Lapar Buaaanget? Ke Pondok Indah Mall – Pronto!

Meant to post this hours ago, but the gremlins got into my computer – how or why, I don’t know, but one wonders! However, it’s all clear now, so here ya go! 

A very good value eating experience last night impels me to recommend PRONTO at Pondok Indah Mall.

You pay your money and dine till you drop. Rp. 74,000 per person, which is quite dear unless you have a good appetite, but if you go without sustenance all day, you’ll be ready to do it justice.

I had not only temporarily joined the fasting fraternity, to ensure somebody’s birthday would be well-enjoyed, but also walked from Blok M to Radio Dalam, a good twenty minutes, to perk up my appettite still further. Moreover, I took a wrong turn and got briefly lost in a kampung, so say another ten minutes, before my traditional remedy of following my nose brought me out, handy for a metro-mini to complete the journey. So I was ready for a feast!

There is pizza, roast chicken, ribs, sausages, salads – including my fave potato salad, fruit, and a very tasty cream-of-chicken soup. You ask the staff to cook the ribs and sausage – and burgers, too – and can watch them do so. The ribs were tender and despite one waitress’s barely-concealed amazement, you can go back for more as often as you will.

Pepsi, root beer, etc, are also available in unlimited quantities, and the staff were friendly and helpful, unfazed in their courtesy by my repeated raids on the goodies.

We considered going to the movies afterwards, but something like five of the seven theaters within Bioskop 21 were showing Harry Potter, of whom neither of us is over-enamoured.

So we just idled in the upstairs part of Pronto, which, unlike too many of the joints in P.I.M., allows smokers to wind down after a gluttonous session.

Definitely going back there!