Ikke, Cici, Kristina – Dangdut Divorcees Blossom Anew – Tiga Kemang!

Good to see three lovely and feisty ladies starring together in a new dangdut line-up, The Three Flowers! They’re singing a new song, Goyang Sayang, and I hope it’s a hit for them.

Ikke Nurjanah


Cici Paramida

Apart from good looks and great voices, what these charmers have in common is that they are divorced. Another good reason for you guys overseas to come visit Jakarta!

The man behind the brand-new trio is Anang Hermansyah, who has heaps of confidence in his singers, but seems downbeat about dangdut today.

Quote, Jakarta Post 21/7

“I witnessed the development of dangdut,…but now dangdut’s popularity has sunk.”

Must beg to differ, sir. Dangdut is every bit as popular as always, among the real people. Sure, the rich, the toffee-nosed, they have little time for ‘common’ music, but that’s much the same as all those decadent twerps on the East Coast of America, in Westchester County of New York State, who turn up their noses at Country Music, the USA’s greatest invention.