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  • ross1948 19:26 on August 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    ‘Greenpeace – Stooge of the Infidels!’ Latest Jakarta IslamoNazi Rant 

    Indonesia’s IslamoNazis have declared war on Greenpeace!

    The self-styled Defenders of Islam (FPI) Jakarta gauleiter, Habib Salim Alatas, demanded yesterday that the Government expel the environmentalist outfit or the white-shirt fanatics themselves would ‘take stern measures!

    This latest threat to Greenpeace echoes the action last month by the FBR (Betawi Brotherhood Forum) reported on RRA 15th July  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/greenpeace-fbr-inul-turf-wars-and-corruption-2/  and suggests that powerful forces are motivating these gangster groups against the NGO.

    According to Metrotvnews.com / 8). Alatas claims that the ‘FPI had received many reports from people and organizations about the doings of Greenpeace. He says that three sins have been committed.’

    And what might these be, we all ask, mystified that a group ostensibly concerned with Islam is suddenly at war with Greenpeace.

    ‘First, the presence of Greenpeace in Jakarta as an NGO is illegal because it failed to register with the police.

    ‘Second, Greenpeace often lies with fake data and uses that data to vilify Indonesia abroad.

    ‘Third, Greenpeace is financing illicit activities supported by grants from the Dutch state lottery funds. This evidence is irrefutable, says the gauleiter, and can be seen on the environmentalist’ own website.

    The basis of this latter ‘sin’ is apparently grants given by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, equivalent to 2.25 million pounds sterling in 2010.

    “It’s haram money, gambling money,” said the FPI bigot leader, adding they’d expel Greenpeace from Jakarta, quoting Red China, Canada and New Zealand as examples Indonesia should follow.”Greenpeace is nothing more than a stooge of foreign countries, countries of infidels.”

    Greenpeace has upset sectors of the business community with its campaigns against deforestation etc.


    One has to ask if that’s what’s stirring things up. Commerce and crime are not invariably connected in this, as in other countries.

    As for me, I am not a natural supporter of Greenpeace, disliking its ‘occupations’ and other civil disobedience campaigns in the UK and elsewhere, but if these creeps are out to get them, the greenies can count on me to speak up for their right to hold and express their opinions.

    • wanderer 02:41 on August 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      This FPI and that FBR are not good for Jakarta.
      I know very little info about Greenpeace but it is not violent, is it? FPI and FBR are violent and violence is against the law.
      It is also not good that Fauzi Bowo, who is Governor for all Jakarta, is very friendly with gangs.
      Has he no shame for this? It makes a bad reputation of our city.


      • ross1948 02:59 on August 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Good morning, Wanderer.
        You are quite correct, and the continuing FBR gang-fighting in Depok/South Jakarta MUST be an embarrassment to the Governor after his attendance at their anniversary rally.
        Nice to see you’re back commenting.
        My apologies if your comment was delayed, but there is some gemlin in the works today, can’t get anything new posted, just comments and not all of those.
        An American reader has told me that when she opened up our blog, a bunch of viruses popped out.
        So maybe we are under attack from all those unpleasant people who don’t like to hear unpalatable truths.


  • ross1948 15:35 on August 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    EUSSR Elite Border Force? Keystone Cops Could Do Better! 

    ‘Lady  Haw-Haw’ aka Cecilia Malmstrom is at it again. Unable to use EUSSR regs to thwart French and Italian attempts to secure their frontiers against undesirable aliens, the mouthy Swedish Commissar has scolded them like a grouchy old school-marm.

    “From a formal point of view steps taken by Italian and French authorities have been in compliance with EU law. However, I regret that the spirit of the Schengen rules has not been fully respected,”

    That gem of arrogance from the enemy within came after French police were deployed on the Italian border to send Tunisians back to Italy.

    True enough, the sorely pressed Italians have had more than enough free-loaders from North Africa and were seeking to pass the buck instead of driving the illegals back to whence they came.

    But France too has got five million ‘settlers’ of Arab origin, and a lot of those are banlieue barbarians, totally unwilling and unfit to live in a civilised country. Why should France risk taking on even one more?

     Their passage was made easier by the Italian authorities who did not keep them in detention centres and granted them temporary residence permits.

