Greenpeace, FBR, Inul, Turf-Wars, and Corruption

I am no great admirer of Greenpeace but yesterday’s demo against the organisation in Kemang, South Jakarta, was hardly an example of how, or by whom, to make a rational case.

As the Jakarta Globe reported, the protest was staged by the FBR, which, the report noted, is  ‘a Jakarta-based vigilante organization’ ………’known for employing thug-like tactics.’

I had the misfortune to be at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout (Bunderan H.I.) in 2006, and saw them parading their hatred for normality, demanding popular dangdut singer Inul Daratista be ‘expelled’ from Jakarta.

She has a nice big house down in Pondok Indah, I believe, and has never committed a crime, but she dances splendidly, and that is more than enough to attract the animosity of the bigot brigade. She also incurred the hostility of Rhoma Irama, ‘King of Dangdut,’ another bigot who wants the religious liberties of the Ahmadiyah minority suppressed

I have rarely seen such arrogance as that of the strutting FBR clowns, their silly pseudo-military uniforms, peering from behind their knock-off Ray-Bans, as if they owned the city. And that’s the problem, for they think they do.

Betawi people are the ‘original’ inhabitants of this area, and while many of them are just normal folks, whom I’ve worked with and liked a lot, many others are deluded into thinking their status as abos gives them priority rights.

But the FBR are just street-thugs. Here’s a report from the Jakarta Post 24/5/11

Opposing gangs clash at Lebak Bulus terminal

A clash broke out on Tuesday between two gangs with conflicting interests in Lebak Bulus Bus Terminal in South Jakarta, police say.
The gangs were Kembang Latar and Front Betawi Rempug (FBR), South Jakarta Police chief detective Adj. Sr. Comr. Budi Irawan said Tuesday, adding that the clash was believed to have been a result of the groups competing interests income gained from bus passengers.

Thugs, right?
They’re also hypocrites, for here they are roaring their approval of another dangdut singer at an election rally for Adang Daradjatun. Who’s he?

The above photo was taken at an election rally for Adang, the PKS (fanatic Islamist party) candidate for Governor of Jakarta last time round. And what’s the latest news about Mr. Adang?
A reminder from the Jakarta Globe, 24/6
 The antigraft agency on Thursday called on the Prosperous Justice Party to help arrange for the return of fugitive Nunun Nurbaeti, one month after the woman was named a suspect in the Miranda Goeltom bribery scandal.
Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) chairman Busyro Muqoddas said the party should persuade senior member Adang Daradjatun, who is also Nunun’s husband, to assist investigators by bringing Nunun back to Indonesia. This was appropriate, he said, because the party known as PKS describes itself as “the party that cares.”
But what did the Islamists party of ‘clean government’ have to say about their wayward boy?
Busyro’s remarks, however, received a cold response from PKS, which said Nunun’s arrest was the responsibility of the KPK and it should not drag others into the job.
“The commission is mandated by the law to resolve legal and corruption cases,” said Mahfudz Siddiq, the party’s deputy secretary general. “We ask the KPK not to make the problem more complicated by asking us to do things that aren’t our job.”
So if Mahfudz saw a thief robbing an old lady, he’d rush…to the nearest public phone and call the police? Maybe. And if he did, he might end up chatting to former colleagues of Adang, who, before he went into politics was…guess what? A senior police officer!
Wow, wonderful country, this!
Anyhow, back to Greenpeace.

Greenpeace opened its gates to allow a dozen members of the forum, known as FBR, in to meet Greenpeace Indonesia country representative Nur Hidayati. She was verbally abused but not assaulted.

There were roughly 50 police officers guarding the rally, including the Mampang Prapatan Police chief, Comr. Siswono.
The FBR demanded Greenpeace register with the city administration, though Greenpeace countered they had registered with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

An FBR spokesman yelled at Nur Hidayati, saying her response was “arrogant”…Greenpeace has recently been in the news for its sustained campaign against the palm oil industry in Indonesia, in particular deforestation activities by major palm oil companies, including Sinar Mas.

FBR spokesman Fajri Husbin demanded that Greenpeace stop spreading negative stories about Indonesian companies, particularly those that created local jobs.

Okay, draw your own conclusions!