Bima Bigot Bomb Base (aka ‘Islamic Boarding School’) – Confusion or Cover-Up?

Fresh reports coming out of the infamous ‘pondok pesantren’ in Indonesia’s NTB Province today have done little to explain the wildly conflicting stories last night. came out an hour or so ago with the news that police are still ‘sweeping’ an area of 1 hectare in that vicinity, after they detonated ‘suspicious objects, one of them causing a loud explosion and black smoke.;

This caused the cops to ‘evacuate residents living within a radius of 200 meters’ – in practice this meant only 10 people. But the haul of lethal weapons listed as found  – Molotov cocktails, spears, arrows, catapults, and a sharp weapon – suggests that the savages who ‘studied’  or ‘taught’ there had been well-prepared to continue the campaign of slaughter initiated by one of their colleagues last month – a ‘student’ has been charged with the murder of a police officer allegedly because cops ‘oppose jihad.’

‘Yet Police Chief Brig Arif Wacyunadi NTB has not dared to speculate about finding suspicious objects like bombs. “There is blasting, but still under investigation,” said Arif Wachyunadi.

Strangely, okezone last night quoted  Head of Police P.R. Inspector General Anton Bachrul Alam as confirming discovery of explosives.

‘Anton explained, when it gets in, officers found a series of bombs. But Anton reluctant to explain in more detail the discovery of the explosives. “When I arrived at the scene, we confiscated a few bombs that have been blown up.”

Well, he’s the cops; PR chief, so presumably he’s well-briefed.  Somebody had better be, after last inght, when we had an explicit account of shooting, 3 savages injured, then a flat contradiction that the occupation by police had been accompished without violence, after talks with local ‘community and religioous leaders.’

It hardly needs  me to say that cops worldwide make special efforts, to say the least, when cop-killers are involved, and that aspect makes it all the weirder that they stood aroud waiting for days – a contrast to the zeal that Densus 88, the anti-terrorist unit, showed in taking out terrorists elsewhere in recent years.

The significant factor, in my opinion, which is neither more nor less valid than anyone else’s, is the nature of the building. These pondok pesantren are frequnetly nests of fanatics, their leaders infamously bigoted. And they have friends in high plces, as shown by the astounding call by the MUI’s boss for restraint, for security forces not to be ‘overly suspicious.’ (now why would a machete wielding mob make police suspicous about what they had to hide?)

Now today there’s a report about the country’s leading bigot, Cabinet Minister Suryadharma Ali (Minister of Religious Affairs in President SBY’s Government!) saying that he and his department ‘have no data about Ponpes Umar Bin Khattab. The Ministry of Religion also does not have the data ponpes.
“Not registered, it’s a very small ponpes. So it was not suspected. There are only 35 students, mature people plus 14 staff. So it’s very small,” Suryadharma  told reporters, after attending a committee meeting on Wednesday (07/13/2011).


Sure, it’s small, but it’s hardly unknown, after that police officer had his throat cut!

Guilty or not, the accused is known to be a student there. So would one not consider that perhaps, just maybe, the Department of Religious Affairs could take a day or two off their witch-hunting of Ahmadiyah, take a wee break from suppressing religious liberty, and despatch a minion down to Bma to ask a few questions of the ‘scholars’ at the bomb facotry? Like what the hell is going on in this ‘school?’

Heck, that MUI guy  Amidhan..

Amidhan  certainly knew something about it, quoted on a previous post here, didn’t think it should be a cause for hyper-suspicion. He wouldn’t be saying things like that if he was ignorant of the place, would he?

Suryadharma Ali’s job, when he’s not too busy hounding Ahmadis, is to monitor religious institutions in Indonesia, seeing to it that they are functioning properly.  
Clearly this infamous little outfit was splashed all over the media when its ‘student’ was arrested for murder. Why did Suryadharma not order an IMMEDIATE investigation? So it wasn’t registered. ALL THE MORE REASON to ask why, and thoroughly inspect it.

Or were the Ministry’s lackeys scared to go in and find out?

Pity. Their report might have been explosive!

PS    Just found a report yesterday from, shedding more light on the ineffectuality of Suryadharma and his Ministry. (Not that they’re always helpless to act -just ask the Ahmadis who suffer constant harassment)

The Minister of Religious Affairs said that if it’s proven their teaching is distorted and radical, then the government will close it.  “We’ll leave it to the police who have to cope with the situation there, and simultaneously investigate the actors and the status of the boarding school. If it was really hard line, it should be closed.”  He said the government already had a notion that Umar Bin Kathab was hardline, as, the government had tried to give assistance and go to the boarding school, but was rejected on the grounds it didn’t want any intervention from the government and refused to follow the curriculum of the government.  “It’s odd, to not want to input by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, bizarre,” he explained.

So he DID send somebody down there, his civil servants were turned away, and he, as government minister responsible, only mused on the oddity of it all?

What kind of man is this?

‘However he could not confirm whether the activity in the boarding school indicated involvement in terrorist activities.’

Oh, no, of course not! The weapons were clearly there as examples of things not to touch when following the tenets of the Religion of Peace.