    And suppose they’d been put in detention centres? Malmstrom would want them let out ASAP!

    In reaction, France reinforced its ‘spot checks’ at the border, with riot police boarding trains and checking the papers of the persons on board.

    “Our analysis confirms that police checks carried out by French authorities remained within the limits compatible with the Schengen Borders Code. On the basis of the information received on the checks, it cannot be concluded that France would have carried out systematic checks in the internal border zone with Italy during the past months.”

    Who does she think she is? This unelected pip-squeak pinko talks down to sovereign governments.

    ‘Rome’s measures were not in breach with EU law either,’ but “there is scope for clarifying the approach at EU level,” the commissioner said.

    And how, pray, will this Dragon Lady do that?

    The EU commission wants to draft guidelines on how and when these permits can be issued – a prerogative of national governments….But her push to have the EU commission involved in the evaluation of how member states guard their borders – currently an assessment carried out by experts sent from national capitals – has little support among governments.

    The Commissars plan to ‘go ahead and publish proposals on border monitoring in September,’ despite the utter impotence of their own gendarmerie.  This was reported in the UK Daily mail on Monday, which revealed that the ‘elite cadre of EU immigration guards sent to police border hotspots with hi-tech surveillance equipment…are in fact powerless to turn migrants away or send them back to their home countries.’

    This stunning comment on the capabilities of the Rapid Border Intervention Team comes not from my blog or any other wicked rightwinger source but from a House of Commons  Home Affairs Committee.  The M.P.s visited the Greek-Turkish border where the appropriately named RABIT had been sent to assist in controlling the huge influx of illegals.

    ‘They cannot act to intercept migrants until they have already crossed the border into Greece, and they cannot send them back.’

    What!?! Are they not even armed with tear-gas?

    Officers are unable to stop migrants before the border as they operate from within the EU, on the  Greek side.

    The team, part of EU border agency Frontex, lacks the powers to send immigrants back unless they can prove where they came from. But many destroy their documents, making it impossible to establish their home country.

    So all that’s needed is a tiny change to those ‘powers,’ right? And will Malmstorm approve such a change? Hahahaha!

    Eurosceptic Tory MP Douglas Carswell described the situation as ¿absurd¿Douglas Carswell MP
    The committee’s report said: ‘The Frontex operation is not performing a significantly different role from that played by the Greek authorities, other than providing increased personnel and provision of technical assistance in the form of cameras, helicopters and so forth.’ The cost of the RABIT team was put at £4.15million by the time it left Greece  in March.
    Eurosceptic Tory MP Douglas Carswell described the situation as ‘absurd’, adding: ‘Despite the cost of Frontex and its fancy insignia and uniforms all they are doing is apprehending people who have entered the EU illegally and then not removing them.’

    Around half of all illegal migrants trying to enter the EU do so along the 124-mile land border between Turkey and Greece. At the end of 2010, around 350 migrants were trying to cross it every day, around one in three heading for the UK. The MPs’ report said it was the ‘main loophole’ for immigrants trying to get into Europe.

    It said border controls in Turkey needed to be strengthened before it is allowed to join the EU.


    Let’s cut to the chase. Turkish accession would be disastrous. It must be blocked, preferably before rather than after the peoples of Europe extricate themselves from the supranational entity – and making those two events more or less contemporaneous would have the extra spin-off benefit of precluding accusations of racism from the Turks. If we not only want to keep them out but get ourselves out too, what could be fairer and more agreeably non-discriminatory!

    Estimates of the number of migrants likely to come to Europe from Turkey if it joined range between half a  million and 4.4million.

    Saints preserve us from such folly!


    • John W P Lloyd 19:05 on August 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      The whole thing is nonsenceical , it seems that so called politicians who speak on things they have no understanding of .
      It is no different to when someone decides to camp in one’s garden and there is no way of evicting them . It is happening all of the time and all over the EU .
      What is not noted , is that politicians who make these crazy statements live in gated houses or apartments complete with guards who are are able to evict anyone who is reported to them .
      Further to this , we will not be allowed to own our own houses in the fulness of time .


  • ross1948 13:11 on August 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Turn It Down! Ex VP Urges Volume Control for Noisy Indonesian Mosques 

    Good news, maybe, for all those poor folks who like a decent night’s sleep!

