Breaking News! Terror Bomb in Islamic School – Police Still Blocked by Bigot Mob

Astonishing scenes in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara Province today as an Islamonazi rabble sought to block investigation of a bomb-blast there yesterday which killed a staff member.  I just got home a while ago to turn on Metro TV, and was appalled at the mass resistance to the security forces caught on camera. A check on the net, Republika Online confirms that three hours ago the police had still not broken through the bigot mob.

These sharia freaks have no shame.

The explosion occurred in a ‘pondok pesantren’ – Islamic Boarding School – on Monday afternoon. and at least one fatality has been reported, allegedly the school treasurer, named Firdaus.

Hundreds of fanatics, armed with deadly weapons, massed at the entrance to stop investigation teams. The police took 11 prisoners in the vicinity. According to Media Indonesia, the device was a nail-bomb designed to use against police! Yet still the cops are holding back. Why?.

Tonight, INILAH.COM carried a message from the Minister of Religious Affairs, himself notorious as an extremist, who has ‘instructed the leadership of Umar ibn Khattab boarding school in the village of Sila, District Bolo, Bima, West Nusa Tenggara to open access to government authorities, especially police, to conduct the investigations related to the bombing in the pesantren.’  “Do not stop the police inspecting the scene,” he pleaded. 

Inilah reports also that along with the eleven individuals in custody, they also seized ‘several items of evidence in the form of arrows and machetes.’

Police spokesman Anton Bachrul told media that ‘the residents at Umar Bin Khattab Islamic School did not want the police into the schools, in order to investigate the incidence of the blast.

The Jakarta Globe reported that ‘local media reported earlier that one of the school’s leaders was arrested last year for funding a militant training camp in Aceh province of Sumatra island, backed by the firebrand cleric Bashir.

And adds that
Last week, Saaban Abdurrahman (18), an Umar Bin Khattab student, was detained, accused of  having killed a police officer ‘because they are infidels and deserve death.’ Saban was taken to Mataram under tight guard.

Incredibly, given the Indonesian Government’s stoutly proclaimed determination to crush terrorism, the cops chose to negotiate with the ‘student’ bigot thugs. SInce when is deliberately concealing evidence of a terror bomb not a serious offence? 

Detik quoted Chief of Police Public Information NTB, Sudjoko, thus. “If the preventive and preemptive measures are not successful, the police will conduct a large-scale law enforcement measure. ”

Those words were spoken more than TWENTY FOUR HOURS after the explosion.

… until now, police are still confronted by the students, so can not reach the blast site for crime scene investigation. ..Sudjoko do not want to speculate about the limits of police tolerance before repressive action will be taken. “We are still in progress. Hopefully the repressive means can be avoided,” he said.

Why, for Heaven’s sake, These young scumbags are not only common criminals carrying offensive weapons, but actively hindering a terrorism investigation.

Why not shoot them down like the dirty dogs they are!