FBR Bigots Threaten Jakarta Church

 TEMPO Interactive reported at the weekend that a mob of 100 Islamist fanatics from the Betawi Rempug Forum (FBR) descended on a Christian church in Rawa Buaya, West Jakarta on Sunday afternoon and declared that it had no right to be there, although OF COURSE they were not against people’s ‘right to worship.’

Nowhere in any of the reports I have scanned on this incident can I find any statement by the FBR or anyone at all to explain why these thugs think they have any right to interfere, which is surely the main question here. Like the IslamoNazi FPI, the FBR assume they are the arbiters of people’s activities, and can take the law into their own hands.

The leader of the bigot band, Syahrul, demanded that the board with the church’s name-board be removed.

“Otherwise, thousands of FBR members will come and remove the name-plate,” said Syahrul added. The FBR also put up ‘warning’ posters at the church, which is located on the third storey of a shophouse.

Well, that’s pretty clear – do as you’re told or it’s the storm-troop option!

Journalists were excluded from a meeting which then took place, and after half an hour it transpired that the church would not replace its name-board or resume activities until a license had been obtained.

It is well-known that due to the regulations and the bigotry of many Jakartans, getting a license to worship is hard for Christians, who are obliged to get written approval from a specified number of area residents.

It was revealed some time ago that fanatic clerics threatened tolerant Muslims with denial of religious rites for funerals etc. if they gave their approval to churches.
Reverend Silas Kusah admitted he hadn’t got the paper-work but insisted there had been no complaints over the three and a half years of his church’s existence. This was confirmed by Djunaedi, the local Area Head, who told Tempo that he knew the church wasn’t licensed, but that there had been “no formal objections from residents.’

The report coincides with news from Depok, where the FBR set fire to some place belonging to a rival thug gang, after violent clashes, merely the latest in a long and bloody record of hoodlum antics by the group, which is much favoured by the Governor of  Jakarta – he even wants them to be part of his team to run the SEA Games, an international event scheduled for later this year. 

Interesting to note what Governor Fauzi Bowo said only 24 hours before the FBR raid, when he attended their anniversary rally at Senayan.

“FBR, as one of the Betawi organizations, is expected to be united to secure the implementation of the Jakarta SEA Games,” said Fauzi  Bowo, Governor of Jakarta, during the 10th anniversary FBR in Senayan, Central Jakarta, Saturday.

In an event attended by more than 10 thousand members of the FBR, Fauzi also urged the FBR to preserve Betawi culture. “Because culture is a reflection of our attitude to be enjoyed by children and grandchildren later,” he pleaded.

Yeah, right!  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/07/30/coming-to-jakarta-sea-games-watch-out-for-fbr-sharks/

As I’ve said elsewhere on the blog (and please note I have now provided a ‘search’ box to make things easier for you!) my own brush with the FBR was some years ago when I had to get past their strutting clowns outside Plaza Indonesia.

Then they were demanding that Inul be exiled from Jakarta because she was sexier than their women, or than they think women in general should be – or some equally mindless reason!

They impressed me then as a rabble of pompous, arrogant ignoramuses. Doesn’t sound like they’ve changed.