    Jakarta Globe 31/7      A relatively quieter Ramadan may be in store this year after former Vice President Jusuf Kalla called on the Indonesian Council of Ulema to help control the volume of mosques’ call to prayer.

    “There is no other country in the world except Indonesia where the call to prayer is deafening,” he said in a speech on Saturday addressed to the council, also known as the MUI, that was broadcast by local television stations.

    He’s darned right, too. My local mosque isn’t too cacaphonous, or maybe I’m just used to it. But there are plenty of folks around who find it irksome to hear those voices ululating across the rooftops of Jakarta.

    Umar Shihab, one of the chairmen of the MUI, told the Jakarta Globe on Sunday that the council responded positively to Kalla’s advice. “We have to admit that there are many complaints about the loud calls to prayer during Ramadan, as if there is a competition,” Umar said. “Apart from that, some of them start calling for prayers an hour or two hour before the schedule, when it it’s better to be done just 30 minutes before,” he said.

    Umar said the MUI would ask mosques to heed the call and be more orderly.

    Well, so the council of ‘scholars’ – who seldom show much sign of having studied more than Islamic texts – can listen to criticism without issuing a fatwa. I suppose Mr. Kalla’s being immensely rich and politically significant does help.

    One of the things foreigners newly arrived here tend to comment on is the level of noise everywhere. Many Indonesians evidently prefer to yell rather than talk at normal volume – this can be initially alarming to those of us who assume that raised voices indicate ire, but it isn’t (usually) the case.

    By way of contrast, many locals can lower their voices to such an extent that you have to ask them repeatedly to repeat themselves or  speak up. This phenomenon is an effort to be polite – a ‘halus’ (smooth, refined, ergo lowered) tone is deemed highly courteous, even if you can’t figure out what’s being said!

    And it is also a fact that girls who normally chirrup at each and every person within range can render their voices almost inaudible when it suits them.

    Many a time when a foreign friend has brought his lady-love to visit, the womenfolk disappear into the kitchen. The silence therefrom is so deafening that one starts to fear they have taken an instant dislike to each other, but they emerge fully versed in every detail of our shared life-experiences!

    So no wonder that even their own former VP recognises that Indonesia is unique in its attitude to loud noise. 


    • wanderer 02:33 on August 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I did not know that other mosques in any other country are not so noisy as here. It is good that Jusuf Kalla is saying this. We should not be disturbing oiher people.


  • ross1948 02:44 on August 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Jakarta’s Poor Not Allowed to ‘Disturb’ Ramadan Prayers 

    Having lived in London and passed through King’s Cross Station often enough, I arrived in Jakarta many years back with a predisposition to dislike beggars. All too often, you’d see aggressive louts badgering commuters, then see them later in the day the worse for booze, and, knowing that the UK had, and presumably still has, a welfare state with a safety net for all, you’d wonder why these largely fit and able-looking characters didn’t get off their butts and work.

    Indonesia, as most are aware, has no serious safety net, and not a lot of work, so once a foreigner figures that out, resentment of begging wears off and you accept that here, at least, the poor are always with us, and you help them out with whatever change you may have in your pocket. Giving a kid Rp.5000 to shine your shoes while you eat at a street-side warung costs you a few cents and provides him with his next meal.

    But here we also have a state militia, which sees it as its duty to stamp down hard on these people.

    Jakarta’s government will attempt to clear the streets in the evenings to provide a more peaceful environment during Ramadan prayers, a spokesman said. Jakarta Globe 1/8/11   Together with Social Department and Public Order Agency (Satpol PP), the administration plans to step up patrols cracking down on disturbances by buskers, beggars, and street kids after evening prayers throughout the month of fasting.

     A Satpol PP Patrol Vehicle

    “We’ll be working and taking action, from the tiniest group to the biggest ones,” administration spokesman Cucu Ahmad Kurniawan said. “None of them will be overlooked.” The Satpol PP spokesman, Darwis, said the operation was aimed at creating an atmosphere in which Jakartans can pray undisturbed. “We know that each year, many beggars come bothering people during prayers,” Darwis said. “Operations in previous years have decreased their numbers. We’d like to decrease them more.”

    Should I allow myself a brief diversion on the merits or otherwise of the Satpol PP?

