West Java – FPI Nazis Threaten More Vigilante Mayhem

So while normal people were out enjoying the Jalan Jaksa Fair last night, abnormals, the IslamoNazis of the FPI (Defenders of Islam, self-styled) were announcing plans to roam Depok, intimidating fellow-citizens, regardless of religion, who only want to have fun. (Depok is part of West Java, but in reality is simply a suburb of Great Jakarta – it has an unwholesome reputation for bigot Islamist vigilante activity)


Brave Masked Thugs on the Prowl

Okezone.com today reported that the FPI’s local gauleiter, Habib Idrus Al Gadhri, is ‘giving a deadline to the municipal government to promote a ban for one week into the month of Ramadan.’

“We’re sending a formal letter on Monday, no half-measures, we want a total shut down. We challenge the City Government and Police to close karaoke bars and cafes.” He added that his goons would respect a sweeping ban at the time of fasting, so long as the police and the Municipal Government respect the meaning of fasting.’

And what exactly is the meaning of fasting? If it has ANY real meaning, it means SELF-denial, not denial posited on the bigot outlook of white-shirt thugs.

“We regret the attitude of Satpol PP (city militia) letting karaoke places operate during fasting, We are going to act, who says we don’t dare? “ he ranted.

Idrus and his storm-troops are upset because the militia are only to restrict karaoke bars and other entertainment in terms of ‘respect for Muslims’ by having curtains closed and limited operating hours And Depok Police have said they’d ensure there would be no sweeping raids by mobs during Ramadan.

Well, let’s wait and see. It would be nice to see the cops crack a few fanatic heads if these nazi louts defy the ‘sweeping’ ban.