the holy month?”’
It’s the sheer bare-faced effrontery of the white-shrt hoodlums that annoys me most. Listen to the strutting swine!  
“We’re going to meet with the owners and customers of nightclubs and ask them to respect the holy month by not operating during Ramadan, We’re going to persuade them in a polite way. We’re going to sit down and talk to them.”
How sweet! Then the gauleiter drops the mask.
He added that any nightclubs that refused to comply would be sent a series of warnings, after which the FPI would forcibly shut them down. “If they’re naughty, the FPI and all Muslims are going to shut them down by force,” Salim said.

Okay, if the police are unbelievably naive, they might retort that Habib is just a big-mouth, ‘all mouth and trousers,’ as Lancastrians used to say. Why a pre-emptive pounce on a loud-sounding nothing until it does something?

But it’s not mere atavistic voices prophesying war – Habib openly admitted to mayhem ALREADY committed.

On Saturday, the group kicked off its annual morality drive by raiding vendors of porn videos in East Jakarta. “We destroyed all the seized DVDs in front of the vendors, to show them that such videos can damage a Muslim’s morals,” Salim said. More raids would be forthcoming throughout the rest of July, he said. “We won’t let anyone damage the holy month of Ramadan.”

So there, Mr. Policeman, you have it in the loudmouth’s own freely given statement.

Theft, vandalism, destruction of property. And no nonsense please about the ‘porn videos’ being illegal. What constitutes porn? Does anyone think the thugs sat down with portable cassette players to watch the videos, carefully selecting ‘naughties’  before they destroyed them? 

And even if they did, who are they to sit in judgment on anyone? The cretins think that visible female knees are pornographic! They have said so themselves.

So not only are they usurping the role of the police to justify mayhem, they are imposing their own benighted definition of what constitutes an offence. Probably the dangdut videos I enjoy, the Trio Macan gyrating in mini-skirts, are ‘porn’ in Islamonazy eyes.

These scum have begun their annual antics to taint Ramadan with bully-boy brutality. Not just here in Jakarta but as we reported last week, in Makssar and no doubt all over Indonesia. They were out again barely 24 hours ago, as reported, in Medan, as Tribune Medan reported. A gang of FPI Islamonazis  raided a pasar malam (night market) – but that little storm-troop outing got more than they’d bargained for!   Outraged citizens turned on the white-shirt thugs. 

The targets of the nazi goon-squad, on Jalan Pettarani II, Kevamatan Panakkukang, grabbed stones and hurled them at the thugs, whereupon one FPI goon pulled a knife, threatening all around him.  No mention if he was arrested or not. Let’s hope everybody faced with these evil creeps displays the same righteous indignation.

We all welcome  Insp. Gen. Anton Bachrul Alam’s assurances. But we’d feel more at ease if he backed them up with a prompt arrest of the arrogant nazi who has freshly confessed. They are easy to get hold of. Ask the National Police Chief, Timor Pradopo. He’s great friends with them. Here he is taking breaking bread with the white-shirt nazis.

Salim’s latest comments still reek of arrogance. Read on! The Jakarta City Government has re-published rules for night-spots, including just about every form of entertainment you can think of. As usual, fun is banned not only for Muslims but for everybody, of whatever creed. But only for certain days in the their ‘Holy Month.’‘According to Salim, these rules must be adhered to as a form of homage to the Muslims in performing of worship during the holy month of Ramadan.’What? But he’s already started. We have three weeks or more before Ramadan starts. ” If they (authorities) don’t handle it, make no mistake, the ummah, the citizenry and the social organisations will take matters into Their own hands.”Please note, the term social organisations here often means anti-social organisations, like the FPI, FUI, etc.

 My cri de couer is not mine alone. Good honest Indonesian patriots of ALL religions have come out with similar appeals to stop the nazi outrages. JG 4/7
Human rights group Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace on Monday lambasted Islamic vigilante’s plans to raid entertainment establishments in the lead-up to the holy month.

“They are civilians, they have absolutely no business in conducting any raid, Ramadan or no Ramadan, It’s the police responsibility so let them do their job” said Hendardi, chairman of the Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace.”Last year former national police chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri already stated prior to Ramadan that he would not tolerate any illegal raid and the holy month went relatively peaceful, this year the police should be even stricter,” he said. “Police is the key,” he said. “If the police make a serious commitment I believe FPI or any other group wouldn’t dare to act like that.”