    It’s been a while since I reminded readers (and all you new readers may not know the story)  of that incident in Tangerang in 2009, when the bold gendarmes carried out a raid and one little hooker. named Fifi,  tried to escape arrest by jumping into a body of water nearby. Some of those scum stoned Fifi to prevent her gaining dry land and she drowned. None of them thought to help her.

    This link is in Indonesian, but Google will translate it for you, imperfectly.


    Real social lions, those Satpol PP.

    Well, God Forbid, that the less fortunate in society should be permitted to ‘bother’ the devout, who should of course be free to finish their praying by 6.15 pm so they can rush past any beggars not scooped up by the Satpol, to get stuck into the heaping helpings of food served up in the restos. A lot of eateries are providing sumptuous feasts for those pious post-prayer appetites – more grub gets scoffed in the fasting month than at any other time of year. Some locals eat modest fast-breaking meals, but plenty guzzle with gusto.

    Which of course may well be true of the Festive Season in Western countries too, but there is no palaver about fasting there!

    I have no doubt that many beggars are fake, and that many of these street-kids are used by adults to rake in money, but many more are not. Some buskers on the metro-minis are pushy and obnoxious, but most are not. They are at least making an effort to entertain and not just sitting at home or under a fly-over (often the same thing here) doing nowt to help themselves. They can’t go along to a social security office and get a cheque every week, and if they fall ill their fate is truly horrendous.

    As for me, I’ll keep my eye open for ‘my’ beggar who sits at the corner of the lane betwen Pasaraya and the Melawai Mall, at Blok M. I know he’s genuine, since I’ve seen him struggling up the Terminal stairs with his mangled legs.

    If you are going that way, please drop a banknote or a coin in his bucket, even if you’re hurrying off after prayers to gorge yourself.

    • Oigal 07:15 on August 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Once again, your perverse hatred and bias shines through. You failed to mention that most if not all Mosques have donated and/or prepare vast amounts of food for the poor particularly during this time of year. No one denies that poverty and the general lack of law and order are major issues in this country but your more and more unbalanced rants do your host nation a disservice.


      • ross1948 07:45 on August 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        As ever, a polite contribution from the man whose own hysterical blog is published under a false name, unlike mine – grow up and show some guts!
        The Globe story I based this post on equally failed to mention the irrelevant aspect you dredge up from your collaborationist mentality.
        So I suppose the JG too is unbalanced and ranting?

        Your kind of left-libber always manages to find fault with anything conservatives publish – in this case, a totally non-controversial report.
        You ought to start thinking of what is happening to your host nation, instead of sniping childishly at those of us who care.


        • oigal 13:52 on August 2, 2011 Permalink

          Oh so you have added no new content or thought other than stealing from the Globe then..mmmm what do they call that again…lol..
          How is it irrelevant to ignore the traditional generosity at time of year by the vast majority of Muslims when you are accusing same people of gorging themselves at the expense of others.


        • ross1948 14:46 on August 2, 2011 Permalink

          What do blogs do but make observations on the news we find?.
          The kernel of that post came from the JG, but if you actually ask for help from somebody prepared to read it, you’ll see it’s on the same theme but hardly identical.
          As usual you duck the point,, that the JG item didn’t see fit to go off on dhimmi tangents as you do, so why on earth should I?

          And stop boasting about how many readers you have – I had plenty, till your Surabaya Toady sabotaged my original blog, obviously to your delight…
          I don’t read your blog any more, as it always showed you up as a mannerless clod. No contribution to the general store of knowledge, nothing but bitterness and bile against those who are proud of the Western heritage. Some left-liberals CAN be constructive and civil but you find that too much like hard work.

          As to your miltary record, oath of allegiance, benevolence, integrity, all the things you’d have us believe, just tell us your real name and your credibility will take a major step forward.
          My name is up there at the top of my blog – how come you criinge away from posting yours? That’s the key question.
          You seem desperate to confront me personally, no doubt FPI style. I am usually out and about in Jakarta, and not hard to locate, but I prefer to socialise with sociable folks, not rabid cultural marxists. .

          I will for the time being permit your comments in small doses, but until you man up and identify yourself, they simply don’t deserve more than a modicum of space.


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