Konser Komodo! Save the Dragons!

Did you ever catch that daft film about Komodo Dragons, a B-movie, in my opinion, except for one of the actresses, its plot ostensibly starting in Indonesia but playing out mostly in America, where those poor beasts tore folks to pieces and were accordingly destroyed by the ‘heroes?’ It was called, very imaginatively, ‘Komodo!’

That starred Jill Hennessy, a fine Canadian lady, pictured below.

It was okay, and so is she!


The dragons are popular with producers. Another film came out just over 10 years ago.

That was ‘Curse of the Kommodo!’ That was even worse, except for the star Gail Harris (above) who appears to be trying to extract a komodo from her bikini in this shot!

Well, now enjoy a reality check, on Bali, even!

Later this month there’s a major event to promote the Komodos and help ensure their survival in their natural habitat, which, in case you hadn’t heard, is on the Island of Komodo, further down the archipelagic chain, eastwards. Just past Flores, can’t miss it!

Saturday, July 30 at 6pm, on Kuta Beach, there’s a concert, specially to the Komodo Dragon! This camaign was launched last week, on Dominion Day, though it had nothing to do with Canada. I do have something to do with Canada, which is why I missed it!

But although today is the Glorious Twelfth of July, I’m making up for my recent sin of omission by devoting time and effort to publicising this very good cause! (Happy 12th, BTW)


The aim is ‘to raise global public awareness and participation in the conservation and preservation of the Komodo dragon and its natural habitat, found solely in Indonesia.’

The Concert for Komodo will feature East Nusa Tenggara traditional music, along with famous Indonesian musicians, such as Dwiki Dharmawan, Dira Sugandi, Mercy Dumais and Sandhy Sondoro.

And as you can see from the poster…it’s FREE!

For info in Bahasa Indonesia, have a look at another blog, where full details are available http://giewahyudi.com/concert-for-komodo-promosi-pulau-komodo-di-pulau-bali/