EUSSR Elite Border Force? Keystone Cops Could Do Better!

‘Lady  Haw-Haw’ aka Cecilia Malmstrom is at it again. Unable to use EUSSR regs to thwart French and Italian attempts to secure their frontiers against undesirable aliens, the mouthy Swedish Commissar has scolded them like a grouchy old school-marm.

“From a formal point of view steps taken by Italian and French authorities have been in compliance with EU law. However, I regret that the spirit of the Schengen rules has not been fully respected,”

That gem of arrogance from the enemy within came after French police were deployed on the Italian border to send Tunisians back to Italy.

True enough, the sorely pressed Italians have had more than enough free-loaders from North Africa and were seeking to pass the buck instead of driving the illegals back to whence they came.

But France too has got five million ‘settlers’ of Arab origin, and a lot of those are banlieue barbarians, totally unwilling and unfit to live in a civilised country. Why should France risk taking on even one more?

 Their passage was made easier by the Italian authorities who did not keep them in detention centres and granted them temporary residence permits.

And suppose they’d been put in detention centres? Malmstrom would want them let out ASAP!

In reaction, France reinforced its ‘spot checks’ at the border, with riot police boarding trains and checking the papers of the persons on board.

“Our analysis confirms that police checks carried out by French authorities remained within the limits compatible with the Schengen Borders Code. On the basis of the information received on the checks, it cannot be concluded that France would have carried out systematic checks in the internal border zone with Italy during the past months.”

Who does she think she is? This unelected pip-squeak pinko talks down to sovereign governments.

‘Rome’s measures were not in breach with EU law either,’ but “there is scope for clarifying the approach at EU level,” the commissioner said.

And how, pray, will this Dragon Lady do that?

The EU commission wants to draft guidelines on how and when these permits can be issued – a prerogative of national governments….But her push to have the EU commission involved in the evaluation of how member states guard their borders – currently an assessment carried out by experts sent from national capitals – has little support among governments.

The Commissars plan to ‘go ahead and publish proposals on border monitoring in September,’ despite the utter impotence of their own gendarmerie.  This was reported in the UK Daily mail on Monday, which revealed that the ‘elite cadre of EU immigration guards sent to police border hotspots with hi-tech surveillance equipment…are in fact powerless to turn migrants away or send them back to their home countries.’

This stunning comment on the capabilities of the Rapid Border Intervention Team comes not from my blog or any other wicked rightwinger source but from a House of Commons  Home Affairs Committee.  The M.P.s visited the Greek-Turkish border where the appropriately named RABIT had been sent to assist in controlling the huge influx of illegals.

‘They cannot act to intercept migrants until they have already crossed the border into Greece, and they cannot send them back.’

What!?! Are they not even armed with tear-gas?

Officers are unable to stop migrants before the border as they operate from within the EU, on the  Greek side.

The team, part of EU border agency Frontex, lacks the powers to send immigrants back unless they can prove where they came from. But many destroy their documents, making it impossible to establish their home country.

So all that’s needed is a tiny change to those ‘powers,’ right? And will Malmstorm approve such a change? Hahahaha!

Eurosceptic Tory MP Douglas Carswell described the situation as ¿absurd¿Douglas Carswell MP
The committee’s report said: ‘The Frontex operation is not performing a significantly different role from that played by the Greek authorities, other than providing increased personnel and provision of technical assistance in the form of cameras, helicopters and so forth.’ The cost of the RABIT team was put at £4.15million by the time it left Greece  in March.
Eurosceptic Tory MP Douglas Carswell described the situation as ‘absurd’, adding: ‘Despite the cost of Frontex and its fancy insignia and uniforms all they are doing is apprehending people who have entered the EU illegally and then not removing them.’

Around half of all illegal migrants trying to enter the EU do so along the 124-mile land border between Turkey and Greece. At the end of 2010, around 350 migrants were trying to cross it every day, around one in three heading for the UK. The MPs’ report said it was the ‘main loophole’ for immigrants trying to get into Europe.

It said border controls in Turkey needed to be strengthened before it is allowed to join the EU.


Let’s cut to the chase. Turkish accession would be disastrous. It must be blocked, preferably before rather than after the peoples of Europe extricate themselves from the supranational entity – and making those two events more or less contemporaneous would have the extra spin-off benefit of precluding accusations of racism from the Turks. If we not only want to keep them out but get ourselves out too, what could be fairer and more agreeably non-discriminatory!

Estimates of the number of migrants likely to come to Europe from Turkey if it joined range between half a  million and 4.4million.

Saints preserve us from such folly!