‘Greenpeace – Stooge of the Infidels!’ Latest Jakarta IslamoNazi Rant

Indonesia’s IslamoNazis have declared war on Greenpeace!

The self-styled Defenders of Islam (FPI) Jakarta gauleiter, Habib Salim Alatas, demanded yesterday that the Government expel the environmentalist outfit or the white-shirt fanatics themselves would ‘take stern measures!

This latest threat to Greenpeace echoes the action last month by the FBR (Betawi Brotherhood Forum) reported on RRA 15th July  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/greenpeace-fbr-inul-turf-wars-and-corruption-2/  and suggests that powerful forces are motivating these gangster groups against the NGO.

According to Metrotvnews.com / 8). Alatas claims that the ‘FPI had received many reports from people and organizations about the doings of Greenpeace. He says that three sins have been committed.’

And what might these be, we all ask, mystified that a group ostensibly concerned with Islam is suddenly at war with Greenpeace.

‘First, the presence of Greenpeace in Jakarta as an NGO is illegal because it failed to register with the police.

‘Second, Greenpeace often lies with fake data and uses that data to vilify Indonesia abroad.

‘Third, Greenpeace is financing illicit activities supported by grants from the Dutch state lottery funds. This evidence is irrefutable, says the gauleiter, and can be seen on the environmentalist’ own website.

The basis of this latter ‘sin’ is apparently grants given by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, equivalent to 2.25 million pounds sterling in 2010.

“It’s haram money, gambling money,” said the FPI bigot leader, adding they’d expel Greenpeace from Jakarta, quoting Red China, Canada and New Zealand as examples Indonesia should follow.”Greenpeace is nothing more than a stooge of foreign countries, countries of infidels.”

Greenpeace has upset sectors of the business community with its campaigns against deforestation etc.


One has to ask if that’s what’s stirring things up. Commerce and crime are not invariably connected in this, as in other countries.

As for me, I am not a natural supporter of Greenpeace, disliking its ‘occupations’ and other civil disobedience campaigns in the UK and elsewhere, but if these creeps are out to get them, the greenies can count on me to speak up for their right to hold and express their opinions.