Well Done, Senators! OZ Rejects Decadence!

Good news from Australia, where Senators threw out a Green Party bid to turn the Lucky Country pink, by 31 votes against a mere 9.

As opponents were quick to point out the prop-perv case was not only morally flawed but based on a downright lie, that “Australia is one of only a few democratic nations that does not provide same-sex couples with equal marriage rights.”
However, Rev. Fred Nile, the leader of the Christian Democratic Party, accused the Greens of having “lied” when they claimed only a few democratic nations retain traditional heterosexual marriage.“In fact only 9 nations out of 148 have legalized same sex homosexual ‘marriage,’” he said in a press release.

Unfortunately, this will only be an initial skirmish, for the degenerates are relentless in their campaign to drag their country down. Already Labor is planning to hold a debate at their next party conference, and Abbott may find that even in his ostensibly ‘conservative’ coalition, there are those who would overturn Australia’s heritage of decent values.

Stand by for an ever-more-bitter battle.

PS My apologies for numerous typos in the first editions of this post. I didn’t check it for errors when it was submitted by one of the team by sms, so my fault entirely!