Jakarta Governor’s SEA Games ‘Helpers’ Launch Arson Attack on Rival Gang

Got up early because the cat – who is not fasting this Ramadan – wanted fed, and switched on the Trans TV morning news bulletin.

With typical Trans TV ‘discretion,’ they showed footage of a violent scene in Depok, where a number of thugs from what Trans called an ‘ormas’ (mass organisation) were chasing another person, from another ‘ormas,’ around a field, bashing him until he managed to run away. Then they burned his motor-bike. No naming of the gangs involved, but we soon found out.

Read on!

Since Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo seems not to have listened to warnings about his choice of ‘helpers’ for this year’s SEA Games, it’s hard to sympathise with the embarrassment he must be feeling today.

I refer to the media reports from Depok, where the FBR, Forum Betawi Rempug (Betawi Brotherhood Forum) set fire to an outpost of a rival thug gang, the Pemuda Pancasila (PP) on Jalan Arif Rahman Hakim on Sunday afternoon.

As Liputan6 today describes the scene, ‘by bringing samurai, machetes and other sharp weapons, FBR acted as an anarchic mob. The police could not do much in the face of such action.

So the police in Depok are not equipped with sufficient guns…or grit…to cope with a thug rabble? How sad for the law-abiding citizens of that community.

Liputan added that there were ‘no casualties in this action. Allegedly, it was triggered by the destruction of an FBR post in Jalan Nusantara, Depok. 

Here’s Governor Fauzi, the guy in the black hat and blue batik shirt. What was it Fauzi said to the FBR on Saturday?

“FBR, as one of the Betawi organizations, is expected to be united to secure the implementation of the Jakarta SEA Games,” said Fauzi  Bowo, Governor of Jakarta, during the 10th anniversary FBR in Senayan, Central Jakarta, Saturday.

In an event attended by more than 10 thousand members of the FBR, Fauzi also urged the FBR to preserve Betawi culture. “Because culture is a reflection of our attitude to be enjoyed by children and grandchildren later,” he pleaded.

Yeah, right!  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/07/30/coming-to-jakarta-sea-games-watch-out-for-fbr-sharks/